Saturday, October 31, 2009

thank you everyone!

My brother is now out of the hospital! Yipee!

Yesterday, he was released & we all breathed a sigh of relief when the doctor cleared him. & because we are all wary of mosquito bites, i bought a lot of Insect killer products. I'm sure the mosquitoes that bit my brother that's infected with the dengue virus is not from our house, but im not taking any chances at all.

I want to say thank you again for everyone who expressed concerns, uttered prayers, wished my brother a fast recovery, etc. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much! I can't thank you so much for that.

Regular blogging will be back next week & also a new layout. I figured that with all the bad things that has happened, i wanted to have a new look to symbolize a new start.

You can be rest assured that i'll be doing quality posts & reviews as my way of expressing gratitude.

Thank you again in behalf of me & the rest of my family~

Jaa ne~!

Happy Halloween,everyone!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

~thanks for the prayers~

Thank you so much for the concerns, prayers & the well-wishes for my brother. My brother was diagnosed to have a dengue fever last week & he was admitted to the hospital exactly a week from now (Thursday). Last Sunday he was transferred to the ICU & let me tell you, it's such a very sad experience.

I know that being in the ICU is a way to just monitor the patient, but it have this implication that ICU=very bad health condition. So upon hearing the doctor's order that my brother be immediately transferred to the ICU to monitor his health, my mom broke down. She was crying & she had to excuse herself even though the doctor is not yet finish talking to her. So it was my dad who talked to the doctor instead.

With God's grace, my brother is now out of the ICU, out of danger but still in the hospital.

Once again, thank you so much for each & every one who had expressed sympathy, uttered prayers & express concerns over my brother's welfare.

I'll go back to beauty blogging as soon as my brother is out of the hospital. Im still hoping & praying that he will be out of the hospital by the end of this week. Hope you will still pray for my brother's full recovery.

Thank you,girls!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

prayers needed for my little brother

Im gonna be on blog hiatus again...not because i had so much fun on my birthday celebration that i barely have anything to write, but because my little brother is in the hospital with dengue fever.

My little brother has had a very high fever ever since last Tuesday. Yesterday he had to have his blood tested & it's only today that we knew that it's dengue fever. He was immediately confined to the hospital. My mum called a little while ago telling me that she will be staying in the hospital with my dad. It scared me when i heard my mum crying because she is not a crybaby. In fact, i hardly ever see her cry. She said that my brother is already hallucinating because of high fever.

My dad was involved in a motorcycle accident just a couple of days my brother has a dengue fever. I know that this is just one of God's trial for my family, but i think it's too much because it's only been days since dad's accident. I can't help but feel guilty for this. Is 25 a bad age? What could be next?!

Sorry about the rant...It just makes me feel helpless & scared at the same time. Hope you can utter a small prayer for my brother.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

birthday celebration

I don't usually celebrate my birthday. Im also not used to receiving gifts on that day so im really very thankful when someone remembers my birthday.

I went to the grocery to pick up some additional stuff that i'll be needing for what i'll be preparing. I met up with bf on the supermarket & we just ate together. When i went home i was surprised when i saw this bouquet of flowers waiting for me...

2 dozens of red's valentines day!

Apparently, it's from my Ninang & Ninong (Godmother & Godfather). I feel like a teenager since i don't usually receive flowers..not even from bf. I received my first bouquet of flowers from bf when we were...take note of this...already 5 years together. He gave me a dozen red roses on Valentines day because i told him he had never given me flowers yet. He's not very romantic at all...tsk tsk tsk..i wonder why i fell in love with that guy at all. *grumbles*

Anyways, i was so happy. Then early that morning i received the PO card so i went out again to pick Linda's love package. When i went home i went about to preparing some bread rolls my way, then cooking sauteed mushrooms my way, white spaghetti my way...wondering why its my way? It's simply because im the type of person who just doesn't follow recipes. I mean, i do read cookbooks, but i don't strictly follow them...definitely not a 'by the book'. I follow my instinct together with common sense.

As far as i know, most of my dishes are!
But then as what bf says, i am a good cook. So at least i know that this is a part that i am confident of.

Well, this is our simple meal...rice is staple in a filipino/asian table. It will always be present. So, i have my own white spaghetti, bread rolls (on which i forgot to cut before taking a pic), prawns cooked in coconut cream, mum's fried chicken, i don't even know what to call the dish at the center because it's my dad's own concoction (-__-"). It's not menudo or caldereta, but i have to say that it's good. Let's go with a simple 'pork stew'..hehehe

A birthday meal is never complete without a cake,right?

I had a black forest cake, but im not a fan.

It's because sometimes black forest by Red Ribbon is good when they don't smother the cherry dressing with kirschwasser. It's just that this cake have a very strong alcohol taste that's why i don't like it.

Oh & the next day, i was about to go to the Poveda fair (but it was later on i realized that it's Sunday, not saturday) & drop by at Rustan's to finally purchase a MAC 217 when my bf sent me a text message saying that dad was involved in a motorcycle accident. I was already on the train by that time & when i read that message i was dumbfounded. Good thing i was sitting. I immediately went home & had to cancel my gf's day out...With God's grace, he only suffered leg sprain...thank God!

Though I can't exactly say the same to his baby, his Yamaha Vmax. I bet dad threw a fit when he saw the damage on it. It got dents & scratches...tsk tsk sure it would cost a lot in having it restored back..

At least, he is safe. All through the time horrid details were running on my head.. (-__-")

Well, that's how my bday went on..

I'll be doing another giveaway maybe at the end of the month or or early November.
That's it
Have a great to you!

Jaa ne~!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~eyelook: gradient blue~

I love blue...of all the colors out there, blue is the one that i prefer to actually play with & this is the look that i did last friday!

For those who are familiar with how i do gradient looks, this is as easy as pie. I used the 88 palette & Nyx White pearl as the color on the inner eye area. I numbered the colors that i used as follows: (the numbers below are supposed to be 3 & 4..sorry about the typo)
1 - Nyx White Pearl (use a white shimmery shadow to brighten the eye area)
2 - cyan eye shadow
3 - bright blue
4 - midnight blue

Now that you have an idea, let's get on with the simple tutorial:
  • Line the colors just like so...
  • Blend 1 & 2 then 3 & 4, make sure both are well blended.
  • Afterward, blend the 2 colors
  • Make sure you do what you did at the top & that's it!
  • Line the upper lashline, tightline it, curl the lashes, apply mascara
  • Extra option, you can darken the crease by applying a spatter of black on it, then blend well, in my case i don't have to because i notice that darkening my crease stresses my asian eye all the more.
For the face, i use TFS Quick & Clean Bb Cream, Saizen Blush & Coty Airspun finishing powder.

I don't have to apply nude lipstick because i'll just be eating it away so i just put a lipbalm.

I'll be sharing with you what happened last friday on my next post.

That would be it..
Hope y'all have a nice week ahead.

Jaa ne~!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

love package, birthday haul & giveaway winner

Last friday, i received a notification card from the PO & i immediately took a shower to go get it. When i finally got it, i was surprised to see that it's from Linda...


I was really surprised! I never expected anything...& to think that it came on my birthday too! that's double wow!

Look at that little pink butterfly!

These are what's inside...

a love letter!yay!
& a pink cosmetic bag...its pink!love pink...

what could be inside?
ta daa!
how nice...hand sanitizer is a staple on my bag. Yipee!
Like the cute brush,girl.

& she also gave me a wet n wild kohl liner.
This is the swatch...
Thank so much,hun!
You're so sweet

Today, i went to the mall to meet a gf & of course, we went shopping. I said to myself im not gonna buy any cosmetic & im quite proud of myself because i did not give in to temptation. & man, it's so hard because everything is ON SALE!

Why is it that when you try to make a promise, its all the more harder to keep it because it seems like fate & time connives together to keep you from doing it?! But i was able to say NO!

I deserve an

But it doesn't mean i didn't buy anything. So this is my birthday haul

When we stopped by The Face Shop, i just decided to buy the "The Rice Sebum Control Emulsion" because i'm so curious about it, actually i bought 2 because i'll be giving the other away. Im just curious about any rice skincare line.

I want to see for myself if it's good. Up until now, i use Celeteque as my main moisturizer. I guess it's high time to try other moisturizers since i've stick with it for 3 months (or more?). I know that changing skincare quite fast will just make your skin suffer all the more. Well, i'll let you know what i think about it as soon as possible.

Then just polishes & a polish remover. I always loved their polish remover even though it has acetone. hehehe...
It just smells so sweet! I like the strawberry one compare to the bubble gum.

For the last part of my post...
I personally typed all the entries on a document...
THIS is the list.

Now THIS is the winning number....

Congrats to the winner!
You have 48 hours to contact me..if not, i'll be giving it away to another lovely lady.
Thanks for participating!

I'll be having another giveaway sometime soon...& if you just read this post you'll have an idea what it's gonna be,right?

That would be it.
Hope y'all have a lovely week ahead,girls!

Jaa ne~!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy birthday,shobe!

One of the sweetest blogger that i met is Shobe. & for those who are not aware, today is her birthday...yipee!

Happy birthday,hun!

May you have more birthdays to come. Hop on over to her blog to leave her some lovin!

contest entry - Chicago Bears inspired

I had a fun day today. Birthday's sure are fun. Thank you so much for the well wishes. I haven't thanked everybody, but i will..hehe...I'll just make a post about what i did yesterday, but for now, this is my contest entry for JBreezybaby's contest. I just finished this look a little while ago & it's almost the deadline...ekkk!

I told her that im gonna join her contest. I have to say that it's pretty hard because i can't seem to get blue & orange work together..hehe

The contest theme is Chicago Bears color, since she is a fan of the Chicago Bears. Well, here goes my entry.

I just decided to do the logo since im not good at cutting the crease. hehe
A pic of the eye make-up

Maybe you're wondering why it's inverted...well, when i did this, i was looking at the mirror & i totally forgot that the reflection would be different in real life...ekkk!
stupid me...

But since, i don't have enough time to do it again, i have no other choice..hehe

The right part of my face doesn't have the logo so i just applied a coral blush...

These are the products used:
  • Purederm BB Cream
  • 88 palette
  • Coty finishing powder ( i just transferred it on the Everyday Minerals sifter jar)
  • Nichido eyeshadow ( i dunno the sorry..hehe)
  • Nyx megashine lipgloss in natural
  • Ever Bilena eyeliner
  • L'oreal Featherlash
  • Shu Uemura Curler
  • Nyx Ultra pearl mania in white pearl
  • AS FOR THE BLUSH - i forgot to include the 10pc blush palette
What a fun contest!

Hope y'all have a great day!

Jaa ne~!

i'll be announcing the winner of my giveaway as soon as i can...3 days max

Friday, October 16, 2009


The other day, i was surprised when the courier guy knocked by our house. My mom called me & said that Mr.Xend is out there waiting for me. While i was putting on my house robe, i was thinking if i bought something online or anything at all since i promised myself since last week that i will not be buying any cosmetic at mind is racing as to what could it be, so i hurried over to finally put an end to my curiosity.

When the guy handed me the package, i opened it immediately & was surprised to see the Cyleina Grapeseed oil from Crystal. I love the scent! it's so relaxing...

Anyways, i'll be doing a review of this after a couple of weeks so i won't say anything about this yet except for the scent. Here's to hoping that i won't lose my 'touch' when it comes to reviewing products after experiencing blogger's block. hehe

Yesterday, when i went out to meet a friend, a package arrived & it's from Pammy,yay!
I only knew it when i went to the phone to talk to bf & saw this white package lying on the table. When i saw the green paper, i knew right there & then that it is from Xend courier. So i immediately open it, all the while still talking to bf about the stuff that i'll be buying in the grocery for the foods that i'll be preparing for a small family party.

I was 'ohh-ing' & 'ahh-ing' while i was talking because of the contents, especially the blushes! I let bf talk all he want, but im not listening to him. I was busy testing everything...I was just "uh-huh-ing" & saying "yeah,right" without actually understanding what he is trying to say.

Can you blame me? Pammy included lots of cute stuff so i forgot about bf for a while. (Sorry,ny..hehe)

Now i understand why Pammy loved the Saizen blush! It's really gorgeous! Oh goodness! i've been telling myself that i have to drop by at Saizen every time i see a blogger find something great about that shop, but due to my impossible schedule, im not able to...ekkk!!!

But now i HAVE to! (Gracie, i-schedule na natin ito!hehe)

& take a look at Pammy's handwriting..

It's so neat & very professional! I've always wanted to be able to write like how she does..haha!

Thanks again,girl. I love everything!

That would be it....
I have to go to sleep since i'll be a bit busy tomorrow cooking for my loved ones.

Hope y'all have a great day!

Jaa ne~!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~rants & ramblings:writer's block~

i know i've been MIA for quite sometime now...aside from the fact that im busy, i seem to suffer from the dreaded 'blogger's block'.. (-_-")

I don't know where to start & what to write. argh!

I have a few drafts but every time i try to start writing, my mind just won't cooperate. I am one very finicky writer. I made sure that all of my post ( i mean most of them) passed my QA (quality assurance), especially the product reviews. Would you believe that a single product review takes at least 1 week before im able to complete it? It's because i don't want to leave something behind. Sometimes, right after publishing it, i make sure that i read it just to look at some 'last-minute-details' & find myself editing a couple of stuff...

I try to at least have 3 posts up every week, but i find it hard to do so. I hope i'll overcome this writer's block ASAP!

How about you,my fellow bloggers, do you have some instances where you suffer from a writer's block?
If so, how do you deal with it?

But don't worry, i still read your posts even though im not able to comment. I swear!

I hope that i'll be able to overcome this before my birthday. It's gonna be my birthday this friday & im not sure what i'll do. Not that i have a lot of options since i don't usually celebrate my birthday. I hope too that I'll be able to receive a notice from the PO since i've been waiting & waiting for Eki's package. I hope i'll be able to get it in time for my birthday...


Well, that would be it for now.
For those who haven't joined my birthday giveaway, hop on over to my other blog & don't forget to join!

by the way, wanna have a chance to win $200?
hop on over to my contest blog to find out how or CLICK HERE

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Guerlain Les Meteorites Miniature Collection review

During the time that i was on hiatus, this package came.

And i have to say that i was really looking forward to this the most! When i found out that Guerlain decided to have the meteorites mini collection i was in high cotton! I decided to buy it as soon as i can & i found Dee of theTraincase. And let me just tell you...she is one of the nicest sellers out there! She is a member of MUA (makeupalley) & has a good record. You can also get some authentic mac pressed pigments from her site. Make sure you check her out,ok?

Take a look at her business card..isn't it cute? i love it! (sorry if the pic is blurry though -__-")

Anyways,back to the Meteorites...
This is the number one item on my wishlist & i have never been so happy to be able to try all 3 of them. I said to myself that once i receive this, i'll not open it until it's my birthday so it would seem like a birthday gift for me from me...hahaha..silly me!

But upon getting the package, i couldn't contain myself & open it as soon as i can. The temptation is so great! To think that i am in a restaurant because i decided to meet with bf & he said we ought to eat first. Im about to burst with happiness that i tore open the plastic just to take a peek!

The box is cute because it's so girly...pastel colors!

& comes with a free brush
yipee!all 3 of 'em safely tucked inside the box

It says that the brush is made in china...swell... (-__-")
anyways, im not counting on the brush because most products that comes with a brush doesn't work half as good you expect it to be.

Then these are the ingredients:

& finally!
these are what's inside the box..

a cute pink brush!~
but then the bristles are too stiff & it smells awful! yech!!!!
Oh! & they're not made of cardboard. The package is made of plastic...though i think i'd rather have it in cardboard because cardboard (i think) lessen the impact if the balls hit the surface compare to plastic, therefore the risk of the pearls being broken is lower compare to hard surfaces. Well, you don't need to fret about the pearls breaking because they are tough cookies!
& it's wrapped with a sticker design, so it looks cheaply made.

Wondering how cute the containers are?
If you have seen The Face Shop's Pearl Blossom Powder Pearls Mini, that's how cute it is!

They're perfect to tote along on your cosmetic kit.
I'd rather have these instead of the full size one where it's too im really so happy about this!

Ok, now on with how they look like...

& boy was i glad to see that they're not broken...yay!
The thing that im dreading the most is that they would be broken because of the transportation..but no! These little babies are quite resilient & mama is so happy to see that they are in good condition!

Now these are when you compare it with TFS pure blossom...
pic taken with flash
The TFS looks brighter because it's more shimmery compare to Guerlain

pic taken without flash

The thing about the meteorites is that it's a finishing all-over powder. So you can dust it over your face right after your make-up is done to set it on place. It got different color to target specific areas that needed covering. You can even just use it for highlighting if you want to.
  • Green one is to neutralize the redness
  • Pink one is to give a healthy glow
  • Gold & pearl is to create highlight & add radiance
  • White is to brighten the complexion
  • Mauve is to catch the light
This is mostly applicable to Mythic, since it has a combination of all the colors. Mythic is also the original Meteorites.

As for the other 2, Pink Fresh has the pink, pearl, gold & peach balls while Beige Chic has the brown, pearl, gold, brown & peach balls. You can see for yourself (on the pictures) what is the most dominant color for these.

Mythic will make your face brighter since it's the most shimmery of them all, but not that shimmery unlike the TFS Pure Blossom.

Pink Fresh can be use a a subtle blush, that is if you are pale. The color is so subtle that it won't show up on tanned complexion. This would be a perfect finish for the cheek area!

Beige Chic can give you a natural looking complexion since the color is neutral/nude. The perfect finishing touch after a foundation. For girls with pale complexion, it can be used as a bronzer!

How do you actually use this?

Just swirl the brush on the balls...although this has such a small container, my face brushes doesn't fit quite right. But it's ok since i can just rotate the handle of the brush so that i'll be able to get the powders to stick on my brush with the right amount of everything!

Some girls consider this as a HG. Saying that it makes them look poreless, radiant, etc. I have been lemming for this ever since i saw my friend use this. I've been fascinated how this little balls can actually be used as a face powder.

The smells takes a while in getting used to. It's sweet but it has that distinct smell. Some says it reminds them of old ladies. I prefer my stuff to be unscented but in this case, i didn't mind the smell as it doesn't linger. When you apply it on your face, the scent will be gone in a matter of seconds.

I have a very oily skin. That oftentimes i don't have to use a highlighter because after 2-4 hours, my skin will just shine on their own! LOL

So, i dust meteorites on my face after im done with my make-up & is expecting that i will have to retouch or worse reapply my makeup, but NO! i did not look THAT oily. It feels like as i get oilier, i just gave me that nice subtle glow without the oily look & feel. But it doesn't mean that the oil is not there, i just have to blot my face with an oil film & i look & feel as if i just did my whole make-up!

& im not kidding!

Since i have all 3 to try with, i can alternate what i would use. I can use the Mythic when i want to brighten up my face, Pink Fresh to give me that flushed look & Beige Chic for a natural-looking glow. Mostly, i use Pink Fresh to top my blush & it does make my blush last forever!hah! love it!

Now i understand what the hype is all about this mysterious balls & i understand that it actually live up to its name. It gives me an ethereal glow that even bf said "you look different. you look so....serene.have you been using something?" (ehhh?!serene?!hahaha!) then i showed him the meteorites & he said "these balls can do something that awesome?haha"

he had never said anything like that before because he said that i should not wear too much make-up (he doesn't like cosmetics that much). i take it it's a compliment (because he said it's awesome?...or not?what do you think?)

I knew that the wait for this is worth while! I will definitely buy a full size, but i don't see myself buying it anytime soon since i feel like this will last me for a year.

AS for the brush, the moment i washed it, the bristles became stiffer but fuller.

Though it didn't have that funky smell unlike ELF brushes. But still, it's ok since it's pink! It stands out among my cosmetic brushes.

  • perfect finishing powder
  • small enough to fit in your purse
  • will last you a long time
  • won't make your skin look & feel oily
  • a perfect set to try the meteorites before you spend big bucks on the full size ones
  • it's cheap
  • it's scented
  • container looks cheap
  • the brush is useless
  • not available locally
Where to buy?
You can buy this at or hop on over to Dee's site.

By the way, Guerlain also released the Meteorites Mythic Travelling Kit. This would be a perfect trial pack before you decided to buy the full size Meteorites Voyage Powder.

Well, that would be it!
Hope you have a lovely weekend,ladies!

Jaa ne~!

Friday, October 09, 2009

new winner

A quick post
since the winner did not contact me it's time to draw another winner...
just click HERE to find out who is the new winner..


send a message on my email so that we can discuss the details
thiamere_brea at yahoo dot com

you have 48 hours to contact me..if not i'll be giving it away to someone else..

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

ran out of udpp but no time to depot?

yup..the title says it all...
Get udpp in a matter of minutes, this comes in handy for those who are on the go & don't have the time to depot.
For those who uses udpp we know that there's more into the bottle that we just can't reach because of the shape.

Let me tell you...depotting UDPP takes time.

with the cutting that you need to do (& cutting the bottle takes effort too because it's hard!-literally) and the the fact that you have to work a bit fast (the more time the product is exposed to air, the more dries up) not to mention that it's messy...

Say you are in a hurry but you don't have the time to go through all that for the time being, but badly needed to prime your lids, what are you gonna do?
a.) throw udpp on the wall hoping that it would miraculously break in half
b.) talk to it hoping that the product would somehow stick to the wand like a good girl
c.) try to cut it in 2 just to get some then leave the bottle open until you get home to transfer it on a jar

What will it be ladies?
Of course, none of them!
especially not letter C!
that's the worst choice ever..that is unless you really are planning to throw it out & you are about to buy one.

You can do something about it for the time being until you find the time to do the depotting.
So, how can you get some product without cutting it in half?

Most products that uses an applicator have a plastic scraper a right to scrape the excess product. You see this in lip gloss...that little plastic that sits at the edge of the rim is the culprit...

I marked the scraper here...although i know that it's pretty obvious where it
What you need to do is remove it so that you can swirl the wand around the tube to scrape the product...

I just found this out when one day i said to myself that im gonna depot my udpp asap but haven't found the time to do so & it irks me that every time i need to use it, i have to tap it on a hard surface hoping that some product would be somehow stuck in the wand so that i can scoop some out...

Then i just decided to pop the scraper open one day & see if i can scoop some out. So i did...

Just run a knife..or any flat metal on the scraper to loosen it a bit then pull it out..
The scraper scrapes the extra product off the wand but it limits the movement of the wand & it just stays in one direction. If you take it off, you can move the wand to scrape the product.

This also applies to glosses.
If you want to maximize your favorite gloss, you can do so by removing the scraper.

There you go...
Hope you find this tip handy..

Jaa ne~!

Does any of you know a complete make-up palette that fits on a small purse?
something like the Chanel Travel Makeup Palette but won't break my bank. Im looking a good one for im tired of bringing my cosmetic kit because it's too heavy & bulky. I want an all-in-one palette.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I popped by the post office today to pick up a parcel & to also give some of old clothes to Tita Remy (i chat with her constantly whenever im at the PO). It was lunchtime when i got there but Tita Remy was kind enough to ask one of her colleague to pinch in a favor to fetch my package.

I was pretty surpise to find out that the package was from Heather. I joined in her Harajuku contest before & i never expected that we won (yup...we!) for it was my first time posting something on youtube. Whoopee!

Anyway, i was on a public vehicle because i want to drop by a bookstore to look for Jude Deveraux's novel but i can't resist taking a peek at what's inside...

& i love everything!

Now i'll have my first hand experience the the Julep Masque... yipee for me!

She sent me the:
  • Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
  • Mac 20 Lash
  • MAC Satin Lipstick in Mac Red
Im so excited about the Julep Masque the most because im currently suffering from acne. I'll do a review of it sometime. The Mac 20 lash is just a half lash that is perfect for cat-eyes look!

As for the Mac Red...

Well,the name says it's red!

For some reason when i tried it on, i felt like it just made all the imperfections on my face more obvious. I guess it's because at the back of my mind only the flawless-looking women can sport this kind of color.

For some reason too it made me think of illicit kissing scene where the men are all mussed up with red stain on their lips because of kissing a woman..

all that because of this color?!

This is too dramatic for not sure if i can even use this when i go out though. One more, is it just me...but when i rub it off my lips, i felt my lips went a bit numb. It's weird..thinking that this is my first mac lipstick...I don't have any experience like that with about you,girls? maybe it's just me... Anyways, i'll get to know it once i tried other mac lippies...

Well, that's it for now. Hope you all have/had a great start for your week.
New week, new beginnings!

Jaa ne~!

Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

I was contacted by B.liv weeks ago to try out their products. I have been so lazy in applying any skin care products lately that i can alrea...