Thursday, March 14, 2013

Define your lashes without using mascaras!

Long time no blog!

I told you all before that i have been wanting to go back into beauty blogging but just can't find the...uhhh... interest (for the lack of term) to go back to it. Not that i haven't tried because i have been sitting & staring at my draft religiously waiting for inspiration & the words to come flowing by but to no avail.

I am seriously losing my blogging touch now. So sad..

Anyway, i am taking advantage of the fact that words are flowing in my mind now waiting to be typed so here i am. haha!

I have wanted to do an eye make-up post before but i don't have my weapons anymore. They are quite lacking already & frankly, i just don't want to buy them again because i think i've outgrown my love for it already. I still kept some of them here but they are sitting on my cabinet unloved. Sorry about the ranting.hehehe

Going back, i don't have any mascaras but i still have a liquid liner that i bought last month due to an emergency so i figured, why not maximize it?!

You don't think that's possible?
Well, feast your eyes on this!

That looks plenty nice without the use of mascara!
Click it for a larger image~

You can apply another coat of mascara if you want a va-va-voom look but this is already fine with me. I hate tarantula lashes! lol

The process just takes a while but it's so worth it. Why?
Because you can avoid any clumps as you work on the liner. You can go for spiky lashes if you want or even fully coat each lashes if you're up to it. You can comb your lashes after ever coat to avoid any clumps or if you are in a hurry but if you have the time, you can really do a great job.

This tip is handy especially when you ran out of mascara or if you already reached the end of your mascara life & haven't purchased one yet.

See how curled lashes sort of lifts my eye compared to the other one?
Love the difference!

I have been using liner for quite sometime now & i haven't bought mascaras anymore since i don't wear make-up that much so i think it's just a waste of money for me to buy a product that can only last for 3 months which i might not even be able to use for at least 10 times,no?

Hope that this trick will come in handy for you,ladies!
Jaa ne~

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