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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ecotools 6pc Brush Set Review

The last time i did a brush review it was the Ecotools foundation brush, now its gonna be the 6pc brush set. After a couple of weeks with me, i can give my opinion on this one already.

This had been a nice addition to my kikay kit. Instead of the eye makeup brushes inside the earphone holder (lol), this one had taken its place & i must say that i like it.

Let's get to it one by one:

1. Foundation brush - not included in the kit, but i just want to give an update on it.
-I was able to wash off the oily residue on the bristles & i think its almost back to its original state...though not that much.. there's still some left. Up to date, i have washed it 7 times (7 frickin times!) & its still a tad bit oily...I can use it now...though i just don't want to. I guess its really just with synthetic brushes that's like that, but if you're gonna ask me if im gonna buy it again...ill readily answer no...

I dont want to experience washing brushes over & over just to remove the oily residues..

2. Blush Brush
-I freakin' love this brush! It's soft yet firm that makes the application of blush a breeze. May it be a loose blush powder or pressed powder, it gives me an even application. I have tried a couple of cheap brushes & i always end up looking like a drag. I love the fact that it got long handle which enables me to control the pressure that im gonna use. I can just make a light sweeping motion by holding it at the edge or a circular application on the apples of my cheeks when i hold it on the ferrule. This is the ultimate brush on this set... i love it!

Maybe ill just buy the individual brush if ever i need a blush brush.
If you don't have this yet....get the blush brush!

3. Eyeshadow Brush
-I think there's nothing special about it. It applies like the rest of ordinary eyeshadow brush. Ok, i make it sound like i hate it..not exactly. In fact what's good about it is that its thin enough to hold pigments & fluffy enough to hold pressed shadows... That's confusing,huh? thin but

It's just that i was used to ELF Eyehadow brush & i prefer it in applying pressed shadows. I have less fallout (since its fluffy) compare to super thin nylon brushes. Whereas for the Ecotools eyeshadow brush, i can pick it up, but there's some fallout so that's why im not in awe of this. But then serves 2 purpose.

4. Angled Brush
-I like this brush too!It's thin enough to use as a liner brush & eyebrow groomer. Though i think this is better suited for just setting the liner. I have tried using it on a gel liner...but since its synthetic, i find that its too soft to be able to give me a smooth thin line plus the gel just sorta go to waste when it clumps at the mid part whenever i try to. I prefer nylon bristles in using gel liners. But since i use this to set my line & to groom my brows so i like this one a lot!

5. Concealer Brush
-I think this is also a good brush. Again, same wit the eyeshadow brush, thick enough to apply loose concealers. I have tried to apply a cream concealer using this brush & its just ok. I actually prefer my ol' artist brush in applying cream concealer better for it holds it better. If i use my artist brush it bunches together making the application easier because there is no single bristle 'flying away' from the group & im able to save a lot of product by that.

Whereas for this, when i tried to apply cream ones, it will form little clusters of bristles. I feel like i am wasting a lot of product if im gonna use this to apply cream ones..But since i only carry mineral cosmetics with me so im happy with it...

6. Lash Comb
-Nothing special about this fact i dont like it. I hate the's too rough. I can't even use it to groom my brows because i feel like its gonna scratch my skin if i do so. The lash comb is ok like normal lash combs out there...

As for the brush roll, i was able to get it to roll without the edges bunching up. I just toss it on the washer & iron it when its dry. I just hate it when it bunches up at the edge when i try to roll it.

I wash the brush roll everytime i wash the brushes too. I don't want the clean brushes lying inside a dirty case. So good thing that this is washable because i can just put it on the washer.

Overall, i like the set. For the price that i paid for, no major complaints.
I also like how handy it is, its small enough to bring it with you & its already complete...from eye to cheeks! Though i think this will be even better if it have a lip brush,ne?



CHOMSIRI said...

thanks for the review hun! ill be sure to give it a try!

Vonnie said...

great review... *two thumbs up* ;)

Askmewhats said...

i'm glad you love your brush set, it's really nice to buy something "that's worth it " :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ chomsiri & vonnie

@ nikki
yep... i hate it when i feel like i just waste money if i dont use the product that often...

DeBi said...

nice review...makes me wanna buy it. but im on an international buying diet... lol

gia said...

i want this brush set as well. hekhekekekeke right now I am actually on a search for a better angle brush than the one I own now T^T

for the comment to my post thank you! how much is cetaphil kaya? I have the waterbased moisturizer but it didn't seem to help me hehehe. will look for it!

donnarence said...

nice review thiamere.. :D

Ida said...

i agree with the above posters, good review! :) i especially enjoyed reading it because i'm waiting for the same set to arrive by mail. i wish it had a lip brush too, to really complete the set! :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i understand...i went on a diet too last month. since i deprived myself last month so i ordered one this month & will go on a diet!

me too, im looking for a good angle brush...
its hard to find one..


i guess you are already excited for it to arrive...of course, who doesn't?!
yeah..i sure wish it got a lip brush too


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