Saturday, July 11, 2009

im it!10 things about me

The Lovely Pop Champagne & Shobe of Your Little Beauty Bag tagged me to do the 10 random things...I so love these girls for they always drop by on my blog & read my posts...i feel so loved!

Well,here goes...

  • I suck at math :p
I suck so bad at it that up until now i don't give a fig about median, cosine & whatever...i felt like Math is just invented to give a taste of hell to students!Ask me anything about english...or even science...just not math.. (-_-")

  • I feel people’s hurt, like if they got wound or what..i feel like i got it too *_*
Im so sensitive that if i a friend or most often, my bf tells me (or just sent a text message) that he got a wound, i will immediately feel some sharp pain on the part that he said is hurting...I hate being like this...That's why i hate the hospital..i feel like im gonna get sick if i am inside a many aches & pains...

  • Whenever I’m walking, I only look at where I’m going but not the people around. That’s why people think I’m a snob.
Yep!I don't look at the people around me when im walking, im just looking at the road. One factor is that i have a poor eyesight..& i don't like wearing my glasses...& anyway, it's better to just concentrate on what lies ahead than just take a glimpse of everything & anything around..

  • I dont cry easily. If I do then it must really be “worth crying over”..or when im just sick but other than that i don't cry that much
Aside from the ocassional tear when dust entered your eye or the above reason, im not exactly a crybaby..though there are some movies that have made me cry, but when it comes to real life & im being push at the edge, i don't cry..i just take a deep breath & smile...then bite that!

  • Flats are my best friends..never did like heels.
Just like what Pop Champagne's comfy! I only have 2 shoes that got heels & i have never worn them...I just can't stand standing with it being tortured by the pain on my heels...

  • Much more comfy in dresses that clings rather than loose dresses...
When my mom bought a dress for me & i tried it on, it's a bit big..though its not THAT big, somewhat ok, just a little loose...i told her that i don't like it because i felt like im suffocating on it. She gave me that weird look & i told her that i feel more comfy with clinging dresses/shirts for i feel that in loose dress, the heat is just being trapped inside therefore making me sweat more...So that's the reason behind!

  • I’m allergic to cigarettes.
If ever i smell one,especially a certain brand..i will automatically get a sore throat the next day. I have asthma when i was a kid. Which results in a little problem with BF because he does smoke.... (-_-")
He said he's trying to quit but he just can't do it if ever he get the urge to smoke, he had to step away from at least 15steps away..haha...& of course no kissing afterward!

  • I dont know how to drive…yeah,i know..i suck… -_-”
My dad asked me before if i wanna learn how to & i said i don't want to...i was a teenager back then...but now that im an adult...i don't have the time to learn how to drive..ekkk!...but it's ok since i love riding the Jeepney!
  • I can stay in my room for weeks without going out (except for bathroom calls).
I guess it just shows that im a real homebody...I go out with friends but im actually a homebody at prefer peace & quiet rather loud & fun.

  • When I get mad I curse frequently.
One of my worst attitude that i do need to change, but hey...when a person is angry they have to let it out rather than keep it & develop a heart attack later on,right? (not that im justifying it..haha)

There you go...the bad & the worse about!
I'm not embarrassed about the things that i shared because that's just who i am..& i perfer to let everything out in the open rather than just me sing praise about myself or something..i guess it's more fun to share my

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CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

hehe,yey you did it na! ditto on the math..i hate MATH!!!!i got physics and statistics subj now and its making me nauseous i hate it!!i love flats too,nagpapaka sosyal ako pag heels suot ko.i always look at the floor din pag naglalakad ako,kasi poor eye sight din even if i am looking straight di ko dn makikita yung titignan ko kaya sa lapag nalang hehehe =D. have a nice weekend!

fleurrainy said...

it's so true that u may not embarrassed about ur self!! :D
It just the way you are and I think u are normal sweetie! lol

have a good weekend!

Ida said...

thanks for tagging me! :) i like this, will answer it soon! i'm a total homebody too :)

mszcheysser said...

Lol, Alot of us suck at Math :] It feels good to know that I'm not the only one! And OMG! You don't cry easily? Good for you, because I do! Even when I'm supposed to be angry & confronting someone. Waaaaah! =( I enjoyed reading about you!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

thanks hun, doing it now as we speak!

my_makeup_mania said...

I'm suck at math too and can't drive too :) lol:
So interest to learn more about you!
And thanq so much for tagged me, dear! :)

adin_22 said...

don't worry pretty girls suck at math & can't drive!!LOL...we got a lot in common...

Anonymous said...

lol @ math too i will never never never inluv with numbers , unless its money matters haha :P

I tend to cry easily especially when I'm thinking and missing love one :( " ang drama haha"

i will do this . have a good one!:)
tenk yu!

Oshiya said...

i love flats, too. They're comfy.

Sugar Bunnie said...

♥thanks for tagging me
shh, I cant drive either, lol

Ai said...

LOL you are so funny! :D i can't wear high heels as well. they're killing me lol

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I'm the same way when I walk! Or if I don't look at the floor I'm looking straight ahead - MAJOR tunnel vision! >_< People always think I'm ignoring them, but I just don't see them ! lol

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