Saturday, December 15, 2012

Acne Diary - Entry 5:Kicking the Habit

Week 5 already?!
Wow! I can't believe how fast time flies.

As i go along the journey of going back on my acne experience & giving tips & pointers about how to handle it & what you should know about it, i just really thought how harrowing it was to really have acne. I won't go into details about it because sometimes you won't really know it until you had experience it.

Now that i'm really way past the acne period, 1 thing that i want you all to remember is that, even if you know what causes your acne but you did not do something to that then it's just pointless. Once you have traced the root of the problem, the only thing that is clear now is to change your habit.

Kick the old one & start anew.
I did this & i never regretted it.
Sometimes it's just what you need.

Again, i did not follow those so called "SOPs" (standard operating procedures) because it doesn't work for me. So i stopped trying to do the SOPs & i started with what agreed with me. Check out my previous post because it's really more of a kicking the habit-like.

It's the moisturizer for me. It is what doesn't agree with my skin.
I quite using any added moisture on my face & let my natural oils do the job. It works! As simple as that!
No matter how it's been advised that it is a must to use moisturizer, it is just not for me.

Trust me, i know. I have tried tons of them & i just end up ditching them anyway. I use sunblocks & essences but heavy moisturizers are a definite no-no. My oil glands are active so why should i let them quit their work when they're supposed to work? lol!

Honestly, at this point i stopped using beauty soaps for now, as i am doing the duration of my acne diary.
For those who read my entries, you know that i am a big fan of 1 soap, but i stopped using it just because i wanted to see if my acne would come back. I have a big zit on my forehead now, but it's nothing alarming because it happens every now & then especially when my womanly thing happens. Aside from that, my skin is doing well. As long as i don't put on moisturizers & i wash my face regularly then everything is going well. yay!

This is something that i learned the hard way.
I know by now how my skin reacts to moisturizers. If you would be able to find out what makes your skin react resulting to acne then good!

One more thing that i want to point out is to not put on make-up when your skin is breaking out. I know that there had been lots of non-comedogenic products that you can use. I also know how badly you want to cover it, but please do not make it worse by clogging your skin.

Let your skin breathe!
I think this is something that doesn't need any scientific explanation,right?
Too much of something is bad, this goes not just for this but over all.

I'll put in some things that you might want to check, this might help you in finding the cause of your acne.

  • lack of sleep
  • pimple popping
  • not cleaning your skin thoroughly
  • products that clogs your pores
  • not getting rid of excess oil
  • products that doesn't suit your skin type
Hope that you would be able to find the cause... stop the old routine & start a new one.
As always, this is a part of the Truth Seeker campaign that is made to help us ward off acne.

Have a happy saturday,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

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