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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Celeteque Moisturizer Review

This is one moisturizer that i think could easily become my favorite...that is if it only have an oil control...
This is one of the 'drugstore moisturizers' available here in the Philippines. It's very easy to spot this sitting on the selection of 'facial care' in the aisle of drugstore or even grocery.

So of course i, who is looking for a good moisturizer that won't break my bank, decided to buy this & see for myself if it's any good.

Let's talk first about the texture...
It is fluid-like with a thin consistency, but not runny, which makes it all the more easier to spread. The fact that its clear & fragrance-free made me see this if not my HG moisturizer, but a 'likable moisturizer' for me.

I like the fact that when i use this, it doesn't leave any greasiness or oiliness at all. Unlike most moisturizing creams.. that no matter how 'oil-free' & 'grease-free' they are, it still leaves a tell tale sign of it on your skin. You would actually feel this product being easily absorbed by your feels so light i can float!& the best thing's not sticky! hallelujah! i have tried lots of moisturizer & it always have a stickiness on them, but this one won't leave any trace of stickiness on your face.

After i take a bath, i put this on while my skin is still damp (i stopped using toner weeks ago ever since my skin broke out) & it makes my skin feel so soft & smooth afterward...

As what i said before, i perspire a lot. That sometimes, after putting moisturizer, i can feel beads of sweat on my nose, upper lip &'s like the moisturizer is blocking & creating a barrier on my skin therefore trapping the heat, making me perspire (that's just my opinion though..hehe)...but with Celeteque, its so light that it just feels like water (it's water-based..that's why).. It gives me that cool & refreshing feeling unlike most of the moisturizers that i have tried..

Plus, if you click the pic, it is actually non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog pores...hypoallergenic which can be used even for people with sensitive skin....

I will definitely buy this again...although it doesn't do a fig about oil control, but for now, i think i'll be sticking to something that my skin 'likes'. Doesn't matter if i have to use oil film every now & then since i work at home...i can just wash my face often if i feel like the oil has accumulated.

I hope someone from Celeteque can read this post & might think of having another one that is formulated for oily skin...i think most filipinas have oily skin to start with...XD

For those who would just wanted to try it first & don't wanna buy the full size, you can buy the trial pack (facial wash, toner & moisturizer) for just Php 150 (approx $3.5) at any leading drugstore or malls.

  • cheap
  • fragrance-free
  • non-comedogenic
  • light
  • water-based & oil-free
  • available anywhere
  • not good in controlling oil
Hope this would help you if you are thinking of buying this.

I went to Watsons today & saw that Celeteque is 'on sale'...50% off....well, im not sure about that, but that's what i saw...Anyways, even without the 50% off, this one is pretty cheap!...& Celeteque also launched a new Anti-Aging Moisturizer...I wanted to buy it but i refrained from doing so because i still have acne marks left...i would want to clear my skin before i use anything.

I think my acne marks are fading just a teeny weeny bit...i think its because of the Kojic soap...will keep you updated.



CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

i used this one when i was in highschool,its does moisturize my skin and i never broke out,dont know why i stopped using this.hehe.

☆Anastacia☆ said...

All the products with a transparent consistency inspire me confidence!
This products seem like working so well too!
Nice review!

Chrissy said...

I love this, I have it too! I used it for a while then stopped, but resigned myself to the fact that it doesn't do anything for oil control.

Uubusin ko muna along with my sunblock (I tried mixing them together today and nabawasan naman oiliness ko) then I'll buy BB cream. :)

Nice review!!

Askmewhats said... works for you! great for you! i've heard a lot of people using this as it works for them!

Pop Champagne said...

that is weird because I feel the same way when I put on my moisturizer too- sometimes after putting it on I feel hot and I sweat and I feel it as it blogging my pores. huh!

Thanks for the comment :D I figure I'm dying it black and going back to my asian roots haha!

GirL with GLasses ... said...

i used this before. pero nung december/january lang. kasi sobrang dry yung mukha ko nun, ang sakit nagbabalat ilong ko, labi, etc.

sister... update sa kojic ha... :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

wow. I wasn't going to read the blog until I get back home but... yeah. hahaha.

I'm glad you found something good! hopefully they find something for people who have oily skin because... I think like 95% of the people on this earth has oily skin or combination skin type. LOL! I'm thinking about trying it but I want something for oily skin too =[ Hopefully they come up with something within this year! haha. I will be the first to buy (I guess) since your review on this is actually really good. I'm guessing 4 out of 5 stars?

Shen said...

i used this for a while before i switched to a higher end brand since I was in need of moisturize. i agree on the no oil control part but heck, its a moisturize and it does what it does, moisturize. I left it to my primer to do the controlling. :)

Khymm said...

ito gamit ko pag-preggy ko.. now i went back using Nivea. I love their facial wash and alcohol free toner!

Catmare said...

I've tried using the Celeteque Facial Wash before. I think I finished around 4 big bottles. =D I loved it but then I stopped. Idk I guess I can't really help myself wanting to try other brands. =)

Really they have anti-aging na? That's nice.Might check that out sometime =)

Aicha! Aicha! said...

Yehey pareho tayo ng cleanser! I currently use Celeteque too kasi di masyado mahal <3

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I may be a good bargain hunter, but there's a down side to being so in love with sales. I cannot resist them. Even if I know I don't need something, if it's on sale or is a great price, I just must buy it! >_< haha I need to break that habit

Kaz said...

I USE THIS TOO! :D great great stuff. it really is absorbed by the skin kagad and leaves it matte! i even use this on my lips before putting on lip balm. wala lang. HAHA.

& plus na clear gel-type sya.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Question: How do you use this moisturizer? Para din ba syang facial cream/lotion na ilalahid or ilalagay sa face mo, and then voila, no wash or rinse after? Sorry, I'm really clueless. But TIA! :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ anonymous
moisturizer is what you apply on your face right after you wash will restore your skin's moisture..

sometimes kasi right after washing our face feels very tight..which indicates that it doesn't have any moisture...moisturizer will give back the moisture on the skin.

you don't need to rinse it...just apply it then do your usual'll actually feel refreshed when you use celeteque compare to other moisturizers that i've tried

Auishtha said...

thanks for this review.
I was looking for a good moisturizer that can help moisturize my skin. I'm thinking of trying kojic soap today :)

I'm very excited to try all this stuff out. Thanks for your reviews. I said this once and I'm saying it before, you're truly very helpful :)

Auishtha said...

Woah! Thank you for following my blog too :)
Hmmmm. Wala bang available na individual celeteque moisturizer thia? =(

And again, thanks for the helping hand :) Your reviews are blunt to the core. very fascinating indeed!^_^

Auishtha said...

ganun? hmmmm. but I think I'd go with individual bottles nalang. hehehe. I don't need the toner and cleanser kasi.

I've been a proactiv user for 2 years now. Doesn't work at all. it merely leaves me frustrated over my acne-prone skin. =(

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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drifting_heart08 said...

tanung ko lang po.. advisable po ba sa oily skin kung magkakaiba brand ng product? im using this organic soap which dries up my acne but dries my whole face.. kaya gusto ko ng moisturizer and i have celeteque.. tas dapat ba soap then toner then moisturizer? i don't want to use toner na. i stopped using makeup for awhile to see the effects of products.. thanks for the help.
email: couchpatatas711@y.c

Anonymous said...

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LadySephiroth said...

im it advisable to use this moisturizer tapos mglalagay k ng face powder afterwards? di b to nkaka-clog sa pores? or nagiging sticky s feeling?

~tHiAmErE~ said...

it's better to use a primer after moisturizer, before face powder para hindi maclog ang pores mo.

or you can just wait for a minimum of 15 minutes para maabsorb tlg ng skin mo yung moisturizer at hindi mag-sit on top of the skin...doing so will help prevent caking of powder when mixed with fluids...

Anonymous said...

nice review!!!

Anonymous said...

hi!i have a dry skin and im using celeteque moisturizer too... as of now napapancin ko dumadmi ang pimples using cetaphil as a facial wash... any advice,bka my mali lng sa pggmit ko? tnks in advance tlga..

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ anonymous

i have oily skin & i find that using celeteque works better for me kasi water-based. i'm not really an expert when it comes to dry skin & acne pero maybe you can try other acne-fighting products. there could be a lot of cause why ka nagbbreak out e. if you will be able to find the reason why you are breaking out you might be able to find out what will work best for you

maybe you're allergic to one ingredient?

love noble said...

pwede bang 3x gamitin ang celetque moisturizer s sisang araw?

Thiamere Brea said...

i think basta you feel the need to moisturize, just use it. non-comedogenic naman sya e

Scarlett said...

This is my all-time favorite. ito talaga palagi kong pinipili over other brands.

red said...

wow i was searching about celetique when i see your website. I just actually bought the the trial pack and just finish applying it. I hope it will work for me too coz i have the same problem as yours. :)

Thiamere Brea said...

hope it will work for you,sweets

Anonymous said...

Hello, Ms. Thia :) do you also use Celeteque's facial wash and toner? :)

Thiamere Brea said...

Hello, Ms. Thia :) do you also use Celeteque's facial wash and toner? :)
By Anonymous on Celeteque Moisturizer Review on 1/30/12

Thiamere Brea said...

i did at first because i bought the trial pack before but i have never been a fan of using 3-care-systems e.
i prefer to use beauty soaps lang talaga... no toner for me

honey domanday said...

i love celeteque products! very gentle on the skin! great blog, very informative. imma follow you from now on! :)


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