Monday, August 01, 2011

rants & ramblings: quarter-life crisis + weekend nails

Let's start with the good thing first before i started ranting & rambling.
Good news: I was able to make a nail art design!
Bad news: No tutorial... you'll know why there's no tutorial later. *sigh*

I just want to see yellow for i miss seeing the sun because it's been raining here for the past week...
I am getting cranky with all the gloom surrounding me. So, i decided to try playing with my acrylics because i am at our other house the time i made this & i don't have my polish collection.

I think polish would make this smoother but the drying time would be a pain in the neck!
Anyway, this is not hard to do... It will just take time whether you decided to try polish or acrylics.

On to more bad news! Feel free to close now because this is just a nonsense rambling...

I will be on a blog hiatus for the meantime because my camera has a problem. The lens is somewhat stuck & can't go all the way out & go back in either. I had to push it back just to close it up & i don't have a freakin' idea how it happened.

Which would just mean that i won't be able to do any kind of post for the meantime without my trusty camera. I can't buy a new one all because i don't have the means to buy one.... *sigh*

This is just another one of the things that had piled up amongst the other personal stuff. I feel like i had run out of luck & Lady Luck just boycotted me because lots of unfortunate things has been happening. I am already so depressed, annoyed & angry at what's happening that it's a good thing my buddy, Meji, told me what i have been going through....

Quarter-life crisis!
My life is one big crisis now!
I don't want to go into personal details but 1 big thing that i have decided is a career change...

I have decided to be a make-up artist.
I am an online English teacher & i know that being a teacher is very different from being a make-up artist but heck, i want to try something new. A chance at happiness is the line that i can best describe it. I don't want to say the being an English teacher is no good. It's the opposite! It's fun when you interact with other people & know that they learn something from you. The impact that you make on a person's life is priceless.

I just want to try doing something that will make me even happier. I have my story on how i started my blog & make-up on my about me section so just check out if you want to, but i am happy when i get to play with my make-up palette. I want to continue doing so, sharing the beauty of cosmetics not just to my readers but to other people as well.

I want to be able to attend a make-up school too to learn more. I have planned out what i want to do but of course the change will have to be gradual. I just wish that i'll be able to get the support that i wanted from the people around me.

Money is also one big issue .. so much for wanting to change something without being able to "afford" the change that will take place.

One thing that i want to rant about is my "comment" dilemma too...
I have switched from Blogger comments to Disqus thinking that it would be so much better because it has the reply button which would make answering comments easier but i find that it's more of a nuisance than a convenience...

I find that it's not showing the comments on my previous posts especially for those that has exceeded 50+

It's so unfortunate because i know that most of my readers also gives out additional information that i might have missed... I could overlook the fact that i have to log in on a different dashboard just to approve comments but i find that some comments are just not in sync-ed with my blogger comments even though i have already enable the "sync" command.

Yare, yare!
It feels like the Cons outweigh the Pros...
I am already thinking of switching back to the old blogger comment but i like how i can personalize my reply to everyone. Is there a way to this?

I also don't know if it's just Disqus but the number of my comments had gone down when i switched.

Quarter-life crisis... i wish that it would soon be over before i make a complete mess of everything...

Since, i'm not really in a cheery mood so i won't be leaving you with my usual good bye line...
Wish me luck in handling out this blasted QLC!


Nails by kate vergara said...

that, too, shall pass. take your time resting. you need it for the battle love meji!

Missgennd said...

sad to hear about your camera and what you're goin through... I hope the little something I did for you made you smile a little. Everything's gonna be fine soon. Hand on tight dear.

Jems From Jenny said...

Hey girl! Following from the nail polish collectors group on facebook. :) LOVE the nail art, and good luck with the career change!!! I myself am a creative soul always struggling to find my niche. Would love to stay in touch and have you follow my blog as well! I write, share photography, and do nail art and reviews. Hope your weekend gets better...

Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

April Hollie said...

I feel for you sis! it's like problem after problem. I hope you'll fix em in no time... and oh I love your nails, abstract effect!

Thiamere Brea said...

love you more,meji!
what will i do without you?!
*hugs tight*

kelangan makapagmeet na talaga tayo!

Thiamere Brea said...


yes,it did
i feel so special

thanks again!

Thiamere Brea said...

thanks for the follow,hun!

Thiamere Brea said...


i hope so too...
feeling ko pinagtakluban ako ng panahon!

JesRoque said...

Everything will turn out fine, Sweet! Hug! :)

Thiamere Brea said...

thank you,hun!

catmare said...

I was wondering... Can't you do both things at the same time? Like maybe still teach and do make up part time? Or vice versa. I want to be a part time MUA, too. But I'm still thinking twice about it. Hope things work out for you soon!

DeBi said...

oh hun, it is just okay. I am so happy for you. I may not be able to pursue my supposedly MUA life, at least one of my friends did!

Wait til I get home this December...I have a surprise gift for you... ^_^

DeBi said...

at bawal tumanggi ha?

Thiamere Brea said...

actually i will still be a teacher but since i still consider myself on the learning stage i think it would take so much of my time that i won't be able to do a full-time teaching job anymore like before...

hope you would also be able to fulfill what you wanted

Diane_loves_you said...

wishing you all the best on your new chosen career path. :) Everything shall soon pass... *hugs*

Thiamere Brea said...

i will be attending my 1st make-up class this saturday!

catmare said...

I wish the same to you. Good luck :)

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