Thursday, February 04, 2010

Valentines nails: swirly hearts

First of all, i want to express my gratitude for those who showed support for my Project 10 pan. It means so much to me knowing that my lovely blogger friends are supporting me in this big challenge that i posted for myself. Thank you so much! I will do my best to not be influenced no matter how yummy your hauls are..hehehe. I'll just satisfy my cravings by looking at yours. XD

It's not yet weekend but i decided to do my nails the other day for the upcoming valentines. I would just want t o put up some nail designs before the big day so that if you are planning to do some arts on your date you would have some choices.

Let me start it first with a swirly heart design. i think this is simple yet eye-catching. If you remember my swirly & funky design, this is just a different version of it. This post would just have a mini tut since i have posted a full tut on the 1st one so you might want to check it first.

This is a real quick way to make a fun design.

Sorry if this looks messy since i haven't cleaned the edges yet. Goes to show how messy i am when i do my nail designs..hehe..& this is sort of just like a draft...will glam it up when i feel like doing this design sometime.

Again, check the swirly & funky so that you would have an idea how to do it (although i think thi sis easy).

Let's start:
  • As always, apply a base coat & your base color. Since this is meant for valentines so i just choose a red base.

  • With a choice of your nail art pen, make sure that the edge of your pen is clean

  • Start making a swirl then extend it so that it would serve as half of the heart...then do it with the other half. Randomize it...You don't need to do a uniform one..The more random it is, the better!

  • Add some smaller designs at the edges

There ya go...a quick & easy design that won't require perfection...I did my ring fingernail different just to give it an edge..

Hope you like this.

Jaa ne~!


Anonymous said...

aaw that's cute and romantic :)..kudos for your etude nail art pen ..I saw your previous NOTD posts I'm impressed! galing!

Askmewhats said...

very very cute nail art design! i love it

Dina (XYYan) said...

the swirl hearts are so pretty!

oOchaOo said...

i wish my hands are more steady so that i can do that cute nail art too!! :)

Anonymous said...

hi sis.... u really did well when it comes to nail painting....this one rocks! hope u have a very romantic date with your guy....

// krissy ♥ said...

Aww, this is a really cute design! I want to do my nails like this for Valentine's! :D

Chrissy said...

Good luck with Proj. 10 Pan, sis! Sige ako rin sali! Hehehe. Promise, after dumating nung binili ko sa blog sale. x.x

Cute ng design, I wanna do it too but I don't have a nail art pen! I'll save up for it na lang.

Golden said...

Haha! Nakakatawa yung comment mo sis. Wow, you really have a talent. Wala akong creativity pag dating sa mga nail arts.

Lots of love,

audrey said...

oh really?? thank you so much for your comment :) i'm very happy to read that ^^
anyway, i love your nail art, so cute<3
have a great day (or night lol)

drey jewelry.

Madz said...

Why did I see this just now? Soo pretty! I need to buy a white nail art pen first, good thing I saw Etude House open in SM Fairview already. Great nail art Thia! :)

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