Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream

I prefer waxing over any kind of hair removing techniques. I have bought tons & tons of wax strips & hot wax too. I think wax strips are the things that i keep on forgetting to review.. tsk tsk tsk!

Anyway, i was able to try this product when i included it on my HBC loot.
A local hair remover product?!
This i got to see!

I have tried Sally Hansen Hair Removing Cream before during my college years. My friend & I tried it in the hopes of making our hair removing easier compare to shaving. I remember buying the green variant of it with the "works in 4 minutes" logo on it.

That was the first & the last hair remover lotion that i have tried. It just means that my experience is not good so i didn't dare buy it again to try it once more. Wanna know why?

  • It didn't remove the hairs on my legs
  • It smells so bad (a very strong chemical scent - like those perming creams!ugh!)
  • made my skin dry
  • very messy
  • expensive

After years & years of my bad experience with depilatory lotion, i guess it's time to try it again.
What have i got to lose,right?

It has Shea Butter & Olive so it just means that this won't at least dry my skin as bad as Sally Hansen did. It's available locally & made locally so it's good. I think this is the only filipino-made depilatory cream.

It includes a spatula which is quite convenient!

Net content of 1.76 fl.oz/50g
hmmm.... it's quite small but i guess with the price you pay for, it's not bad.
Regular Price is Php 105 (a little more than $2)

Product Information, Directions, Ingredients, etc.
Just click it to make it large...

The product is a white cream that smells like a perming cream too but not as bad as Sally Hansen did.
At least this is tolerable...

It says on the direction that you have to leave it on for 5-7minutes but not longer than 10mins. The hairs on my legs are already quite long because i have kept on putting my waxing session off. Anyway, i mostly go out wearing pants or anything that could cover my legs so i am not really in a hurry to wax it off.

I used 1 whole tube for my big leg...hahaha!
Hey! It's only 50g & the instruction says that i have to apply a thick amount. So i generously slather on the whole tube just for 1 leg.... good thing that i have 2 tubes!

Sorry for the hairy leg... What am i thinking of posting my big hairy leg? LOL!
Looks awful i know, but then you'll get to see the effectiveness of the product.
Feel free to click it again for a closer look.

I left it for a little more than 7 minutes & i wiped it off with wet wipes, since i don't have any cloth to spare.
There would still be hairs left on your first wipe, but just continue wiping it until all the hairs are completely removed.

I then washed it off with cold water & applied the Body Recipe Pure Coco Oil Body Butter all over my legs. Actually i can get away with not applying body butter on my legs since it didn't made my skin dry, but i don't want to risk my skin.

I am wow-ed by the result!
My legs feel so soft & smooth like a baby's bottom! hahaha!
I said before that i do wax my legs. I like how my skin feels a couple of hours after waxing right after the redness had subside & my hydrating lotion had been absorbed by my skin. But this one just made my hair removing experience something to look forward to!

This is way better than shaving, of course.
I hate it when you shave & then you run your hands the oppose direction of you hair growth & feel the stubble. It's very disturbing & annoying...

No pain & soft, smooth, hair-free skin in just less than 10 minutes?!
Why would i not like this?!

I am so glad that i included this in my basket because i really really like it!
I posted this now because you have to take advantage of the Great at 88 sale! You can get it for only Php 88 as opposed to the regular price of Php 105. Not much if a difference, i know but hey, it's better to buy it discounted,right?

Let's summarize my experience...

  • affordable
  • has a spatula included
  • easy to use
  • painless way to remove hair
  • was able to remove my hairs 98% (really effective!)
  • locally available
  • pinoy product
  • doesn't dry the skin
  • leaves the skin soft & smooth after use
  • doesn't leave a scent when wiped off
  • "disturbing" scent (but tolerable) hahaha! can't find a word to describe
  • the quantity is too little
  • could be messy especially when taking off
  • might not be available internationally (i think HBC is available in US)

It's definitely a keeper!
My legs are so smooth i can't help but touch it!

Can i have a lifetime supply of this, Ms. Lorie? I freakin love it!

If you want to try depilatory creams but is not yet ready to shell out, then this is a great option!
You don't have anything to lose in trying this!
Take it from me, i have been removing my body hair ever since i was in highschool. If only this was available back then, my depilatory cream experience would definitely be wayyyyyyyyyyyy better!

Did i said that this is pinoy-made?
Yeah, i did. But i am stressing that this is made here! So let's support our local products.
This product is really worth checking out!

Make sure you include this in your HBC basket,ok?
Hurry, because their sale is only up until the 21st of this month!

Have a great day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Products presented as samples. I did not receive any monetary compensations. Opinions posted are mine alone & not influenced by the company.


Aya said...

I got this from the sale too! Excited to try it. So hairy narin ang legs ko. HAhahaha. Really.

I also love the Body Recipe body scrub!!! Makes my skin soooo smooth :D

KeSn said...

Nice review!

Kapag tumubo po ba ulit yung hair, matigas na yung strand?
Yung iba po kasi kapag bagong tubo, masakit hawakan.

I have the same issue and can't wear shorts or skirts kasi ang pangit, baka sabihin nila "man legs" HAHAHAHA

Thiamere Brea said...

ah..yan ang inaantay ko!
kakagamit ko lang kanina e that's why i can't say anything about the hair growth but i have to say that this would be better than hair growth after shaving!

what i like about waxing kasi is that the hairs tend to really grow thinner in time.
would you believe if i said that my leg hairs before is a lot more coarse than this picture?
like a man talaga!
but with constant waxing, it grew thinner!

so,wait ako until tumubo na ang hair then i'll let you know

Thiamere Brea said...

hairy legs is a no-no lalo kung gusto natin ng pa-girl

haven't tried their scrub yet but i guess it really is good!

Aika said...

di din pwd sa face :( bigote ko huhuhu :(

KeSn said...

Wow talaga! Ngayon ko lang po nalaman na magiging thinner yung hair! WOW! akala ko po mas kakapal!

Mine is kumukulot na! EWWW!

Still having doubts in removing hairs in my legs. Parang ang hirap po i-maintain. :(

Thiamere Brea said...

razon lang ako para din sa hairs ng upper lip e
if you can find epistick,sis, it's good!

Thiamere Brea said...

Wow talaga! Ngayon ko lang po nalaman na magiging thinner yung hair! WOW! akala ko po mas kakapal! Mine is kumukulot na! EWWW! Still having doubts in removing hairs in my legs. Parang ang hirap po i-maintain. :(
By KeSn on Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream on 8/18/11

i copy-pasted your comment na lang ha...disqus acts weird sometimes e
oo, it becomes thinner pero xempre daming waxing sessions bago maging thin ang hair.
like sa underarms ko. i have been plucking it ever since.. from coarse, thick hair, ngayon mejo "balahibong-pusa" na sya as what we call it.
kasi over time, as we pull our hairs at the base, once it grows the tendency is to really be finer & thin.
pero masakit ang wax..haha!
torture sa una..sanayan na lang talaga

jenny said...

thanks for this post sis! just yesterday nag inquire ako sa laybare kaso nagdadalawang isip ako kung kakayanin ko ang sakit...hahaha! i guess ill try this first. Eversince kasi puro shaving lang ginagawa ko kaso nowadays napapansin ko naiiritate yung ibang pores sa legs ko tas nagsusugat then peklat sa shaving. so ewww dabah?!
Ill try this soon.. thanks sis!

Thiamere Brea said...

i know!
tapos minsan may ingrown hair pa!
actually ganun din nmn sa waxing... i have had countless times na may ingrown hair ako
& ang kati kati pag tumutubo!!!
i do it the hard way na pniprick ko ung skin ko para makalabas ung hair..
i know it's bad pero hindi ko kaya ang kati e

sana magwork to sayo

Pammy D. said...

The hair on my legs aren't visible so I have never shaved or waxed them but I still want to try it. I used Veet before and was disappointed. But this one is inexpensive and very affordable and from the looks of it, effective. I'll just wait for your feedback on how the hair is like as it grows. :)

Nice review and you're so lucky to have gotten products from them. :)

Thiamere Brea said...

sana ako din ganyan! i would love to have fine hairs on the legs..less hassle!
sure, i'll make a post review about the hair growth

Julie Lan said...

this product does look very effective! I use wax sometimes but mostly I use razors because it's less painful haha

Jade said...

Hay will try to go to HBC na nga... veet hair remover cream doesn't work for me e...

Katrina Liwanag said...

WAAA I shouldve hoarded!!! Imma try this to my UA later... and also make a review..

Im still thinking if.. Im going to post a picture of my UA


Thiamere Brea said...

yes, it is!
i've tried shaving, of course, but i don't like the stubbles

so i opt for the painful way... waxing!
but now, this is better..
pain-free & smooth!

Thiamere Brea said...

hope that this will work on you,sweetie

as what i said, just continue wiping until the hair is completely removed

Thiamere Brea said...

can't wait for your review!
can you give me the link of your site,sis, so that i can follow din

Jade said...

Thanks sa review again.... ♥

Thiamere Brea said...

no problem,sweetie

Christine Dacanay said...

Oooh I want to try this :x

MereMakeupManiac said...

i am intrigued by this product, most especially because it is proudly Philippine made. :) do you know if it works for the underwear area too? also how long will it soon grow back? am willing to try it.

and yeah, your legs do look baby smooth!! :)

Nikki said...

This is one product I can't review EVER! hahahah Thanks for sharing, I will forward readers who asks query about this to your post :)

NinMonster said...

Wah, pwede report kung kelan ulit nag-grow ang leg hair? :D Kahit reply lang sa comment ko here. :D

Thiamere Brea said...

i'll make a separate post na lang kasi dami din nagtatanong e

Triksia said...

hi! this is still available at any hbc? cause i checked their site now and i didnt see this on their products :(

Thiamere Brea said...

i think it is available in the store.
i've seen a couple boxes on my nearest hbc store

Roan Danica said...

Nice one.. will try it soon. btw, pretty flawless legs ha. :)

Thiamere Brea said...


tell me what you think about it once you've tried it ha

Waxing said...

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Neil_Andy said...


Rose said...

OMG! this post is so good, i'm gonna go to the nearest HBC store and get this one :)

Thiamere Brea said...

im sure you'll like it,hun

Waxing said...

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Joanna said...

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At first I tried professional waxing services that were the same as the ones I got sick of so I went further...
The last two options were Electrolysis and laser hair removal....all my friends told me the first one is very painful so I decided to have laser hair removal in Toronto.
It wasn't so cheap because I chose a good clinic but after a few months from the treatment I realized why this is known as the most effective hair removal method. the result lasts a long period and when hair starts growing back you will have difficulties seeing it....
I hope it will last forever:P even if I know that's not possible.

Danica Manuel said...

Finally, I'm gonna try this tomorrow. I'll be attending a wedding kasi. LOL hahaha..

Me said...

Great post! Btw, were you able to create another post on how your legs and hair look and feel after few days of doing this procedure?

Thiamere Brea said...

no, not yet
since i won't be trying hair remover cream anymore so i don't think it will be fair to just rely on my one-time experience. i still prefer waxing... i'll do a post about that about waxing since i have been using it for a long time

nicole said...

can this be used for armpits or below there? :)

great blog btw, I love reading your reviews..^^

Thiamere Brea said...


it's ok to be used on the underarms (based on the description) just not the bikini area.

i haven't tried using it on the underarms though because when i went back to purchase a tube for UA only it wasn't available anymore... dang!

Yuki Tsun said...

I like that~! Thanks for sharing<3

arra jurado said...

di ko alam may ganito pala sila!

mizshel said...

nice <3

though i am loyal to waxing.. hehehe. it made my unwanted hair thinner.. it's worth it... :-)

mizshel said...

hi Joanna, there is no lifetime guarantee for IPL it's my 10th treatment and still hair grows on my underarm but the strands were finer and easier to pluck.. no more resistance hehehe... :-)

leslie de lazo said...

Wow! Very interesting! I'm searching information regarding laser hair removal treatments and luckily, I found this.Thanks for sharing this information. I need to try it as soon as possible.

laser hair removal pittsburgh said...

That's good to hear that you found the cream that suits your taste. Anyway, gotta try this thing out.

clio thalia said...

is this available in the philippines?? where can i buy this??

carla said...

Will this hair removal cream darken my UA?
I want to try this product bcoz veet doesnt work much!
...and is it ok to just use tissue or wipes in removing the cream instead of the spatula?

Thiamere Brea said...

i haven't tried it on my UA but i dont think it will cause the skin to darken.
i used wipes when i removed it,i didn't use the spatula.i used the spatula in applying it though

Keri Smith said...

Great recipes. Thanks! Canoga park hair salon

Jess said...

hi is it okay for the upper lip?

Diego Grayson said...

I have used different product to remove hair. But I want to try this now.

facial waxing college station tx

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