Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i won a contest & an award

Mr. Air21 dropped a package for me today & it was the prizes that i won from Martha's contest
Yipee! How fun!

You really have to drop by on her blog for all the review that she does is well detailed. As what i said, one of my favorite posts from her is the fact that the Kryolan Eyeshadow base can be compared with UDPP....& its only like half the price (price here in the Philippines that is)...

I love good finds like that & she is just so willing to share all of these amazing info.So make sure you add her up & you'll really enjoy reading her posts.

I tore open it immediately & i love it!
Wanna see it?the one at the top is a personalized headband..yay for it because it got a personal touch!
then a sweet little card, a bangle, earrings, native anklets & a thoughtful note.

I love reading messages. it always lifts me up...email is good...but then im still all for the personal thingy...it never fails to make me smile

Aside from the lovely parcel that i got, i still have other things to show off...lol
2 very sweet ladies gave me an award...from Vonnie & Mitch

I wanna thank Vonnie for the award..this is a very sweet gesture & also for providing us very informative posts..I first learned of LA Colors from her blog & she provide swatches of it. I only have 2 LA Colors, & i think its good...

Same with Mitch, she is a very thoughtful & friendly gal. I always see her leaving sweet comments. Thanks for the award,sweets!

It's a very colorful award..haha..i like it!

Now time to pass this to somebody else:
I'm currently working on another installment for my home remedies labels...As what i said before, i prefer natural things over things that we can buy..if inexpensive works the same like expensive stuff..then i definitely will go for it..

I'll be sharing it afterwards..i'm just testing it out to see if it really works first!
Have a nice day,girls!



Fifi said...

Congrats on winning! Those are some cute prizes! OMG there's a lot of contests & giveaways going on, I don't know if I could catch up~lol

☆Anastacia☆ said...

You've got such a nice accesories!
Very cute earrings 'n stuff !

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Congrats on winning all of those awesome prizes :) && THANK YOU so much for the award hun~! <3

Sherry said...

congrats so happy for you :)


Congrats! I'm planning to host one again. that is, if i reach over a hundred. i'm planning to throw in tons of pink colored prizes so stay tuned.

thanks for joining! :)

Little M said...

Congrats for the prize n award!
i'll b looking forward to your natural remedies post

xoladiihoneyxo said...

congrats on winning and the blog award is very colorful! haha.

*Nehs* said...

congrats on winning sis! <3

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