Thursday, May 21, 2009

im it! ~dear 16 yr old me~

I was tagged by Vonnie
So i will need to write a letter to my 16 yr old self then tag 5 people...

Ok,here goes my letter....

May 21,2009
Dear ~ME~,
I just have to say that you did a wonderful job on being a sweet sixteen. I would never be like how i am now if it wasn't for you. There would be a time in your life that you would have to make a big decision. Just do what you think is right & never regret your choice. You have to live life by how you see fit.

Cherish your friends because the best memories that i made was when i was on your age. Just stay happy & always smile.

You have to make sure that you don't let mom cut your hair. If you think she will really just trim it...think again! She said she'll just trim my waist-length hair but after she's done my hair is already up at my nape....arrrggghhhh!!!!! Its gonna be a few days from now ( i think) so you better watch out!

Tag time!
Im tagging:
  • the very pretty & preggy Debi. Congrats again,sweetie!
  • flawless Jess. She has the most perfect skin ever!
  • Kawaii Sugar Bunnie. Everytime i go to her site it makes me squirm because of cuteness!
  • Gorgeous Dana. She is really very sweet & very pretty too.
  • & ill leave the last one for anybody who wants to do this tag. I would love to tag all of you & get to know you. ^_^



DeBi said...

thank you deary!!!! *hugs and kisses*

my_makeup_mania said...

awe! it's very interesting ... nice tag

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