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Acne Diary - Entry 4:Putting on a Face

I'm already on my entry 4 for my Acne Diary. How am i doing so far?
If you haven't read my past entries, feel free to browse them HERE.

This time i want to focus on the home remedies that you & I have tried. I'm sure you have tried tons & tons of remedies that most probably didn't work on you,right? The need to look for things that have been passed down from one person (or maybe even generations?) to another is just so irresistible to us. I know because i have been there & i've tried (if not all) almost everything.

Wait, let me try & remember the things that i've used on my face the time when i still had my acne:

I'm not really sure if i had tried other things as well (i'm betting that i did since i'm all for natural that time) because now i can't quite remember all of it but these are what i can think of right now.

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I will not say that these home remedies do not work.
Some does!
Tomato mask is something that agreed on my skin. Though i have to say that the preparation for it is time-consuming.. same with other home remedies.

Why would these home remedies actually exist if it doesn't work?
I'm keeping an open-mind to this one. It could have worked for others. Again, everyone had different skin. My skin is different than your skin, this im sure of. If Tea Tree Oil didn't work for me, i'm sure that it worked for someone else. The thing that made people think why home remedies just doesn't work for them could be because they haven't found one that would agree on them.

Now, don't get me wrong on this & scour your kitchen right after reading that one,ok?
Because one thing that i wanna point out is that by the time that you most probably had found the home remedy that could (take note, i'm using the word COULD) work for you, chances are, your acne might have already escalated from bad to worse! No one wants that!

If only i had someone telling me this the time that i had acne, i would have been able to prevent it from getting worse. Sometimes, finding a remedy that could work for you is just not worth it. Especially the time that i used the OCM method. argh!

Every time i remember how my skin reacted to it i can't help but feel the remorse coursing in my veins because it just made my acne worse. It went from stage 1 to stage 5!

Please, spare yourself that by not giving in to EVERY THING that you have been reading. Again, im NOT saying that they won't work. It's just that using it alone might not be the best thing for the meantime.

I don't want to sound a hypocrite by boycotting home remedies because i have used it & some worked on me. I just want you to be aware of things that you have to consider when you decide to do it. I would highly suggest that you use at least 1 clinically-proven product together with it so that you will at least have something to counteract a bad reaction that you might get from the remedy that you have chosen.

Take for example the time when i used OCM (i still can't get over this!haha).
I know i am applying raw oil on my face, i'm aware of that, i just do not know the danger of it. I should have really made sure that i completely stripped my skin off of the oil by using an anti-bacterial soap afterward. There's nothing wrong with taking an extra step just to make sure that i got my bases covered,right?

But no, i just followed it exactly how they said i should be doing the OCM. The awful thing is that i use it 2x a day so just imagine how suffocated my skin had been. I'm already oily to start with (plus the fact that i live in a hot country) & i just had to add more oil on it. How stupid did i get?!

Oh well, now i know better.
So i am also telling you, hunnies, that you have to choose wisely if you really are planning on doing home remedies.

Do not just decide on something because someone said it worked for them. Do your research. Consider your skin type. Think hard on the logic behind it. Do not be swayed by what you read on the internet. You can test it first on a small patch of your skin prior to fully doing it. It may be natural but be aware that you are applying something raw on your skin.

I know for a fact that i got rid of my acne by NOT using home remedies. So do not be totally dependent on it. An actual product with proper ingredient is still needed to put acne away effectively (based on a quote that i got it from) because it's true!

Clinically-proven kits could be effective provided that you know what ingredients it has & you know that it worked for you. I have tried lots of acne-fighting kits but not all of them worked. I know that they have been formulated especially for acne but for some reason they just didn't work... or am i just freaky this way? lol!

There are hundreds of home remedies out there. Just do not try all of them Be on the realistic side because not all of them will work on you. Trust me on this. Natural is good, but sometimes it's just not worth it.

I am enjoying this blog campaign that i am in right now which is the Truth Seeker. I'm glad that people appreciate my acne diary. the time & effort it takes to write every single post is well-worth. Let's all fight acne. You can get rid of it with proper know-how & guide.

Well, i'm off to enjoy my weekend.
Hope you will too!
Have a happy one.
Jaa ne~!

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Ai Chusyu said...

Oh my goodness!!! Thinking about your post about OCM is really scary huhuh. I have oily skin so I can relate, and I couldn't even think of putting olive oil on it I feel like I can't breathe properly hahaah!

The only thing that gets rid of whatever acne or pimple I have is the Queen Helen Mint Julep and the HHN Sunflower Beauty oil combined (SBO is lighter than other oils!) which I know you've heard of already.

Tea tree oil from watsons didn't work for the BF as well but I haven't tried it on me. We are currently on the HadaLabo Tamagohada cleansers and moisturizers and so far it's doing its job for now.

I hope you finally find THE ONE cure! <3 let us know~ !

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