Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's in my bag entry

I figured that this is a nice contest to enter in...
For those who wanna know the details, HERE is the contest link

I like watching the what's in my bag video on youtube..for it satisfies my endless curiosity..haha
So it's no wonder if i wanna enter French Kiss' contest!

Let's get started!
This is my's actually a bit heavy...unlike other bags, but what i like about it is that it's roomy without it looking bulky.

And i definitely have to because of things that i toss in it whenever i go out..because of the 'last minute stuff'

Now let's see what's inside......

what do you know...another bag!

It's my cosmetic bag...i don't bring that much now compare to before.. this was how my kikay kit (cosmetic kit) looks before

Anyway, for starters, the main content of my bag are:
  • cosmetic bag
  • umbrella
  • wallet
  • fan
  • hair accessories
Often times i still throw in a bottle of water..or some candy..or some face is always on my pocket anyway...whichever i will need, but all of these are the basic ones...

Now, let's take a look at what's inside the other bag

This is my cosmetic kit...

& these are what's inside!

  • shades
  • cosmetic sponge - helps in removing makeup
  • lancome color design eyeshadow set
  • a small blue duffel for bobby pins & hair elastics
  • Fashion 21 brow duo
  • that black coin purse is actually a kabuki brush & sponge - refer HERE
  • Everyday minerals blush - i transferred it in a square container
  • some cotton squares
  • Clean & Clear facial wash (sample size)
  • Everyday Minerals Concealer - Intensive Medium
  • Avon Simply Pretty Makeup Primer
  • Avon ultra color rich in Sheer Pink
  • Lancome Bi-Facil
  • Everyday Minerals Start to Finish Soft Bronze rice powder - don't use foundation only this
  • EyeMo Eye Drops
  • Mac Loose Beauty Powder - Drizzlegold
  • Celeteque Moisturizer
  • Ellana Minerals Lip Pot in Infatuation
  • Smashbox Cooling Tint - 4
  • Stila Solid Perfume
  • Ecotools 6pc brush set
  • LA Colors Dual Blusher - Papaya/Nutmeg - i use this for contouring
  • 2 way mirror in pearl shape...
My Everyday Minerals Rice Powder is almost empty...i need to drop by at Beauty Bar to buy the Palladio Rice Powder...& im happy that we have it here in the Philippines!

Well, there ya go!
How about you,ladies....What's in your Bag?



Dana Yoshimizu said...

I plan on doing a WIMB very soon. Hopefully within the next couple posts :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

wow! you have many beauty stuff with you :)
Like your glasses!
(I see you in hot red lips and this glasses!:P)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

wow. I don't think there's any need of me commenting since the previous two comments already said what I wanted to say. haha. my purse has like nothing -____-

gracie said...

whoa.. lot of stuffs.. i'll be posting wimb soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you could probably do a complete look with the makeup that you carry with you in your purse, hm? ;) The pearl shaped mirror look so pretty! Reminds me of my P&J mirror that I also carry with me in my purse. <3

Thanks for sharing, I'm always nosey on seeing what other girls have in their purses, hehe...

*Nehs* said...

exciting! i love seeng other girlies inside bags! i carry alot too in my bag. cabinet daw sabi ng mama ko. LOL.

Anonymous said...

8-O wow it looks like you always bring your vanity cabinet lol . I like your bag . its cute and classy!!

Khymm said...

very organized! i wanna get a bag organizer haha.. i also that LA colors dual blush but i a diff color =)

Tali said...

Thanks for sharing... great post xxxx

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