Thursday, July 30, 2009

Careline Pimple Concealer Review

This is a concealer that is readily available almost everywhere in the Philippines...Careline being a local brand & is very easy to find. Since i' have a lot of pimples everywhere...i can't even wear makeup...i figure that i should not abuse my skin & use products that would at least be good for my skin...that's why i bought this...

Im pretty sure that im nowhere near buying Murad Acne Treatment Concealer...

Ok, going back to the product...I'm feeling a little lazy so i just took a pic of the back carton for you to read... XDThe moment i took a whiff at this, the scent of Tea Tree immediately wafted in the im really sure that this one got Tea Tree on it...& its good for drying out zits,right?....hence "pimple concealer'...

I think they have a couple of shades, but mine is Soft Bisque & this is how it looks like on my skin..
So of course upon opening it, i tested it..not on my face but by creating a dot at the back of my hand by a pen...Just so that i would see if it can actually 'conceal' it...

This is how it looks like after applying it then setting it with a powder

Sadly, you can still see it...

I can say that it provides a light cover up...i guess if you are going to use it to conceal freckles or age spots, then it would at least be good for teh job, but for red angry zits...i don't think so..
I tried applying it on my pimples & it just 'lighten' it..not actually conceal it...

So i think they should rename this is "Pimple Lighten-er" instead...

Well, on the good side at least it have Tea Tree on i guess i can use this to 'prime' my pimples first before i put an ordinary conceal...i guess it will sort of act as a 'cover'?
sounds dumb?

Anyways, i don't see myself buying this anymore....
But i know for a fact that the Careline blushes are good because i tried it before & i actually like it!

Have you tried any Careline products?


Thoughts on Nivea Whitening Eye Cream + rants

I popped by the Post Office today to send a love package for a friend...On the way home i just decided to buy an eye cream again because when i woke up this morning & saw my undereye, i was horrified by the lines that keeps on waving at me.....gaahhhh!!!!

Im just 24...soon to be 25...but my undereye area already had spider-like lines underneath. If you girls, remember, i bought Nivea Whitening Eye Cream months ago..the reason that i did not post a review on it is that it didn't do a fig on my undereye short -> NO EFFECT AT ALL

Well, considering that it's not an anti-aging..just a 'skin lightening'....but then it still didn't do anything at all..So, if you are planning to buy it, don't waste your money...It didn't even lighten my undereye area..i feel that it's almost worse than when i first used it...but im sure Nivea didn't worsen just didn't work on me.

Just buy anti-aging creams instead...& that's what i bought today...

This time i bought the anti-aging...if this would fail me, then im definitely gonna be buying Olay the next time. This time, im not skipping a review on crossing my fingers for this one..

I also saw a foot pad & decided to also buy one to pamper my most abused feet...
It says "ALOMA"...its in japanese though so i won't be able to read it. I wanted the lavender scent but there's nothing left...too bad..i'd rather buy this instead of the ginseng ones....yukk!

Next week, i'll not go out of our house anymore...whenever i go out i tend to buy something. And since the start of this week...actually since last saturday i've been going out almost everyday & i've been hauling & hauling again....I just didn't post pics of some of it, but i think im going back to my bad addiction again...T_T

If i have to tie myself on my bed, i will...just so that my cards would be safe from always being swiped on the credit card reader.. (-_-") so much for wanting to save to buy a laptop... *sigh*

I'm dying to try the ELF Studio concealer palette, but it's already out of stock in Toma's shop...if i buy it here in the Philippines, the price is double...I guess i just have to wait & see...

Tomorrow i might be posting a contest entry...that is if i finish experimenting & finding the right colors on my contest entry...


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Celeteque Moisturizer Review

This is one moisturizer that i think could easily become my favorite...that is if it only have an oil control...
This is one of the 'drugstore moisturizers' available here in the Philippines. It's very easy to spot this sitting on the selection of 'facial care' in the aisle of drugstore or even grocery.

So of course i, who is looking for a good moisturizer that won't break my bank, decided to buy this & see for myself if it's any good.

Let's talk first about the texture...
It is fluid-like with a thin consistency, but not runny, which makes it all the more easier to spread. The fact that its clear & fragrance-free made me see this if not my HG moisturizer, but a 'likable moisturizer' for me.

I like the fact that when i use this, it doesn't leave any greasiness or oiliness at all. Unlike most moisturizing creams.. that no matter how 'oil-free' & 'grease-free' they are, it still leaves a tell tale sign of it on your skin. You would actually feel this product being easily absorbed by your feels so light i can float!& the best thing's not sticky! hallelujah! i have tried lots of moisturizer & it always have a stickiness on them, but this one won't leave any trace of stickiness on your face.

After i take a bath, i put this on while my skin is still damp (i stopped using toner weeks ago ever since my skin broke out) & it makes my skin feel so soft & smooth afterward...

As what i said before, i perspire a lot. That sometimes, after putting moisturizer, i can feel beads of sweat on my nose, upper lip &'s like the moisturizer is blocking & creating a barrier on my skin therefore trapping the heat, making me perspire (that's just my opinion though..hehe)...but with Celeteque, its so light that it just feels like water (it's water-based..that's why).. It gives me that cool & refreshing feeling unlike most of the moisturizers that i have tried..

Plus, if you click the pic, it is actually non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog pores...hypoallergenic which can be used even for people with sensitive skin....

I will definitely buy this again...although it doesn't do a fig about oil control, but for now, i think i'll be sticking to something that my skin 'likes'. Doesn't matter if i have to use oil film every now & then since i work at home...i can just wash my face often if i feel like the oil has accumulated.

I hope someone from Celeteque can read this post & might think of having another one that is formulated for oily skin...i think most filipinas have oily skin to start with...XD

For those who would just wanted to try it first & don't wanna buy the full size, you can buy the trial pack (facial wash, toner & moisturizer) for just Php 150 (approx $3.5) at any leading drugstore or malls.

  • cheap
  • fragrance-free
  • non-comedogenic
  • light
  • water-based & oil-free
  • available anywhere
  • not good in controlling oil
Hope this would help you if you are thinking of buying this.

I went to Watsons today & saw that Celeteque is 'on sale'...50% off....well, im not sure about that, but that's what i saw...Anyways, even without the 50% off, this one is pretty cheap!...& Celeteque also launched a new Anti-Aging Moisturizer...I wanted to buy it but i refrained from doing so because i still have acne marks left...i would want to clear my skin before i use anything.

I think my acne marks are fading just a teeny weeny bit...i think its because of the Kojic soap...will keep you updated.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Love Packages on the way to the post office

I thought today is a holiday...

That's why when i was able to go out, i didn't brought these packages with me...tsk tsk tsk..
i should have so late in sending out the prize for my contest...for the ones who are from other countries...

But don't worry,girls....
Tomorrow im pretty sure i'll be able to post this..

While i was out today to buy some cake...(its my ototo's birthday today...'Otanjoubi Omedetou, Jericho chan', my lil bro's trying to learn japanese, though im not sure if he can get pass by learning kanjis..haha...), i saw some cute trinkets just hanging on one random store that i passed by...

I bought some earrings & a cellphone charm

Actually im not sure if im gonna use it, but then i like the color & i figure that i'll be able to use this...sometime, somewhere...

Went to the bank too to make some payments for the nail arts & false toe nails that i bought from Ebay...Im gonna be getting them tomorrow...yay for that!...

Just a question though..i was about to buy the 28 neutral palette...but then since i saw the 88 neutral palette from Coastal Scents, it made me think twice....have any of you tried the 88 neutral?is it good? i dunno if im gonna wait until one pinay resells it here in the philippines...

What do you think?
Should i buy the 28 now?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend haul...finally + rants

It's been a while since i last bought stuff for myself & it feels therapeutic!

& this time my haul is local products..even the hair brush...(i think)...I've been so looking for wooden comb for quite sometime & i can't find one...I know there is a store in SM North Edsa that sells wooden comb but i don't have time to go there to get one so i just bought this brush with synthetic bristles...

Actually i did not bought any cosmetics...well aside from the concealer, which i would actually classify as half skin care, half cosmetic...It got tea tree oil on it & i will definitely not use it everyday...It's more of a body care haul...

I specifically bought the Kojie soap because of Em's amazing review of it, check her crossing my fingers on this one. Then i passed by one organic stall & i saw a grapeseed extract soap...& i said that i've always wanted to try grapeseed so i bought it...anyway it's just Php50 (just a little more than a dollar)...then wen to the grocery to buy a few nail & hair stuff.

The shampoo & conditioner is from Swallow which from what the label says that it has grapeseed & biotin...We know that biotin is good for the hair & i wanted to give this a try.

As for the nail stuff, it will be for some future nail arts...& i already have something to try again next week.

Originally i plan to buy a night cream...maybe Olay Regenerist, but for some reason my instinct is telling me not to buy one (yet!) because now my skin is at its worst...I feel like a teenager undergoing some extreme hormonal upheaval & the evidence is very evident on my face...ekkk!
They are not zits's already acne....cystic acne!talking about major breakouts... (-_-")

So right now im stirring clear of any fact this is the first time that i went out without anything at all (make-up..not just put moisturizer, nivea whitening cream & sheer lipstick...that's all...i plan to let my skin breath for 2 weeks...(i will put makeup if i do contest entries, but nothing that will make it stay on my face for a couple of hours...) to give my skin a real time to heal itself...Even if i use mineral make-up..i don't wanna risk it...

Now im not sure what causes this..maybe hormones...i have an irregular cycle, that's why...what i think made it from worse to worst is the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method)...i'll make a separate post about OCM...but don't be scared about the OCM.. i think i know how it works now...

Enough about the rant, i'll be making review about some of the products that i have to let you know if its YAY! or NAY!

Sunday is about to end here...hope you all have a good one!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nails: Contrasting dots

It's 12am here in the Philippines & im still awake..i was watching Charmed & doing my nails...

What you probably don't know is that i put nail polish only during weekends...I erase it come monday or tuesday...because i wanted my nails to take a break from all of the nail stuff that i put on it during weekends...

So this would be my nails for the weekend..

I watched JulieG713's video long before & its only now that i remember to do this nail look...

This is fairly simple & you don't even have to have a steady hand because it doesn't need to be perfect. Again, the main tool for this one is just a tooth pick..or a hairpin..if you have a dotting tool, then that's great.

How to:
Sorry for the's night time & there's not much that i can do about bear with me while i walk you through this..

Start with a base color.
Then paint half of your nails with a white/contrasting polish

Dip the toothpick on one color because you will have to make random dots on the lower part of your nails
No need to make a uniform pattern...its more fun if you just dot the hell out, just keeping in mind that the other side should have more dots than the other...

Then dip your toothpick again on the other color to make dots, this time on the top part...

Do the same thing that you did with the lower part...make some dots, just making sure that the other side of your nails have more it would totally look like this in the end..

Top it with a clear polish & a finishing coat & you're good to go!

Simple & easy,huh?
It won't take you long..actually it would only take long if you use slow-drying polish...But if you use fast dry, then this is just an easy as a breeze!

Want to put a twist?...
Well, when you do the other, make sure that the base coat is the color that you used on the top part of your other hand...

Like this one!

Ok, now it's 1:26 am...
It's already saturday!

Happy weekend,everybody!
Mata ne!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Cloth pad review

It's time for the cloth pad review...

You probably will ask me if its good or not...or is it worth it to buy these...or if its yukky especially when you think about using something again after using it 'down there'...or is a reusable/wash & wear type good?

I'll answer it later...I'll do a little introduction first...

Cloth pad started way back... what do you think our great great grandmums used before when disposable pads where not yet available? The use of 'rags' before was during the 'pre-disposable pad' days, where women uses old cloth. Then in came the Southall's pad, which was the first diposable pad ever.

It is believed that the use of cloth pad is 'healthier' for it doesn't have added chemicals that disposable pad have. Just think of the disposable pads now, based on the advertisement, they have this chemical that absorbs the wetness turning them into 'gels'. I know that because i used to experiment with disposable pads before when i was a kid. I used to do my own TV commercials, i memorized the lines & act the whole commercial (by myself!) complete with brand A & brand B..hehe (silly little me!)

Now, if that is not proof enough of the chemicals that is being used on pads, then how about the adhesive? That for one is really something...Chemicals that are being used in pads these days can still cause some 'odor'...& in a way, i agree...i was thinking before if the odor was actually from my body, but after using this for quite sometime i came to the conclusion that it wasn't me..but the pad that i was using.

It's pretty weird & yukky to think that you will use again something we have already used before, especially 'down there'...but then what you prefer to use...a chemical laden stuff..or would you choose something that is more natural.

Ok, enough with that, im pretty sure you get the idea,right?
Cloth pad is good...

Going back to the review..
I bought mine from Tiny Tapir...just because its the cheapest that i could the fact that it's just from Malaysia. Compare it if im gonna buy it from Etsy, shipping would take at least a month..

I actually ordered the:
Let's go first with the Saffa Pantyliners...

Actually i gave the other one to my mum...the red & blue one...I was not expecting that im gonna like this one so i did...I said to myself ' i think this is gonna be yukky' at first i was wary of actually trying it out since i was used to 'use & dispose'...the idea of 'use & reuse' is appealing, but not when its already on my grasp.. XD

Based on the description:

Saffa Pantyliner

by Saffa Cloth

8in x 2.5in when closed.

Hmmm...reversible,eh?! interesting!

Well, it really is reversible! This is how it looks like (the front)

the back....then if i close it, with the pink ends...this is with the yellow endsJust think about it you can use the other side too actually it doesn't matter which is the front & the back since the snaps will still fit no matter what side you choose.

One thing that i like about this is that it stays put, plus its very comfy to use. It's just like im wearing 'noting'...because its to pantyliners that sometimes can cause rash if the edges rubs the skin which can result to the skin being red or itchy..this one wouldn't ever give you rashes...

Plus its thin enough & you're 100% sure that it won't ever accidentally 'fall' (in extreme cases because the snap is durable...

Anyways, we don't have that much daily discharge,right? We only use pantyliner for 'protection' if ever...If you're thinking of bacteria & stuff, you can just sanitize it by washing it in hot water. Since this is flannel, i don't you'll have problems with it..& thus making it sure that all bacteria is dead..just make sure you don't put fabric conditioner,ok?

Now, going to the Saffa Medium Pad

Saffa Medium Pad

8.5in x 2.75in when closed.

Made of 4 layers of flannel for absorbency, a hidden layer of waterproof PUL to prevent leakage and a bottom layer of fleece to avoid slip.

Upper layer is made of printed flannel which is imported from USA.(Upper layer goes next to your skin).

PUL is also imported from USA.

Suitable for light or medium flow period.

Closes with matching colored snaps. Double snaps for snug fit.

This one is longer than the pantyliner & a bit thicker too. One thing that i forgot about the pantyliner is that it got 2 snaps too...which would give you the freedom to choose how you want to put it....It's just like this one:

see that? You can opt for an extra snug fit by using the farthest snap so to be sure that it won't ever move.If you noticed it, the bottom part is made of fleece which will ensure that it would stay in place...hey, that's an additional security..we know that fleece doesn't absorb wetness like how cotton does..

Since the bottom is fleece, you can't just reverse it & use the other side too...this is a day pad, so its made for the purpose of absorbing menstrual discharge.

Going to the Mothering Wingless...

Mothering Naturally - Wingless

Basic wingless pad lined with PUL.

Available in Super and Regular sizes - Regular sized pad can be slotted into the Super sized pad for double absorbency .

I did not know that the Super one is really 'Super in size'...did you took a close look at the pic above? the blue wingless pad is just the normal length of pad that we see & use, but the Super is "Super"...

Anyways, I haven't actually used this yet...I just threw everything in the washer & washed them all, but this is one that i haven't used.

Although i think this would be ok to use since you can actually stuff something inside it & the lining is like a plastic, though not quite...sorry i don't know how to call it, but it seems like an "elastic plastic", which i think will ensure that you won't have any problem with 'spots'.

I could put the other pad inside for added protection. But the other pad i think is ok to use as a pantyliner too, especially if you are just inside the house...

I actually like using it...aside from the fact that it's earth-friendly, it saves me money since i don't need to buy pantyliners every now & then...So i will definitely buy again!

  • cheap (the saffa pantyliner is just MYR10- less than $3/piece)
  • economical
  • earth-friendly
  • odorless
  • suited for 'sensitive-skinned'
  • won't cause rashes
  • more 'fun' looking (hehe)
  • not available locally
  • inconvenience in the sense that you have to wash them
  • messy (obviously!)
If you can't attempt to use cloth pads for menstrual discharge, then give the cloth pantyliners a try & you might like it too. I still can't use cloth pads for menstrual purpose, but as a pantyliner, i'd choose this in a heartbeat! It saves me money...i can definitely use that money for buying more make-up,right?

I'd probably be doing lots of contest entries for the few days since im just alone at the house, mum & the rest of the gang went island hopping, leaving me & my brother to house sit for a couple of days....that's why i can't go out to send Mymy's package (sorry,girl!will ship it next week for sure!)...

Boredom is one thing that's easy to fight especially with the make up contest at bay...If you wanna know the latest contest & giveaways, do drop by on my other blog...I update it regularly so that you will be able to know the latest...I put the follow button out instead of hiding it.. Click HERE


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grimm Fairy Tale contest entry

Another contest entry!

Tali of The Gloss Goss is hosting a's the Grimm Fairy Tale Contest...
I choose Snow White...
Although its not exactly my favorite of all the Grimm's Tale...but then this is just what i wanna do...hehe

We all know the story of Snow White, Disney popularized it when they made it. The thing about Snow White is that she is so naive that even if she have been 'threatened & endangered' by her 'stepmum', she still remain as pure as a crystal...

I choose the colors blue & white because i wanted to stress on the 'coldness' of the evil queen...which is blue (for me) & white for Snow White's purity....

Ok, so what's up with that?...Why say Evil Queen & Snow White?....
That's because i did the two!
I love villains....har har har!
that's why my most favorite of all the pic on this post is the first one...looks like some evil plan is forming on my mind...

Presenting the Evil Queen inspired look (my hair cooperated on this looks so dry & brittle! -_-")
please ignore the acne marks
And the Snow White inspired look (that zit on my forehead looks hideous!)

look at the glitters! they reflect the light & have that green shine on cool!

And so this is my entry!

If you look closely at my eyes, they might look like the same shades, but not exactly, the 'queen eye' is supposed to be a tad darker than snow white....& the shape is sharper by not rounding up the colors..unlike the other one.

The queen is just half past the crease, where Snow White is almost up until the brows which would actually give the impression of a rounder eye...
that is if you got even eyes...i have uneven eyes if you notice..hehe

As for Snow White, i put glitters on the lower eye area to make it brighter amidst the dark liner & crease.Darkness here would be the dark crease & the liner.....Sorry if the line in the inner eye corner is not's hard to do it..this is my first time.

Things used:
  • UDPP
  • 88 matte palette
  • Everyday Minerals - Golden Medium
  • Everyday Minerals - Start to Finish Soft Bronze
  • Everyday Minerals - Olive Fair
  • Nyx Concealer in jar - Medium
  • Covergirl Cheekers
  • LA Colors Dual Blusher - Papaya/Nutmeg
  • Chapstick
  • Lancome Juicy Tubes - Fraise
  • Ellana Lip Pot in Infatuation
  • Ellana Mineral Shadow in Ethereal
  • Glitter Shadow
  • Elf Liquid Liner - Black
  • Aido Eye Putti
  • Ever Bilena Eyeliner - Black
  • In2it Lip Liner
  • set of brushes
  • my mineral blush
  • mini blue heart decoration
It's too bad that i dont have an apple with me because i have plenty of classes today & i don't have time to go out & buy some...

I most especially love the lips...the dark lips...
the glitter gave it a flair!

I really had fun doing this & i would even love having this look on my face for a couple of's just a shame that i have a class & i have to use the webcam...
i can't have class with me looking like this..& to think that my students are just toddlers!

But it was really fun!

Pill boxes for storing sample pigments

I have a lot of mineral eyeshadows that are in baggies..& we know that not only is it inconvenient, but it makes everything all the more messy than it already is...

I also hate individual plastic's because im so clumsy that often times i end up misplacing i prefer stackable jars....

If any of you have read my post about travelling with ease, i mentioned something about using pill boxes as my pigment storage... read that post for more info about what i do when i travel & have to bring my cosmetics with me.

Yesterday when i went to the bookstore to buy some bubble wrap envelope to have my prizes shipped, i went to a japanese store& saw this cute colored pill box...i remembered that i still have lots of pigment samples that are in baggies so i bought one.

7 colors...which stands for 7days actually..

This pill box have individual cover which makes them perfect for storing the colors...

So i went to action & put them one by one...

organizing them based on their color goes together with other blues...just so that it will be easier to remember...

And of course, i put the names of the pigments underneath...using a sticker label

Now i have everything neat & tidy!
The only downside is, the box that i got doesn't have rubber sides on them so it's not exactly spill-proof...Well, doesn't long as i have everything organized then im ok. Plus the fact that it saves me a lot of space compare to using individual jars,right?

If you have a pigments on can also put them in pill boxes!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Take it to the beach contest entry

It's been a while since i was able to post anything on my 'makeup looks' tag...
So here is another one....a contest entry for Miss Yaya's Take it to the beach contest.

All through the time i was debating on doing a 'beach inspired' look or an 'under the sea inspired' look...
So i just decided that i do a beach inspired look with mermaids in mind...

The colors would be the beach colors...& the line 'deco' would be for mermaids...(huh?where did that come from?XD)

Anyways, this is the look
my skin is not at its breaking out...& i still have my post acne marks!argh!
I did not use falsies for i can't use a black liner & it would totally ruin my golden yellow liner!

A closeup look
How did i make this?
It's actually quite simple..all we need to do is to just line all of the 4 colors together then blend the hell!

First, blend the yellows together..then the blues...then the blue & yellow...just taking extra care not disturbing the inner corners of the so..

Since they are primary colors, when you blend it out, then you'll have the green...& that's what i want to achieve...a tinge of green amidst the blue & yellows. So it would look like 3 colors...with the middle color being a soft combination of everything! Don't forget to line the lower area using the same colors that you did at the top.

As for the liner...actually i don't have any golden yellow liner..i just mixed a little bit of vaseline & a golden yellow pigments (talking about improvising,huh?) then i set it using the same color.

Lined my waterline using white...curled my lashes using Fanny Serrano lash curler & apply NYX Doll Eyes Mascara.

I highlighted my brows using Everyday Minerals in Olive's too fair & i use it as a highlighter. I defined my brows using Fashion 21 Brow the way, i primed my lids using UDPP & a little of Chapstick!

As for the rest of my face...i primed my face using Smashbox Cooling tint 4, concealed my dark spots using NYX Concealer in Jar in Medium, Everyday Minerals in Golden Medium as my face base...added a gorgeous shimmer/highlighter on my cheekbones using MAC loose powder in Drizzlegold & mineral blush, its a combination of Everyday Minerals, Joppa Minerals & Makeup Masala Minerals...i was able to come up with a nice blush for me..yay!

Then i finished it with Lancome Juicy Tubes in Fraise.

Here are the stuff that i used:
I numbered the shadows that i used...& if you go back to the top, i labeled it too...

Make sure you join Miss Yaya's contest,k?

Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

I was contacted by B.liv weeks ago to try out their products. I have been so lazy in applying any skin care products lately that i can alrea...