Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Neutrogena Wave review

A vibrating cleanser...

I've always been curious about this one, but never really get around to buying it. The price is the main reason why it didn't appeal to me. I guess it's a small price to pay for if this would really last you forever, but since you have to use the pads each time you use it, i feel like it's such a complete waste of money.

I like it but not exactly love it.
It's nice to have, but also ok to not have.

This is the back can read the description if you want

Yep! The starter kit includes 2 weeks of pad supply. It has 14 pads included.

I think there's a new Wave that was released, which has 2 type of speeds. It's called the Wave Duo, but mine is the classic one.

This is the whole kit (doggy coin bank on not included :-P )

  • Wave Cleanser
  • AA Battery
  • 2 packs of cleansing pads

I purchased this from a blogsale.

This the size. I think it's nice because it's big enough to be able to maneuver it easily, yet with it's textured grip, you won't have to worry about it slipping from your hands.

That's the power button, by the way.

At the head of the wave is the attachment head on which is like a velcro where you put the cleansing pad, this is also detachable.

This is the cotton pad with the cleanser in the middle.

The cotton pad is different from the usual pads that you buy for home/hospital use. This pad is compressed & is actually denser than than the regular pad. It's dense because again, you will have to attach it to the velcro-like attachment.

It doesn't lather that much. If you actually try to wet it & massage it on your face, it will just seem like you apply a facial wash with a cotton minus the lather. If you want it to lather, you have to lather it yourself by pressing the cotton pad over & over until you get the desired lather that you want then attach it to the velcro.

Once you assembled & used it, you'll enjoy the nice cooling sensation brought by the liquid cleanser on the cotton pad. The vibrating sensation feels like it is really getting deep down inside your pores. It feels relaxing too. There's a difference between the feeling of getting deep down to the pores than really cleansing deep down,ok?

Since this is vibrating, it's nice especially when someone is holding this for you. I think that this doesn't actually deep-cleanse compare what it promises to do. I remember a time when i wore a heavy makeup & removed it by my make-up remover, washed my face with this & used a toner afterward & i still see traces of make-up left behind on my cotton pad.

It says that you can actually use this while you're in the shower. I guess you can, but just make sure that you don't get everything (the inside) wet because im sure that it will stop working. It's better if you remove the battery after every use.

The first time i used it, i said to myself that i really like it. I like the cooling sensation & it feels like my face is softer after every use. I have to say that your face will really feel soft after every use. I guess this is the 'instant result' that they were talking about.

But as time goes by, especially the time that i said i used a toner & see the traces of make-up, the excitement over this product just fade away. I just don't feel like using it anymore. It's just sitting on my toiletries box together with other products & i don't reach for it as much as i thought i would. I have to say that the novelty just wore off.

Though bf like this, i use this to him when we're just sitting around. He said that he liked the vibrating sensation because it is relaxing. That's why i said that it would be better if someone is holding this for you.

As for the pads.. It's better if you use clean pads every time since you don't want the dirt from the old pad going to your skin again since you're reusing it. It would help if you would use a clarifying toner beforehand so that you get the lot of the dirt out of your face. So that there's not much dirt on the pads & can still reuse the other side to save up on your pad usage.

  • relaxing to use because of the vibrating motion
  • makes the skin feels soft after every use (this is true!)
  • doesn't use as much energy on the battery (if you remove it after every use)
  • cooling sensation
  • will add up to your expenses since you have to buy the pads
  • doesn't really deep-cleanse unlike it claims to be
  • doesn't lather that much

Will i buy again?
No need...
I might buy the refill but i won't have to use it everyday since it just like regular cleanser out there. I can't see anything special with it. In fact, i might only just buy this because bf likes the vibrating sensation..that's it.

This is available at Watsons. If you are interested in buying it, the kit costs Php 575 & the refill is Php 400 each. Pretty expensive, don't you think?

Hope you find this useful.

Jaa ne~!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm a fan of FAN brush!

Is this true?

I can hardly believe it myself. I can't believe im making this post either. I'm not a beauty snob, & i think i will never be. I love taking a look at the inexpensive products out there & see for myself if it is good.

I have had this fan brush for like forever! I bought it because it's small & it's better to tote along with..never did i know that i got more than what i paid for. This has been sitting on my brush drawer, neglected for quite sometime up til my blush brush is very dirty & i have no other brush left. I rediscovered it's potential from that time on.

I'm sure that you have seen or even used fan brushes. I'm just letting you know the other possibilities of this brush. So i'll just let my pics do more of the talking from here on... Sorry because i did not bother to conceal my blemishes at all so you'll see acne marks & large open pores. I just put a light dusting of powder. I'm trying to not put make-up as much as possible. Just try your best to ignore it,ok? LOL!

This one works for me, i'm not in anyway advertising that you go & ditch your brushes,ok? I'm also not a pro so use at your own discretion. Now that we have that out of the way, let's start.


What the fudge?!
Is this even possible?

We know that we use an angled brush for contouring purposes & what else. if you want a really well-defined cheekbones, then this it's best to use this. However, if you just want a soft definition, then a fan brush is a good candidate. I'm using the word "good candidate", ok?

I have this contour brush but i very rarely reach for it it. I have only used it 5x max. I prefer just a soft contour since my everyday look is mostly just simple ulzzang. So i mostly reach for my fan brush.

This is my pic with just a light dusting of powder. Once again, sorry for the acne marks. (-__-")
Pic of my full, almost-naked face, no definition at all & is rather round.

Since i'm feeling lazy, i just reached for my 10 pc. blush palette to do the job. This is merely for picture purpose.

Then i dip my fan brush on the 'contour' powder.

Then i just swipe some on the lower part of my cheek...then blend it out..

Again, i just do light applications, but you can see the difference with what a contouring can do to your face. It made my round face a tad bit sharper & lifted my cheek.

Just think if i actually opted for a more precise, well-defined cheekbones. I can totally change the shape of my face.

That's the power of make-up!
So there, i used a fan brush for let's move on to the other use of fan brush...


As what i said a while ago, i originally purchased this as a blush brush & it does the job. If you watched my video, you'll see how nice my fan brush fits my cheek.

One thing that i forgot to add is that when you contour, make sure you bring the color up to your temples....

& of course your jawline...

You can also use it to 'hide' away your double chin...I do this because i have it!
On to the last part..


Why not?!

Since this is wide enough to be used, then you can definitely use this to take off all the excess powders left on your so..

Brush it away with just a simple swipe.....

& you're ready to go!

See how fast & easy it takes to do a full face make-up using just a single brush? Not only in this brush, brushes have a lot of use. I have even seen a blog post swearing by that MAC 168 can be used to apply foundations. We all just have to be creative enough to find other uses for our tools.

  • multi-purpose
  • cheap
  • can last you a long time too
  • handle is short so you won't have a choice for control/applying pressure

I bought this fan brush years ago & i'm not even sure if it's still available. Just look for a regular fan brush out there.

Now, if you would ask me, what brushes i can't live without, i would have to answer a fan brush & a kabuki brush. That's all i need to my full face make-up.


Again, things that work for me, might not work for you. This post is just for you to explore the possibilities of a regular fan brush & all the other brushes that you must have been neglecting.

Hope y'all have a great day!

Jaa ne~!

Monday, February 22, 2010

big thanks to everyone + haul

A big thanks to everybody who greeted me on my blogoversary.
I wuv everybody!
*big hugs to everyone*
soooo sweet!

Thank you, thank you!

Sorry for the lack of posts,hunnies. It's not because i don't have anything to post at all, but it's more of a lack of inspiration. I have tons of drafts waiting but i can't seem to work on them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that i'll be able to feel inspired sooner or later.

Anyway, today i went to the post office to pick up a parcel from StrawberryNet. I bought perfume weeks ago & i was supposed to get it last friday, but the Customer Officer is there & it seems like he is "milking" everyone again.

I mean, all packages are being scrutinized bit by bit & i saw him took his calculator out & wrote a lot of things then showed it to the people that he talk to & they will go out frowning (not bringing their package along), which indicates that they are being asked for an outrageous 'tax' amount.

I love my country, but this is 1 of the reason why i think our country sucks.

Anyway, I was able to pick up 2 parcels today, but i won't show you the other since i'll be putting some of it on my upcoming giveaway.

As always, the lilac ribbon is the give away that it's from StrawberryNET.

I bought something for me & for bf too. This is a supposed Valentines gift, but since it's so late, i'll just give it to him for our anniversary, which is next month. 7 years of pure bliss with him!

Going back..see the big box?
It got a big spot where it seems like it's made by liquid...
Not a good sign!!!!

Plus the fact that it's damp when i touched it.

Just as i suspected, when i tore the wrapping, the cap is a bit loose.

I wasn't even able to see how the box looks like because it is so damp. Dang it! >:(
It made me sad to see the sorry state of the box.

I bought the Britney Spears Curious all because im

Seriously, i love the atomizer.

It's so cute....very vintage-like with the puff & everything. I originally planned to buy it at the mall because i wanted to smell it first but it's not available anymore. I went to Rustan's & SM malls asking for this, but it's nowhere to be found. So i took a risk & bought it.

I said to myself that even if it doesn't smell good, i can just keep the bottle because it looks divine. Good thing that it smells good. although i'mnot sure how it would smell like once i sprayed this on.

I now wanted to buy the Britney Spears In Control, which has the same type of bottle but different color. I think it looks better because it's black & pink, 2 of my most favorite color! I just can't find it in any online stores. Anybody know where i can buy it?

I'm trying to really finish some of my drafts which have some reviews & stuff for you. Here's to hoping that this would actually get me started.

Hope y'all have a great week ahead!

Jaa ne~!

Just a little update on my Project Pan.

I finish (yes, finish! not just hit pan) 2 products & will be posting an update sometime later. Sooo happy! I was even able to hit pan on ome stuff aside from the products on my project pan.

w00t w00t!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

~blog anniversary~

w00t w00t!
my blog is already 1 year old!
How fun!

Just like what i said on my last post, i did not notice that my blogoversary had already passed. I was actually planning on buying a domain for my blog but im just not sure how it goes.

Do you have an idea about it?

I mean, i know i can buy it straight here, but i need details. If i change my address from '' to another (though im not yet sure what it could be), will it affect anything? Like my previous post or comments or whatever...

I'm planning on doing a giveaway, but not yet sure when since i haven't gone shopping. But i am really planning to host one. Maybe next month, i was just so flogged down with classes 7 books & everything that's why i can't get out that much.

Thank you so much for the support & love that i have received from my fellow blogger & supporters. I won't be celebrating 1 whole year of blogging if not for you. You have seen me through thick or thin, shared my sorrows & happiness.

Thank you.

Words can't express how grateful i am that you are there.
*cyber hug*

I'm brewing something for my followers, just stay tune for it,ok?

Hope you all have a great day!

Jaa ne~!

~rants & rambling:are you qualified to beauty blog?~

This is going to be a boring, emotional & heart-pouring type of rant, so i'd totally understand if you wouldn't want to read this.

I have never been as bothered as i was before when i read the article pertaining to beauty blogging. I am a very positive person as what you should have all known. I tried to look at the 2 sides in everything, but this the one time that really riled me up.

You can go over HERE to take a look at the article.

This is my very own opinion as a beauty blogger & as a consumer. Hence, im saying sorry i offended anybody with this post, but im not singling out anybody.

A question that i want to ask all of you is:
"Why do you read beauty blogs?"

I can ask a lot more follow-up questions with that, but i'll just leave you with that question for the meantime while i go on rambling.

I'm pretty sure that most of you have already read the article about the "relationship" (does it have any?) between beauty blogging & professional journalism. Do we classify 'blogs' as part of the media? What do you think?

I started blogging because i want to keep a journal about my beauty adventures. I write anything that i want because i am my own boss. Nobody tells me what to write or to not write. I share what works with me. I am not a professional & is not aiming to be one. Now, does that make me unqualified to voice out my opinion. Maybe so since i did not study to be a pro, but that won't stop me from sharing my thoughts.

I don't really read magazines that much, i recently started reading OK! magazine (which is not exactly a beauty magazine), mainly because of Frances. She is the editor-in-chief of OK! & does a fab job! I browse magazines, but not really the type who collects it to fed my beauty addiction. I'd rather read those that came straight from ordinary girls like me.

What really made an impact is my watching make-up videos on Youtube. I find that i can connect with them because they are mostly ordinary people who doesn't give a fig about having a license in mixing colors & foundations. I can relate with the simple words they are using, not some jargons out there on some beauty magazines that makes it seem so professional that ordinary people can't even relate to.

I respect their passion because they give their time & effort no matter how busy they are.They have an effect, not just on me, but on most beauty afficionados as well because they can connect with us. (I know that i'm going in circles, but i want to stress that out)

I also have respect for those make-up artists who had spent lots of years learning the ropes of the field. They invested time, money & a lot of effort.

What i don't have respect for are those who looks at people down just because they think that the other is not professional enough to 'mingle' on their level. Professional or not, you can't deny the fact that times are changing & ordinary people can now voice out their opinions through the internet. This is not just about beauty blogging but is applicable to everything that we common people blog about.

I get to know different brands because of that. How will i get to know that there are certain brands like Jemma Kid, Fyrinnae, Orglamix, Lacura, Skin79 & the likes if not for beauty bloggers or vloggers? I can go & buy magazines to keep me updated with the latest products out there, but do they actually feature those brands? Don't they always just stick with the major brands out there?

How will we know what are the other tools that people use (aside from the usual hot irons & common stuff) if not for beauty blogs? Do beauty magazines actually allot pages for girls to tell their first hand experiences? Will they be truthful about it & not edit it for fear that the brand would get back at them?

As a consumer, im very much offended with the implication of the said article.

I consider a lot of options when i buy product...i consider the price, ingredients, quantity, availability & of course review. I wanted to know what are the chances of a certain product working on someone. I take extra careful looking at the swatches & how it looks like before i go spending my hard-earned money.

*This is when i get really emotional, bear with me*

I can be fickle in my blog if i want to, this is my blog for heaven's sake!

I don't need some professional MUA talking down at me because my eye-make-up looks baloney. I'll appreciate the advice if i asked for it, but if not then butt out. This is my face & i can do whatever i want with it. I'm an ordinary woman, who have ordinary needs, that looks for ordinary people who uses ordinary products & gives ordinary reviews or makes ordinary looks using ordinary words... get my drift?

If you don't like my blog, then fine. Don't read it....I won't die if you won't. I won't die if you even said my blog sucks. I do this for fun & i am having fun with beauty blogging. I get to know a lot of products & made a lot of friends. I talk to my readers as if they are next to me because i want to reach out to them. I want them to feel what i feel, see what i see & think about my thoughts.


I did not even bother to put a Disclaimer on my blog since i use words "ME, MY, MINE, I & the likes" which implicates that this is my own opinion. I'll put a disclaimer or warning if not but most of the time i blog about products that i bought using my very own money.

This is because i am a consumer first & foremost.

What the heck, a lot of girls have started from voicing their opinions/recommending products to having their very own line. Lauren Luke already have her make-up line...same with Michelle Phan's IQQU, Bubzbeauty has her very own store now... How did they come up with their own line? Isn't it because they are also consumers & as a consumers, they know exactly what we want? Again, because they can connect to ordinary girls.

In fairness to Sam (the one who wrote the article), she gave some valid points, but how the way she made it sound is very one-sided. What do we call bloggers who are actually MUA since the article is meant for the "general bloggers"? They are the only exclusions, is that so? Because they have used one product to tens of people out there?

Because of the said article, lots of girls are giving out their thoughts & its overwhelming to be able to read what each & everybody thinks about the topic.

I don't know....but it really ruffled my feathers the wrong way. I should look at it in an objective manner, but i can't seem to since she also didn't.

I know that i should not really be affected with such articles, but i was...actually i am. I won't even be able to go to IMATS ever but I'm just 1 of the hundreds...or thousand bloggers out there. I'm not out to make war, my blogger sisters, what im after is just to give my opinion about this.

Since i began rambling, i just have to say that i did not even notice that my blog anniversary had already passed. I wrote my first post February 12 (here) & because i was having so much fun it slipped my mind.

I want to say thank you to everybody who continually supports my blog & doesn't give a damn about how fickle i am & how i talk to my readers & not write professionally. I will continue to do so because im a beauty blogger & is proud to be one!

With that said, i have said all i want to say about this topic.
Sorry if it's so long. I wouldn't call it a rant if it isn't, ne?

I sound like a meanie, but i would just want people to know what i really feel.

How about you?
Are you fickle too?
Do you have a license or qualifications to start blogging?
What are your thoughts?

Tell me...

This time i wouldn't put my usual closing since i'm not really feeling as friendly as i should be. but this one really made me feel better because i have already made my tiny voice be heard all over the internet.

I should just go back to watching Bewitched. Im sure that i'll forget all about this after a couple of good laughs.

Regular blogging will be back right after this.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Nails: Furuba nails

As i was trying to paint my nails early last Saturday for the valentines nail look that i was supposed to do, i saw my fimo clays & decided to play with it. I decided to try & i like it that i sported this look last Sunday instead of THIS.

I won't try to explain what is a Fimo Clay anymore since i really feel that i will murder Sis Nikki's fab explanation of it. You can click HERE to read her amazing post. She is the reason why i bought fimo for my nails. Idol ko kasi si Sis Nikki! (She's my idol!) ..hehe

I bought it over at Ebay, click HERE to see it.

This is what i came up with:

Everything looks so crowded (-__-")

My thumbs looks better because it has a bigger space.

I think i overkill-ed it when i put the glitter polish...
Add the fact that i tried to put all 5 fruits on wonder it does!hehe

But it's ok.

Since this is really pretty eye-catching. I was just wearing a black top, my butterfly earrings & my red lips & i don't need any other accessories anymore because my nails, lips & earrings did it for me last Valentines! & yes, i spent it with bf, & he allowed me to wear bold red lips.
w00t w00t!

A couple of girls commented on how nice my nails are & asked what salon i had them done. I told them that i did it & they were surprised.

Now let's get on with the tut:

  • Start with a base color. I choose a yellow one. you can also go for a light blue or even white.

  • Again, you don't need to use a glitter polish but i did. I used Elena glitter polish then apply it at the top half of your nails.

  • Since i am done with my thumb, i will not be needing a 'full-sized' clays for my nails. This is when all those 'imperfect-cut' fimo's come in handy.

  • I painted my nails with a clear polish/top coat first so that the clays would adhere to it then i start sticking them to my nails like so

  • One by one...

  • By one....

  • Until everything is set according to my preference. When you work with Fimo clays make sure that you really press them to your nails so that it won't stick out. Often times you have to wait for the polish to become tacky to do so.

  • Then top it with a top coat. This is must since it has a tendency to curl up.I suggest you continue to press the clays on the polish just to be sure that everything is set.

If you don't like the feel of hard edges of the clays, then make the top coat thicker. make sure that it's dry before you start doing any chores at all or else your nails will just be ruined.

I have to say that this is a very fun look, but since i'm not really into 3d nails I don't know if i'll be donning this again. But i guess i will once in a while.

"Furuba" is actually an anime/manga title which is 'Fruits Basket' (フルーツバスケット) . I'm an anime-lover & i remembered this one when i was thinking of what to name this nail post. Since this one has a lot of fruits on it so i decided to go for "Fruits Basket" with an abbreviated name for "Furuba" (フルバ) .

Hope you had a great start for your week!

Jaa ne~!

Bf gave me a bracelet & a set of lingerie as a Valentines gift...waahhh!
so sweet!

Of course i won't show you the lingerie, but i have to say that it matches my bracelet..hehe
how fun!

Another update, I hit pan on several items on my project pan.
Yay for me!

I haven't finished everything, but the important is I've hit pan on it..another w00t w00t moment for me! That is why i'm trying my best to be able to get myself a Viva Glam Gaga & Cyndi. When bf & i went to MOA last sunday, i passed by Marionnaud & asked them when will they most likely have it. The SA said that maybe April or May...OMG! i can't wait that long!

That's why i'm doing the best i can to be able to get the Viva Glams. I'm not a fan of Lustres, but i don't mind that this Viva Glam is in Lustre finish. I have to have it! hehe

Anyone living in the US sweet enough to help me?
I've been a real good girl

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Greetings to all + blogger Love

I want to greet everybody a 'Happy hearts day' to those who celebrates Valentines.

May you enjoy the day. I guess for my Koreans/Japanese students, they already have received their chocolates. I find it a very fascinating customs that girls do give chocolates to guys. I would love to be able to do that if i am still studying.

Then for those who celebrate the Lunar New Year, may you have a great start for this year. As what the chinese say "Gong hei fat choi". May everyone have a prosperous year.

As for Koreans, they also celebrate their holiday "Seollal". Im not sure about the greeting though because my korean is very poor... I can't seem to get the knack of learning their language. But i think they say it as 'Sehebok Mani Baduseyo' especially for the elderly. Lots of food..I want to eat Ttoek-guk too...

On the other hand, i received this days ago...

I often see Skin MD being reviewed every now & then that i got so curious with it & i want to try it out for myself. When i made a comment on Sis Aiyoh's page about wanting to try Skin MD she said that i can have the Skin MD samples that she has.


She's so nice!!!
*hugs to Aiyoh*

Thanks girl!

She also sent me a lovely pendant...mecha-kawaii!

Thank you so much, Sis Aiyoh.
You're just so sweet!

Whatever you will be doing, i hope you'll have a happy day!
Just enjoy the weekend & may you have a great one.

Jaa ne~!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Red is the color of Valetines!

Red lips are classic & timeless. So, even though most would probably be donning a pink & soft make-up for a romantic look on V day, I would go for this.

I used to shy away with very bold lips, but there's a certain sexiness that i feel whenever i use red lipstick. It sort of brings out the vampy side in me.

Bold red lips always makes me think of Marilyn Monroe & Dita Von Teese. 2 very alluring & sexy women!

For everyday look, i use just a sheer red. Though whenever i go & meet gfs, i use red lipstick, not with bf though for he doesn't like it.

A simple shirt, earrings plus your bold red lips & your on the go!
You can go from day to night without having to worry about being out-of-place since you are donning the ultimate lady-look.

I like this picture!
I'll definitely be keeping this. Although i look too pale. I guess it's the light.
But then it's ok since i was able to capture the true power of having red lips...
See how easy it is to have a made-up look with just a simple swipe of a lipstick

I used MAC Red & i love it!

I love it so much that im thinking of getting a couple more red shades....maybe Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper? Though it's luster,isn't it? I prefer Satin, amplified Creme or even Matte...

Or maybe Lola Cosmetics..have any of you tried it? I think the packaging of their lipstick is neat but i think it's more expensive than MAC. (-___-")

What's your favorite red lipstick?
any suggestions?

How about you?
Will you go for a simple red lips on V day too?

Hope you all have a great friday!

Jaa ne~!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines nails: i heart you

I have already decided what i would be sporting for my nails this V-day..although im not big on V-day, but it doesn't hurt for my nails to glam up on that day.

But i have to say that this is 1 of the hardest nail design that i did for the time being since it requires a steady hand & i don't really have a steady hand.

I was just playing with my nail art pens & i came up with these. I even showed it to bf & he said that it looked messy but cute in a way. I guess i just overdid it when i loaded it with hearts, but i think the less hearts there are, the better this is.

It's your choice for this...colors & shapes, that is... If you want to know the shade that i used, i used The Face Shop's nail polish in:

So, let's start with the tut:

  • Apply base coat & base color. I forgot to take a pic of my nails while it is just plain, i hope this would do... Again, i just made my ring finger different, but it's your choice.

  • Then paint half of the nails like so....

  • Make sure that the end of your pen doesn't have any dirt or any blockage.

  • Then start making small hearts....

  • The hardest part is to keep a steady hand..

  • It doesn't need to be perfect..just make sure that the shape is distinguishable

  • You can make random heart shapes to your hearts content..

Then apply a plain polish on top, i suggest that you don't use glittered ones since this is already eye catching on it's own. Putting glittered polish will just cover those hearts.

Hope you like this!

Jaa ne~!

Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

I was contacted by B.liv weeks ago to try out their products. I have been so lazy in applying any skin care products lately that i can alrea...