Thursday, May 28, 2009

~flaky gradient nail~

Remember my post last week about the gradient nail?
if you were not able to see that nail, you might want to take a look HERE

As i promised, i will do the tutorial on that nail look. And I will use the Revlon top coat because i want to put it to the ultimate test. Actually mom asked me why i put nail polish since im gonna be doing the laundry... that's the main reason!...I'll be comparing it with the top coat that is available locally here in the philippines (Caronia Fast dry Top Coat).
So, i'll post my thoughts after a few days of how it goes.

this is my first nail tutorial! wow!

I haven't mastered doing a gradient look by combining polishes or layering so this is what i did.
All credit goes to Asami Ramirez. Her post was so informative & have a clear instruction of how she did it. She's amazing! Make sure you visit her site for more nail designs,etc..

So, let's get this over with....
Things needed would be:
  • white acrylic
  • base coat
  • top coat
  • any color of base coat you would like to use (i used black so that you would see the contrast of colors)
& the key in making the flakes would be this:

  • a sponge - i just cut a small piece off our dishwashing
Yep! a sponge...if you take a closer at it, a sponge got that little holes that is perfect for stamping. If you want a more defined mark/holes, then use a sponge with bigger 'holes'....

I have a tube of acrylic because i've done a couple of paintings before.
Maybe you are going to ask me....'why acrylic? can i not use nail polish?'
I'll tell you why by taking a look at this pic:

If you use acrylic, the color is much more intense + it dries faster than polish. What i did was put a bit of acrylic on the paper & a drop of polish, then dip the ends of the sponge on each then pat it on black surface (this is black leather). If you don't have acrylic, you can use nail polish, it's just that you have to wait a bit until it becomes tacky. Make sure you spread it first so that the sponge will be coated with it evenly.

So,let's start the tutorial:
  • Start with clean nails...apply a base coat (in my case i actually apply cuticle oil first then the base coat.
  • Then apply the choice of your base polish, in this case, it's black...Wait until it dries...

  • On a piece of paper, spread the acrylic (or polish).

  • Then stamp it on the nails...Starting from the tip, up until the end! Stamp with all you've got until you achieved the desired effect.

  • Apply top coat & you're done!

I put Revlon on my left hand & Caronia on the other..i'll let you know what happens after a week.

You can practice first on a sheet of paper so that you get the hang of doing it before actually putting it on your nails.

then don't forget to take pictures & show us your gradient nails!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~a little announcement~

Hey,girls, check out Makeup Mix shop they have the Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Lipcolor

You can grab it at a discounted price!

It retails for $10 but you get it at $6.50
or better yet, if you buy it now, you can have it only for $5.53...
& to think its a new release by Revlon!

good deal,right?

So click that link & get one!

Its a liquid lipstick!
  • Food-proof lipcolor with a built-in, ultra-conditioning topcoat
  • One-step application- No topcoat required for comfortable wear
  • Stays comfortable and wears beautifully for up to 12 hours
  • Does not feather or fade; no touch-ups required, even after meals
  • Available in 20 full-coverage, soft satin shades
To Use: Apply a thin, even layer to clean, bare lips and wait until dry.
To Remove: Use any oil-based makeup remover or cleanser.

mini haul

Went to the bank yesterday because my grandma asked me to...& i just have to stopped by the nearest mall to buy some falsies & green eyeshadows. I'll be using the green shadows on my next contest entry....

I just have to hoard up on falsies since i don't have any left...

Im letting my lashes take a break from mascara because i noticed that my lashes are falling... v_v

I don't want anything happening to it since i have short ones...have to make sure that i take care of them. So instead of using mascara i'll just have to use falsies for the meantime... I apply oil on them...seeing as how some beauty bloggers say that applying oil on them can make lashes sure hope so! i don't have castor oil, i do have mineral oil, but i prefer to use extra virgin olive oil because i think for me its the best kind out there.

Passed by on Revlon counter then i saw this top coat so i decided to buy it. Let's see if this a good one...My nails are growing & a few more days & i think ill be able to do the 'flaky-gradient nail' tutorial....

Then i purchased 2 local products by Fashion 21 & Fanny Serrano...a concealer & mineral blush.
Fanny Serrano concealer was awarded Cosmopolitan Beauty.... Then again i saw the mineral blush & was uber curious i bought it..

I don't know if i'll use it for myself though...or maybe just include it on my contest in the near future..


Monday, May 25, 2009

Alter Ego Contest entry

An Alter Ego contest....
interesting,ain't it?

Good thing that Posey extended her contest because i was able to make one. Actually i've been thinking & thinking of a good look to come up with...add the fact that my skin is not cooperating lately because aside from my zits, my complexion is a bit dull plus my hair is dry...arrrgghhh!!!!

I almost give up, until late last night when i was playing with my palette that an idea just occurred to me...wham! my fingers keep on blending & blending until i reached the perfect look that i wanna do. Wanna know what it is...? I tried my best to cover up my dullness...but i can't do anything about the hair... T_T

Now its time for my entry...

Let me tell something about myself first.

I was born in a religious, conservative family where i was sent to study in a catholic school all my life...went to a catholic all-girls college. I grew up with my mom pounding on me that simplicity is beautiful.

So when it comes to make up, i opt for simple one..though i still do colors, but not that much. i only put makeup when i do blog post or when i go out for friendly dates or when with bf...

Mostly i use lip balm, eyeliner, mascara,gold or peach shadow just to even out my lids, concealer & a smile. I think smiling is the best way to look beautiful,ne? I never cared that much about foundation either because i perspire a lot & i have a very oily skin. I hate it when makeup oxidizes!

As for using red lipstick...nope..actually i only had one...ii's the Lancome Le Rouge Absolu, which i think is in Rogue Ambre (which i wasn't even able to use until it harden & cant be used anymore).

Therefore, i present my simple me:

I look horrible...
i can't believe im sharing this pic..i look like i wasn't even wearing any makeup at all!uurrkkk!

This pic was taken by a friend when we went to eat out together to celebrate both of our bdays...
It was taken i think a year or two not sure, but it was a couple of months ago. I put this one here to show how i stick to my simple routine. If i remember it right, i was wearing a peach blush, nivea lip balm, a light sweep of peach e/s, eyeliner & mascara. That's it! but again it doesn't even look like im wearing anything...

Then this was with my friend, Cat. (hiya,girl!)
Again, i was just wearing lip balm, a grayish-brown liner, gold e/s , mascara & bronzer...
Its only now that i notice that i look way to white here...i guess its just because of the light & the fact that im wearing black?

So, recreating the look that i did on my 2 photos, i will look like this:

This is how i look now (as in NOW) because im gonna go somewhere.
I just put a peach shadow, liner, mascara, blush, rice powder & lip balm.. im good to go!

Not much,huh?
It's only lately that i get to wear more colors....but mostly for everyday, i just go for a simple almost-nothing (well...concealer is a must!) look.

In contrast to that, there is this foxy vixen who is struggling to get out...rawr!
A persona who wanted to actually just loose all inhibitions & be one with the evil world...har har har! (very Maleficent-like....*hints on my next post*)

So how would you define this?
Its gotta be a cold & tough valkyrie who eats nails for!

This was my attempt at a sultry bad girl look:
Argh! i hate how dull i looked...Have you ever had a time when your skin looks so dull & you can;t do anything about it...Now i think i really need to have a color correcting primer....

This was my first time doing a super smokey look...i do smokey look, but not a heavy dark i have to do lots & lots of blending!

I think i was able to do the classic dark smokey...thank godness!
I worked with white, silver & black to achieve the look!

Since i came up with this look in the middle of the night then i don't have the time to have a henna i just drew a hand tattoo using my!

I so loved this look i didn't removed it until i was about to sleep that my bro was staring at me wondering why the heck was i wearing make up in the dead middle of the night...haha!

Ill let you in on a secret though...
I lost my falsies...i mean, i put them on my eyes but they are not the matching pair..haha
it's just not too obvious because i sport a dark look. XD

lookee the pic below!

I've been so intrigued in doing this look for myself but haven't got the willpower to do so up until i came across Posey's contest...So, see...contests are really fun! it makes you do things you don't normally do. It's not about winning the contest, but its about learning from the experience. Now that i've tried this..i think i can get away with this...(only if im not with bf..hehe..he hates it when i put too much make up! XD)

Lesson learned:
-Using false lashes is a good idea specially of you are going for a dark smokey eye because it will help open up your eyes. The more dark your eye make up is, the more it has the tendency to close your eyes. So put that falsies to good use!

For people who wanted to enter the contest, you still have a few days to do so. Contest will end at the end of the month... so go ahead & challenge yourself! Let your Alter ego come up....i promise you,its really fun to do so!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Peking Opera Contest entry

Im done with my contest entry for Chrissy & Gia's Beijing Opera Contest.

As i was doing my research, i found out that the Peking Opera just doesn't use colors according to what they like. Every color have different meanings. I would really love to personalize what i did, but since this one has something to do with a country's culture, i chickened out. hehehe

I choose this look for my entry:

And let me tell you, its not a walk in the park....
I had to practice & practice just to be able to sport the look. The zits on my face are the proof of it. The face paint that i used made me broke out...arrrggghhhh!

but then it was worth it! If only i have some decorations like that to finish my look...but... T_T
I had so much fun while i did this that when it's time to take it off i felt a little sad. v_v

Let me show you the products that i used:

Face Paint Palette
San San Cheek Blusher in 03
Fanny Serrano Gel Liner
Nyx round lipstick in Femme
Ecotools foundation brush
Everyday Minerals Flat top brush
Ecotools 6pc brush set
Color Institute Eyeliner (i dont know the shade since the label was erased)
Pencil Factory lip liner #18
Ever Bilena Eyeliner in black
Everyday Minerals pressed foundation in Fairly Light
Ellana Multi purpose Mineral powder in Ethereal
Make up Masala Eyeshadow pigment in Vishesh

Just like the pic, i just did half of my face. Much as i would like to do my whole face, i can't since i have a couple of angry red zits on my right face. So i just had to do the left part of my face. It's hard for me to paint my brows white....i had to pat paint over & over...ekkkk!!!

It took me more than an hour in applying the paint, topping it with a white foundation, & blending the pink color. If you look closely on the image, i think the whole face is supposed to be pink-ish. But what i did was just applied the pink color mainly on the apple of my cheeks. So that the cheeks would be more prominent. Then i put falsies so to open up my eyes, though i think in real opera you don't have to use falsies.

And this is the final look:Wondering how i actually looked like since i just did half my face? Well,this is it....

I actually this did late midnight....& i just finished it a couple of minutes ago...
the time now here is 12:59 am...i did this i think 10:30pm...then i have to upload it...crop it,etc...

I'll tell you my adventures in putting face paints maybe in my next post... But for now, ill be bidding you'll have a great day! Im off to bed!


Friday, May 22, 2009

EDM Foptic brush is on sale!


looks like their new brush is a flop that's why they put it on sale.
I am actually about to order from EDM & i checked if they have any discount coupon...& i saw this...

from $10, its now only $5....50% off!

I checked MUA for reviews & most people say that this brush is so soft & flimsy to actually do the job...

awwww....too bad...

Knowing that EDM brushes are really soft i guess that's why this is a bit hard to actually use as a "stippling brush" (which im guessing is what its supposed to be used because of the design)

Anyways, for those who wanted to grab this to complete their collection, now is the time to do so!

As for me, i guess ill just pass first. I'll just order the next time that there is a coupon code already!

Maybelline Unstoppable vs NYX Doll Eye Mascara

This might not be a pretty even comparison between the 2 since Doll Eye got fibers on it. But the Doll Eye Mascara is what im currently using now,so i decided to do a review on it too on a single post. & anyway, based on the description of Unstoppable, it lengthens up to 50% so i guess in a way its ok.

Unstoppable is the first mascara that i've tried among the 3 that i got. I just choose one randomly. XD

Ok, based on MUA, just 49% of the total people who have used it will most likely buy this. Which means that it got different effects on everybody. As what i said before, mascara is one product that i consider as a hit or miss. Its either you love it or you don't. I'll tell you if i like this or not later on.

While on the other hand, Nyx Doll Eye Mascara have a good rating on MUA. Among the 97 ladies who have tried it, 85% will most likely buy this again. Hmmmm.....pretty high,right? Looks like promising,huh? It got fibers on it so it really will help lengthen the lashes.Judging on the wands, the Unstoppable is pretty much like how any normal, ordinary mascara is. Whereas the Doll Eye's wand shape is a little bit curved. It's thinner at the middle, whereas to ordinary mascara it would be fatter at the middle.Now that we get that over with,let's go to the formula.

So,let's start the show...just click the image for larger view

These are my bare eyes, Actually i already curled it, but since i have such short lashes so you wouldn't even know if its curled or not XD . I have uneven eyes. One is double lidded & the other is almost a monolid. Which makes it a bit hard for me to do my eye makeup. I was thinking of using eyelid tape/glue to even it out but i always forgot to. Anyhow, im still able to do make up look so it doesn't matter. ill just do that if i have the time. But for this picture, for some reason i have even eyes..yay!

Anyway, on with the show....

First Coat:
ill just provide one pic of the first coat since i myself didn't notice any big difference at all except that with NYX, my lashes was longer (because of the fiber too i guess).

Second coat:

Im not yet done...i actually did a 3rd coat:

You be the judge of it. I'll let you decide which one is better.

In terms of removing it. Both are pretty easy to remove, I just need one cotton pad for each eye. No need to rub hard since its not a waterproof mascara...

What's good about them is that both doesn't smudge, but they flake a bit. Unstoppable already had flaked after a couple of minutes, whereas Doll Eye just flaked after a couple of hours...that is after i played badminton. Yes, i played badminton with mascara on. I put it on a test. & im quite happy that they didn't smudge. So, yay for that!

Since im leaving the last say to you, let me hear it on the comments,ladies!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

im it! ~dear 16 yr old me~

I was tagged by Vonnie
So i will need to write a letter to my 16 yr old self then tag 5 people...

Ok,here goes my letter....

May 21,2009
Dear ~ME~,
I just have to say that you did a wonderful job on being a sweet sixteen. I would never be like how i am now if it wasn't for you. There would be a time in your life that you would have to make a big decision. Just do what you think is right & never regret your choice. You have to live life by how you see fit.

Cherish your friends because the best memories that i made was when i was on your age. Just stay happy & always smile.

You have to make sure that you don't let mom cut your hair. If you think she will really just trim it...think again! She said she'll just trim my waist-length hair but after she's done my hair is already up at my nape....arrrggghhhh!!!!! Its gonna be a few days from now ( i think) so you better watch out!

Tag time!
Im tagging:
  • the very pretty & preggy Debi. Congrats again,sweetie!
  • flawless Jess. She has the most perfect skin ever!
  • Kawaii Sugar Bunnie. Everytime i go to her site it makes me squirm because of cuteness!
  • Gorgeous Dana. She is really very sweet & very pretty too.
  • & ill leave the last one for anybody who wants to do this tag. I would love to tag all of you & get to know you. ^_^


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nivea Creme review

Im pretty sure you have already seen this product when you take a trip down the grocery & pass by lotion/cream/moisturizer aisle....

That blue tub has been around for like forever! Since i have an oily skin, i never imagined that there would be a time where i would buy this for myself...

But i did!

Ok,what prompted me to buy this one?

There was a time that i was searching for a good make up remover... Of course, the usual product like Bi-Facil, Effacil, Neutrogena Make up remover, blah blah... Then i clicked on one site (i just cant remember what it is, but its a bit like MUA) & someone said that she just used the good ol' Nivea Creme to remove her eye makeup.

So that piqued my curiosity... It never occurred to me that a moisturizer can be used as a Makeup Remover (im that dense!) & because of that i just have to do a little research about what other people think...

Most reviews that i keep on reading where from people who saw the effect of this product on the long run. Like, it was their mom who used it (& is still using it) & the effect is that it their moms doesn't even have any wrinkles. So im like 'wow! its really that good,huh?'...then i read this post, & i was convinced that i had to try it for myself!'s so good,it can heal sores,huh?

Then when i went to Watson's one time i saw the cute little tin that got hearts on it (click here for details) so i brought it.

What i did at first was i slathered it on my lips (im serious!) because im having pretty dry lips during those times... I did not even care about how i look, but i was desperate! After an hour or so (i was pretty busy blogging that time), i glanced at my mirror & saw that the product was absorbed by my lips. I wiped the remaining product off & was actually surprised to find out that my lips were really pretty moisturized. WOW! it even gave my lips that healthy pink kissable lips!

So i put it back on before i went to bed & i woke up with a very moisturized lips. I just exfoliated it to show my naturally pink lips & im good to need for lipstick! For the first time, i felt that i got that baby lips that i lost 23 years!

Then i went to buy the big tub, to be used on the rest of my body...especially my feet. Our feet needs TLC the most! Used it & was really very happy with it that i promised i will never ever look at Nivea like how i did before...

Just like any other moisturizers, this one is white. Its actually heavy & thick...

Once you spread it it will leave that oily film on your skin where i guess it acts as lock to keep moisture in. During the time that i used it, i generously slathered it on ( i guess that's why i have instant results), after a few minutes it will be absorbed leaving you with a soft skin.

As for it being a makeup also works great. It was able to remove my CG Lash Blast Waterproof like how Bi-Facil works...As what i said before, i thought that only Muriatic Acid can remove that mascara easily...but im surprised that Nivea was able to do that. Though it have that oily residue but for me i just think of it as an 'eye area mositurizer'.

Remember the time when i went on vacation...We went to the beach so i naturally have dry skin. It was so dry that i can feel that 'stretchy' feeling on my back. Its like my skin is being stretched because it doesn't have any moisture on it. What i did at first was asked my grandma to put the Ralph Lauren Rocks Body Moisturizer, since i dont have any lotions at that time. After a couple of minutes, i felt that 'stretchy' feeling on my back again...that what i did was asked my grandma to spritz water first before putting the Body Moisturizer...It did work for a couple of minutes, but it went back...

I got so tired (& my grandma too!) from all that, that i asked my grandma to just use Nivea...& after that i never asked my grandma to do it again...So, this one acts as my overall Body Moisturizer... I really love this one!

It has even been compared to La Mer because of how it looks... I haven't tried La Mer (& i think i never would be able to since its so freakin expensive XD) though everyone who used it says that it is a Miracle Moisturizer. Nivea on the other hand with it being cheap but effective has been loved by many people. It might not be a miracle moisturizer, but for me, with the price i pay, i will consider this as MY miracle moisturizer.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lucky day for me..yay!

I purchased maybelline mascara from Ebay & let me tell you,i had one of the best experience so far. We know that it can be a very nasty site, but there are still pretty decent persons on Ebay & im so glad i was able to find one! I almost stopped buying from Ebay...good thing i found her store. The seller is so uber courteous...she responds transaction & short it was awesome!

Ok, ill rant about her later but for now, ill just let you take a peek of what i brought from her.

This package arrived the next day that i settled my purchase...
My dad was the one who received the package then he just called me saying that i had a package...

I tore open it & this greeted me... (sorry if the table looks like crap..because that's where i put all my painting stuff)

I brought:
  • Maybelline Unstoppable - soft black
  • Maybelline Lash Stylist (waterproof) - soft black
  • Maybelline Full n' Soft - dark brown
I know for a fact that mascara is a hit or miss product. If one person doesnt like doesn't mean that it won't work for others...
So now, its my turn to try these products for myself...
will do reviews about these soon...

i got a freebie!don't we all love freebies?
she gave me a lip liner... its from pencil factory...
& i so love it...

Ok, as for the seller....
Her name is Laura & her shop is P4L.NMORE.
As what i said, i had a great experience. She is very courteous & she ships the products fast.pronto!
Actually i brought her items last friday, since im not able to deposit the payment the next day because its weekend, she allowed me to just settle it on monday, plus she even gave me a discount on the shipping!

For other seller they will allow it (since its weekend), but they will charge you with it (like a dollar or two aside from the total of the products plus the shipping) what i experienced before... but with her, she even gave discount on shipping...WOW!

Make sure you visit her shop & you might be able to like some of her stuff...
She is now one of my favorite seller & i just have to bookmark her site on my firefox because that's where i keep the site of my favorite online shop...

I went to buy a birdie today because i ran out of it. After buying a box of it, i just have to drop by at the grocery to buy shampoo. I saw L'oreal Elseve...& impulsively put it on my cart...i went to the counter too to buy the L'oreal Eye Make up Remover. I love this product so much that i have to get some before i ran out of it. Then the nice lady gave me a few freebies..yay! today is my lucky day! I shared it with my mom..i already gave her a couple...

On the way to the counter i saw that Nail Care Implements from Kinepin (that's what's written on the label).As you can see its pastel colored...
  • the back of the white handle is color blue which is rough, which is used to "grind the nail edge"
  • the pink one is to "smooth the protruding of the nail surface"
  • the green is "use to polish the nail surface"
  • then the yellow is "use to reach the shine effect"
  • it even got a little reminder that says "green & yellow should be used at least once a week to maintain smooth & glossy surface"
whew! that's
in short...this is a nail buffer... XD

What's great about this is that its just for less than a dollar but its multi-purpose... plus its small enough to be tossed in a kit...another yay! Lucky!

Monday, May 18, 2009

rants & ramblings on my nails....

Its Monday again...& this week is a week when ill be flocked with my make up entries...

Too bad that i won't be able to come up with an Alter Ego look for Posey's contest..
i sure would love to challenge myself to come up with one but ideas are eluding me...

Anyways, i saw this pic on my archives when i was cleaning out my HD...thought id share this before i delete it..

This was my first gradient nails ever...

I'll post the how-to-make as soon as my nails are long again..

As what i said before i had to cut my nails since i chipped it & i have to keep cutting until are all even. Because when i chipped my nails, some of the cuticles were peeled too... *sigh*

So i can't do a gradient nail & go back to tending my nails as much as i did when i had it long... I have to wait until it grows..

This is actually my current nail-look...

Candy cane nails....

though i think its still better if my nails are long...
*another sigh*

Ok,im almost done with my breakfast..
so i need to gather my wits up & experiment with face paints...


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Outrageously bright summer look

Summer, summer...HOT!

It's always summer here in the Philippines though..hehe

Anyways, i was experimenting on some makeup combinations & i came upon this one which i think suits the summer season...

It's just need 3 colors...
-yellow (preferably bright yellow)
-pink (again..use bright pink)
-orange (of course,it should be bright orange)

Line them like this:Then blend the colors to make it look like this:
The orange can put it on the crease area. Just blend the orange one with a circular motion, then going straight the top of the pink.

Keep on blending if you want a soft look...

Then line your lower lash line with the colors that you used on the top. If the top is yellow, use yellow directly below it...

Then apply liner...tight line it..whatever you want...then curl your lashes, put mascara & you're done! I didn't put liner on since its evening & im just can even see that im wearing my pajamas... XD

For people who love colors, then this would be perfect!
Brighten up the day with bright colors... XD

Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

I was contacted by B.liv weeks ago to try out their products. I have been so lazy in applying any skin care products lately that i can alrea...