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Thursday, May 28, 2009

~flaky gradient nail~

Remember my post last week about the gradient nail?
if you were not able to see that nail, you might want to take a look HERE

As i promised, i will do the tutorial on that nail look. And I will use the Revlon top coat because i want to put it to the ultimate test. Actually mom asked me why i put nail polish since im gonna be doing the laundry... that's the main reason!...I'll be comparing it with the top coat that is available locally here in the philippines (Caronia Fast dry Top Coat).
So, i'll post my thoughts after a few days of how it goes.

this is my first nail tutorial! wow!

I haven't mastered doing a gradient look by combining polishes or layering so this is what i did.
All credit goes to Asami Ramirez. Her post was so informative & have a clear instruction of how she did it. She's amazing! Make sure you visit her site for more nail designs,etc..

So, let's get this over with....
Things needed would be:
  • white acrylic
  • base coat
  • top coat
  • any color of base coat you would like to use (i used black so that you would see the contrast of colors)
& the key in making the flakes would be this:

  • a sponge - i just cut a small piece off our dishwashing
Yep! a sponge...if you take a closer at it, a sponge got that little holes that is perfect for stamping. If you want a more defined mark/holes, then use a sponge with bigger 'holes'....

I have a tube of acrylic because i've done a couple of paintings before.
Maybe you are going to ask me....'why acrylic? can i not use nail polish?'
I'll tell you why by taking a look at this pic:

If you use acrylic, the color is much more intense + it dries faster than polish. What i did was put a bit of acrylic on the paper & a drop of polish, then dip the ends of the sponge on each then pat it on black surface (this is black leather). If you don't have acrylic, you can use nail polish, it's just that you have to wait a bit until it becomes tacky. Make sure you spread it first so that the sponge will be coated with it evenly.

So,let's start the tutorial:
  • Start with clean nails...apply a base coat (in my case i actually apply cuticle oil first then the base coat.
  • Then apply the choice of your base polish, in this case, it's black...Wait until it dries...

  • On a piece of paper, spread the acrylic (or polish).

  • Then stamp it on the nails...Starting from the tip, up until the end! Stamp with all you've got until you achieved the desired effect.

  • Apply top coat & you're done!

I put Revlon on my left hand & Caronia on the other..i'll let you know what happens after a week.

You can practice first on a sheet of paper so that you get the hang of doing it before actually putting it on your nails.

then don't forget to take pictures & show us your gradient nails!


donnarence said...

very creative,, :D i will try do this.. :D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I will try this as soon as I have time to actually get creative with my nails

my_makeup_mania said...

Awe! More tips for the nails! I will try to do this too :) thanx for this tutorial :)

Tina Marie said...

Ooh this looks really cool! How creative of you. I think your nails turned out beautifully. Awesome tutorial. (:

Shantee said...

thanx for following me!
Im following you right now! :)

Blair said...

Thank you for this tutorial!!! Very very useful - now I got to snag some of those sponges.

I just got into accessories! I used to wear ONLY earrings and now I'm want necklaces and bracelets hahaha

Sarah said...

Wow this is amazingggg!! You are so talented, are you a nail tech??? I would pay to get this done to my nails :) well if I had any that is lol just so gorgeous! Aw thankyou so much for your comment, you are a sweetie pie!!!

Asami said...

This is a great tutorial and I love white sponging for a snowy look. :)

mzkrystall said...

coool!! love the tutorial!

Chomsiri said...

i like the finish! looks like snowflakes!

gio said...

This is very pretty and creative! Thanks for the tutorial!

Kaz said...

there is such a thing as nail flaking pala! haha.
ang galing, you were able to make that black caronia work! i have it kasi & couldn't work w/ its runny texture :/

tiff said...

Thanks for doing a tutorial! I'm going to try this soon :).

Gaby said...

Thanks for this tutorial! You really have great skills!

Blair said...

Yup, it's the same Isa Knox that Jessica Alba and Hyori Lee advertise for ^^

Thank you for liking my pumps =D

Hippoleetoe said...

Thanks for the tutorial ! Must try it !


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