Monday, February 11, 2013

Model for a day

I have been almost nonexistent the past couple of weeks... no, make that for the past couple of months. I have been neglecting & neglecting my blog & the main reason for that is because i do not have a decent camera. Camera + Blogging always goes together. One cannot exist without the other imo.

But now that i have a new camera, i sure will be able to update my blog every now & then. Though im sure that there will be an occasional bouts of laziness but i think that i will be able to manage blogging a lot easier now since i can easily upload my pics via wifi. Yay to technology! hahaha

It's been a while since my face graced my blog so i guess it won't be too much to share how i look like every now & then. hehehe You'll be seeing my face every once in a while now since i can go back to beauty blogging already. It's been a while since i wore make-up & yesterday, i did it. One of my closest friend volunteered to be my photographer for a day. So i'll be sharing some of the pics that she took. Forgive me for my vanity. hahaha!

The only thing that lasted was my eye make-up & brows. haha!
My foundation didn't last because it was hot & i was sweating profusely with too much walking. But i somehow think that the walk did me good.hahaha!

Originally,i wasn't planning on wearing any eye make-up.I only put it because i applied too much primer & my lids look whitish already. Good thing that i did wore eye make-up at least!

It's during this time that i can totally say & feel that i have a really long hair.

This one too!
Though i have another pic that really shows the full length of my hair but i think you'll be sick & tired of it already so i'll just be saving it for some other time for point of comparison. hehe

On a side note, i have been on a diet ever since mid-last year because of health reasons. I think i mentioned that one before. I didn't really obsessed with my weight. As long as i feel lighter then i'm totally fine with it. In fact, I haven't weighted myself since the last time i went to my doc. A lot of people have been saying that i seem to have lost weight which never fails to amuse me.. yes, amuse me. If i'll take it seriously i thin i'll start obsessing on it though.

I think this picture can safely tell me that somehow i did lost some weight since i can now see my jaw. hahaha!
I have tried taking side views but i haven't even seen a glimpse of jaw but now i can somehow see it. lol!

You can't have a photo taking session without the usual portrait shot,no?
My photographer did a great job on me. I think i look hundred times prettier already. hahaha!

On a beauty note...
I'm sure you must've seen pictures of some hollywood celebrities that have had the powder mishaps.
We all know that the culprit of that is the MUFE HD Powder. I only have the Eshiko HD Powder & i guess it's not exempted to it.

See that?
But my face doesn't have that powdery look, i guess.
The key to using HD powder is just to apply it sparingly. I would not use HD powder like how you ordinarily use a regular powder or else it would be disastrous!

Well, there you go.
This marks the first of the next posts that will be coming your way.
But i guess i have to do something about all the nail art tutorials that have been sitting on my draft.

Hope you all have a great start for this week!
Jaa ne~!


♠ aiMee Bunbun ♠ said...

i love the pink look sis, you look younger, makapag pink n nga rin hehe
i always wear black or dark colors kc >,<

Jasmin said...

Beautiful! Love your hair. Agree, HD powder is dangerous. I tend to not use it unless I have time, or else the flash makes me look crazy. HAHA!

rhania said...

i love the simple look you had for this shoot =)

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