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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

mini haul....

I went somewhere today & being a shopaholic, going home without buying anything just doesn't feel right. Anyway, i just brought 3 small items...

(so sorry about the resolution of the pic....i know its really bad.. T_T)

I have been meaning to try Garnier but is still a bit hesitant in trying out a new moisturizer. I don't wanna make the same mistake of buying something big but won't be able to use it, so i just brought this instead.

Currently, im using Clean & Clear Moisturizer & it works fine with me. I have tried using Pond's Moisturizer, but it just made me broke out so i swear im not gonna buy any pond's moisturizer anymore.

Im actually not after 'lightening' my skin. What im after is that it protects my skin from the sun at the same time moisturizing it. The "spot clearing" is sorta just like an additional thing. If this won't cause me to break out,then that's great. I guess i can try & buy the big one. But if it does, then at least i didnt waste tons of money just to try it out. Hmmm...I'll observe it & see if it actually works.

Anyways, I saw a small Nivea Creme & i wanted to try it, but doesn't want to buy the big container too..for fear again of not being able to use it if ever.... I know that it is suited for oily skin...but i was thinking of actually using it as a body moisturizer instead of a facial moisturizer. So i included that little tin...what i like about the little tin is the packaging...look at those adorable hearts on it... XP

I put it on my lips now (im about to fall asleep) & i feel that my lips are really moisturized. Its like it locks in the moisture. Now, i know that i have to buy another one....This one is for my lips...i'd do this nightly to achieve softer lips (i hope!)... petroleum jelly just doesn't work...then ill buy another for my poor tired feet is in need of pretty sure Nivea will help bring my feet's glory!

Then the facial wipes is just to be added to my kit because its a must to have wet wipes with me. Since i don't want big ones, so this small packet fits on my kit perfectly.


Cris said...

I <3 that Nivea packaging :).

Jae said...

Oh, I am in LOVE with Nivea Creme!! I actually use the German version and I swear I would eat it if I could *laughs* It's wonderful!!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

im currently loving the Nivea Creme..

I put it on my lips last night & i wake up today with really soft lips!

hosei said...

please inform me on facebook kung gumana ung garnier ha... pwede ko po bang makita ung pic. ng clean and clear moisturizer??/ thank you and God bless...(hosei villamero)

Naadiahmazlani said...

Hi..I'm naadiah..Ive been using it for quite some time now and it is really good..It can helps reduce new scar if you religiously apply it on the area concern 3 times a experience was that it cleared my scar in just one week I'm a happy nivea creme user..

Thiamere Brea said...

i love nivea creme!
can't live without it!


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