Monday, February 01, 2010

Crack me up! cracking nail polish!

How's the weekend,ladies? I had a pretty busy one..but it was fun! I met with a gf & went shopping..again! But i won't do a haul post anymore..hehe. This post is dedicated to a product that caused an excitement over my blog.

I have been receiving a lot of inquiries about this nail polish. Well, i totally understand, ladies. Up until now, i am still flabbergasted with this polish. It really cracks!

This is 1 of the quickest nail arts ever & you don't even have to have a steady hand to do it. Im not a fan of nail stamps, though i have to say that it is also fascinating. I would call anything that was done with love as an art no matter how crappy it is. It's the effort & time that counts for me. No offense for those who use nail stamps though..

I have made an introduction about it HERE.

I think my information is still not enough, but since i've been asked a lot of times, i decided to post it now. I haven't seen any post like in on the net though that's why im pressured to at least provide a decent amount of information hence i did my researched. Personally, im not yet satisfied with the information that i have but since i have received endless request for this, so im making this post for you guys...

Featuring the Elena nail polish from Beauty Concept Inc...

It is marketed as a nail polish that is environment-friendly. This is imported from Taiwan & have been used on salons. But they decided to make it available in public therefore, this is just a new product on the market. The company don't even have any information available on the internet. (-__-")

For those who have tried putting nail polish on a styrofoam, you would notice that it would actually eat up/melt the styro. Not with the Elena nail would just sit there & not do a thing about the styro....don't believe me?

Here is the proof... I have a couple of nail polishes that i've swatched...the ones at the top are from my stash & they are brands that i am currently using. If you want to know what are the brands, just drop me an email, but i won't post it here.

See how the Elena nail polish are just sitting at the top & didn't melt it? Awesome,huh?

Because of this, it makes it kid-friendly. You won't need to worry about kids using your nail polish. Oh, One thing too about this polish is that it doesn't smell bad...I mean, you know how a bottle of polish smells like..well, guess what..this one doesn't smell like any ordinary polish.

Their polish smells different from the others. I won't say that it smells THAT good, but it smells way better than the rest. They even have their Aromatic nail polishes. Their usual nail polish are aromatic..their crack polish just smells different from the rest, but it doesn't smell as bad as other brands. Another plus factor is that it dries really fast!

Here is a copy of their brochure

This is the most interesting part about it...

Anyways, these are the colors of their polish. I've circled the crack nail polishes. They have 5...I only got 2 though...the black & red

As for their crack nail polish, the only thing i can say is that i find it very handy especially for those who have short nails & doesn't have much space for doing nail arts. This is just how short my nails are now.

I didn't buy their regular polish because the other polishes that i have works fine as a base color. But when i talked to their CS, they said its better to use their regular line as base colors, because not only do they dry fast (it does dry really fast when i tried it!), but the surface makes it ideal for the crack polish to adhere to. But since, i have a lot of other polish, so i don't see a need.

Their solvent is just alcohol... Meaning, if you notice that your polish is getting all gooey & chunky, just use a few drops of 90% alcohol to stabilize it. I bought it at their stall too...

So, i'll show you how it cracks up... I used a yellow polish so that you can get to see the color contrast & the process...

First, you paint your nails with a base color...

Make sure that the base color is dry before you apply the crack nail polish...I did the rest of my fingers so that you get to see how it fares. The pointer finger is meant for photo shoot. Feel free to click the pic for larger image.

There ya go, that's just 1 coat! ..all red & shiny... Let's wait until it starts cracking up.

It's already starting..can you see the small crack at the base of my nail? To make the process faster, i started blowing on my nails...You don't have to do that, i just did it to make it fast..hehe

Whoopsie...cracks getting bigger now!

Ok, there ya go, you can already see the crack,right?

*blows harder*
come on! crack up some more!
*blows harder*
*blows the hardest*

There ya go!

All done! Just make sure that you apply a top coat to keep it from chipping.

This is the 'im busy busy doing my nails but too lazy to do it' type of art. Just apply it..wait until it cracks, top it off with a clear polish/top coat then you're done.

The edges are dirty, but it doesn't matter since i find that using soap & water in removing the excess works better than nail polish remover.


Will i buy it again?
I definitely would..Maybe not the crack nail polish, but their other line as well. If its safe enough for the kids, then its way safer for me.

  • doesn't smell bad
  • dries fast
  • kid-friendly
  • environment-friendly
  • uses alcohol as solvent...that's how gentle this is!
  • available only in Landmark Trinoma ( they don't even have online store! geeezzz!!!!)
As for the price, I don't know whether to put it as pros or cons since it's priced for Php 199.95 (approx .4.50). Here in the Philippines, a regular local nail polish is priced at Php 20-40 at the most. Some might consider paying Php 200 is way too much for a bottle. That's why im leaving the price for you to decide.

At first i said to myself that it's a bit pricey for a bottle of polish, but after using it & realized the pros, i consider it as a good find & definitely a keeper.

Im not sure if this is available in other countries. I tried asking for it when i called them but said that they're not sure too. I'll probably say that it's not available in US...

If you are not satisfied with the information that i have, im sorry about it. I am also not satisfied but since i have received endless request, so try to put up with this for the mean time. You can holla at me on my e-mail for any suggestions or what.

The next time someone say 'crack me up'..i could just whip up my Elena crack nail polish & apply it on their!

Hope you all have a great start for your week!

Jaa ne~!

Im having trouble with my posts are always late in posting. it would take at least 3 hours before my post would show up on the dashboard. I posted this 2:15pm & it showed up at around 5:05pm. (-___-")

what the fudge?!

The blogs that im following are not being shown, i mean not all of 'em...That's why i end up missing some of your posts. if i didn't comment, it doesn't mean i ignored it, Im just not aware...
Anybody having troubles like I do?

I was not asked to make a post of this from the company. In fact, they did not even respond to my email when i asked information. I called them to ask for more info, but that's it. Products shown here are purchased by me, myself & i. They did not pay me or in any way affiliated with it. this is just my honest opinion.


Ahleessa said...

That's such a cool nail polish! I have never seen anything like that before... hehe~

I'll definitely review the sheet masks! :)

- - aika - - said...

wow this is an interesting nail polish im amazed :D

Sherry said...

so pretty sis, pretty lazy to play nail polish as getting darker eye bags now

☆Anastacia☆ said...

WouWoW! So impressed by this product!
Looks amazing! Just gorgeous!
Why won't you do hauls any more?

oOchaOo said...

wow! i love that you included lots of pictures for us to see how it cracks hehe :)

and yes, sometimes my dashboard is messed up too :( the post updates are late~~

// krissy ♥ said...

Oh wow my apartment is near TriNoma lang, I should drop by this week! Thanks for introducing me to this product Thiamere, I love jazzing up my nails and this certainly is a very unique way to do so! :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

it really cracks and yet so pretty! :)

nikkiz. said...

eto pala yun dapat kong tingnan sa Landmark and I was just there last Friday. Gotta go back there. Thanks for this post sis, very informative. P199 isn't so bad for a bottle of imported polish.

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow thanks for sharing,wow this is fantastic I love the cracking process hehe, I would just sit there and watch my nail polishes crack hehe :)

Fifi said...

oh lol cool stuff!!

Askmewhats said...

I've heard so much about these cracked polishes and your cracked nails look really pretty! same with you, I am not a fan of nail stamps :)

Sush said...

ooohhh that is neat! i want!!! too bad i dont go to trinoma (ive never been there 0.0 how lame am i? haha) soo cool, now contemplating on heading to trinoma haha

lipton|TEE said...

Thanks for the information I was searching high and low on the internet for some info after reading your first post and I couldn't find anything anywhere. I'm so sad that they don't sell it in the US. Maybe I can find someone to do a swap with and get it that way. Once again thank you very much for this, it was very helpful.

jehan said...

wow! this is really cool.
manicure/pedicure/nail art here are so expensive (like $25-35).
so my friends and i just do our nails, unless we find other pinays who are really good at it and ask them to do it for us.
if ever, you'd definitely get richer here for your skill.. haha...

ThRiSzHa said...

this is really cool.. I would def. like to try this crack polish brand..I love stamping nail art for it give a salon finish and its so easy to make some designs on ur nails and its more trendy...try the water marble technique too its really easy and fun to do....

Beauty Concept said...

Thanks for writing about our products. and for the online store. we are working on it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

It is rather interesting for me to read the article. Thanx for it. I like such themes and anything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely want to read more soon. By the way, pretty nice design your blog has, but what do you think about changing it every few months?

Anonymous said...

good day! this is mia,it really amazed me when the salon offer me to try,at first im hesitant because the price is higher but later i appreciate it thanks

rosey said...

hi sis! linked this post on my blog here-

hope it's ok, let me know. =) thanks.

-rosey (rose crizaldo from fab ur nails)

Grace Arreza said...

Do you know an online store who sell the cheap cracking nail polish like that? I really want to buy

Hitchfish said...

hi Beauty Concept!!! its me Mayet...may online selling keu??? regards to all and more success =)

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