Saturday, February 28, 2009

rants & ramblings


After me spending almost 2hours learning about the HTML & stuff about adsense im finally able to post the ad on my site...
Needless to say, I had a headache all because of this...

Have anybody checked StrawberryNet's net bonus packs?

Gosh, Im gonna get the Lancome Travel Set Warm all for myself...hehe..
As soon as i receive it, im gonna do a review of what's included in the package...Maybe ill buy it next week...

& my keyboard got some problem...the spacebar is not working fine...

looks like im gonna have a bad saturday


Friday, February 27, 2009

February Splurge & Save

I thought that i would make a post at every end of the month about the products that i have brought & what i think about them.

There will be the Splurge & Save category on that post to see what products are considered as a luxury & what is not. Some i have tried, others not (but is already on my "stuff-to-buy")

I just decided to put 3: a foundation primer, foundation & eyeshadow palette.

*For coverage that would provide a cooling sensation:
Splurge: Smashbox Cooling Tint
- provides sheer coverage & that oh-so-refreshing feeling!
-pros: tinted moisturizer,sunblock, & foundation in one
-cons: smells like sunblock
Save:Wet & Wild Ultimate Cover Foundation
- provides sheer coverage that also provides a mild cooling sensation
-pros: cheap
-cons: strong plant extract smell

*For face primer:
Splurge: Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer
- makes a smooth layer on your skin before you put makeup
-pros: can even be used to tame frizzy hair or brows
-cons: expensive
Save: Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
- primes the skin before putting makeup
-pros: available on most drugstore
-cons: flowery scent

*For eyeshadow color:
Splurge: Bobbi Brown Brights Eye Shadow Palette
-vibrant, highly pigmented shades for lips,cheeks & eyes
-$ 70
-pros: convenient to bring along
-cons: pea-sized pans
Save:Coastal Scents 88 Piece Makeup Palette
-a wide array of cute but very pigmented colors
-pros: very affordable
-cons: can only be ordered online

Since im not yet done testing out some of the products that i have bought, i guess ill just do it for the next month..
Oh no..looks like my product reviews are slowly accumulating... Hope i'll be done in no time at all..

Hope this will help out some gals out there!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

how to treat pimples

Today, i was hanging out on Yahoo!Answers...mainly in the makeup section & i keep on finding questions about acne & pimples... And because of that i decided to share a few of the tips that i have acquired & gained from my researches & experiences.

First off, im not acne prone, for which i am actually happy. But then, i guess its just normal that there would be a few zits popping every now & then. Who likes those pesky zits?! Until now there are still some (mostly when i am not able to fully take all my makeup off)... but i know how to deal with them to before...

I always believe that natural skin treatment works better than those topical expensive chemical-laden creams. You just have to do your researches. Find out the contents of most acne-fighting ingredients then find the natural counterpart of it. Acne creams do work but if you can find something that won't cost you that much & still achieve the same effect, then why not opt for the natural ones?

Okay, so here are my info, tips & tricks:
  • Tea Tree Oil really works. The oil is known to be antiseptic & anti fungal, which is why some (if not most) pimple-fighting products have tea tree on them. Just dab a little of the oil on the spot where there are red bumps after your night regimen & wake up the next morning without worrying about the bump that you felt last night. One small bottle of this oil goes a long way! you can even use this to treat blisters...its antiseptic & anti fungal,remember?
  • Keep your hands off it. Don't give in to the urge of popping it. If you pop it, you will risk it getting infected & might result to ugly blemishes afterward. Just wait it out. Now, if you can't really keep your hands off it & is itching to pop the patooty out of it, make sure that you pop it if you can already see the white-yellowish puss underneath the skin. It goes without saying that you need to use tools that are really clean (sterile) to avoid it from getting infected. Try to pop it after taking a shower so your skin is soft & you won't have to keep on tugging it. You can also put a warm compress over it to open up the pores. Gently pop it until all the dirt have come out. Then cover it with a cotton pad.
  • Tie your hair in a bun...Just make sure that your hair is away from your face...especially the tips of your hair.
  • Try to minimize the use of makeups. If you can't help it just remove all make up before going to bed. No matter how many people claim that their make up brands are safe to even sleep on, you don't want to risk your skin. Its better off sleeping with a clean face than a makeup-laden face You don't wanna wake up with bumps on your face all because you forgot to take it off last night.
  • When you shower, make sure you wash your face AFTER you shampoo & condition the hair. If not, then the oils from the conditioner might 'go down' your face & clog your pores. So its best to wash your face after you clean your hair.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize...even if we have oily skin, it doesn't mean that we don't need to put moisturizer on. Just like what the person above me said, the more you don't moisturize, the more your skin will produce oils. Too much oils (again) will clog pores & will result in pimples.
  • Use products that are non-comedogenic. It means that it won't clog your pores.
  • Deep Cleanse your face at least every month. Clay Mask works wonders! I know, that might sound expensive..but you don't need to go to the facial salon just to do that. Have a facial sauna.You can just use a deep cleansing mask at home. You can even do a kitty litter mask.Im serious!A clean kitty litter of course! Kitty Liter is made of bentonite clay...much like those expensive clay mask.
  • Drink lots of water!It helps on keeping the skin healthy. This is a proven fact.
  • Make sure you exfoliate. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells & reveals the new skin cells. You can use a facial scrub if you want to, but i find that baking soda also does a good job in exfoliating my face. Or you can even mix sugar & oil together then massage it on your face with a circular motion.
  • Make sure that you protect your face from the sun. That doesn't mean that you need to wear hats all the make sure that you apply sunblock or a moisturizer that has SPF of at least 15. Sunshine won't help dry out pimples, instead it can stimulate oil production on our glands therefore resulting in pimples.
  • Know your words...keeping a tab on the important chemicals that help fight zits are important, such as Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide.
Hmmm....those are what i know & practice. I might add a few more tips on my upcoming posts so stay tuned on my beauty tips & tricks tag.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

strawberryNET haul

After much waiting, Im finally able to have my complete strawberryNET haul...this is the 2nd time that i ordered from that website & am actually happy it. Im able to buy a couple of neat stuff at a very low price.

This is actually what i ordered (in full):

So breaking down the items that i bought, it would be:
  • Ralph Lauren Rocks Body Moisturizer
  • Geoffrey Beene Shower Gel
  • Sonia Rykiel EDT Spray
  • Andy Warhol EDT Spray
  • plus the Guinot Masque hydra Beaute Sample...
Well,the Guinot Hydrating Mask is not actually a freebie..hehe...I just said that they can send me any sample that they have so to help in my future purchases. Then that's just what they included...on which im not even sure if im gonna be using since its a hydrating mask. I have a very oily skin...yeah..i know that even oily skin needs to be moisturized but i don't think i need to add much moisture on my skin aside from the moisturizer that im currently using..but ill keep this. Who knows when this might come in handy,right?

Im gonna be doing a review on the EDT Sprays that i got, but maybe not now...

In time ill be able to do a review on every single one of these (except for the RL Rocks which i already did have a post).


Monday, February 23, 2009

rants & ramblings

Tomorrow im gonna go & pick up the package waiting for me at the post office...
yipee! im excited!

feels like forever since strawberryNET shipped my package...

Anyway, i love mineral makeups, i love my EM shades...but lately i've been checking out liquid foundations again...not sure why though...

I know i have bad experience about liquid foundation, but i can't seem to just not use it just because one brand doesn't work for me..So, im now in the hunt for a good liquid foundation...

Im happy with my Smashbox Cooling Tint, but still...

Not just a hunt for a liquid foundation, but also a hunt for good makeup brushes. I don't think i would like to spend hundreds of dollars just for MAC brushes if i can find a good ol cheap brush that will work fine... I have a brush made of taklon that i use as a concealer brush & it works fine. i just brought it at a craft store...much like how people use Loew Cornell brushes. I have tried painting before & the bristles are also the same..just have to look for one that will work..

Maybe next time ill drop by at my favorite craft store & look for a worthy make up brush that i can use..

Anyway,that's it for now....will update as soon as i have my package...
sooooooo excited!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Smashbox Backdrop Cooling Tint

Im a sucker for products that have cool, icy-effect...

probably because its so hot here & i have weird body temperature. I read some reviews about the Smashbox Backdrop Cooling Tint that it gave that nice icy feeling for 15 minutes. So, i said to myself that i have to have need to have it!SO,again..much as i hate spending that much but since i decided that i have to have it, so i had to shed out some bucks again ;_;

I had to buy 2, not just one, because this product is already discontinued & I don't wanna have regrets whatsoever if i let this chance go. if i don't like it, i can always give it to my mom...

Ok,so on with the review...According to Smashbox, this is:

This sheer, lightweight foundation gives skin a natural, radiant finish. Contains a revolutionary cooling agent that causes an energizing sensation for up to 15 minutes leaving you completely refreshed, while aloe, green tea and vitamins nourish skin.

This is a great product for those with oily skin or who are prone to breakouts. Apply a small amount of BACKDROP to the back of your hand, then apply product to the center of your face and blend outward using FOUNDATION BRUSH #13.

Its true about the "revolutionary cooling agent that causes an energizing sensation", it really gives you that icy, refreshing feeling. Which i definitely love love love! It makes you feel awake...At first i thought that the 15mins is just something to add for advertisement, but much to my surprise its actually true! yay!...i put it on & i experienced that cool sensation longer than 15 minutes. double yay!

One more thing that's great about this product is that it got SPF....SPF 15...triple yay!

According to it, its a "moisturizing & energizing tint"...when i put it on, i still put moisturizer first..i haven't tried putting it without any moisturizer yet..maybe ill try it, but if it does have moisturizer...then thats definitely a plus factor,ain't it?...a moisturizer, cooling tint, sheer coverage & a sunblock..isn't that something that we definitely needed especially for the summer!

Because of the icy cool feeling, this is specially suited if you're going on the beach or hiking. you can go 'bare' but at the same time protecting your skin while enjoying your activities.

I like it a lot, though one thing that i don't like about it is the scent. It smells just like a real doesn't even have any scent at all...When you put it on, it feels like you're putting a tinted sunblock. The smell is so sunblock-y, it also feels a bit 'greasy' (just like how a sunblock feels like though not that much) though it doesn't leave that 'shine' that you get from putting sunblock on your skin.

Good Points:
-will make skin feels refreshed & energized
-has SPF
-a moisturizer & provides sheer coverage
-the tint is suitable for anybody since its just sheer (especially number 2)

Bad Points:
-smells like a sunblock
-feels a bit greasy
-already discontinued <- this is the worst of all! *sniff*

Well,i guess that's all i can say for now..Maybe ill do another review if i have something bad to say about it, but for now im currently liking it..hope it stays the same & will not make me really hoping for a positive experience since i know that smashbox is a great brand.

Hope that it works for me!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ralph Lauren Rocks Body Moisturizer

Much as i would like to put the title "Body Care haul" just so that i won't single out just one product, i fear that it won't fit seeing as the only one that i've tried is the Body Moisturizer.

Ok,i'll tell you all about it..

Today i went to post office to pick up my package. Remember the time when i said ill be ordering at Well,i actually did buy a couple of stuff. I bought 2 bottles of fragrances, a body moisturizer & a shower gel. Since there is a shipping charge for fragrances, then it had to be separated & the body care package arrived first....hmmm...i wonder where my second package is...? *sigh*...sure hope its not lost somewhere out there..... *utters a small prayer*

On with what im saying...Picked up the package, as soon as i went home i opened it & took a pic...
Well,what i have with me now is the Ralph Lauren Rocks Body Moisturizer & the Geoffrey Beene Shower Gel. StrawberryNET had also sent me a sample of the Guinot Masque Hydra Beaute. I actually put a note saying that i would like to receive some samples on my purchases too.

Im not exactly a fan of Body Lotions & Shower Gels, i use it but not overmuch. I guess its because its so hot here in the Philippines that it feels extra hot if i apply 'oils' on my body. So,why did i order these body care stuff? I just thought for once, "why not lavish my body?" Often times its always my face who i pampered with moisturizers, facial masks, & cosmetics. So, i gave in to the temptation...but don't get me wrong...I still made sure that it is something within my budget. Hurray for the Valentine's Sale! Yay!

I did not open the shower gel yet because of the reason that i stated above, so im saving it for some day.Since the RL is unboxed,then i get the firsthand sniff of it.

How do i describe it..?..If you just smell it while its in the container, it gives off that nice fruity-flowery smell. When applied on your skin, the first scent that will fill your nostril is the coconut-ty fruity scent, followed by the RL signature scent. Then after a few minutes, the coconut will fade, to a sandalwood scent, which i think is actually good. It's a bit of a surprise...i know that there are a couple of scents that changes after a couple of minutes, but with this..i did not expect a sandalwood to come out from a fruity scent....much more something that started off with a coconut-ty scent.

It definitely reminds me of summer. I don't know if its just me but i can't actually smell any hint of orange does smell creamy..kinda like Pina Colada...

It really does moisturize....i applied it twice just on the back of my hand & i feel that its really smooth & moisturized. So, that's great,right? I'll just bring this with me when im gonna do some sleep overs or when im gonna go on the beach. Just something to moisturize my skin.

If you are looking for a fruity-summery scent..then im pretty sure that RL Rocks will suit your taste...Actually now that i have the Body thinking of buying the Eau de toilette...but maybe not still waiting for my Sonia Rykiel... :(

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Benefit "That Gal" review

Remember when i said, i'd try out Benefit's "That Gal'?

Well,yesterday i went out & had to put make up (of course!) & tried it. As what i said, i have an oily skin & i do perspire a lot, which is why im not so keen on using primer because in the end ill just wipe it off with my constant patting of hanky on my face.

First thing that i like about it is the scent. It really smells so good. It's flowery & fruity but not overmuch...I just love it.

Then the's pink!Isn't that a lovely pink shade?!
It's so girly....just like what other people said, i was also worried that it will give me a tint of pinkness if i applied it. After i put on my moisturizer, i waited for a couple of minutes then i put it on. It feels a little "greasy" without being greasy...(get it?) I heard that even in Smashbox Photofinish it feels like that too....Anyway, I like how it feels, it kinda give the feeling that it locks in your moisturizer plus it makes my skin feels velvety soft & smooth too!

Ok, Upon applying my, cheek tint, blush,etc..i did notice a difference. It made my makeup look flawless, like its coming together nicely for the first time! (uh..that makes it sound like i always end up looking like a mess before the "no primer" days,huh?)

I like how it gives me that "flawless made up" look. Before i use primers, i look ok, but sometimes, while im putting the rest of my make up i can see some spots where my foundation is not doing a good job of covering (like dark spots). Now, my foundation is even & it actually makes it look like i don't even have large pores anymore! (well,i exaggerated a bit...i still have some, but its not that visible anymore...not unless you really look at me too closely)

Good Points:
-'readies' your skin with all the makeup you're going to put
-smells nice (if you like a flowery-sweet smell)
-its pink! (i love pink!obviously)
-its hygienic

Bad Points:
-expensive (sooooooo expensive..wallet not happy at all ;_;)
-not available in the local Department Store

So,the verdict? I definitely love it!

I'll buy it! Maybe i'll just buy it straight at & throw in the Erase Paste & other stuff too but then again,its ridiculously expensive! Im an ebayer & i actually got that sample from one trusted ebayer too. I know that there are lots of fake stuff you can buy at Ebay, but there are also good ones. you just need to make sure that the seller got good feedbacks.

Monday, February 16, 2009

rants & ramblings

All of my thoughts are in disarray....

I wanna talk about liquid foundations...i wanna talk about mineral ones too...also about tightlining...but it seems like my thoughts are scattered...gaahh!!!!

I was about to do the That Gal review, but for some reason i can't seem to finish it. I would wanna try & test it out some more before i actually express what i wanna say about it.

I was answering a few answers on Yahoo Answers makeup section & it just gave me some ideas on what i should be blogging about....Maybe id do some entries on how to save makeup space....Maybe by tomorrow or after a couple of days. I would also like to do some Look of the Week (i only go out during!), but im still not sure if i ought to...

Tomorrow im gonna be getting the Wet & Wild Liquid Foundation, im not exactly into liquid foundations, but i heard that this one is 'cool' on the im gonna give this one a shot. I like cool, minty feelings.

& im still waiting for my haul...arrrggghhhh!!!!!
waiting is such sweet

how to make your blush stay longer....

As a person with oily skin, one of hundreds of problems (lol!) that i need to address is the fact that my blusher/bronzer doesn't stay. It would just stay there for an hour...& afterwards it would just disappear. I hate adding one layer of blush on another, that's why one of the major must-haves for my kit are make up remover & wet wipes. Instead of layering powder on my face (blush & foundation), i prefer to just apply again. It's just that i feel like my pores are clogging if i apply it again & again...

Then in comes the Lip & Cheek saves a whole lot of time, effort & products for me!

What i do is put it on my wet sponge wedge. I tried putting it directly on my skin first, but it leaves this ugly little red dot where i first apply the liquid on. So i figured that its best if i apply it using a wet sponge wedge. I bought the Bench lip & cheek tint yesterday & im loving it! I tried it & it made my cheeks look naturally flushed! What's great about it is that since i bought a local product its very easy to purchase if ever i ran out of it. I top it with a little blush & its really goes a long way.

There are lots of lip & cheek tint available from Benefit (Benetint), Lorac, Sephora (lush flush), Sonia Kashuk, The Body Shop, Revlon, etc. Locally, you can buy it at Bench, Ellana, Ever Bilena, etc.

Lip & Cheek Tint/Stain are not the only one that can make it last long. You can also use either a Cream Blush or Blush Stick. Simply pat it on the apples of your cheeks first, then apply the blush afterwards. It will make your cheek color stay longer.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aspirin Mask for treating acne...

Yup, you read it right...
Feeling skeptical about it?

Don't worry you're not the only person who feels so.

At first im like "why in the world will i use medicine on my face?!"...knowing that we use aspirin for headaches & makes me cringe with the thought of using it topically & to be applied on my face for that :-O

I kept on reading lots of girls saying that it does work. I checked, several threads about Aspirin Mask & even did a research about the 'contents' & chemicals behind it.

Upon doing so, i discovered that Aspirin actually is what we call as Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) -> huh?...uh oh...that sounds so scientific...chemicals... - which simply speaking is called "Salicylic Acid' -> now this sounds much more familiar,eh?

Salicylic Acid is one of the main ingredients in cosmetics & acne-fighting facial products. It's widely used to fight acne, warts, psoriasis, etc.

So, how does this so called Salicylic Acid actually works?

It makes the skin shed more readily so it prevent pores from clogging up, and allowing room for new cell growth. It's basically just like how exfoliation works. We exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells...then in comes the new skin cells..yay for those!

So, since i did my homework, i felt that i can already try it. So, i brought a bottle of aspirin. Wash my face, then put 5 tablets on a saucer XD, then put a few drops of water on the tablets (i actually enjoyed squishing it), made a paste, then apply it on my face.

After a couple of minutes, i started sneezing! I thought "uh oh...this is bad!"...then i remember that you can add drops of oil or yogurt or honey or even a facial cleanser. So i immediately rinse it (while still sneezing!) then mix another batch of aspirin, this time i added a few drops of olive oil (hey Olive oil is good for the skin!). Then apply it again & this time it did not made me sneeze anymore.

I waited for like 20-30mins before i rinse it off....all the while, im just watching "Jigoku Shojo"..good thing im not watching a funny one or else there'll be aspirin scattered all over the place. Then i rinse it off, i scrubbed my face with the bits of aspirin, then rinse it with water. Since i used oil on it, its oily so i have to wash it off with soap....

then....lo & behold!

i felt my skin to be so sooooft & smooth....i was touching my face for like 5mins...just to feel how soft my face is...

Since im not the type who actually break out, then i did not notice any "pimples will be gone" effect, but i have a couple of whiteheads on my chin before & after using it, i notice that it actually diminished! wow!

& from then on, i make it a point to use it!

Good points:
-easy to do
-available anywhere
-great results

Bad points:
-will make you sneeze if you don't put anything on it.
-don't forget to buy the uncoated aspirin...UNCOATED,ok?

So... instead of buying those expensive acne creams/gels, going to Facial clinics to have your facials, i suggest you give this a try first....anyway, there's nothing to lose...but everything to gain!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Covergirl EyeSlicks Review

Woohoo! another haul!

I've been eye-ing the Covergirl EyeSlicks for quite sometime now & im happy that i've been able to have my very own now. Actually, its a tie between wanting the NYX Jumbo Pencil & this one. Since NYX is not available locally so i just opted for the Covergirl Eyeslicks. Anyways, it will just serve as a sticky base to my lids so that when i apply my eyeshadows it will have something to adhere to & will not cause some fall outs.

So, when i tested it, it came on smooth & actually sticky which i think is actually good. It is shimmery & frosted, which makes it so fun to use. It's in pencil form so you can use it as an eyeshadow &,isn't that a great deal? :D
I got 6 colors which are the:
  • Shimmering Pebble
  • Shimmering Sky
  • Pink Ice
  • Blue ice
  • Dark Denim
  • Crystal Mint
Im thinking of getting some others but currently it is what i have so this will do. Im actually looking for a white Gel Eyecolor, but looks like CG doesn't have it...kinda of like the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk... i really want that NYX Milk...its so pretty! :'(

hmmmm.....ill see if i can get my own NYX Jumbo Pencil someday..
But for now, im happy with my recent purchase, maybe i'll still get a couple more eyeslicks....


Friday, February 13, 2009

Hairstyle 101 - Side bun

I have always had long hair...ok..not always..when i was in elementary i have short hair..hehe...but when i hit my early teens i made it a point to have it at least up til my shoulders. There was even a time when its so long (like middle of the back) that mom said she will cut it for me. So i let her cut it (ill spare you the details)...& cut it up til my ears..& i was so mad that time..

Anyways, I'll try to post a few of my favorite hairstyles & how i do it.

So for you guys to have an idea how long my hair is..............took this pic months ago, but since i had it trimmed then its still this long.

Ok, so late this morning mom said i have to go to the grocery to buy some stuff. So i had to take a bath, etc...i was actually just thinking of letting my hair down or just puttin it in a simple ponytail, but decided that i wanna experiment on some hairstyles (great timing, was constantly reminding me to go out while its not that hot outside).

So i was in a bit of a hurry & i just decided to make a small poof on the front part & just put the rest of my hair in a bun...but decided i don't wanna look too i made this style out of the plain ol' boring bun that we always do...
shoot! sorry if its not clear..i've been planning on getting another camera but for some reason i never got around to getting one *writes 'get new webcam' on my planner*

Ok, so how did i do this one?
Actually its pretty simple...the stuff you'll be needing are just:
  • a rat tail comb
  • bobby pins
  • hair elastics
  • hair spray (optional)
1st - section a small front part of your hair using a rat tail comb (or any ordinary comb) for the poof that you're gonna be doing. It's up to you if you want it a big poof or just a small one.

2nd - tie the rest of your hair, using an elatic, in a ponytail but put it either at the right or the left side of your head (just so to break the 'formal-look')

3rd - put it in a bun (the tied hair)

4th - gather the front part of the hair neatly, pulling it back. You can tease if you want a more prominent poof, hold it at the roots & twist it then push it forward to make the poof then secure it with bobby pins. You can spritz hairspray to hold it better.

5th - then wound the remaining hair around the bun. Tuck it in bun then put a bobby pin just so it won't show.

Spritz hairspray if desired.


on the hunt for face primer....

I first heard this from my friend...She just mentioned it in passing that this is what she is currently using. Since i perspire a lot, i was thinking that i don't actually need a face primer, because later on in the day, when i wipe my face with a hanky, no matter how softly i pat it my foundation will just be im thinking..."why bother putting primer?".. *shrugs shoulder*

But lately as i was doing some beauty/makeup researches, i always come across face primers. I am using eye primer & it really works..but my lids are just oily..they're not sweating (lol!) so i only use eye primer. My curiousity piqued when lots of people are actually saying that a primer will definitely change putting makeup on.....hmmmmm...isn't that something?

& with that i began my hunt for face primers, currently what im eye-ing is the Photofinish from Smashbox & That Gal from Benefit. These stuff are not exactly budget-friendly... :( So, im actually looking for some samples for me to try on first & see if it actually works...

I was able to get my hands on Benefit's "That Gal" brightening face primer...I haven't used it..but i will definitely use it..maybe on saturday because i will go out & i need to put makeup. But i opened it & smelled it...& it smells so nice!I really like how the way it smells. It's sorta flowery & sweet...i just hope that the smell won't linger when im putting makeup...i don't wanna break out because of the fragrances included on the product itself.

Now...all i need is to get my hands on Smashbox's Photofinish...hmmm....ill not buy it unless i have actually tried need a sample first....wonder where i could get one?

As soon as i've tried "That Gal", i'll let you guys know about it....

Have any of you tried both of it?Which one works better?

Everyday Minerals Review

As soon as i got my EM package, i decided to put it on asap. I wanted to know how ‘good’ it really is. I also wanted to test it out further before i give a really detailed review on it.& i mean detailed..this is gonna be long…

Ok,so upon putting it on my face (the first time), i like how light it feels. For all people out there who are mineral make up users, i know that you know what im saying. I’ve tried twin cake powders & also liquid foundations & those two actually make my face ‘heavy’, or maybe its just that i haven’t found my perfect mate for those.

I included a sample image of the shades.
i did not actually do some swatches because not only do i have uneven skin tone, but i thought that it would be better if you can see the actual shade against a white background yourself (knowing that everybody have a different tone).Anyways, I’ll give you the gist of what i ordered:

Mineral Foundations & Finishing Powder :
GM - Olive - Golden Medium
BT - Warm - Buttered Tan
SB - Soft Bronze - Start to Finish Rice Powder
L - Golden - Light
N - Olive - Neutral
FS - Buff - Fairly Summer

EM foundations

Ok, ill go first to the foundations. Being an asian, I find it a bit hard to actually look for a foundation that will bring out the best in me. I have a very oily skin, enlarged pores & i perspire a lot (& i mean it..a lot!), so its really hard to look for a foundation that will be my best buddy. I guess that’s why i prefer mineral make-ups because the staying power of it is really long & it feels so light on my skin.

I have an oily skin that’s why i only have the Intensive Coverage, it works for a couple of hours. Then afterwards, if i don’t feel like touching up, ill just use an oil film & everything is still fine.

One thing that i like about it is that it stays put, if i applied it before i go out (of course!) lets say at around early noon…after a couple of hours having fun & sweating a lot, i’d go home in the evening & remove my make up. You will see how the foundation is still on your skin. As soon as you use a make-up remover, wipe it on your cheeks, the white tissue will immediately show you that the foundation is still indeed intact… ( this a good way to show u the staying power?..).. As what i said, i perspire a lot, that’s why im having a hard time looking for a good foundation, because normally a pressed foundation will just stay on my skin for like a maximum of 3hrs. With me constantly wiping my face off, it will just rub off. But with EM, its there…I dunno how it does that, but whatever that is, Im happy…

As what you probably notice on my list, i have the Olive, Buff, Warm & Golden foundation category. & what i have i think are actually suited for Asian skin, which are mostly on the Medium tones. Im quite happy with my Buttered Tan & Golden Medium & I find myself almost always reaching for it every now & then ( i haven’t even tried my Joppa samples).

For the Finishing Powder, as what you can see on the image, the texture of it is different than the foundations. Im pretty sure everyone is familiar with the texture of a powder foundation, but the finishing powder have that ‘cornstarch-y’ feel to it. I guess that’s how rice powder really feels…It’s so messy because its more loose compare to the foundations. I like how this sets my whole make-ups.

This is the blush & concealer:

all smiles & intensive medium

Blush (All Smiles) & the Concealer (Intensive Medium) - I love my Blush sample - it gives that nice touch of color to my cheeks, without the very heavy blush color. I use this especially when im wearing a very dramatic eye color, just to give it a hint of color & it works really nice. It got that peachy pink shade that’s perfect for giving that healthy glow. I love this shade…if im gonna order again, ill be getting this one.

As for the concealer,it’s ok. Works fine, though not the best one for me.

I love my free eyeshadow (although i haven’t actually used it yet), here is a swatch of it (i even zoomed it), i just put an eye primer (Elianto eye primer) to make the colors stand out. The purple one is the Matinee & the plum is the After Party….

matinee & afterparty swatches

As for the brushes (especially the Buff Brush) …I was really looking forward to this the most, seeing as how bloggers say that this is the Holy Grail.

buff brush & long handled kabuki

Personally i think it’s a great brush, but not to the extent that i would actually consider it as a HG.

Just like everybody, i tend to favor the Buffer Brush compare to the Long Kabuki Brush. They’re both very soft. The Buff brush does a good job in buffing, I find it using it every now & then, but i still favor my good ‘ol trusty large Kabuki brush. It’s just that i personally prefer a brush that is a little .I guess because i can feel that it is doing a better job in spreading the product onto my face.

The Long handled kabuki sheds a little, maybe because i tried to use it before i wash it, but after washing it, i don’t have any problems at all. The Buff brush just shed a hair or two…no major problem after washing the brushes.

The Cosmetic Sponge works just like all the other sponges out there…so nothing special. Im kinda regretting getting this…i don’t know..because its just so…small..?… *shrugs shoulder*

After much story….this is what i can say

Good Points:
-sits on your skin really long
-feels light on the skin
-can be applied wet or dry
-not available in the local department stores

Bad Points:
-can only be ordered online

Will i buy it again? definitely….im very satisfied with it.

Thiamere ratings will be 4.5 points out of 5

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Stila Jade Blossom review


The moment i wake up, mom handed me another notification from the Post Office….which is actually cool because it means that the Stila jade blossom is already within my reach.. ^_^

So, i hurriedly dress up & put makeup to ‘fetch’ my new baby.

When i got there,there’s not a lot people…..thank goodness! I gave the card to the guy who’s in charge. I had a little chit chat with him about perfumes & taxes….Since the man who is ahead of me is being ‘dissected’ (lol!) thoroughly by the customs officer, the man whom im talking to just went ahead to fetch my package for me, since its just a cute little box & the amount is not over $50 (because it got something to do with tax if it exceeds $50). Then i signed up his log book & happily went home.

It actually made me smile when i saw that purple ribbon tied over the box.


I opened the box, then this greeted me

See those cute curly styros, they made sure that my stila got some companion inside that box…

After taking pic, i tore the silver paper wrap & voila!there is the very cute baby pink box ^_^

Ok, now on with the review…

First, why did i buy this one…because its the cheapest of all in the time that i brought it.. :D (but im serious!)

Since this site has the “free international shipping”, i just felt its too good to be true. So to be on the safe side, i decided to test & see for myself. So i ordered this & im so happy with it! In fact after i make this blog im gonna go & shop for some more since a lot of items are on sale.

Anyway, the product is in a very cute pink round tin & is small which makes it very convenient to be put on your kit. It doesn’t take lots of space & of course is very light which is definitely a plus factor for me, because its quite troublesome to go bringing big bottle of perfumes. Like currently, i have the Lacoste Touch of Spring & its pretty hard to carry it because its heavy & bulky…so yeah..i like how easy it is to put this on my kit.

The first time that i put my nose on it, it made me think of a perfume that my bf was using before, i just can’t remember the name. It got that musky, after-shave scent. So i thought that this would fit a man better, but after a couple more sniffs, it made me realize that its not that musky at all. It got that hint of flowery scent, which is pretty feminine.

When i swipe my finger on it,just to test it out i had some doubts if it will last for more than a minute. I applied it at the back of my ear & rub it, it gave that very nice lingering smell that im guessing was ‘enhanced’ because of my body heat. I did not put a lot because i can still smell the Lacoste on me, but the musky smell of this perfume still lingers on the air.

I like this product, although its too small. I guess this product is made entirely for the purpose of just putting it on your purse, just for touch ups. If im gonna spray a perfume on me before i go out the house, it will clash with Stila. So im thinking if im still gonna buy another of this or just buy the 1.7 oz Stila bottle……hmmmm……i wonder if got that…

Nevertheless,i will definitely keep this. Stash it in my purse so that if ever i went out in a hurry & forgot to spray something on myself,i have this very handy musky fragrance with me. ^_^

Im gonna give this 4 out of 5 points

& with that, im off to…jaa!!!


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cosmetic tools haul

I went to just return the PS2 controller that i brought at Drag & Drop because its not working…. >_<

It’s hella annoying when that happens..*sigh* until now, i don’t even know when ill be able to have a controller & i have to wait for the store’s text message…
Anyway, before i go home, i just decided to take a look around the Department Store & of course, i went straight to the cosmetics section. I didn’t plan to buy anything, i just wanted to walk a wee bit.
I was looking at some make-up brushes…i already have a complete make-up brushes but hey, a girl never have enough brushes when doing makeups…lol
I saw a crease brush that looks so soft & the handle is short.

I decided to touch it & when i did, i said to myself that i have to have it. Plus its so cheap…it’s just P44.75 (almost a dollar), which led me to buy 2 more. I also included an angled brush & a lip brush.

I already have a crease brush by Life & Companion too, but mine is a bit stiff & densely pack, which is good for making a more defined look. The one that i bought is loosely packed & is good for making a soft look. Ill post a picture the next time if i have the chance.

The angled brush is soft too & its good for making a thin line. The lip brush,although small works okay too.

Then after paying for that, i decided to go home. But before i can get to the jeepney terminal, i have to pass by Watson’s. So i went in,just to buy a bottle of water & i pass by a roster of cute pink plastic packages of cosmetic tools. The sea sponge caught my eye…& without thinking at all,i just decided to buy it, along with some sponge wedges.

Actually the packaging sold me…lol

Then paid for it & really went straight home…while on my way,i was caught in a traffic jam that i decided to take a peek at the sea sponge. I thought that it’s like a cosmetic sponge like the one that i got from Everyday Minerals, but its not. It’s a sponge that you can use to exfoliate your face…i was like “huh?” then i just shrug my shoulders then put it back & just waited to get home.

Anyway, these are my mini haul:

I haven’t tried everything yet, because ever since i brought it i haven’t had the chance to go out so i don’t need to wear make-ups. I tried the sea sponge & it works great in exfoliating the face (though i still prefer my good ‘ol trusty baking soda to exfoliate). ;)

Soak it first to hot water, then let it dry. Afterward, wash your face using a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil or even a baby milk bath, then use the sponge.

Don’t dump it in water, because if you do,it will just go soft like any normal sponge. With your hands wet, just wet the part where you will be most likely be using then gently massage it in your face in a circular motion.

Then rinse your face….voila!feel your soft exfoliated skin



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Simple Joys' cute kit

A cute find!!!
Guess what it is....

No……It’s not the Urban Decay Primer Potion….

…..guess again……

No……It’s not the Fanny Serrano Gel Liner…..

……you got it?…….

No……It’s not black makeup set at the

But its the bag! Isn’t it gorgeous?! It got those little pockets all around it & you can put anything…& how much is it? It’s only P200, which is around $4.25. Isn’t that a cheap find?….I so love this very cute bag.

So how in the world did i found this bag?

Bf & i went to the SM Mall of Asia last Sunday. We went to church together, ate breakfast at Mc Donald’s & was on the train when suddenly my eyes felt a little itchy, so i dug out my bag & was horrified to know that i left my make up kit….eeekkkk!!!!! a make-up addict without her make-ups… :( …at least i have my Sally Hansen Lip Inflation (good thing i followed my instinct!).

Im beginning to feel bummed out…i keep on asking my bf .. “Ny,is my eyeshadow still ok?”…everytime i do that he will say “Yeah,don’t worry.You’ll always be pretty.”…awwww….times like that when i really really love my bf… *starts to get mushy*….Ahem! *clears throat*

Ok,on with my story, I always believe that a girl’s weapon is make-up. I actually got that from the anime Saiunkoku Monogatari ( serious!). I told bf that i need to have a kikay kit no matter what (makeup kit) which would include foundation/powder, mirror, makeup remover, lip gloss, & a blush. So, upon arriving to the mall, we went straight to the department store & bought my necessities. Yay!im back on track once more…I don’t have any plans on buying a kit because i already have lots of bags at the house, but when we passed by Simple Joys, & i saw this very cute bag, i just can’t let it go…

It’s too cute to be left all alone… actually there is a bigger one than this, but i prefer the smaller one because it looks so girlie..

Anyway, here is a close up pic of how the inside looks like

See how many pockets it has? There are pockets on almost every side so you can easily put everything on it. Those yellowish-brownish-dirty-ish (lol) color below is actually my EM brushes together with a facial wash…just so that you have the picture how small it actually is.

The bigger one cost P250 (around $5.30), which i think is also cute, but i just decided to get this one instead & i never regretted grabbing it. I love love love it! :P


Urban Decay Primer Potion

All beauty mavens know that primers are a must have, whether its a face primer to prep the face for the face makeup application or an eye primer for the eyemakeup application, primers are a sure way to make your makeup to stay on longer. As of now, im still on the lookout for the best face primer for me…hmmm….im about to buy That Gal from Benefit & Photofinish from Smahbox…but wait..this this is not about face primers…its about the most coveted Urben Decay Primer Potion…

“Packaged in a precious, genie-like bottle, Eyeshadow Primer Potion is an ultra-sheer, totally nude eye base that glides on with the wave of a wand and then disappears instantly. It’s the ultimate eye prep for smoother, longer-lasting, crease-proof eyeshadow.”

Well,i agree with it. It’s nude, glides on smoothly& keeps my eyeshadow crease proof & vibrant..what more can a girl ask for?…ah yeah..the’s not exactly budget-friendly…but if you want to invest in a product that is really worth all the money that you spent…this one is a good buy.

As what i said before, i have an oily skin, which means that i have super oily lids…which makes it hard for my eye make-up to actually stay crease-proof. If i do my makeup in the morning, come afternoon, it would be a total mess already. So during the times that i haven’t tried UDPP, i would just simply take my makeup off, put an eye primer (that doesn’t actually work), then swipe it with a rice powder then apply a new one (which is really so time-consuming)…then in comes UDPP & my whole makeup routine changed…a change for the better of course!

No need to touch-ups…no need for my makeup remover…just a few swipe of it & it goes a long way…. I brought it at around $23 (shipping included of course) & i never regretted spending that pretty sure that every dollar that i spent on this tiny genie is well worth.

I have experienced going on without eye primer & i always end up looking like a mess (because of my oily lids)…now, i know that i won’t ever do my eye makeup without UDPP. It saves me time, effort & money. This is my Holy Grail! :D

A two thumbs up!


Everyday Minerals Haul!


My Everyday Minerals Haul already arrived... T_T

I received the notification yesterday & I've been itching to actually go to the Post Office to pick up my package. I usually wake up at 10-ish in the morning, but today, i make it a point to wake up early so that i can go get it asap. I don't wanna be there after lunch because the Customs Officer is really taking his time on his lunch break. What's up with the that?!

Anyway, as soon as i got there, i greeted the person in charge. He already knows me! hehehe.... then i do the usual. The Customs Officer had to actually inspect the package before i can take it home. Much as i hate opening it there (i love surprises,that's why!), i have no choice. I popped the box open, & was about to remove the stickers to 'unveil' my treasures but the officer said "its ok, you can take it home".....waaaahhhhh!!!!!!! I was so happy I could've kissed him! lol

He said if i want to, i can even leave the box right there, but i said ill take it home for i wanna take pictures.

As soon as i got home, i excitedly went about my room & opened the package. I'll let you take a peek at it.

Here's the box...of course!


Then these are the contents of the box..actually there are a couple more paper wraps inside when i opened it, but it didn't

EM invoice
EM invoice

Ok, What i actually ordered is the:


The Personal Custom Kit-Full, which includes 6 EM items, on which you can actually order any of the stuff they have, no matter what the price is. The time that i ordered i was debating if Im gonna get the Super Personal Custom Kit-Full, which includes 12 items. In the end, i just decided that i stick to the PCK (Personal Custom Kit), so that if ever im not satisfied with the products, i won't have regrets or whatever from spending too much.

As what you can see on my Invoice, I ordered the PCK, then also a Cosmetic Cellulose Sponge, since im already paying for the shipping, i decided to also add the Free Sample Make-up Kit. read it right...

When i ordered i was able to get a discount because of the discount coupon code that i got from EM, which i think was 'goldenglobes' at that time. I think i got a 7% discount & i got 2 free limited edition eyeshadows, the Matinee & After Party.

Ok,on with my rants...

Then.....*drumrolls*........the TREASURES!

everyday minerals
everyday minerals

yay! isn't that pretty *sniff*

Ok,ill try to separate all of it according to what i just said a while ago.

I'll start with the PCK first.

Personal Custom Kit - Full
Personal Custom Kit - Full

My PCK is consist of 2 brushes, 2 foundations, a pressed powder & a finishing powder.

Then the Sample Kit:

Free Sample Make-up Kit
Free Sample Make-up Kit

Which includes 3 foundations, a blush & a concealer.

Then my free stuff:

free eyeshadows from EM ^_^
free eyeshadows from EM ^_^

Actually on the pic, the eyeshadows are free, but i included the cosmetic sponge too....

The eyeshadows are said to be limited. First is the After Party, which got a golden taupe shimmer (it looks so pretty!), then the Matinee, which is a purple shimmer (also gorgeous!). I'll do some swatches sometime... & also reviews after a couple of days.

For those who are interested about the shipping details, you can just leave a comment here & ill try to answer it as much as i can.



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Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

I got this very cute Lip Plumper set from an Ebayer, doesn’t it look nice?

Ok, im not exactly into Lip Plumpers but this one sold me because of the different pretty shades. Actually i have this for quite sometime now & i’ve been meaning to do a little review of this but i just always forgot to.

Anyway, it’s my friend who introduced Sally Hansen Lip Inflation to me way back. That was the first time that i’ve ever heard of Lip Plumpers & i was like “huh?…how will that work?” so then my friend & i went in a store & gave me the tester. I was having doubts about it, so i decided to put it on. Then the moment i put it on, i felt that burning-minty sensation which i think is how lip plumpers actually work.

I was like “what the…?!” at the first few seconds & i almost immediately wipe it out, but at the last moment i decided not to & just let it sit there on my lips. It takes a while for me to feel comfortable in wearing it because everytime my lips were hit by a gust of wind, i feel like my lips are so cool & swollen. After a few more minutes, i said to myself that it wasn’t that bad….

& i forgot all about that experience, until one day i stumbled across this cute find. I said to myself, “well,why not?!it’s one box with 12 glosses. i think this is worth a few dollars”…so i bought it & after a couple of days i already had it with me. & the first swipe of it, i suddenly remembered my friend, who is now in australia…. i miss ya,janet! *hugs*

The Plumping Effect doesn’t really stay that long. I give or take, it will last for an hour. But then i think for those cute colors right there, its well worth it. From a reddish-purple to peachy to clear gloss, this is good enough for me, who is not exactly much into lip stuff.


of beauty stuff & what else's

As what i just said on my wordpress account, im gonna be having a new blog site that will be focused solely on beauty.

Im into animes & im leaving my anime reviews on wordpress & beauty rants here on blogspot....all because i just wanted to actually alot spaces for 2 different stuff....

So,im gonna start my beauty blogging just about now!


Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

I was contacted by B.liv weeks ago to try out their products. I have been so lazy in applying any skin care products lately that i can alrea...