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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

I was contacted by B.liv weeks ago to try out their products. I have been so lazy in applying any skin care products lately that i can already tell. I mean, i can feel how my skin lacks something & it just feels different too. It was the perfect opportunity to try out something new since i think my skin had been pretty neutral already.

So, i guess it's high time now to tell you all what i think about the products that they've sent me. It's been 2 months (i got this 2nd of May this year but i only started using a week after that) now so i can safely tell my opinion about this compare to people who had just used this in such a short time.

I have to be honest, i don't use all of them. In fact, i am only using 2 as of the moment, the Dump Off Drawn & I'm Wrinkle Insulator. I hate piling products on my skin because it just suffocates my skin. I feel like there's a lot going in my skin so i try to use as little as possible. I might give some thoughts on Soothe & Matte, Off With Those Heads, etc.. but i prefer to do a separate post on them in the future once i've really gone on using them.

The products that i chose are mostly anti-aging because i'm already 28 & i want to be able to prevent any fine lines & wrinkles as much as possible. With that said, it would be pretty hard for me to really show you any dramatic change on my skin because i'm a firm believer that anti-aging products should work slow & not shock the skin into changing it. If the anti-aging products that i am using causes a dramatic change in such a short time (like Olay's claim of 7days wonder!) i will automatically ditch it because it would be scary to see the effect if i'll be using it for such a long time.

This first post will be about my favorite anti-aging product of all~ (Yes, im saying that it's the best i've tried so far!) This deserved a separate post because of its awesomeness!!! I didn't even realize how visible the results are until i did the side by side comparison of the before & after.

In that case, Bliv is doing pretty well. Let me start telling you about my experience...

Isn't the packaging cool?!
This ampule-like packaging is just simply the best! It's so hygienic & very easy to use too! I love it!

It makes me feel like i'm applying something formulated by the genius people who have already found the solution to all skin problems.

But of course, this is just not about the packaging,right?
Let's take a look at the box description

You can take a look the website description too. Click HERE.

Now for my verdict...
I am really trying hard to find fault to this product but i can't! It broke the image of serum that i had. I've always thought of serums as heavy & sticky, something so concentrated that it suffocates your skin. But this one doesn't!

This is just like water!

It feels so light it's really just like you applied water on your skin. It is absorbed really easily. No need to wait for minutes especially if you're on the go. I hate it when my skin care takes too long to be absorbed by my skin. It makes make-up application really hard & troublesome too. You think everything is ok then once you applied your powder on... boom! Immediate caking happens! argh!

I like how this product doesn't give that "visible results" look immediately because the effect of this is giving you more of a younger-feel. It just feels like my skin is firmer within a few weeks.

Now, this stuff is not really moisturizing. I mean, if you are the type who needed additional moisture then you will need to apply your favorite moisturizer on top of it. This is applied prior to your skincare routine, as most serums usually are. So don't go thinking that this would substitute your usual moisturizer.

Very skin-friendly & easily absorbed by the skin. I can't stress enough how important that is to me since i sweat very easily. I can't abide heavy products because they make my skin sweat instantly which is just useless because my skin hasn't even absorbed it fully yet to reap the benefits & it's already on its way out.

You wouldn't really see/feel anything after a couple of days of use. I think the effect of this can just be felt over a long period of time, on which im just so happy that i waited until 2 months until i made this post because this is a very nice product to try.

Let the picture do the talking now...
I zoomed it in, go ahead & click to your hearts content & tell me if my skin didn't look younger with continued use of this.

I forgot to just put the word before & after but i think you know how this works... Left is before & Right is after as usual...

How awesome is this?!
It just looks (& definitely feel) younger!
-Smaller pores (seriously?!)
-Smoother skin (close to baby's butt!lol)
-Lessens redness (whoa!)
-Look at my tiny acne scar... it doesn't look as deep anymore!

This is definitely a must have for me!
I think the picture just told you why even without me enumerating about it,no?

You might ask me, are you using anything else?
I know serums are supposed to work together with another product to act as a vehicle but i know my skin & my skin produces oil almost as soon as i wipe my face dry after washing.
But nope! When i use something, i don't use anything else. No creams or even sunblocks (i know it's bad but i just can't abide it), no facial soaps or anything too because i only use Safeguard (you all know that soap,right?) for my face so any changes that you see is all because of this serum.

Look, no need for make-up already!
W00t! w00t!

I use it 2x a day, morning & evening only together with an eye 'cream' & that's it.
With all that, i guess the only thing to do is to tell you the pros & cons,right?

  • true to what they claim. im a living proof!
  • feels so light like you're not even applying anything at all
  • cute & hygienic packaging
  • fast & free shipping (they use DHL!)

  • not locally available (online only-visit their website)
  • expensive ($49 each)

Will i recommend it?
I think you only need to look at the picture to tell you that i highly recommend it.

Now, one thing that you have to be aware is that since this is available online & will be delivered straight to your house by DHL, you might have to pay for custom taxes, which i did. I can't remember the exact amount but i think it's somewhere at around Php 550, i think ($12+). So just be ready to pay for any additional expenses that you might incur though.

I so love this product!
I can't wait until i've finished the whole bottle!
What anti-aging products are you using?

I'll be reviewing the other Bliv products that i've tried but they're not as exciting though. This is the only one that deserved a separate post because of it awesomeness! hahaha!

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Simple Life...


I know i haven't been around for quite sometime now. I just have a lot of things to deal with recently. Isn't that sad? Just when i realized that i like blogging, then in comes life throwing you some things that needed catching & prioritizing which leads me to go on hiatus indefinitely once again...

Anyway, I just want to let you know that im still alive... just not blogging. hehehe
Thank you for the support that i still get on my email. Readers asking me about my whereabouts & just simply asking me about some concerns. You don't know how much you all are the fuel keeping me from finding the time to still think about my tiny space online....

Ok, enough about the drama, time for the real deal.
A lot has happened recently, one of the major change is that im not a goat-lover. hahaha!
My dad bought a pregnant mama goat a month ago & gave birth to 3 lovely kids. I'm not sure but i heard that it's not common for a goat to have 2 kids, how much more 3?! Whether that's true or not, one thing that is sure is that Mama goat hates her youngest kid, which we call as Cookie. She just simply distanced herself from her youngest kid like she was just a complete stranger. It was just heartbreaking!

So we are bottle-feeding her because we don't have a choice.
Here is my mum trying to feed Cookie, the tiny brown goat, while her siblings, Milk & Cream are just waiting for someone to give them some leaves to munch on.

I sometimes takes Cookie home with me specially when the weather is pretty bad because she doesn't have anyone to cuddle with. She is specially hyper during evening time.

I'm so behind any beauty-related news because of this but i don't mind. I like taking care of them. They are our extended family!

Speaking of family, we have another addition to our growing family.... meet Butter.

We just got her last night but she is bundle of fur & energy.
Poor doggie was so tired & dizzy from her transport she ended up throwing up. When she got here (she was brought to us by her owner) she was just feeling bad she ended up sleeping right after i cleaned her.

We have been so blessed with these animals & they are bringing joy to our lives. So pardon me if i don't get to blog. But nevertheless, i will be sharing one product line that i think is worth checking out. You have to wait for it after a week. I have been road testing it for quite sometime already & i love it!

So, i guess that would be a short update on my blog for now.
Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~

Monday, May 20, 2013

Do you use clarifying shampoo?

Have you ever had that time when you feel like your favorite shampoo had all-of-a-sudden stopped working?
Just when you found the perfect shampoo that seems to agree on your tresses, it will just stop being that friendly. I swear i've had countless of those episodes & i felt that nothing is ever gonna work with my hair. I just feel so helpless & hopeless that i eventually stopped taking care of my hair already.

But little did i know that this bottle-that-always-ignore is my saving grace!

I already know about the concept of clarifying shampoo but i didn't really paid particular attention to how important it is to actually own one until i felt the desperation of being able to really solve the root cause of my hair problems once & for all.

Now i know better...
You can't ignore things unless you have personally tried them yourselves.

You can buy other clarifying shampoos, of course. It will just work pretty much the same.
They all will strip your hair off all the oils/residues that have accumulated over time, which would mean that it will zap the hair dry. It's normal to have residues from your shampoo because most of the shampoos include oils that nourishes our hair. You have to remember that our scalp produces oil for our hair as well. Too much oil on the scalp can accumulate therefore hindering the effect of your favorite shampoo. It's important to get rid of the build up in order for it to work its charms.

When it does remove everything that it's supposed to remove then you will then use the regular products that you use. It's just like cleaning everything up so that your favorite product will be able to work well because nothing is contradicting the effect that it's supposed to give you.

I have dry hair but i still use clarifying shampoo.
You don't need to worry about it if you have dry hair. Just follow it up with a very rich conditioner or hair mask afterwards & everything will be A-OK!

If you tend to have the usual dandruff attack every now & then, this might work on you.

As for this Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo, i bought it at SaveMore grocery for a little less than Php150 for 444ml. Hey, that's already a lot!

Last weekend, we went to Royal Subic Mall & i bought a Family Size for only $3.10!It's a whopping 665ml.
What a steal!

Have you tried clarifying shampoos?
The next time you see it, don't just ignore it until you have tried it.

Hope you are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Weekend Nails:3d Cartoon Nail

A short post to end the work week & to welcome the weekend~

It's been a while since i did my nails & frankly it's not on my priority list now but then i can't help myself & do  a version of it when i saw it on instagram.

How cute is that?!
It looks like drawn nails..haha!
How fun!

You just need a light colored base color, black nail art pen/acrylic, white nail art pen/acrylic & a matte top coat.

On with the picture tutorial.
I decided to use a different base because when i did it the first time i forgot to do a tutorial.
This time i used Sansan's Purple Breeze as the base. 
Just click it for a larger image..

Easy as pie,no?
I bet that you can also do this on your own.

Hope to see your version of this cute & fun nail art that is perfect for short nails~

Have a happy weekend!
Jaa ne~!


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