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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Theallnaturalface eyeshadow review

Last week i got my allnaturalface loot & i must say that playing with it is wonderful!
I'll talk about the eyeshadow & primer first before the face powder for im still trying out the foundations.

They are so pigmented too..i just dipped my brush once & applied it on the insides of my arms...i just put smashbox cooling tint on my arms to act as a 'primer'-though its not exactly a primer...but it'll do.

Let me start it first with a swatch of the samples that i got...

(the last one is number 7...not 8..hehe..just a typo..sowee!)
  1. Deep Mauve
  2. Snow White
  3. Brandied Peaches
  4. Ivory Rose
  5. 'Oh So Metal' Antiqued Silver
  6. Blue Ice Storm
  7. Subdued
Me thinks they all look pretty...What's your favorite among them?
If i foil this one im pretty sure i'll be in heaven with the brightness of these!i love it!

Crystal of theallnaturalface was so kind to sent me this shadows as a freebie when i bought a foundation sample...what's great about her shop is that you can try out the eyeshadow samples for yourself too!
For just $1.50 for 10 shades, i think that's a real bargain! & you can even choose the shade that you cool is that?!
i have not seen any MMU line sell an eyeshadow sample for that cheap!

& then she also included an eyeshadow primer sample which is in a cute & tiny container. This is how it looks like:
The texture is a bit's too waxy....i first thought it was just candle droppings lol!
But when i tried it on...i was amazed!

I use UDPP mainly just so because i have an ultra oily eyelids...
but what i don't like about UDPP (aside from what we all know..the super sexy & curvy bottle!) is that i have to apply a sticky base to it just so that the shadows would adhere to it. It just takes time to go about putting cream shadows on top of it & if you applied too much of the cream shadow it can still result to creasing...

With the primer that she sent me, i just applied it on my lids & since it have that 'waxy' texture, the shadows just adheres to it & it gives that bright & vivid look!

Don't believe me?

I have a dark violet shadow here that's been sitting on my dresser for quite sometime now & i just don't wanna use it because its just so dull...if i apply it on, it just looks...sad!...can't explain it, but it just looks so dull..i was thinking of actually throwing it out for i don't think i'll be using it again...

but in comes the sample primer...i decided to give it a chance & used it because that it is the darkest single shadow that i i put theallnatralface prime on my right eye area & the UDPP on the left one....& just take a look a that!

I never realized that with the right tool, this dull & boring shadow is just the perfect shade for a smokey violet look!

Will i throw the shadow?Hell no!

As for the creasing...well,it might not be as good as UDPP, but it stayed for at least 4 hours. The lid area doesn't exactly have a crease, but it just left my lids 'bare'...(see the in between of the lines) the image for larger view

see how oily my lids are?

With girls who doesn't have a very oily lid (pan-fried oily like mine), this primer would do wonders!

I tried Elianto Eye Primer which creased as soon as i put it on (& its my first eye primer -_-") & to think i expected something from this just because Elianto had already had a name that shoppers could rely on....

But theallnaturalface primer exceeded the Elianto primer!

You can purchase it for a full size jar for $4... & im pretty sure that it would last for a lifetime!

Crystal said that she would be making a primer which is designed especially for super oily lids...if that time comes, i'll be sure to grab one for myself...with the price, it's a real steal!

& the international shipping is so cheap too!
$1.25 & additional $0.50 for each additional items

Foundation review will follow as soon as im done testing it out for myself.
Hope you'll have a great day!

pics that are not watermarked are not my property but the theallnaturalface's property. I was not paid to advertise the brand, but this is just based on my personal opinion.


Sherry said...

hehe.. me oso having oily eyelid.. if long hours. wow.. amazing, is now like you having two color of eyeshadow on eyes

Tina Marie said...

Pretty swatches! And I can totally see the difference in the eyeshadow with the different primer. I still like UDPP though :)

Askmewhats said...

wow, the violet e/s did stick to your lids! that's a great primer for the good price :)

Ai said...

$1.5 for 10 shades? O_O WOW!! and i like all the colors! really pretty <3

my_makeup_mania said...

They are really looks so pigmented!
Gorgeous colors!

donnarence said...

whoa.. ang galing ng primer na yan ah.. galing as in..

Ida said...

yay, wonderful review! :) i think we got the exact same colors as freebies. and i'm glad i read your review of the eyeshadow primer cause i thought mine just dried up! didn't know it was really wax form, hehe.

i'll link your post to my most recent one ha, hope that's ok? :)

mszcheysser said...

Whoa... now that you brought it up in your blog, maybe I have oily eye lids! OMG! How can I find that out? HAHAHA :] But anyways! Thanks for sharing! The price are gooood! =]

fleurrainy said...

I louve number 1 and 3 pigment~

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing


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