Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eyelook: choco strawberries

Sorry for the lack of posts... my pictures are piling up once more for things to blog so i'll start with the first one on my list... this eyelook that i did last week. I'll get to things that i have to blog one post at a time but i'll start with this for now... hehe

I'll also blog about my make-up workshop this week (i hope!) & share the things that i have learned from it. I'm just waiting for pics from the center so i can grab it too. So stay tuned,ok?

I whipped out my palettes & just decided to play with it. It was a hot & humid on that day & felt so ugly... gah!!! I hate humid climates! Well, who does,ne? hehehe

I feel like going for a girly look but since i have just done a pink eyelook the last time i thought that i'd mixed in another color for a variation at least. I thought of going for brown just to give it a depth somehow hence i came up with 'choco strawberries' for the name.. haha!

I love bright eye make-up as what you might have noticed but i really have a thing for pinks. In fact, i notice that pink is the most color that i use in my eyelook post. I ought to stop this pink madness & try others,ne? Anyway, what i like about pink is that it is very wearable whether in school or office. I used to like neutrals but now i am leaning toward pinks more, maybe it's because of my skin tone but pink just instantly brights up my eye.

Going back, i think this color combination is very versatile that it could be worn daytime or even night time depending on the shades of pinks & browns that you have. Go for lighter shades during daytime & go a bit heavy during night time. I think this is something you can actually tweak when the opportunity for a night out called for.

I'm trying to downsize the numbers of the pictures i'm posting on my blog so i just compiled the pictures in just 1. Just click the pic to enlarge it.

I've numbered the pictures so to just put a little note on each...
For those who are familiar with how i do my gradient eye make-up, you'll know how i work with blending colors. You might want to take a look at THIS & THIS for an idea of how i blend eyeshadows.

1. Pick your pinks & brown. Lighter pink shade goes to the inner eyelid, the darker pink goes to the middle & the brown goes to the outer lid. Pat the colors on the lid using an eyeshadow brush.

2. Blend the 2 pinks using a blending brush. Make them

3. Using the same brush, blend the brown with the pinks using a circular motion. You can also bring the color up halfway towards the top of the pink.

4. Line the eyes with your favorite liner. I think that brown is actually better but since i only have black so i don't have a choice, but brown will be a good choice because black is too intense.

5. Since we used a light colored eyeshadow, it would look weird if you have pinks on your waterline. You can get rid of it by tightlining & by making a dotting motion in between lashes to cover up the pink color.

6. Tightline the upper waterline to make make your lashes look fuller. Then curl your lashes & finish it with your favorite mascara!

Pardon the cadaver-looking lips on the tut pic. I used MAC Blankety there, but then i switched it to Avon Simply Pretty Love in Bloom to give my face more life.

I told you all before that i don't really care about under eye concealers because they really cake on me no matter what so just try to ignore it..haha!

First post of the week!
Stay tuned for more posts....

Have a great week, minna-san!
Jaa ne~!

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Pammy D. said...

I love the look. For some reason, it reminded me of sakuras. Pretty! :)

Thiamere Brea said...

wish ko lang may cherry blossoms din dito satin
sakura dasuki!

NinMonster said...

I totally love pink and brown together. Kahit sa outfit. :)

Aika said...

omg i did pink and brown yesterday haha :D very pretty ng combi diba?

Thiamere Brea said...

they look so well together,ne?

Thiamere Brea said...

awesome combo!

Nikki said...

Can't go wrong with this color combination no? One of my fave din :) great job

Thiamere Brea said...

they're meant to be together talaga


Dee said...

Really pretty combo! I think I'll try experimenting with pinks and browns now. :D

ValerieDeoferio said...

Love the color combi :D Even in internet websites, I find pink and brown really pretty! ♥

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I really like how the brown adds so much depth to the eye shadow. Very pretty look :)


Thiamere Brea said...

yes,it is!
it's a very versatile combo indeed

Thiamere Brea said...

they are such a great partners,right?

MereMakeupManiac said...

i noticed you fancy pink eyes sis, they make you look younger! ^_^ what makeup workshop you attended sis? btw, are you living in Manila? i want to meet bloggers by September, wondering if you'd like to come? ^_^

Thiamere Brea said...

you're here in Manila na ba?
yes, i am in Manila~!

i attended the one from Linx Provi8
i am still waiting for the pictures from them para makagawa na ko ng post about it din e

MereMakeupManiac said...

wala pa sis, September pa - 3 to 11. i asked Pammy na rin, she said yes. I previously asked Shen, Nikki, Teeyah, Phoebe and Jheng - they seem to want to but need to verify again the date if wala sila commitments.

hehe do share your makeup workshop experience!

Thiamere Brea said...

hope to meet with you,sis!

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