Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Nails: Furuba nails

As i was trying to paint my nails early last Saturday for the valentines nail look that i was supposed to do, i saw my fimo clays & decided to play with it. I decided to try & i like it that i sported this look last Sunday instead of THIS.

I won't try to explain what is a Fimo Clay anymore since i really feel that i will murder Sis Nikki's fab explanation of it. You can click HERE to read her amazing post. She is the reason why i bought fimo for my nails. Idol ko kasi si Sis Nikki! (She's my idol!) ..hehe

I bought it over at Ebay, click HERE to see it.

This is what i came up with:

Everything looks so crowded (-__-")

My thumbs looks better because it has a bigger space.

I think i overkill-ed it when i put the glitter polish...
Add the fact that i tried to put all 5 fruits on wonder it does!hehe

But it's ok.

Since this is really pretty eye-catching. I was just wearing a black top, my butterfly earrings & my red lips & i don't need any other accessories anymore because my nails, lips & earrings did it for me last Valentines! & yes, i spent it with bf, & he allowed me to wear bold red lips.
w00t w00t!

A couple of girls commented on how nice my nails are & asked what salon i had them done. I told them that i did it & they were surprised.

Now let's get on with the tut:

  • Start with a base color. I choose a yellow one. you can also go for a light blue or even white.

  • Again, you don't need to use a glitter polish but i did. I used Elena glitter polish then apply it at the top half of your nails.

  • Since i am done with my thumb, i will not be needing a 'full-sized' clays for my nails. This is when all those 'imperfect-cut' fimo's come in handy.

  • I painted my nails with a clear polish/top coat first so that the clays would adhere to it then i start sticking them to my nails like so

  • One by one...

  • By one....

  • Until everything is set according to my preference. When you work with Fimo clays make sure that you really press them to your nails so that it won't stick out. Often times you have to wait for the polish to become tacky to do so.

  • Then top it with a top coat. This is must since it has a tendency to curl up.I suggest you continue to press the clays on the polish just to be sure that everything is set.

If you don't like the feel of hard edges of the clays, then make the top coat thicker. make sure that it's dry before you start doing any chores at all or else your nails will just be ruined.

I have to say that this is a very fun look, but since i'm not really into 3d nails I don't know if i'll be donning this again. But i guess i will once in a while.

"Furuba" is actually an anime/manga title which is 'Fruits Basket' (フルーツバスケット) . I'm an anime-lover & i remembered this one when i was thinking of what to name this nail post. Since this one has a lot of fruits on it so i decided to go for "Fruits Basket" with an abbreviated name for "Furuba" (フルバ) .

Hope you had a great start for your week!

Jaa ne~!

Bf gave me a bracelet & a set of lingerie as a Valentines gift...waahhh!
so sweet!

Of course i won't show you the lingerie, but i have to say that it matches my bracelet..hehe
how fun!

Another update, I hit pan on several items on my project pan.
Yay for me!

I haven't finished everything, but the important is I've hit pan on it..another w00t w00t moment for me! That is why i'm trying my best to be able to get myself a Viva Glam Gaga & Cyndi. When bf & i went to MOA last sunday, i passed by Marionnaud & asked them when will they most likely have it. The SA said that maybe April or May...OMG! i can't wait that long!

That's why i'm doing the best i can to be able to get the Viva Glams. I'm not a fan of Lustres, but i don't mind that this Viva Glam is in Lustre finish. I have to have it! hehe

Anyone living in the US sweet enough to help me?
I've been a real good girl


xxNikkiDooxx said...

Makes me think of fruit salad. ;)

Askmewhats said...

imperfect fimo clays are perfect no?? I like using the half sized rather than the full sized. Your nails look so pretty! i'm sure you'll get a lot of attention! hot yellow pa! :) Congrats on the wonderful nail job and thanks for the link sis!

- - aika - - said...

wow love it sis :D

// krissy ♥ said...

Wow, I like! :)

I'd like to put some nail art din but I cannot find the time. I won't have work tomorrow, I hope I can squeeze some time to do it before I go to our team building :D

maki said...

omg! it's beautiful

Y said...

i loooovee your nails!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

fruityyyy. lol. Makes me think of the end of Spring going toward Summer. haha. I want to try them out the fimo clays now.... darn nikki! =[

yay! you hit the bottom of the pan... I guess you're keeping up with your project so far =]

locke said...

yummy nails! :) great job :D

*Nehs* said...

super duper pretty! OMG i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love yellow too. where did you get those clay?? they are great!

makeupbaby said...

This is so cute ms thia! You're really creative. My fimo's are just sitting around the drawer,lol. Im having a hard time cutting it kasi e, I always end up with thick slices. Anyway, super love your nails!

Belated happy v-day sis!

-AnGiEpInK- said...

wow.. nice!!.. love it.. very creative.. ^_^..

Elsa said...

i so love, love, love your nails sis!!!!! i hope i could make one too... more nail post!!!

oOchaOo said...

OMG! your nails are so lovely and fruity! hehe. i would love to have that design on mine too hehe *inggit mode*

im waiting too for the viva glam cyndi.tagal pa pala hehe. :p

☆Anastacia☆ said...

So nice idea! Such summery style! Looks so nice and fun!

Golden said...

Your nails look so yummy? Haha! Reminds me of the Carribean.

Lots of love,

Senita Tang said...

Hehe I like the fruits with yellow! Reminds me of summer! X)

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