Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Splurge & Save

For this month, i have just picked out 3 categories that i personally tested...

For curling lashes:

Splurge: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

-curls perfectly without pinching the lashes
-pros: works great
-cons: after you have used the extra pad, you have to buy another curler

Save: Fanny S
errano Eyelash Curler

-curls without pinching the lashes
-less than $5
-pros: cheap
-cons: needs to do a few more clipping to get the right curl; might not be available internationally

The first one is the lash curler, i tried Shu Uemura before & i thought that i can't live without it...up until i lost the extra pad & was forced to let her retire..*sigh*...good thing i saw the Fanny Serrano Lash Curler on a magazine & decided to give it a try & im satisfied with it that i decided to dispose my Shu Uemura since i won't be able to use it anymore.

For removing makeup:

Splurge: Lancome Bi-Facil

-removes tough waterproof mascara easily
-pros: gentle enough to be used for contact lens wearer
-cons: expensive

L'oreal Dermo Expertise Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

- its even suited for sensitive eyes because of its gentle formulation
-pros: dirt cheap for the quantity you pay for
-cons: the smallest bottle is still too bulky

I did a post about Bi-Facil & L'oreal Dermo Expertise a couple of days ago, & i think that they work just fine. I can't actually see any major difference when it comes to removing stubborn makeup so i decided that i guess its ok to include it here. XD

For volumizing mascara:

Lancome Hypnose

-evenly coats each lashes which gives it that full lash look
-pros: even works as a lengthening mascara
-cons: none!

Maybelline Volum' Express

-it has a curved brush that makes it easier for application
-pros: available everywhere
-cons: may cause clumping if not applied correctly; can also flake a wee bit

I love Hypnose, but at the same time when it comes to volume i think Volum' Express did a good job too. It makes my lashes seem like im wearing falsies especially if i really take time in curling my lash & applying this product. True to its promise, it volumizes your lashes making it look full...making your once puny & short lashes into a va-va-voom type of lashes...except for the cons that i have listed here....this is a good candidate for a good mascara for me..though not quite yet...

Thanks for reading!

See ya on next month's Splurge & Save Corner!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lancome Bi-Facil

Never have i had a product that actually made me want to do a review that much...
...only Bi-Facil...
Never had a product actually made me want to try it all for myself...
...only Bi-Facil...
Never had a product interested me that much that waiting for it to arrive made me go bananas...
...only Bi-Facil....

Ok,enough with that!

I sound like an advertiser. But seriously, of all the products that i have read & tried, only this one had me going in circles. Lots have said that this is good, some said no, others said that its not oily, others said it is....It made me go crazy trying to figure out what is what. There are lots of products that have different reviews & opinions from everybody, but its only this that made me itch to try.

On to the review....

Double-phase, fresh-as-water liquid eye makeup remover.

Activates when shaken to gently whisk away even waterproof eye makeup, while conditioning and refreshing the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. Leaves eyes feeling cool and relaxed, with no oily residue. Ophthalmologist-Tested For Safety.

Like most Eye makeup remover, it has 2 layers. On which im guessing that the top layer is the oily stuff. You have to shake it so to mix those 2. As soon as you do so, it will have this whitish milky look. Then of course, tip the bottle to get it on your cotton pad.

It was said to 'leave no oily residue'...which had me thinking...did i miss something? Because i can fairly remember when i used it...(the moment that i got it), that it did have that greasy feel...I remember that i shook the bottle, made sure that i get the 2 layers mix before i used it. But then it still got that oily residue after i used it...so much for wishing that this is actually 'oil-free'.

Anyways, its not a big deal since its a really gentle makeup remover. It didn't sting my eye...not one bit!...& makes the removal of waterproof mascara fairly easy...even my CG Lash Blast! I thought that the only thing that can easily remove CG Lash Blast is Muriatic Acid...lol!...but Bi-Facil was able to remove it with just one cotton pad...cool!

I can still remember when i used Clinique's Take the day off cleansing makeup remover on my eyes to remove my makeup, it stings a lot & made my eyes all red (good thing that it was my friends' & she just asked me to try it). So if im going to compare it to that then i'd go for this... I also tried L'oreal Plenitude Eye Makeup Remover (again,just once) & it stings a bit, though not as much as Clinique did & it took a couple of tries before i was able to take out my waterproof mascara...but i like the cooling effect of that...

Anyways, i haven't tried that much eye makeup remover...as what i said, i only use cold cream or Olive Oil in removing my face make up & currently, L'oreal Dermo Expertise Lip & Eye make up remover for my eye makeup.

Today, i went out to buy something on the bookstore. Since Im just gonna be out for a couple of minutes i don't need to put that much makeup, but decided to just put mascara & line my eyes with gel liner. Of course i used CG Lash Blast & Fanny Serrano Gel Liner

Tried to take a good picture but i failed...but I still did just so that you would have an idea what i did. So of course i did it to both of my eyes. Then as soon as i get home its time to take it off.

I used one cotton pad for each eye. I tip the bottle 2x to get Bi-Facil on my pad, & 3x for L'oreal. I used L'oreal on my right eye & Bi-Facil on my left. I was actually surprised to find out that it works just the same. Same oily residue & gentle formula...

Both made my eyes 'cloud' a bit, but just for a couple of seconds..a few blinks & its gone...
As for the oily residue, i don't have problems with that because i make sure that as soon as i took all my makeup off i wash my face with a cleanser.
As for it being gentle, it really is gentle. It won't sting your eyes so it's good for those people who wear contact lens.
Both took my eye makeup using just one cotton pad....which is great..

Over all, my experience with Bi-Facil is good. Although its expensive, but i think its worth your money. Since i just need a little amount of the product to take my eye makeup off, i guess the small bottle will last for a couple of months. Though for me, L'oreal is doing its job same with Bi-Facil, so i don't see myself buying the big bottle (for now).

How about you,what do you use as your eye makeup remover?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lancome travel set - warm

I was so sad the past couple of days thinking that one of my package got lost. It was the first time that i chose the unregistered post so i guess that's why i was extra nervous. I was so relieved to receive the notification letter from the post office yesterday that i didn't even mind dropping by.
I was extra relieved (i could weep!) when i saw the box that got the purple ribbon tied over it, knowing that this is the package that i was waiting for...*sniff*

Due to excitement, i wasn't able to contain myself & opened it without taking pics...im sorry,guys.i was overwhelmed with emotions,that's why. So open i did & i was so happy with it.

I actually just purchase this set because of 3 products. The Bi-Facil, eyeshadow palette & the bag...I've been itching to try out the Bi-Facil, but (as always) would like to try a sample bottle first rather than buying a regular one.

StrawberryNET also included 2 sample products & it was the Guinot Base Vital Antirides & the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster.

So for my next post ill be doing a review of the Bi-Facil..finally!

I'll keep it short for now because i need to go somewhere...need to go job hunting...

Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On

Im so tired of waiting for my hauls....

When will they arrive?

Anyways, yesterday i was out with bf (it was our 7th year anniversary..yay!) & of course strolling around, i saw this product. I remember the review that Nikki did & she said that it has a cooling effect. & i, being a sucker for products that have cooling effect decided that i should also try it. So, i ended up buying it, all the while promising to myself that i won't buy anything until i get all my packages (promises are meant to be broken,right?).

As soon as i go home, i took my makeup off & did all the stuff that i was suppose to & put it on.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CoverGirl's Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara

Yesterday i said something about my favorite non-waterproof mascara. So, now it will be about my fave waterproof mascara... & its none other than the infamous Lash Blast from CG. I was not expecting that CG had actually beat Lancome on this one...but hats off on this product because it really is waterproof. No swimming or crying can tug my lashes down if they are coated with this amazing mascara!

Im pretty sure that most of us are familiar with this gigantic mascara tube. Most people who are on the look out for the best mascara have tried this out.

Get a blast of bold, volumized lashes - rain or shine! LashBlast's patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big lash look. In original, non-waterproof, too!

We all have our own favorites... when it comes to mascara, the list is endless because what works for others might not work on some....which makes it all the more hard to know what are the stuff to give a shot & to just ignore.

With Hypnốse being my fave non-waterproof mascara, i was really disappointed when i tried out the waterproof version of Hypnốse. Not only does it smudge, but its also clumpy...aside from the fact that its hella expensive.. :-( So after my horrendous experience with it, i just decided to see for myself what the fuzz is all about Lash Blast. I always see someone mentioning that this product is their favorite mascara because their curls really stay, etc....

So, since its way cheaper than Hypnốse, i said to myself "why not give this a try?"...so, try i did!
& i am so happy with the result. For the first time in my life, i am able to sport a curled lash all day!

As for volume, this did not volumize my lash, but what the heck..if its able to keep my curl intact, i don't have a problem with that. To be able to open my eye is one of the main reason why i use mascara & this product does the job. It doesn't clump on me...no smudges...even if i sneezed! Yay for that!

At first i find the brush a little awkward to use because its too big. It's really gigantic, but you'll get used to it. Oh & because of that big wand, you will not be able to coat your inner lashes. Well, i don't...for fear of poking my eye with that giant wand...i'll happily pass on my inner lashes being coated.

Again, when it came to mascara wands, i think L'oreal Telescopic is the best one out there. Telescopic is actually good too, but for now, i find myself reaching for this & Hypnốse.

One thing that i don't like about it is that, like most mascaras, this is very hard to remove.

I have to wipe it with a makeup remover for a couple of times to ensure that i completely remove it. No, let me rephrase that..I have to remove it first with a classic cold cream. I believe that cold creams are still the best in removing makeups...afterwards, ill wipe it with a makeup remover. I even have to use 2-3 cotton pad per eye to make sure that everything is gone...*sigh*....Oh, well, i can live with that!

My first Lash Blast mascara is already on its way to the trash bin & i need to hoard on mascaras. Im just waiting if there would be a scheduled sale on a shopping mall near me. So, if you are on the lookout for a waterproof mascara, make sure that you include this in your 'mascaras-to-try' list.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lancome Hypnốse Mascara

I decided to do a little blogging about my current favorite mascaras..Im not a mascara whore, but hey, a mascara is something that we ought to have,right? So, first one will go to my favorite Non-Waterproof Mascara - Lancome Hypnốse
It's no hidden information that one of my favorite high end brand is Lancome. What made Lancome my instant favorite was because of 2 products, the eyeliner & their mascara line. I know that they also have the Virtouse & the Definicils, but for me, nothing beats Hypnose on their line of mascaras. This is my ultimate mascara, on the non-waterproof category of course. I am about to throw my 2nd tube of Hypnốse & is thinking of getting one again.

This is a Volumizing mascara but what's great about it is that it's not just volumizing, it's also lengthening! The minute i put it on, its like i was given a whole new set of lashes...promise!

Dare to go up to 6 times the volume. With each stroke, the patented POWERFULL™ brush intensifies lashes from root to tip. Exclusive, fluid SoftSculpt ™ formula, enriched with Vitamin B5, wraps lashes one luxurious layer at a time without smearing, smudging or clumping.

Custom volume you control for hypnotic eyes.

Wow for that,huh?

But i have to say that they live by what they say. It's actually true! I have tried a couple of volumizing mascaras, but none one among those so-called volume mascara is able to volumize my puny asian lashes. Maybe that's why i prefer using Waterproof ones, because its able to hold my curls & open up my eyes. Then in comes this wonderfully God-sent mascara & my once puny lashes were lifted & are now Va-Va-Voom-type of lashes!

The wand is nothing to be wow-ed about. It's just a simple ordinary wand. I actually prefer something that's like L'Oreal Telecospic, because i find that with that type of wand its able to really coat every single lash. I dunno about that Powerfull brush, but nevertheless i think the formula of Hypnốse is what counts the most....& that's what makes a mascara,right?

Although i love Hypnốse, there are a couple of things that makes me frown. Not just because of the product but some out of hands stuff. Like the smearing part, i always believe that non-waterproof mascara will definitely smear or smudge. As for me who have a very oily skin if i sneeze (the strong kind), i will have mascara all over my lower eye area. So it makes me think if the formula of this mascara is the kind that doesn't dry. Though i don't think so....

I mean i have tried a couple of mascaras & some that i dont even wanna think about *shudders* there are some that is too heavy & just weighs my lashes down. I just don't know why, but with this mascara i still find it 'smearing' my lower eye area even if it had already "dried"...or i guess its just my oily skin that's the culprit. Anyways, no problem with me, i can just swipe it with a wet tissue.

One more thing that makes me frown is that if im not able to 'clean' my lashes (take out the oils completely), then it tends to weigh my lashes. I find that it works better if i wipe my lashes with a makeup remover first before i curl it..holds my curls better...if i don't do this, then my curls just tend to 'uncurl' after an hour & Hypnốse just weighs it down & closes my eyes.

Though im able to solve this 2 problems easily, so it doesn't affect my overall love for this product. Im still on the lookout for a good mascara though...
for now, the 2 that i like is:
Waterproof - Covergirl Lash Blast
Non-Waterproof - Lancome Hypnốse

I wonder what other mascara will wow me....Next review will be for CG's Lash Blast

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lancome Le Crayon Khol - Noir

Everybody is searching high & low for products they consider as they can't live without. & of course, i am looking for those products & as of now, i only have 2. It would be this eyeliner & my UDPP.

I so love this liner! One swipe & it looks great...2 swipes & it's really marvelous...Im in love!

Just like most people, i prefer lining my waterline with eye pencils. Liquid liners just goes on the top to emphasize it the most. Actually i don't use liquid liner much. I'll just use it in case my gel liner or liner brush is missing. I have tried using eyeliner pens & i think its better than liquid liners all because you can apply it with steady hands.

Anyways, on to my review. I have used a couple (not all,mind you) of eyeliners from low-end to high end brands. Ever since i began using makeup, liner is something that i have to have. I used it to emphasize my eyes. What i hate about using liners before is me looking like a raccoon in just a couple of minutes!talking about those years of naively exploring makeups,huh?& i thought before that it was supposed to look like that..

I would get ghastly smudges especially if i put it on my waterline. & if some dirt gets inside my eyes & i instinctively rub it, then expect that i would have panda eyes as soon as i take my hands off of my eyes. Of course before, i didn't know that there's such a thing as kohl & that its supposed to be used to achieve a smoky effect. But being the gullible college student, I just brought stuff that i keep on hearing is good.

Now that i know the high & lows of applying makeup, its easier for me to know the whats & hows. As what you may already gather, i love to emphasize my eyes, & up until now i still do. I love the mild dramatic effect look. So smokey eyes are what i always do & of course, kohl pencils are a must in doing this. Kohl's are soft that's why.

This liner i use to tightline & with how dark this liner is, it looked like my work was done by a professional. It dramatically lifts & enhances my eye shape. You don't need to reapply every now & then because it stays. Of course, being a kohl pencil, there would be some time when it would fade, but its not like others that would just disappear a few hours after you put it on.

I did a smokey eye one time, tightline my eyes in the morning....
went about...
met bf...
eat lunch...
-check mirror...still there!atta,girl!love it!
stroll around with bf....
go shopping....
then coffee break....
-check mirror...a little has left, but still looks good...
decided not to touch it up just yet...
walk around some more...
went to arcade....
played with guns....
getting hungry...gonna eat dinner...
-check mirror...now i need to touch up...

There..that was how my day went with my Le Crayon & i think she did a pretty good job staying there, not moving & smearing about & not giving me raccoon eyes!How's that?!Pretty good,huh?

Though im thinking that maybe the waterproof one's staying power is longer than the classic khol. Ohhh...& one of the best part of this is that, its very pigmented that you don't need to sharpen them over & over. I've had it for months now & as far as i can remember, i just sharpen it once! waaaahhhhh! How's that again?! Cool,huh?

With how things are going on, im really so happy that i got this. By the way, It's included in the makeup set & was given to me as a present & i so love it! If by some miracle i ran out, i wouldn't hesitate paying that much for a product that i know works really good. I've been dying to try the Guerlain Eyeliner & Loose Kohl, but since im satisfied with this, im A-ok.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

rants & ramblings

Sorry if i've been MIA for the past couple of days,ladies...

i caught a flu bug & was just bedridden for almost 3 days..i hate being sick.... it makes me very emotional...i'd cry with a drop of a hat...good thing that its almost over now...

Anyways, im just getting a wee bit worried about what happened to my package...its been 10days now & i still haven't received it...what's up with that?! I know that there are some instances that packages can be stolen (i hope not!), but im keeping very optimistic thoughts about the Philippines Postal Service. It's just that this is the first time that i choose the unregistered mail... Oh well, just think happy thoughts! *thinks very hard of happy thoughts*

Im waiting for 2 packages, one from StrawberryNET & one from Makeup Mix Shop, on which i found out because of the gorgeous Nikki. Ad far as i can remember, i ordered Nyx items on the site, but i honestly can't remember much of it, because during the time that i ordered i was already feeling a bit hazy. Anyway, it's just gonna be a surprise if i received my package. I don't wanna chack the receipt back. I love surprises, that's why...silly,huh?...

Today is my mom's birthday...actually not my real mom, but my bf's mom...& im about to go there later..i just hope that it won't rain or anything because im still recovering from the blasted flu.

*calling out in a loud voice*
My packages, wherever you are, be safe!!!
Don't talk to strangers... Mommy is waiting for you,right here!!!
*clears throat*


haha...im getting paranoid...

Hope you'll all have a lovely weekend,ladies!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Andy Warhol EDT

I was actually so waiting for my last StrawberryNET haul, not because of the lotions & stuff, but mainly because of this. I have smelled this before & i thought that it smells so good. It is something that reminds me of my boyfriend. I dunno how to explain it, but it smells just like him. Not that it smells like some other EDT, but the first thing that entered my mind is him... (i was with a friend when i got my first sniff of this). I was about to buy it then & there, but i decided to go check StrawberryNET if they have it,a bit hard to do for a shopaholic....but i was able to resist...yay!

& good thing, because it was indeed available! So when i ordered it, i also threw in a couple more goodies (on which i guess you have already seen). Yay for the loyalty discount! I was able to save money.

I ordered this hoping that it would arrive just in time for Valentines day, but i got some problems with Paypal so it came a week after Valentines Day. Took me a while to do a review on it because this is not mine, i have to interview my bf.

He said that it does smell nice. It got that mild musky scent that smells refreshing. It got that "clean" scent that makes this EDT even more wearable. I think it can even be used by women. According to the website, it even got some jasmine on it...hmmm....i guess so. Its just that it smells nice without being too musky. It does have a tad bit of floral scent, but not too much.

A unique combination of musk & floral, but is meant for guys.

I don't think i can ponder on much about it since i don't have it on hand. I might be able to do a detailed review if i have it...too bad. But for those who is thinking of buying this, i think its a neat product. Considering that its a EDT for unisex, you can't go wrong.. It has that clean & refreshing scent on it. I even find myself embracing bf just so to smell it. Ha! & he thought that its him..lol!

As for the staying power, I don't think it stays that long. Anyways, this is just an EDT, not a perfume. Bf said that he mostly just sprays it on the shirt so for it to stay longer compare to putting it on pulse points. Well,yeah, of course... EDT works that way,right? But i actually prefer him using an EDT compare to perfume as i have a sensitive nose. Too much of a scent will give me sore throat afterwards...yep!that sensitive!

But im actually planning on buying this again..but not for him anymore..but for me! XD

I can't wait for my next haul...I wanna try the Lancome Bi-Facil that bad. Im a big Lancome fan, but i haven't tried one of their best product..but im about to.....*excited*

Hope you'll all have a lovely & lucky week!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

body care haul....

Yesterday has been a very tiring day for me...
I was actually out doing some job hunting & its been a while since i did that...im not used to walking for hours & hours... Ever since this blasted economic crises happened, i have been feeling uneasy. That's why i decided to try & do some job hunting too...

Anyways, since i was too tired yesterday, i wasn't able to buy lots of stuff. I just brought 3 items,remember? Today, i went out to pay my bills at the same time also buying other stuff on the way home. I loaded myself with some soaps & nail lacquers...most are local products though...

Starting with the GIRL soap clockwise: GIRL Transparent Soap, Kyusu Unwind Wash Bar, Body Recipe Skin Lightening Soap, Body Recipe Milk+ Honey & Oatmeal Bar, and 3 nail polishes....

I just included the Glycerin Soap (GIRL Soap) on my basket just because i thought that its cute...lol! Smells just like how glycerin smells,but is a bit more 'girl-y'...(i can't actually read it because its in japanese)...

The Kyusu Unwind is a limited edition bar from Boots that's why i was surprised when i saw this in a random store that i passed by. Although the scent is strong, i still decided to buy it & give it a try.

Then the 5 items above, the 2 other soaps & 3 nail polishes are something that i brought at HBC. The Body Recipe Skin Lightening Soap is just something that i randomly included on my basket when i was about to go & pay for the honey + oatmeal bar & nail polishes. I have tried buying a facial mask from HBC before & i think it works fine. I used the Goat's Milk facial mask & it did its job.... So i said to myself that if the mask is ok, then what's the harm of using the soaps...?

Then i dump the honey + oatmeal bar & those 3 nail polishes (im getting into nail arts lately because of Nikki - check out her blog..its simply awesome!)...on the counter, i just saw that one random bar & just put it on my basket too...

Hmmm.....looks like i have a couple more products that i have to try & see if it works....i'll let you ladies know about it as soon as i have tried it.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

mini haul....

I went somewhere today & being a shopaholic, going home without buying anything just doesn't feel right. Anyway, i just brought 3 small items...

(so sorry about the resolution of the pic....i know its really bad.. T_T)

I have been meaning to try Garnier but is still a bit hesitant in trying out a new moisturizer. I don't wanna make the same mistake of buying something big but won't be able to use it, so i just brought this instead.

Currently, im using Clean & Clear Moisturizer & it works fine with me. I have tried using Pond's Moisturizer, but it just made me broke out so i swear im not gonna buy any pond's moisturizer anymore.

Im actually not after 'lightening' my skin. What im after is that it protects my skin from the sun at the same time moisturizing it. The "spot clearing" is sorta just like an additional thing. If this won't cause me to break out,then that's great. I guess i can try & buy the big one. But if it does, then at least i didnt waste tons of money just to try it out. Hmmm...I'll observe it & see if it actually works.

Anyways, I saw a small Nivea Creme & i wanted to try it, but doesn't want to buy the big container too..for fear again of not being able to use it if ever.... I know that it is suited for oily skin...but i was thinking of actually using it as a body moisturizer instead of a facial moisturizer. So i included that little tin...what i like about the little tin is the packaging...look at those adorable hearts on it... XP

I put it on my lips now (im about to fall asleep) & i feel that my lips are really moisturized. Its like it locks in the moisture. Now, i know that i have to buy another one....This one is for my lips...i'd do this nightly to achieve softer lips (i hope!)... petroleum jelly just doesn't work...then ill buy another for my feet...yep..my poor tired feet is in need of TLC....im pretty sure Nivea will help bring my feet's glory back...lol!

Then the facial wipes is just to be added to my kit because its a must to have wet wipes with me. Since i don't want big ones, so this small packet fits on my kit perfectly.

Monday, March 02, 2009

L'eau De Sonia Rykiel (blue)

This is one of my StrawberryNET haul (as what you guys already know). What drove me to include this in my shopping cart back then is that this is one brand that i haven't heard of...hehe...not a good deciding reason huh?

It's just that i haven't even seen this in any of our local mall...or is it just that i don't linger that much on the perfumery section..?...Who knows?....But nevertheless...this is the first fragrance that i brought unsniffed.

Im actually contemplating if i actually like this or not...hmmmm.....
Okay,ill just put my thoughts into this post...

As soon as i took it out of the box, the scent of 'new stuff' just permeated the air around me. I uncapped it & i thought that it smells nice. But when i sprayed it on my wrist to test it out, i was surprised when the first thought that entered my head is 'newly varnished furniture'....

oh,man! I don't mind woody scent...but this is way toooooooooooooooo woody... I feel like im a furniture that has been washed over by varnish. I asked my mom to smell it & that's also what she said....

I guess everybody have smelled new furniture & it does smell nice...but for a person to smell like a furniture..i guess that won't do for me... There were lots of details on the internet about the fragrance involved on it..but i dont think it correctly describes it. So ill just put it in a simple phrase "a woody 'new furniture' fragrance"..lol..

It does smell nice as what i said, but just not for me...If one person like woody scents then i guess they'll like this one. I guess i prefer smelling like a real girl... :-P

So now, im still contemplating what im gonna do with it. I just sprayed it on my wrist once & that's just about it. I eventually gift wrapped it so i don't have anything to give for emergency situations..lol...i have something ready....but for now i really don't know what i'll do with it...im thinking of selling it on Ebay though..but im still not sure...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

travelling with ease

Often times, its hard for us to organize our makeup collection. It's not a problem if its just sitting there on our vanity table, but there will be times when we have to travel & of course,being a makeup junkie, we can't leave all our precious babies behind.....(don't worry,ladies..i know the feeling)...

Although i have my Lancome travel makeup set with me, but i feel like its not enough. If i can bring my whole vanity table with me, then ill definitely gonna bring it! Since there's no way that i can do that, then i have to make do with what i can throw on my tiny cosmetic bag.

Ok, these are some that i have tried & does when it comes to picking out what stuff im gonna bring with me:

I love pigments, but they're very messy to work with so i just use eyeshadow palette. A few of the tips that i can share if you want to travel with your pigments... Instead of buying little sample jars to just put it, why not put them in pill boxes?

Yep...you read it right...Pill Boxes...these handy tiny pill carriers are not just designed to store medicines, but you can put anything on it...from earrings...to buttons..to marbles...& crystals...so..why not put your pigments on it....

Just arrange it according to the shades..from light colors going to dark. & anyway, its not like you're gonna be bringing all of them, right? Just pick out the colors that you find yourself using most of the time or the color of the dresses that you are gonna be wearing. Choose colors to compliment your dress.

I know that this is something that we can't leave (i know we can't live w/o it...but our topic is traveling, aint it?...lol) without...

An advice that i can just share is to make sure that you have your very own travel set. Not only will it make it all the more easier, but also because its more hygienic coz its in a bag & you can make sure that you have all the basic tools your gonna be needing.

If you don't have any & prefer using the tools that you are familiar in using, then just pick the best of the lot...Just bring those that you know works good. What's good in bringing stuff that you just THINK you are going to use,right? Bring just one sponge if you need to & a couple of Q-tips.

This is the trickiest of all... As what most of my friends knew, im a mineral makeup user..so I have my foundation in loose form...& if by some twisted chance ill end up not screwing the lid tight, then the powder can easily make a mess at the bottom of my kit (i hate it when that happens!)...
One stuff that i can never live without is my oil control film. This saves me a lot of time from dusting my face with foundies. So i don't need to carry much with me, but i still have them ready if i need to touch up...remember my Everyday Minerals haul?

I got some samples with me,right? Well,that my ladies, are what i bring with me....Put it on a small bag & throw it on my cosmetic kit & im on business!

This time im not just talking about face base, but also on our eyes.
Lets start first with face base. This is when those sample jars come in handy. I am currently using Benefit "That Gal", on which i think is already very convenient to bring along because its in a twist up tube, but since it will still take up space so i put some on a sample jars. Of course i did not fill it to the brim, i just put very little (like a teaspoon amount). Same with my moisturizer, cold cream (i prefer cold cream above all else!), etc.

Now for the eyes, I love gel liners..i can actually just throw in my gel liner on my bag since its just small, but in this case...nope.. I leave my baby at my table & just use gel pencils with me. That's because it works 2 ways..it can be a base & a liner in one! Isn't that just like killing 2 birds with one stone?

Most of us have our very own lipstick collection... It grows without us noticing that we have accumulated lots of it & often times it just ends up drying all because we are not able to use as much as we can because we still have lots more... So why not try to make your very own lip palette?

You can use pill boxes...much like what i said about the pigments, or some empty eyeshadow palette that you have. What you can do is warm the lipstick a little (just a little!) then mash it & put it on the container...smooth them out...then stick them in the fridge for a few minutes just so that they would take shape...& voila! you have your very own custom-made palette. Feel free to mix colors...it does work,ladies!

As what i said before..those are what i practice...I was able to save space on my cosmetic bag...& not just on my bag, but also on my puny vanity table...hehehe...sometimes it hard to move without my pigment jars falling & making a mess of everything.

How about you, girl? How do you save space?

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