Since most of my readers asked me questions about common things so i decided to do a FAQ to address the common acne concerns that i keep on receiving. I'm planning to start a mini series on my blog about acne mainly since most of my new readers are being diverted to my blog because of acne-related stuff. I have received tons of messages & emails from my readers asking me about my blog posts. I'm really stoked every time i read them because it makes me feel like a part of each & everyone.

It's quite overwhelming to answer everyone so i am hoping that this series of posts that i'll be doing for the next couple of weeks would be helpful. I am of course standing up to what i said about getting to know your skin. I learned it the hard way to always make sure that you go with the basics & do not let others dictate what you thought is best for you.

I am glad to be included in a blog campaign to promote awareness about acne. I am hoping that through this,i'll be able to help you, all, in dealing with your acne problems.

1. Help! My acne is really bad. What products can i use?
-I have experienced acne too & i know how it makes a person feel so low about his/her skin. I could say "been there,done that" already but it was a very tough journey,indeed. If you have read my blog from the start (which i very much doubt.hehe) i have clear skin to start with, so my "acne days" are well-documented here. You can back read some of my early posts to see what are the products that i have tried & my thoughts about them.

Now, one thing that i wanted to point out first is that the time when i had my acne, i'm already an adult. Suffice to say, what i dealt is adult acne. I'm not a pro but i know that there's a difference between young skin to developed skin already.

So, i keep on repeating again & again that what works for me might not work for you. Use products at your own discretion.

2. Ok, i've been warned, but what products worked for you?
-I will proudly say that Orange Peel & L-Glutathione Soap was the best among the lot of soaps that i have tried so far. My pictures can justify this.
Full Review - click HERE
Post Review - click HERE

I've been acne-free ever since & have been loyal to it ever since. I have tried other soaps for a while but i keep coming back to this just because it works so well on my skin.

3. How about skin lightening soaps? What do you recommend?
-I have tried lots of skin lightening products not really because i wanna bleach my skin or go 10 shades lighter than my natural skintone but i wanted to get rid of the dark spots/blemishes during the time that i had my acne.
Kojie-san has been the most popular post that i ever wrote. i would have to say that kojie-san has been the soap that lightened my skin the fastest compare to others.

4. Have you tried going to facial clinics to try any facial procedure to address your acne?
-No, i haven't & i probably won't.

5. Do you use any creams/serums/essences as a part of your skincare routine during your acne days?
-I did use some but nothing that really made a difference. Again, on my post about "how i broke the breakout cycle", i pointed out that piling on products just makes my acne worse. I am still sticking with that. I try not to put on anything on my face if i can get away with it.

I know that most people will just say that i have to slather on moisturizers or whatever because it is the SOP but i don't care. I am listening to what my skin says & if it says that it hates this or that, then i don't use it.

Pls take some time in reading my acne diary that i made especially for you.
Entry 1:Nurture vs Nature
Entry 2:Skin vs Food
Entry 3:Acne Sucks
Entry 4:Putting on a Face
Entry 5:Kicking the Habit
Entry 6:At the Beginning

Good luck to your acne-bustering adventures!

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