Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pearls for your nails~

I always think of pearls as something very elegant... It's something that could compliment any fashion get-up, of course it also includes the nails. I have already talked about Swarovski Rhinestones before & i love it to bits! BornPretty was kind enough to let me try this pearls because i have planned on making bridal nail art & i always associate pearls with weddings.

That's why i can't accept the fact that here in the Philippines we have this superstition that brides can't wear pearls on their wedding day because it would mean that the woman will be crying a lot of times on her married life...
That makes me want to cry already!

Moving on, faux pearls like this is one of the best way to glam your nails up for special occasions.

This pack has 10,000 pcs of faux pearls... i think i won't be able to use all of them unless i do something crazy, but this could easily last me for a long, long  time!

This is how they look like up close...
Use it like how you use a rhinestone, make sure you top it off with top coat to seal it in place,ok?

I have made a bridal nail art using this pearls & i have received tons of compliment!

What design is the one in middle?

Just make sure that once you open the pack you transfer it in a container or in this case, a ziplock bag.

One pack is for $7.10, which again contains 10,000 pcs. Isn't it cheap?

You can order it HERE
By the way, BornPretty offers free shipping worldwide so this is really cheap! If you do order this, make sure you also include the Swarovski Rhinestones because it's one of the best that i've tried!!!

Use the code that you see on the left sidebar of my blog for a 10% off your purchase.

I'll try to do a better bridal nail art design someday,ok?
Hope you all have a great day!

Product sent as a sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Nails:3D Flowers~

It's been a while since i tried using my acrylic set in doing detailed work since my Rose Curlicue design. I figured that i would try & do a detailed art once more.

Honestly, this design took a long time to finish.
It didn't help that i don't have a tripod with me & i am also watching an anime the time i did this so it resulted to an hour. hahaha!

This design will require a steady hand plus a really thin detailing brush. I'll talk about the tutorial later on , but let's go with using acrylics first.

3d designs would require different shades of 1 color. I love blending colors so even if i took a while finishing this design, i enjoyed making it.

The unique thing about blending colors is that you can't get the same color as what you had before. So if you are working on a big canvass, it's better to mix a big amount of color then just store it in a plastic jar.

Since we are only doing nails, we can go a long way just using pea-size amount of acrylics, but you have to keep in mind that it dries fast. So having an atomizer/water sprayer is a must. It will keep your acrylic wet & pliable so you can take your time getting the hang of it without worrying about it drying. You have to spray a fine mist of water to your palette every now & then to make sure that your acrylic is still workable.

Let's get to blending colors.
I want to achieve 2 different shades of pink so i will work with white & red.

Use a different brush in blending the color. Scoop a small amount of the white acrylic near the colors you would be working with like in the picture... I did 2 sections since i need 2 shades of pink.

Get a little amount of the main color (RED) then mix it with the first section like so...

Then bring in the shades that you have blended next to the remaining white section then i continue blending, bringing little amount of my pink to the white for a lighter shade.

I find that this is better rather than by getting separate white & reds each time i want to achieve a different shade. You can achieve different shades of colors by doing this, lining them next to each other for a closer comparison.

Now that we got that out of the way, i just made this collage so to make things easier. Click it to be able to view it better.

I applied the colors from white going darker to the center, which is the opposite of my leaves from light to dark.

I also blended light green acrylic with white to have different shades for the leaves.
I finished it off with Swarovski from BornPretty, the perfect way to glam up this design!
Don't forget to seal it with a thick top coat to keep the rhinestones.

Hope you'll be able to try this design!

Have a great weekend,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

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Do you use highlighters? + eyelook: teeny greeny

One make-up look that i learned on my workshop is the Teenager Make-up.

I hardly look like a teenager but i did try my best... haha!
Teenagers possess a certain vitality & glow. If only i was into cosmetics back then i would have taken advantage of my vitality! LOL! Since i have lost mine, i would just try my best to bring it back by the power of shimmer powders.

This post would have the things that i learned from my workshop & also a couple of things that i have picked up from my own personal experience.

Ms. Joy said that you ought to stick with bright colors to have that burst of freshness if you want to don the teenager look. Green is a great choice so i guess is yellow or pink. I have a lot of pink eyelooks, so this time i just went with green. One important thing about this look is highlighting.

Teenagers, most often than not, have high cheekbones so highlighters will help us have higher-looking cheeks in an instant! Highlighters/Shimmer powder would also lend us that glowing-look! I'm sure everyone can rock highlighters. I used to shy away from it but now i'm glad i gave it a chance because it's awesome!

Just like any looks, first thing that you need to work on is the base. This is the only thing that takes my time up when i apply make-up. Making sure that i conceal my blemishes is hard to do! I'll do a post about foundation someday. I'll just focus on the eyes, cheeks & lips for the moment,ok?

I just used a yellow-green satin shadow all over my lids & on the outer lower eye area but what i would like to stress here is the importance of highlighting.

The pink arrows indicated areas that i've applied highlighters on.
The one above the brows would lend the illusion of higher brows/arch, same with the highlighter underneath the brow. The one on the inner part of the eye area (preferably a white shimmer shadow) will give the illusion of a wide/awake look so this is an important tip especially for those that got monolids.

Curling your lashes & applying a lengthening mascara is best. I'll show you how everything looks like without these & you can see for yourself how different it looks. Apply it on your lower lashes as well to really open up the eyes.

Normally, you only apply highlighter on the cheek area somewhere at the top of my cheek bone, but since i am fat, i can't locate my cheek bones (hahaha!) so i just applied highlighter on the part where the light would normally reflect.


The blush should be at the high point of your cheeks to, again, give the illusion of higher cheeks. Using a pink blush, concentrate the color at that certain area by going over your brush with a circular motion. I just use kabuki brush here, but feel free to use your favorite blush brush.

My favorite way of applying highlighter is by using a foundation brush. Fan Brush works good too, but i like the density of foundation brushes.

Apply it like how i drew the line in this pic. Just like a C-shape from the brow area going to the cheek bone.

Follow the contours of your face.
Personally, i think every person has their own different bone structures so you just apply it on the high point of the skin or where the light would normally reflect.


Can you see the difference of the left & right lip?

The left lip area seems to have a rather defined lip shape compare to the right one. Did you notice it?
Ok... here's a pic to give you a bigger picture of how different they look like. Just excuse the stupid look!

The right part looks more pout-y compare to the other side which tends to look flat even with the gloss on. Yes, it already has a gloss. The pic above doesn't have it yet, but this one already has.

The tip?
Apply highlighter on the top of the cupid's bow. It will give your lips a rather defined shape without resorting to lip liners. I personally don't use lip liners, but i can still get away with a defined-looking lips all with the help of highlighters!

Plus, take a note of my eyes.
The one with the eye make-up looks rather lifted & bigger. It's because of the highlighter!
See the power of highlighters?! I have a couple of them.

My favorites are the MAC ones, Quick Frost Pigment & Beauty Powder in Drizzlegold.
Yep, i now use the Guerlain Meteorites as highlighters not as finishing powders anymore.

I used to be clueless about them, but now i'm loving them. Just don't go overboard & put it all over your face,ok? Shimmers are notorious for magnifying things that you don't want to magnify such as large pores & fine lines. A light dusting of shimmer powder gives you a nice healthy glow, not just in your face but in your body as well!

I'm sure that you can now rock the teenager look,no matter what age you are.

Do you use highlighters too?
What are your favorites?
bonus question:
How many times did i use the word "highlighting" in this post?

Hope you all are having a nice time!
Jaa ne~!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Benefit Philippines, Welcome!

Oh, yes!
You see this right!

Benefit Philippines

It's high time that it got here,ne?

My Dr. Feelgood is almost gone & i have been dreading the day that it will finally be gone! I have told my classmates how panicky i am since Benefit is not available here & i can't use any other products (i don't want to risk breaking out again from experimenting) aside from it. Now, i don't need to fret no more! I know i haven't made a review of it yet.. i will once i get a new one. But i'm sure you already know how much i love it because of my excitement in this post,right?

La la la la la~!
I can fly!

Also B Spot!
How can i forget this?!
This has been my signature fragrance already!!!
I'm so glad i won't have to buy it online na!!!

I have tried That Gal, which was highly recommended by a friend & i like it!
Can't wait to see where & when they will announce the final details.

Head on over to their facebook page to keep updated with the latest news,ok?

One more thing, they have an ongoing contest. You might want to enter... I just did!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vitapack 3-in-1 EnergyBoost Pack Review

I'm not a supplement user.
I rarely use supplements (except for the sleeping supplement which i take rarely), but i'm glad i got the chance to try this because i am very much satisfied with it. Not just me but also the people who i shared this product with, especially my brother & Walter.

I have actually taken this just a couple of times, but i am writing this post because of the reactions that i got from them. I, personally, have also felt the effect of this. I'll tell you my story later on, but let's get to know what this product really is...

The ALL NATURAL way to Stay Awake, Improve Memory and Strengthen Immunity.
3 capsules in the convenience of a sachet.
The perfect boost for students, call center agents, office workers and anyone on-the-go!

Vitapack 3-in-1 Energyboost Pack
Stay awake, be alert, the safe and natural way
Stay awake SAFELY!
  • 100% natural caffeine WITHOUT the side-effects of energy drinks
  • Lasts up to eight hours on one dose!
Improve memory
  • Helps you peform better in exams
  • Prevent memory loss
  • Promotes improved brain function 
Strengthen immunity
  • Fight fatigue
  • Improves body's resistance against infections
  • Helps you recover faster

Each box contains 10 sachets which has 3 capsules to give you the boost that you need.

Here are they are...

Dark Brown capsule is for Mental Alertness
Chocolate Brown capsule for Memory Enhancer
Red capsule for Stronger Immunity

Just click this to read the ingredients of each capsules...

Have i told you that the Co-captain of Philippine Azkals Emilio "Chieffy" Caligdong is their endorser?
Well then, now you know! LOL

I remember walking along along Edsa from the MRT to Robinsons & saw their bus advertisement.
Chieffy swears by the effectiveness of this & i have to agree that this does work!!!!

As what the label says, it helps promote alertness & memory functions the natural way. I told you about my make-up workshop,right?

1st Saturday was filled with discussions, tips, & techniques but i remember everything even up until the next day! Actually i think i can still remember it now like how we address each skin types needs. In reality, i have a poor memory. Walter keeps on telling me forever about things that i ought to do because i kept on forgetting, but surprisingly, this really helped me out!

I was able to remember what things we talked about on that Saturday. Speaking of which, we know that cucumber is said to be good for our eyes so we put it on the eyes but it doesn't really do a fig,right? There is a way to make it work! You have to put the cucumber slices on ginseng tea! That's another beauty tip for you, from our trainer, Ms. Joy. hehehe

Continuing, my first Saturday was a blast because i am full of energy!
Actually, i only took 2 capsules, the one for stronger immunity & memory enhancer. My body can't handle caffeine... so i skipped it. I have a cold on that day & when i took it, i didn't even felt my cold. no sniffles or runny nose on my workshop... or was i just too excited?! To think that i woke up with clogged nose on that morning.

How much more if i took the one for Mental Alertness?! I guess i could even last until the next day! haha!

The next Saturday, i didn't take it just to see if there will be something different. There is a huge difference!
First is that when i arrived at home i barely had enough energy, i fell asleep within minutes. I am confused with what colors we used when we made the teenager look as opposed to fresh make-up look! waaaahhhh!!! T_T

I should've just taken the pack & not experimented on!

My mom said that it made her more energetic & believe me, that's something!
Mom always says that it seems like the day passed by so fast because she can't finish everything in time, or is it just because of her lack of energy. But with Vitapack Energyboost, everything is a breeze!

My brother, who is attending a review school because he will take an exam in being a Master Electrician also vouches for the effectiveness of this. He really could remember all the itty gritty terms that he needs to remember. I actually asked him before if he knew those memory enhancing capsules & he didn't have an idea. Now he does & he had asked me where he could buy this.

My bf, Walter, also said that it works for him. Now he is used to really strenuous activities because of his work. Taking this makes him do his work without feeling tired. No wonder Chieffy Caligdang loves this!

As for the price, don't sweat because this is very budget-friendly It's priced for only Php30 per pack or Php 300 for 1 box.

You get 3 capsules, which gives you lots of benefits (that's why i told you that you have to click the ingredients!) so this really affordable! No need to buy separate supplements/vitamins for only 1 specific need. This is a box of treasure for your body especially for the on-the-go you!

This is exclusively available in Watsons.

So let's summarize...

  • affordable
  • locally available
  • locally manufactured
  • convenient & hygienic packaging! (goodbye to tingi-tingi)
  • natural & safe ingredients
  • might not be available internationally
  • only sold in Watsons
I really can't think of CONS for this product because this is really something!
Except for availability but other than that there's nothing!!!!

We have bought another box of this because this is really effective, You have to try it out for yourself... with only Php30 what have you got to lose? In fact, you won't lose anything, you'll gain a lot more than you pay for!!

Make sure you try this,ok?
I told you, i'm not a supplement user, but i vouch for this!
For someone who had avoided supplements & then changed her mind about it... well, this is something that broke my stand & i am glad i did!

Have a great weekend, ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Products presented as samples. I did not receive any monetary compensations. Opinions posted are mine alone & not influenced by the company.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weekend Nails: Easy Lace Design

A quick post for tonight....

I had this sitting on my draft for a long time. I have been contemplating if i would actually finish this post because i am not satisfied with the look but since Sis Relyn Anne requested that i put it up so i am making this post especially for her.

Thank you so much for "liking" my FB page,sweetie.
I do appreciate the time you take reading my posts.

I just added the rhinestones to have a bit of color. You can get away with just dots or anything. You can also use this to just prettify the usual french twist.. giving it a twist!

Let's start...

1. As usual, choose your own base color. Mine is a golden beige iridescent polish.

2. I put white polish on the top half of my nails, applying it sideways. Then using white acrylic/polish, i draw half circles on the edge of the line. This would be the shape of our lace.

3. Using a dotting tool, put white dots on the edge of the white line like so...

4. Using the same dotting tool, apply dots on the half circles that we drew. Just make sure that you don't overcrowd the dots by giving it a bit of space so that the whole dot will be shown to make it softer.

Again, this is just the lace tutorial.
I will make a full lace tutorial sometime.

Have a great evening,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream

I prefer waxing over any kind of hair removing techniques. I have bought tons & tons of wax strips & hot wax too. I think wax strips are the things that i keep on forgetting to review.. tsk tsk tsk!

Anyway, i was able to try this product when i included it on my HBC loot.
A local hair remover product?!
This i got to see!

I have tried Sally Hansen Hair Removing Cream before during my college years. My friend & I tried it in the hopes of making our hair removing easier compare to shaving. I remember buying the green variant of it with the "works in 4 minutes" logo on it.

That was the first & the last hair remover lotion that i have tried. It just means that my experience is not good so i didn't dare buy it again to try it once more. Wanna know why?

  • It didn't remove the hairs on my legs
  • It smells so bad (a very strong chemical scent - like those perming creams!ugh!)
  • made my skin dry
  • very messy
  • expensive

After years & years of my bad experience with depilatory lotion, i guess it's time to try it again.
What have i got to lose,right?

It has Shea Butter & Olive so it just means that this won't at least dry my skin as bad as Sally Hansen did. It's available locally & made locally so it's good. I think this is the only filipino-made depilatory cream.

It includes a spatula which is quite convenient!

Net content of 1.76 fl.oz/50g
hmmm.... it's quite small but i guess with the price you pay for, it's not bad.
Regular Price is Php 105 (a little more than $2)

Product Information, Directions, Ingredients, etc.
Just click it to make it large...

The product is a white cream that smells like a perming cream too but not as bad as Sally Hansen did.
At least this is tolerable...

It says on the direction that you have to leave it on for 5-7minutes but not longer than 10mins. The hairs on my legs are already quite long because i have kept on putting my waxing session off. Anyway, i mostly go out wearing pants or anything that could cover my legs so i am not really in a hurry to wax it off.

I used 1 whole tube for my big leg...hahaha!
Hey! It's only 50g & the instruction says that i have to apply a thick amount. So i generously slather on the whole tube just for 1 leg.... good thing that i have 2 tubes!

Sorry for the hairy leg... What am i thinking of posting my big hairy leg? LOL!
Looks awful i know, but then you'll get to see the effectiveness of the product.
Feel free to click it again for a closer look.

I left it for a little more than 7 minutes & i wiped it off with wet wipes, since i don't have any cloth to spare.
There would still be hairs left on your first wipe, but just continue wiping it until all the hairs are completely removed.

I then washed it off with cold water & applied the Body Recipe Pure Coco Oil Body Butter all over my legs. Actually i can get away with not applying body butter on my legs since it didn't made my skin dry, but i don't want to risk my skin.

I am wow-ed by the result!
My legs feel so soft & smooth like a baby's bottom! hahaha!
I said before that i do wax my legs. I like how my skin feels a couple of hours after waxing right after the redness had subside & my hydrating lotion had been absorbed by my skin. But this one just made my hair removing experience something to look forward to!

This is way better than shaving, of course.
I hate it when you shave & then you run your hands the oppose direction of you hair growth & feel the stubble. It's very disturbing & annoying...

No pain & soft, smooth, hair-free skin in just less than 10 minutes?!
Why would i not like this?!

I am so glad that i included this in my basket because i really really like it!
I posted this now because you have to take advantage of the Great at 88 sale! You can get it for only Php 88 as opposed to the regular price of Php 105. Not much if a difference, i know but hey, it's better to buy it discounted,right?

Let's summarize my experience...

  • affordable
  • has a spatula included
  • easy to use
  • painless way to remove hair
  • was able to remove my hairs 98% (really effective!)
  • locally available
  • pinoy product
  • doesn't dry the skin
  • leaves the skin soft & smooth after use
  • doesn't leave a scent when wiped off
  • "disturbing" scent (but tolerable) hahaha! can't find a word to describe
  • the quantity is too little
  • could be messy especially when taking off
  • might not be available internationally (i think HBC is available in US)

It's definitely a keeper!
My legs are so smooth i can't help but touch it!

Can i have a lifetime supply of this, Ms. Lorie? I freakin love it!

If you want to try depilatory creams but is not yet ready to shell out, then this is a great option!
You don't have anything to lose in trying this!
Take it from me, i have been removing my body hair ever since i was in highschool. If only this was available back then, my depilatory cream experience would definitely be wayyyyyyyyyyyy better!

Did i said that this is pinoy-made?
Yeah, i did. But i am stressing that this is made here! So let's support our local products.
This product is really worth checking out!

Make sure you include this in your HBC basket,ok?
Hurry, because their sale is only up until the 21st of this month!

Have a great day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Products presented as samples. I did not receive any monetary compensations. Opinions posted are mine alone & not influenced by the company.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Food Spot: Gloria Jeans Coffees

I went to Robinson's Galleria last Saturday because i figured that it's the shortest way from the MRT Ortigas Station to Strata 100, that's where my Make-up Workshop was held the past 2 Saturdays. I was late on my first Saturday & i don't want to be late again so i was already in the Ortigas area an hour early. hahaha!

I took the long route before by going around St. Francis Square just to get to that building so i was 30mins late! geez!!

It's 12pm & i haven't had my lunch yet so i decided to grab a quick brunch (yes, i don't eat breakfast!). Gloria Jeans is located at the main entrance of the East Wing & since i want to make sure that i can break into a sprint if ever i am already late so i decided to hang my hat there for a while.

I don't frequent coffee shops as much as i do before & mostly i just stick with one shop so this is my first time trying out Gloria Jeans.

I ordered their Mixed Berry Smoothie & Blueberry Muffin. I love Blueberry Muffins! Just give me a whole tray of it & i'll die happily! hahaha!

I just asked them to have it on the go since i plan to really walk.

Their Mixed Berries is nice though i find it sweet. I didn't know how they made it or if they put an artificial sweetener but i find it sweet for my taste. I am used to a very mild sweet taste. that's why. I still like it though...

As for the blueberry muffin....hmmm....

I'm still undecided though....
It's very filling, of course, but as for the taste, i think the ones from French Baker is still by far my favorite!
I like the cream cheese on top, plus the fact that they reheated this but then i don't find any special taste to it to make an impact on me.

But this muffin is big!
I just ate half of it & i'm already full so i just kept the other half.
I lasted more than 6 hours on this whole piece alone!hahaha!

The center of the muffin is filled with blueberry jam so be careful when breaking this in half because the jam would ooze from it.

The smoothie & this muffin gave me the energy to survive the whole day.

I can't judge GJ on these 2 alone though so the next time i go back i'll be trying out their lattes instead.
Any recommendation?

Have a great evening,sweeties!
Jaa ne~!

HBC Great at 88 + my HBC loot!

Just a heads up for all my pinay readers, HBC is having their GREAT AT 88 sale!

I passed by HBC last Saturday & saw their stall on my way to my make-up workshop but i can't go in because i don't wanna be late. Yesterday, i got an email from Ms. Lorie Bundoc, Corporate Communications Manager of HBC, giving me the chance to be able to pick out items for me to try.

Today, I invaded my nearest HBC to take a look at the items that they have on their sale. Let's take a look!

Body Recipe Stuff... i'm not really much into facial washes.

I got the Calamansi soap & the sanitizing gel!
Their shampoos & conditioners are on sale too!

I know that HBC really do facial services for a specific minimum purchase...
Haven't tried their service, maybe someday i will try it & let you all know how it went.

They only have their Iñigo body spray & colored hair wax on sale.
I like how their hair putty are colored! soooooooooooooo cute!

I already blogged about their Soleil Nail Polish Collection, but not the other included in this collection. They have matte liquid foundations & lipsticks too but they are not sale though.

These are what i got...

Let's start at the ones i got for the Body first...

soaps, sanitizing hand gel, body butters, body masque & hair removal creams...
I really didn't know they have hair removal cream. I decided to try this but i am not really into creams for i prefer waxing. But then, who knows if this is actually a gold mine just waiting to be discovered!

For the hair...

I already saw this Hair touch-ups before & i thought it is interesting.
The hair coloring stuff is for my Mum. She told me not to forget about hair coloring so i will use this on her & let you know how it goes.

Face Cleansing Cream...

I really didn't get anything for the face except this because you all know how sensitive my skin is but then let's see if this will work. I remember using their Goat's Milk Facial mask before & i like it.

Now for cosmetics... San San cosmetic line.

I would really love to get the Mousse foundation to try it too but unfortunately it wasn't included in the sale items... too bad though! But then i got 3 shades of their regular concealers, 2 shades of their Age Defense Pressed Powder, Allue eyeshadow duo & the long-wearing mascara in brown.

I was so excited picking up things that i didn't noticed that i got 2 number 2 shade for the Age Defense concealer. I was planning to get as many shades as possible for product comparison but i didn't noticed until i went home... boo hoo!

I'll try their liquid foundations sometime specially now that i have decided to be a Make-up Artist. I have explore lots of foundations!

Something for my 'pare'... a cologne spray for him

I hope that this would smell good on him!

I also decided to get their Detergent Powder & Fabric Conditioner.

I really didn't have an idea that they actually have these!
I'll ask Ate Vinya to use this tomorrow for the laundry to see how good it is & how the scent goes.

Of all the HBC's that i've visited, the one nearest me, HBC Sangandaan-Caloocan has the most friendly staff ever! Not saying that other HBC branches are not accommodating but this branch is just so warm even when they didn't know that i am a blogger because i actually do have a couple of San San Polishes that i bought before & i always buy it at the same branch as much as i can.

Here is a photo together with their Store Manager & the friendly SA.

I look like a buddha in between these 2 lovely ladies!
No make-up.. not even powder on! I was just wearing my everyday clothes... ack! I can't believe i'm posting this on my blog!

OMG! I Didn't even ask for their names. They are so friendly i felt like i know them already that's why i forgot to ask for their names... does that make sense?!
I'll ask for their names sometime soon.

Products to be reviewed sometime soon once i have fully tested them.
Thanks for the opportunity, Ms. Lorie!

Do drop by at HBC to take a look at their ongoing sale. You might be able to find a product that works for you!

Have a great Monday,sweeties!
Jaa ne~!

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Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

I was contacted by B.liv weeks ago to try out their products. I have been so lazy in applying any skin care products lately that i can alrea...