Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~a break from blogging~

I'll be taking a short break from beauty blogging up until the time that the situation here in metro manila has stabilized. I have not posted anything since saturday & might not be posting anything this week. Although i'm not physically affected by the tropical storm, but there are a lot of Filipinos suffering the aftermath of the storm.

Thank you for the messages of concern that i received asking how i am. Luckily, our house is situated on a higher place so were spared from the damage by the storm brought about by typhoon Ketsana.

Saturday, the day when Ketsana hit the greater metropolitan, i was just on my bed. I lingered there because it's cold & what's better to do on a rainy day but just stay in bed,right? All the time that i was safely cuddled in warmth, most of my fellow Filipinos are already fighting for their lives, salvaging all their belongings in order to survive.

Mid-afternoon, I heard how the wind howled, like an angry creature, lashing out all it's claws. The rain continuously pour like there's no tomorrow. I knew right there & then that it would bring about destruction. Electricity was flickering & i was thinking there would be a black out in our area, but luckily, it didn't. The storm was so strong that i fear that our roof would be blown away.

Come evening, i was watching the news & i was horrified to know that the torrential rains brought the largest flood that the city had ever witnessed.

Im pretty sure that you have seen pictures on the internet but seeing & personally witnessing it are 2 different things.

You can take a look of some of the pics HERE.

Last Sunday, i went to meet my bf at a nearby mall just to see each other. I was horrified to see the aftermath of the flood for when i was on a bus, it passed by BB Valenzuela City, an area that was also greatly flooded. I saw the flood marks on the wall of an establishment, which is almost 6ft tall. The place where we sometimes passed by was engulfed by the flood on that eventful day.

Hundreds had died & still missing, thousands had been affected by the flood, millions worth of damaged properties. I hope that Ketsana won't cause further damage to any place anymore.

pic taken from current.com

I was reading Frances' recent blog post & i was deeply touched by what she wrote about the man being saved & it was his birthday.
The rescue! There's this story of a man on a rescue boat who suddenly asked, "Sept 28 na ba ngayon?" ["Is it already Sept 28?"] and when the rescuers replied yes, he sadly said, "Birthday ko na pala." ["Oh, it's my birthday."] The rescuers who were paddling looked at him in surprise then they all loudly sang him the birthday song! Oh God, I love my country. Thank you for making me a Filipino!
snippet taken from Frances' post

It made me so proud to be a Filipino because even in the midst of crisis, we are still able to shed some light & hope to each other.

Hope that you would find in your heart to donate the things that you are not using, or a little financial help would do to at least ease the burden brought about by the recent crisis that my country is experiencing at the moment. Help us help our fellow citizen by sending in some small donations. You can send in your donations HERE.

I'll be back in the blogging world after a couple of days. I just wouldn't feel right if i go posting beauty related stuff while most of my fellow countrymen are suffering. I'll still be reading your posts though. Regular postings will resume next week.

Until then...may God help us all.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

thoughts on Shu Uemura & Fanny Serrano lash curler

A curled lash is a must for me. So a good tool is must in doing the job. Not only the mascara, but the lash curler plays a big role in such a hard job because my lashes are short & it tends to uncurl easily.

I started out with cheap lash curler before...the type that tugs your lashes every time you use it which will result in falling lashes (-__-")
When i had the chance to try out my friends' Shu Uemura, i fell in love with it because it is able to curl my hard-to-tame lashes. But of course, it comes with a price....*sigh*

I was able to keep mine for a year (or two,i think) until i decided to throw it away because Shu doesn't sell an individual silicone pad, unlike Shiseido. Sis Gracie told me later on that the Jemma Kidd refill pad works just as fine as Shu does. (-__-") talking about a waste...anyway, we don't have Jemma Kidd here, do we? So i was saved a little from the feeling of utter remorse.
*reminds myself to try & see if i can find Jemma Kidd refill somewhere*

So, i was down to being 'curler-less' so i just decided to buy something that i can easily buy here locally which is Nichido lash curler. I try not to use this as much as possible because it tugs my lashes. I only use it during emergency situations back then. It's just an ordinary lash curler...It has a white pad.

Then when Fanny Serrano Lash Curler was awarded a Cosmo award, i made sure that i bought myself one to see if it really deserved to be awarded & i have to say that it deserved the award, & so much more! I'll tell you why later...

2 weeks ago i purchased Shu Uemura again because i just missed using it (although im perfectly satisfied with FS-Fanny Serrano). Shu Uemura is Shu Uemura...Fanny Serrano is Fanny Serrano. I wanted to see for myself what is the main difference between the two, because when i bought the FS curler, i threw the Shu back then.

Okay, here is the side by side comparison of the 3 curlers that i have in my stash
Shu Uemura, Fanny Serrano & Nichido (btw, i changed the pad of Nichido to FS pad)

Basing on the size (im not sure if you can actually see it clearly), Shu is the smallest, followed by FS then the biggest is Nichido. But the latch of Shu is bigger than FS...

Now here is how they looked like when they're opened & ready for crimping
The way Shu opens up is not like how FS & Nichido does. It just tilts slightly, while Nichido really slides down. FS tilts a little bit more than Shu.

Let's compare the head & the upper edge of it
Shu & FS has curved edge which doesn't leave a mark on your lids even when you crimp for a few minutes. Whereas Nichido has a straight edge which can leave a mark on your upper lid area if you crimp your lashes too long..a big Na-ah!

One thing that i notice too is that even if i switch the Shu pad to FS pad, the Shu curler, curled my lashes better than the FS. I guess the frame of the curler does matter!

Did you get confused with all the stuff that i put at the top?
Well, here is another one...it's about the silicone pad.

Based on my limited experience when it comes to pad, the silicone pad is way better than the foam pad. Silicone pad is firmer so when you crimp your lashes, it doesn't tug at your lashes. I'll describe the pad first before i give my opinion about it.

Shu said:

Upgraded silicone pad in a new "mushroom" shape provides a protective, stay-put edge for improved safety and optimum curl.

See the so-called mushroom design?
When we think about it, it will make curling the lashes easier because it has wider area & sort of 'cradle' the lashes, therefore won't ever tug the lashes. Compare it to the FS refill, it's not as wide.

Of course, the Shu pad is fuller than the FS. The shape is more intact too. See it?

The back pad is also full & it's non-slippery. It's kinda rubbery, so it won't ever slip (although there's no chance of that since it fits perfectly). It also has it's name on the back side..pretty cool! FS pad is nothing special, as you can see, it got that 2 holes on it..though it doesn't affect the performance.

-Now on to my thoughts about the refill pads
Again, i put the FS rad on my Nichido curler & it works better than when i was using the white pad. It's a lot firmer than the original pad & doesn't tug my lashes, therefore no lashes being pulled out because of my curler.

The FS pad is softer than the Shu pad. The Shu is actually quite firm so you don't need to crimp as much as you can compare to FS. In my case, I can fully curl my lashes with just 3 crimps using Shu, but with the FS, it would take me 6 or more. It still works the same though.

How's that possible?

It's because if you take a closer look at the shape of the pad, FS pad is rounder than the Shu pad & the rounder the pad, the better it can curl your lashes. The more you squeeze it, the better it can frame it giving you a fully curled lash (this is just my opinion though).

I love my Shu Uemura, but i also like FS. It's just takes quite a while to curl my lash, but it does the job. I put Shu on my cosmetic kit, FS is on my table & just within my reach. But i still reach my Shu every now & then...

These are my added notes....
  • If you have a lash curler at home & would want to change the pad, buy the FS refill. It's just Php 45 ($1) & you'll get 3 pcs...it's really cheap!It's way better than those white foam pads.
  • Shu Uemura has a lifespan. If you had already used the extra refill pad, you have to buy a new one...not practical. If so, it's better to go for Shiseido because Shiseido sells individual pads. When it comes to practicality go for Shiseido. (but Shu works better for me)
  • Im not sure if FS has an international distributor, but if you would want to try FS curler, ask someone here in the Philippines to buy it for you. Anyway, its pretty cheap..it's just Php 150 ($3.5 approx)
Well, that would be it.
I hope that Shu can also sell individual silicone pads for their curler

Hope y'all have a nice weekend,ladies!

Jaa ne~!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Do the finger pop!

The other day when i went to the grocery to buy something, i saw a woman that has a very bright red lips. Her lips look sexy at a distance, but when i got to see her lips upfront & smiled at me, I winced when i saw that her teeth had lipstick stain.

I don't know what im gonna do at that time. If im actually gonna tell her that she has a stain or not, since she seems the type who gets mad at the drop of the hat. But for the sake of beauty, i approached her & told her that she had a lipstick stain on her 2 front teeth.

She thanked me for telling her about it. It would be more embarrassing to go smiling at people with the teeth all red. Im glad i was able to 'save' somebody from further embarrassment!

Now, im pretty sure you,girls, know how to address problems such as this. But for those who doesn't this is a simple trick to make sure that your teeth won't ever have lipstick stain.

I applied lipstick & gloss on my lips so that you would see it better. This also applies to those who accidentally put too much gloss on, but don't wanna ruin the lip color by wiping everything off.

First off, distribute the gloss evenly by smooching your lips. When you do so, the excess gloss will be distributed on the inner lip part, like so.

Remove the excess color, by putting your pointer finger inside the mouth, with your lips in an O-shape, like so...
Pull it out & the excess gloss will be deposited on your fingers.

Then you can give a hearty smile afterward!

Make sure you do this every time you apply lipstick so to prevent any staining. You wouldn't wanna be caught with lipstick on your teeth, would you?

There ya go..another quick tip!

Jaa ne~!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

~Love Package from Anastacia!~

This is a very happy week for me!~

I have a lot reason why this is one of the best week (so far)....
I was an honorable winner in Heather's contest, I have a new banner (thanks Gracie!) & I received a love package from Anastacia.

& to think that it's just the middle of the week!
what could be in store for me for the next few days...im hoping that bf will do something great for me too.

Going back to the love package that i received. It's from my dear friend, Anastacia. I was actually sleeping in the middle of the afternoon when the postmen delivered this straight to my house. How awesome!

I love receiving packages from Korea because it's delivered straight...less hassle & no customs inspection!
I was quite surprised because it's a bit heavy....
What could be inside?!

I can't wait!

Let's open it!


A lot of good stuff!

I wasn't expecting this. OMG! Thank you so much,hun!
You're so sweet!

This is my first Pearl powder...yipee!

I can't wait to use this. I felt like it's Christmas a while ago. Santa came in early to cross off one item on my wishlist. I don't know what to say,girl! This is just so sweet of you.

Thank you so much,hun!

I love everything!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my new banner

I have a banner & it's made by my very dear friend, Gracie.
She's just so sweet! I can die from her sweetness..lol

I was surprised when i checked my inbox the other day & i saw her message. She included a very touching message on it too...awwww...she's one of my best girl here on blogger. Although i do love everybody but Gracie & Nikki, are the 2 girls that i mostly talk with. I'm so comfortable talking with them about girly things & all!

Thanks so much,hunni!

a yabyu!

Im so blessed because i made lots of friends here on blogspot that's why im giving the love back to everybody by doing my giveaways. Don't forget to join my 2 ongoing giveaways,ok?

Yep...i got 2 ongoing giveaways...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

rants & ramblings ~detox~

It's sunday & half of my weekend is gone already... time sure flies fast!

Anyways, what's up with you ladies?
How was/is your saturday? What are your plans?

Im trying to detox my body by eating as much greens as i can.

I have been munching on lettuce & grapefruit for the past couple of days because i wanted to make sure that i eat as much fiber as i can. Anyway, i just wanted to ask how about you? How do you detox?

How do you 'clean' your body?
I wanted to clean my body, maybe that would somewhat help my acne?...lol..im not sure!
but it sure doesn't hurt to eat those. And i actually enjoy eating it...i used to hate veggies before, but now i can't live without them.

Now going back to my acne problem, im thinking of trying out Obagi. It's because my acne has escalated to mild from the not-so-mild anymore..& before it's too late, i want to do something about it. It's time to get serious. Have any of you tried it?

Well, that's it!
No weekend nails because i cut my nails a couple of days ago. Will go back to nail posts as soon as my nails are long enough for nail designs.

Hope y'all have a nice weekend!

Jaa ne~!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

product rerun: Kojie-san Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Soap

After weeks & weeks of using Kojie-san I think i can give my full opinion now. For those who are interested in reading my first review of it, click HERE. Im sticking with what i said before, I will just add a couple of things.

I posted my before & after pics of using the product on the previous post, I'll just be posting some pics again. Sorry if the color looks different, i used a camera phone on this one. I can't find my camera on the day/time that i took it (that was the last day & i don't wanna cheat). Since what im reviewing is the effect of this.

As what you can see, it diminished the zits that i have. Again, i only use Celeteque moisturizer as my everyday moisturizer. The time that i was using this, i had used BB Cream but sparingly.

I don't use BB Cream everyday because i find it to be comedogenic. It blocks my pores which results to more zits. *cough*missha*cough* I don't consider it as a skin care product, but a makeup product...a face base.

Going back to the review...
  • It still stings!
All through the time that i was using this, I thought that my skin would 'adapt' & be immune to the stinging sensation of it. But no! It still stings each & everytime i use this. During my pre-kojie-san days, I always enjoy washing my face. But on my kojie-san days, i find it to be a "meh!let's just get it on with!" days. I guess you can imagine how much this product stings. But that's the only negative thing that i can say about this.
  • It does whiten!
2 weeks after using this has made me whiter, you'll be able to tell the difference when you take a look at my past review. The pic that i put here is bad, but take my word for it when i say that it does whiten. I think it's the most effective skin whitener that i've tried so far. I don't use lotions or anything on my body. But after a month of using it for my face & body, i can see the effect. Even bf told me that i look whiter! Now we look like milk & coffee...hehe.

So if you are looking for a fast skin whitening product, give this a try!
  • It was able to lessen the oiliness of my face!
This is one of the effect that i was most pleased with. If before I have to use an oil film after 2 hours (without any makeup at all), with kojie-san i still use the oil film, but after 4hrs or so. Me like it!
  • It's cheap!
What can i say....For a mere $3, you can buy 2 full-sized bar of it & it can last you for weeks. Now they have a mini bar already available for only a dollar. This is good for those who wanted to give this a try. For those who wanted to give this a try but is not available in your country, try Ebay. I saw a couple of sellers...

Well, that's all i can say about Kojie-san..(i think)

Will i buy again?
Im not sure about it...The stinging sensation kills all the eagerness that i feel in buying this...Maybe i will, but not now.

On to another news

Now i mentioned about a giveaway,right? Again, this is a secret! I don't want you advertising my giveaway...anyone caught not following my rule will be disqualified...hehehe
think im joking? think again!im serious about this.
*clears throat*
*chin up*
*crosses arms*
see...im really serious

You might ask me 'why not ask to post your giveaway to have more followers?".
I'll tell you my answer, I'd rather have few people who are interested in what i write than have hundreds of followers who don't even give a fig about my posts. I think y'all get my drift,right?

So it means that this is only open to my followers. For those who doesn't have a blog but would still like to join, comment on the box (anonymously if you want), & leave your email so i know when to contact you if ever you win. I'll be checking to see if you really are my follower!

This would be the second on my series of giveaways (the first is on my contest blog). It's just simple, answer the question:
  • Which is hotter...tanner or whiter?
3 comparative adjectives in one question...lol

Put the answer on the comment box.

What's the prize?
Someone is gonna go shopping at Makeup Masala worth $15. It's my treat for YOU!

Im not sure how & when i'll announce the winner, I am an impulsive person. I can do it by randomizer.org or put the names, then draw it or just based on who gives the best answer...It will just depend when & what i feel like doing. The only thing that im sure is that a week from now, I'll be reading all your answers & by then i'll be deciding. Again, no tentative date...It's a surprise!


Will be looking forward to your answers!
Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Jaa ne~!

Friday, September 18, 2009

blush palette

I just received the blush palette that i ordered from ebay 2 days ago. Im not much into blush so i figured that this would be a good palette for starters. It would be nice if i can personally try some colors first so i know what would work for me before i go & buy expensive ones.

Im already on my 5th bottle of L'oreal Eye make-up remover, this is my HG makeup remover. It's cheap but works like a charm. It's really comparable to Lancome Bi-Facil, click here.

I wanted to try Eskinol Oxygen Skin Renew Toner because it seems promising. Then i bought the Carefree because it got a freebie..im a sucker for freebies..lol

Anyway, a little shout out for everybody about my contest/giveaway. I'll be having a giveaway/contest this September & October for this blog. I will also have a mini giveaway on my other blog. But of course, the prizes for this blog is way better than the other. I just figured that since its also my blog, i ought to do one for it so it won't be 'alienated'...lol

Same rules apply, it's a secret...

So with that, just keep watch for my future posts....
Who knows what my contest/giveaway would be?

I hope you have a nice friday,ladies!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ELF haul

I popped by the Post Office today to pick up one parcel & i know that its my ELF haul. Yay!
maybe you're waiting about my rant on the PO,huh?
hehehe....i'll pass up on that one. I know that y'all know how much i hate our PO,right?

I opened the package & these are what's inside

Lots of brushes...yay for these!i waited so much for these.

I just love ELF eye brushes! I am able to make good look using these. It's really worth my money...oh, & so much more! so I just have to buy more...

I heard a lot of good thing about the ELF face brushes so i decided to buy one for me too. Although i haven't used it yet, but i have to say that they're soft. To some degree i can say that they can be compared...take note, just compared...to Everyday Minerals, but they're not quite, almost.

For one, the Complexion brush is too flimsy for me. I rather like a brush that is a bit resilient. Something that kinda fights back because im able to control it better. I feel that i can control what part of my face i need to put color on, unlike flimsy ones that just tends to scatter all over. That's just my opinion though, but then i haven't tried it yet, so who knows?! Maybe i'll even like this than what my current preference.

I'll give my thoughts about the brushes once I have tested them all, but for now teh only thing i have to say is that they're soft...but it doesn't mean that i like it already because from where im sitting, I have seen a hair or two that sheds off on my brush... (-__-") uh oh! not good...

I already have the blush/bronzer palette before but i just sold it...So i decided to buy one again..hehe

1 down 4 more to go!

Now on to the other news, I think im not gonna buy NARS ( i mean not yet). Maybe ill just buy the CS blush palette first & also the ELF Studio single blushes before i buy NARS. I want to know first what colors will work for me before i buy one. What cheap but quality blushes have you tried?

As what i said, I am NC20. Actually im getting pretty confused with my tone. When i buy mineral foundations, i look for the medium tone. But why is my MAC shade NC20?! Can someone please explain it to me? Im a noob when it comes to MAC.

Im already working on the Kojie-san posts...Maybe i'll be able to post it by the end of the week. Of course it takes time! I do full review & i try to give details as much as i can & provide pictures. I always imagine myself as the reader where i wanted to be able to really know everything about something in just one post than research over & over because the content of the last posts that i read were not enough.

Ok, im just ranting again. Maybe i'll have a birthday giveaway/contest soon. I'm still contemplating on the prizes because im not rich, but i will try to have a good one.

Well, that would be it.
Im just so busy with classes so im not able to update regularly, but i read all of your posts. If im not able to leave a comment it doesn't mean i didn't read it, Im just up to my neck with all the work.

Love y'all!

Jaa ne~!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend haul + a couple of questions for y'all

I just bought a couple of stuff, the things that i really need. Im trying to steer clear from buying cosmetics & i think im about to succeed in doing so. I mean i went to the mall the other day & no matter how pretty everything seems, i just didn't feel the urge to buy it. I mean, they look nice & it would really be great if i can take it home with me but unlike before, i don't really feel like buying them.

I went to different stores, looked at lots of brands (the face shop, the body shop, kanebo, maybelline, covergirl, beauty bar, etc...) but unlike before it's just not the same. Not that im complaining..heck! Im even more than happy! My cards are more than happy..in fact, if it could dance, they would be already..lol.. Is this just because of my PMS? i hope not...

Ok, going back to what i brought home with me. I just bought the necessities. A few hair elastics, lash curler (i threw my Shu Uemura before that's why i decided to buy one again) , nail polishes, lip gloss, sandals, a book & of course BB Cream.

It's not exactly a big haul.

I always loved Charcoal..
It's really sturdy & cheap. I have lots of them...so comfortable to wear.
I have big feet...see that?
I bought the OPI Color Connections Compact from Ebay....pretty nifty,huh? 4 gloss in one compact. Yipee! The Lip Sheer shades are Surprise, Gala, Merry & Icicle.

How does this work?
I take 2 gloss of my choice, then connect them with the metal connector.

Then voila! I have my very own 2 sided gloss. Cool!

I love this one since i can bring my color choice for that day!

Im beginning to love the Sheer Gala shade of OPI. Its a perfect neutral lip shade for me!

Ok, enough with that.
I have a couple of questions for you girls. Its gonna be my birthday next month & im thinking of buying a few stuff that i won't buy ordinarily. & its only during birthdays that i allow any frivolous spending on my side (it means the expensive brands...hehe). And i hope that you'll be able to help me with a few of teh questions that has been bugging me.
  • Is fibre brush really a must?How does it work for you?
I know that its good for liquid foundation. Im actually not a foundation user so im guessing that its ok if i don't have one, but i heard that its actually good in applying blushes too...Is it true? Im thinking of buying the Sigma ss187, i don't need to buy everything because i only use a few brush & i have the basics with me. What other brushes do you see yourself reaching the most? What other brushes can you suggest for me?

Another one...I don't have a lot of blushes. Im thinking of buying a couple more, but i prefer matte than shimmery. So if ever, im going to buy NARS i don't see myself getting into the hype of Orgasm. Im thinking of maybe NARS Gilda. So the question is...
  • Do you think NARS Gilda would suit a NC20 tone?Or what kind of blush will you recommend to me?something of a peachy coral...
I think Gilda is like a peachy coral & i haven't tried corals yet...I don't have the time to actually go to the main shopping malls to swatch/try it out myself that's why im asking. I am NC20 (that's what the SA on MAC said when i asked her) & i really don't have a lot of blush experience... (special shout out to Pammy. Girl, can you help me?hehe)

Up until now i don't know IF i should buy nars...what's about nars that makes it different from other blush..aside from the obvious (the price,that is)? I feel like im being so impractical if im going to buy one if i can just buy the CS palette... I don't know if i should actually buy it! I need therapy!..lol

Last one...
Im thinking of trying it out. I heard that its good in oil/sebum controlling. I saw that at The Face Shop but since it doesn't have a trial kit, im wary of buying the full size. Have you? Or if not, what TFS products do you know that is good at sebum control?

I need help,girls!

My ELF package is still somewhere out there..i hope ill be able to get it. Im beginning to worry..It's more than a month since it was shipped. (-__-")

My weekend is already over. It's already monday here in the Philippines...
How is/was your weekend?

Jaa ne~!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend Nails: Dotty Blue

This is gonna be another quickie. Sorry if i've been missing on my posts, i just have lots of classes lately that i barely have time for blogging. Though i do try to read everyone's posts as much as i can.

Im gonna go meet a friend tomorrow (or rather later) so of course its time to 'dress' my nails up! I decided tat i would do a blue for this weekend so this is how my nails look like.

Pretty simple?

Well then, let's get it on with the tutorial:

  • Apply base coat on clean nails. Then apply the navy blue like so. Leave the other half of your nails bare.
  • Then apply white dots on the edge of the navy blue like so...
  • Actually i can just go like this (i prefer simple nail arts,remember?), but since i have a brown stain on my pointer fingernail (look at the arrow) so i decided to cover it up by creating another set of dots....
  • I just applied navy blue dots on the 'bare' part of my nails. See?
  • Apply clear/glittered polish, then top it off with a top coat.

Well, that's it!

This is a nail design that girls with short nails can even sport! It's a fun look. It's simple but bold enough to catch everyone's attention. Make sure you also do this on your toenails.

Hope you'll have a nice weekend!

Jaa ne~!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Nivea Anti-wrinkle Q10+ eye cream Review

I did not do a review on the first eye cream that i tried because i feel that it doesn't have any effect at all. So this time im doing an all-out review on this product, so there would be lots of pics & lots of blah-blahs too.

Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10+ Eye Cream
I have been using this for more than a month now & i know that im way delayed for the review.
So, let's start with this.

As what i said before, im more concerned about the fine lines on my under-eye area rather than eyebags. I tried the Nivea whitening (or lightening, i cant remember it) eye cream first because i thought that it will also work with the lines, which of course, didn't. So i went for the anti-aging cream knowing that this would of course address my need.
I'll just save myself from typing the description on the back carton. Just click it.

Works instantly,huh?
It's said to reduce fine lines within hours. Let's see if it's true!

The packaging is good because its in a tube. It's hygienic.
I'd choose this over Garnier Eye Roll-on in a heartbeat when it comes to packaging. It's also fragrance-free so its a plus for me! yay!

Now these are the ingredients:
Wanna see how it looks like?

It's white & creamy.
When you spread it, it will leave you with a whitish mark, though its not that obvious. See what i mean?

Now that we are done with the product description, its time for my opinion. But before anything else, ill show you my before pic:

This was taken 40 days ago... (i look like im problematic,huh?..its just that i was outside & my eyes have not adjusted yet)

Now for this picture, this was taken the same day, but just after application of it. I suggest that you actually click it to see if there is an effect.

I religiously apply this every night, though there might be sometime where i missed it,but just once or twice. I apply this in the morning & in the evening. On the whole duration, i was observing if im gonna developed some syringomas or an allergic reaction...thank god for i did not have any bad effects. I got wary from using eye creams ever since i read Elsa's review on L'oreal Revitalift, just read it here if you want to know.

As what i said before, it does leave a whitish mark when you apply it, but its ok with me since i just stay at home. The only thing that i can't bear with this is the fact that whenever i use this & it accidentally get inside my eye, it will leave me with a burning sensation. Take note, not stinging, but burning!

Is it just the Q10+?
Whatever it is, it sure is painful.

I have to stop what im doing & close my eyes for at least a minute before the burning sensation goes away. Then i will open up with a red eye, but it will be gone in mere minutes. For something that is "opthalmologically approved", i just quoted this straight from the box, this sure doesn't feel eye-friendly...

But aside from that, i like using this product. I actually think that it does work! Did you take a closer look at the 2 pics at the top? Right after i apply it, i think the lines were actually diminished! Go ahead! Click it!

Did you see?

Ok, enough with that, ill just show you the 'after 40 days' pic: (the pic is different because i used a different camera this time)

Hmmm....Why does it look like its just the same?

Since i love everybody & i am willing to go the extra mile for ya, so you can just take a look at this: (i just did the left eye)You'll be able to compare the effect of the product with this side by side pics. hehe. XD
sorry about the typo (-__-")

Ok, going over the pic, you'll notice that there is a difference if you take a closer look at the lines. The line on the before pic is somewhat obvious, but the after pic is already less obvious. It does reduce fine lines within hours! Click the pic to see it further.. XD

During the time that i was using, i was not actually taking care of myself. I mean, i don't sleep early, i sleep at 3am. Still the usual stuff, like i keep on rubbing my eyes...its a bad habit of mine (-__-"). So im pretty sure that this product would work better for those who are really doing the things that should be done.

Im sure you'll see bigger improvements if you do it the right way, though in my case i didn't.hehe. Im actually impressed that it was able to diminish the line, even if i changed my sleeping time. If im taking extra care of myself, im pretty sure that i'll see greater results. It only means that this product actually works!

So to summarize everything...
  • cheap
  • available everywhere
  • hygienic
  • fragrance-free
  • it does work
  • it burns the hell out of my eyes every time i accidentally get it inside
  • will leave a whitish mark
Maybe ill buy this again, but since i still have a full tube to use so i don't see myself buying it anytime soon. Ill also do another review as soon as im done with it. Just be careful in using this..make sure you don't put it near your eye...

Hope you find this post helpful!

Jaa ne~!

blog sale haul

Jen is having a blog sale & i bought her TFS BB cream. I am on the look out for a good BBCream & when i saw this i knew right there & then that i have to by it. She sold it for a fraction of the price. awesome!

She even included some freebies....yay!

me love everything...

This is gonna be uber short post because im having a hard time typing with a flexible keyboard..grrrr!

Ill do a long post the next time i post a review.

Visit Jen's Blogsale you might find something there that you like.

Until then...i need to change my keyboard...fast!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Eyelook: Sunset

Just a quick & short tutorial...

I was playing with my palette last week & i came up with this look. I was actually looking at a sunset painting & it just inspired me to do an orange look.
Let's start with the tut:(sorry for the crappy pics -_-")
  • Same with what i usually do, line 4 colors on your lids like so.
I've numbered the colors on the pic below, with 1 as the lightest & 4 as the darkest.

This is the matte & satin palette
  • Then blend the colors like so...blend the 1 & 2, then the 3 & 4.....
  • Now blend the 2 colors to have that gradient look.
  • If you want to deepen the color then add a black (just a little!) on the outer edge, like so.
  • Then continue blending until there's no harsh line anymore.
If you want a crease, then use a crease brush to further deepen it.
  • Line your eyes.
If you are going for the cat-eye look, then wipe the excess colors with a wet tissue going downwards. See the arrows that i put on the pic? Follow the wing of your eyeliner to serve as your guide.
Don't forget to curl your lashes & put mascara!
There ya go...a quick tutorial

Going for the cat-eye look. ^_~
Hope you like it.

Have a nice week,y'all!

Jaa ne~!

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