Friday, August 28, 2009

oil cleansing method (OCM) ~ a natural way to clean your skin~

After 2 months of being a draft, i finally finished this! *whew*

This post would be another installment for my home remedies post. As what i said i prefer to use natural ingredients on my skin rather than buy all those expensive stuff...especially if natural & organic is way better than them..

Did you ever ask yourself why Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil is such a great cleanser?
We have heard so much about it...lots of raves about how it really cleanse the skin. But have you've ever stopped & think what is the major ingredient on it that made it that great?

I did!
& guess's oil! ( if the name didn't indicate that it IS oil!)
ok....i know..i know..olive oil removes makeup..i use it too..
most of the eye makeup removers out there have OIL on them to help remove "even the waterproof mascaras"..sounds familiar,eh?

Now that i got your attention, let me tell you first the boring detail of how i found out about this one...

I wouldn't have known this up til i started using Castor oil for my lashes. I first heard of it being used by Karma Cee's post on why her lashes are long. And i believed her because you can see the results! Her lashes are great!

I forgot all about it up until i went to Watson's & saw the bottle of Castor i grabbed it as a gift for my lashes. Before i actually started using it, i made a research about it, which then lead me to the OCM - which stands for the Oil Cleansing Method.

I know that some of you uses Olive Oil to remove makeup..which i guess is actually better for its more natural rather than makeup removers. But i guess its pretty hard to remove all the traces of it unless you put a gunk of facial wash or soap then scrub your face hard, which would just result in doing more damage to your skin.

You can click HERE for the full info.

Ok, after the lengthy introduction, its time for the how-to's (i know you've all been waiting for this..sorry about all the blah blah XD) in doing the OCM

Here's the how to:
  • castor oil
  • olive oil
  • small bottle to store your oil mixture
The mixture should depend on your skin...
if you have a normal type of skin, then it should be 50-50 (50%olive oil, 50%castor oil)...
if you have dry skin, add more olive oil than castor 70%Oo & 30%Co...
it should be the opposite for oily skin...add more Castor 70%Co & 30% Oo...

This is a trial & error sort of measurement...see what works for you...

Now this is how i prepared mine...

  • i measure castor oil & put it on my empty bottle, i just used the cap.
  • i put 7 capfuls of castor oil on it
  • then olive oil...
  • this time i put 3 capfuls of it
  • then i added tea tree oil too (though this is optional)
  • this would be how it looks like
number 1 - olive oil - is lighter & more runny in texture than castor oil
number 2 - castor oil - is thicker than olive oil
number 3 - tea tree oil
  • then shake it!
Now for my opinion...

OCM is a good natural way to cleanse your skin., but remember you are applying RAW OIL. If you did not rinse this completely, you'll end up with blocked pores that can become cystic acne later on...


Maybe you'll ask me what was the effect of this on my skin.
Did it really made my skin clear like how some sites advertised this?
Is this a fool-proof way to achieve clear smooth skin?
Is it really like how people raved it?

This is MY own opinion:

When i tried this out, i massaged my face for a long time because you can really feel those beads of dirt coming out of your the blackheads. I can really feel my face being cleansed, grime being removed, skin feeling soft... So i 'rinsed' it out based on how IT is supposed to, that I have to put a hot towel on the face so to open up the pores & the oil will be removed (you can click the link here to read more about it, i won't add it here because it will just make my post longer than it already is.hehe).

Big mistake!

It's been said by OCM too that oil can only be removed naturally by oil.So why did i expect that putting a hot towel can actually remove it?! But i still did & i ended up having cystic acne! eekkkk!

A couple of reason can be the culprit:
  • i have super oily skin (ill let you know how on my upcoming posts)
  • i live on a very humid place
  • i was not able to remove all of the oil completely
  • i did not 'close' my pores right after opening it up
I stopped doing it because i wanna work on my cystic acne first, that's why i used Kojie-san. After realizing all of the reasons, i try to see if i can make it work out on me. I found out that i have to do all of the steps, but
  • NEVER forget to wash my face with soap, just to make sure that there are no traces of oil left on my face.
  • 'close' my pores by rinsing my face with cold water
I still used the mixture everytime i feel some blackheads on my face & it does help remove the blackheads which is good.. I don't use this as my regular cleanser anymore.

Now on my research i found out that this works better for those who lived in cold places. For those who lived in humid places, you have to be some researches. You might find my 'opinion' as lacking, it's because i have so many things to say but don't know where to start. But feel free to ask any questions on the comment section.

Each of us have different skin, what works for others might not work on you.

Now, ill try to answer your questions as much as i can, but im no pro.

I haven't updated my hairstyle101 section yet. I'll try to update it with this big bun


Hope y'all have a nice day!

Jaa ne~!


Unknown said...

this is an awesome post. its good to try new things for the skin especially the natural ones.

im sorry it didnt work out for you. it really sounds like a really good solution.

i dont think would work on me coz i have really oily skin. I wish it would though.

Anastacia said...

I like this hair bun! Looks so cute!
Isthis Celeteque bottle? I'm gonna use that too for home made mix.medium :)
I lik oils too :) very gently make-up remover I think.
Olive oil is the best Yay!

Jem said...

@ becky
yeah i agree...
i learned it the hard way to be extra careful on what you put on the skin what works great for others doesn't work for everybody

@ anastacia
yeah, its the small celeteque bottle
i do a tut sometime for the bun

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I loved reading this post
& I was actually really looking forward to it since you had mentioned the OCM a little while ago
This was very informative :)
Idk if I'd try it, but it was just nice to know some info about the oil cleansing method!

Camille Santos said...

i was curious din sa OCM..but i am too afraid to try it kasi nga oily face ako saka panu kung di ko maremove yung oils hehe

AskMeWhats said...

thats a great way to create your own cleansing oil! that's very nice of you to share..your hair is too cute! Like Anime!

Anonymous said...

Hi, come back to fluff! We miss you :)

Aivee-chan said...

eh i put a post here but it didnt come up

I said i've found a new use for olive oil i bought to try pasta recipe but never did n its jus sitting there. :)

Jem said...

@ dana
im not sure if it will work out for you, but if you decided to do it, let me know

@ shobe
hmm..i guess if you;ll use once in a while its ok..provided you really rinse ALL of the oil!

@ nikki
ill make the tut as soon as i can

xoladiihoneyxo said...

great tutorial! and nice bun. lol.

Did you know that in soap bar, there's oil in them? lol. Yup! Pretty much all the products you use to clean yourself up (not just for makeup) contains the ingredient oil in it.

Golden said...

I use Extra Virgin Olive oil as my eye makeup remover. I also use it as my body oil. I heard about the oil cleansing method before but I am too afraid to try it because I'm prone to acne like you. BTW sis, how's your face? I hope Kojie San was able to get rid of those acne.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

you are genius and awesome girl :D .I LOVE HOW you do a review can i say perfect hehe.di lang puro cons pros kasawa na yun mga reviewers ooops lol (malamang may magalit sakin nito lol)

thia pwede din kaya tong make up remover and then himalos na lng ng water. parang mas gusto ko to kaysa sa baby oil :D

donnarence said...

love this post very informative.. i was thinking of doing this,, natatakot lang ako sa consequence like zits kasi mabili akong magkapimples lately.. huhuhu.. love the bun jem!! mwah

Jem said...

@ linda
& with that, oil is really one of the basic things that we use all around us

@ golden
the blemishes that i have before is clearing up. the kojie-san soap review is coming up

Jem said...

@ louie
it makes me really happy nmn
actually most girls use olive oil in removing eyemakeup, more so because it conditions the lashes & the eye area.

@ donna
you can try it out too...just try it out once, make sure that you RINSE everything
i guess your skin is affected because of stress... :(

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