Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pawprint Nails

I was browsing Youtube before for some nail arts a couple of weeks ago & i came across Mayparis' channel & i saw her doing a pawprint inspired nails. She even have a zebra print nails too!!...& i just did a zebra nails weeks ago!She said that it can be good for short nails...& since i chipped my nails last week so i just had to cut them...

I am gonna go on a vacation (as if i had not been telling you over & & i would still want my nails to look at its best even if its short. Then i remembered the pawprint nails & decided that i would want to try that.

So that's what i did & here it is: (the pic look dark..just click it to see it in a larger image)I tried to take a picture of both of my hands & i asked my mom to, but it came out blurry...& we had to even do it 3x..but it's still the same...guess her hands are

This is very far from being 'clean'. I guess if you look at it from afar it would look pretty...but up close...not exactly...I did not use toothpick in doing the design, but i just used an artist brush..the small one.

Although my left hand look a lot better than my right one..(im right handed) i am able to draw the design better using my dominant hand rather than the other..but pleased with how it came..i might say that it looks cute...

She also has a blogsite on which you'll be able to see some of her nails up close...visit her here

ill be back after a couple of days...hope y'all have a nice day & a great weekend!

Package from LaBelleMel

I can't believe it when i finally got the notification card that i got from the post office yesterday. It means that the prizes that i won from Mel is already near my grasp...

My first prize ever.... *sniff*
For the whole 24yrs of being alive this is the first time that i've won anything T_T

Im serious!
I've never won anything on my life..not even in cake raffles or classroom contests or whatever so im really so shocked that i won something.. *sniff*

Im so gonna keep the package & everything that Mel sent me. I dont think im even gonna use it because it means a lot to me...

These are the contents of the package:
  • Escada Ocean Lounge Eau de Toilette sample
  • Jurique Herbal Recovery Gel
  • Caudalie Creme ContourYeux et Levres
  • Meiji Meltyblend (yum!i already ate it!of course!)
This is first time that i have ever sniffed Escada...actually im a Lacoste fan when it comes to fragrances & have never tried Escada yet. When i opened the bottle, i was enveloped in a sweet smelling fragrance that reminded me a lot of flowers & candies. So i guess for people who loves sweet perfumes you have to give this a shot.

Thanks a lot,Mel!
I'll be cherishing all of this!

Monday, April 27, 2009

rants & ramblings + contest poll

I haven't blogged this weekend because i attended my cousin's wedding & of course i have to do my mom's makeup. Little did i know that i will also be doing all of my other relatives' makeup...

wow! whatta challenge!
It's been fun...

Anyways, i realized a lot of stuff while putting makeup on my aunts & cousin. It's actually hard to even out an eye specially if its obviously uneven. I want to line just one eye, but is scared of making my aunt looking like a freak...its also hard to apply makeup to older people because their lids tend to have excess skin which makes them look droopy & the powders to fall off...etc...

But i guess i was able to pull it off. Although i took quite a while in fixing them (that i hardly had any time at all for me...eekkk!)

What's fun is that after the reception we get to take a dip in the pool...but the chlorine is so strong that it left my hair dry...& of course my whole body. Good thing i have the Nivea Creme with me. Never did i imagine that i will use that as a!But it does work!...
Im so loving that product!

I was so moisturized when i woke up that i still took a dip in the morning...(haha!goes to show how stupid one can that im back home (with a very dry skin), i tried the RL Rocks Body didn't work as good as Nivea...So im gonna stick with it & buy a couple of tubs to use as a body moisturizer.

Since its been a known fact that i love contests & i joined a couple of its time to vote in for Whit's Spice Girl contest. Click HERE to cast your vote.

Lastly, a couple of contests that you might wanna try are:
Hope to see some of your entries. I love looking at makeup entries.

Im gonna be taking another vacation (this time a 5days vacation), so i might not be able to blog for a while, but ill try my best to join Linda's contest since i think her contest is due on May 5, on which i might not be here at all.

Have any of you girls tried the MMS blogging that blogspot is offering?
i know i can post by email, but i just dont know how it works...i tried accessing blogspot on my phone via 3g net, but my phone doesn't support Java enabled site so i can't... *sniff* *sniff*
How about you?
Have you ever tried it? Were you able to actually register your number (or whatever) just to keep in touch? Im gonna be away for a couple of days & i dont have any means to stay connected which sucks... =_="

Friday, April 24, 2009

Chyix2's Spring Make up Contest

a picture laden post!haha

Another contest entry...yipee! This time, its for Chyix2's Spring Makeup Contest

I was contemplating on what color will i focus on now... I did a rainbow look on another contest...then a green theme look on now, i was thinking of something more alluring & feminine...on which i thought of using pink & purples! I guess everybody got an affinity for pinks & purples...

& i was able to do it...thanks to my trusty ol' CS Palette ^_~

& this is the look:

This is most challenging one that i've done so far...the pink & purple swatches on my arms are the proof of it....But i had fun doing'll get to see later on...

I used 2 cameras on is my digicam..& the other one is my old web the one that got the low resolution i used my webcam on it...since this is gonna be a picture marathon so this is better...all because it makes everything all the more easier...& since its low, it won't take too long in uploading & downloading...

Anyways, on to how i made this: (a step by step tutorial-literally!!!)

-As always..start with a clean, moisturized face...
-I have to make sure that my hair doesn't get in the i put on a bandana...
-Then i'll focus on the upper part of my face first...ill do the eye makeup first...
-Start with an eye primer...this case i use UDPP - as always...hehe-I'll leave it to set, & ill focus on my brows first...
-I have an Eyebrow Duo...i took the darker shade & apply it on my brows to define it-Then time for concealing!...Nyx Concealer in Jar does the job..undereye & other blemishes..-Now comes the exciting part..the eye make up! ^_~ the star of it is the colorful palette...its obvious im excited,huh?...eye going numbered the palette based on what i use...So on the instruction, you'll see numbers instead of colors.....just refer to this pic so that you have an idea. I basically used 4 colors... (click it for a larger image)-Then to start it, apply number 1 on the lid area.-Then put number 2 on top of the first color.-So it should look like this:-Using a fluffy brush (i just use ELF Eyeshadow brush), take number 3 & apply it on the crease area...the area between number 1 & 2...we are doing this so to define the crease.-Maybe you are asking..why do we need to do that?...Maybe this pic will explain it better.see that?....Look at the left eye even without too much already looks good...So this look can be done with people who are still practicing the blending part...-Since i want it to be more defined...i would like to have a more defined crease...i took a small flat brush & apply number 3 on a windshield wiping motion.-Now its time to apply colors on the lower lash line. Take the angled brush then apply number 3 on the outer eye area.-Then apply number 4 on the inner area...-Number 4 is the color that i used as a highlighter.-Im almost done with my eye!
-I'll leave it at that first...I always apply ALL powders on my face first, including foundations & blush... So now ill do my face..
-Taking my Everyday Minerals foundation in Golden Medium, & my flat top brush...i apply it on my face on a circular motion.-Now its time for my cheek color! (Ellana Blush in Bliss)-So that my round face will have a shape, i apply it starting on my face...making a shape of 3. -I start it on the temple going to my cheek.-Then from my cheek going to my jaw line.-Now im done on the powders...yipee!
-Time to line my eyes...using a gel liner....but then i forgot to take a pic..sorry...gomen nasai..
I just put it on the upper part..on the outer corner...just a thin line. I just use it to define the eyes...
-To set the line that i made, i took the dark brown on my eyebrow duo & used that to set it.-This time, ill not apply mascara because im letting my lashes take a break from putting mascaras so ill just use falsies!-Then for the final touch, i lined my lower waterline using Nyx Eye pencil in Milk.-Im almost done,ladies...only the lipstick left... So i use Nyx Round Lipstick in Thalia
And there you have it! *letting my hair down* *taking a pic* then *fix it*
Im done with my spring look!Now its time for the real pic!
For those asking about my hair...yep, i have a natural wavy hair...As what my friend says, i have a 'wild' hair.I have tried everything to 'tame' it...straighten it...used hair iron..but it still goes back to its natural state...

Now,since i have a dry hair, i have to put mineral oil on it so to bring back its moisture & softness...

Wanna see how 'unruly' my hair is?There you go...haha..
i look all ready to be ironed!..

Since this is a spring look,i think its ok to put this...spring =!

Ooopss..i forgot to include something...
Lesson Learned:
Don't be afraid to use colors even if you are not good at blending...there are some ways to achieve a good eye make up even if you are just starting..just be bold & experiment...remember, experience is the best teacher..

I really had fun doing this!

Ecotools foundation brush review

I'll take a break from my contest entries & get on with a review...

As what i said before, im gonna be doing a review on the brushes that i got from Ecotools. I'll just leave the 6pc brush set for the meantime & focus on the foundation brush first.

Im having mixed feelings now...I was pretty excited when my packaged arrived from Makeup Mix Shop all because of this brush. I used it first without cleaning it so that i can see for myself how it actually feels (all brand new) & i freakin' love it! It's perfect!.....well,that is..until i cleaned it... *sigh*

This is how it looks like before:
happy & full of life...

with its shape all intact & no fly-aways

it gives a little fight back which i do like a lot.

That was the day where i thought that it would stay like that...

but now....sorry if its blurry..i took it in my room

look at its sorry state....its shapeless...oily...doesn't even have life...& is LIMP & FLIMSY....

It seems oily..on which made me think if its just what i used...

First time that i used it...i used the Wet n' Wild Ultimate Cover...maybe it got oils on them or i cleaned it...& dried was like that already...

Then i used it on my cooling tint (which i know is actually oily) before i clean it again...This time i cleaned it twice...first with a baby bath (details here) then with a regular dishwashing liquid (ha!talking about removing oil residues!)...but its still like that!!! arrrrggghhhh!!!

If you don't have an idea how 'oily' it is...look at this 'test' that i did:

i gave it a bit of a shove (the bristles....)...let it go...then..look at that...

it would not even return to its natural shape..which means that its stuck with something somehow... *sigh*

It kinda annoys me to see it like that...actually i have another brush like that that got the same problem...

its an eyeshadow brush..a round,slanted brush

look at that....annoying,isn't it?

i can understand if the foundation brush will be like this (because i guess some foundations can have mineral oils on them or something) but not an eyeshadow brush..

i brought this at Nu-yu for i think less than Php300 (i think its less that $6)...such a disappointment!

Anyways, im not stopping there...if dishwashing soap didn't work....ill try laundry soap! lol

But one thing that i can say about it is that it disn't shed..not even one hair..not even when i used the dishwashing liquid & washed it the ferrule would not even budge..which is an indication of a good's just the bristles...

If its still like this..then maybe ill just grab The Face Shop's foundation brush...hope it will not be like this too...Then also a brush cleaner just to be on the safe side...

One of my wishlist would be to be able to have the beauty blender...if i have that, i dont think ill need to use a foundation brush anymore.

Has this happened to any of your brushes before? What did you do? Do you think its just because of what i used?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whit's Spice Girl Look Contest

another makeup entry...
this time for Whit's Spice Girl's Contest

I had fun with this one, not just because of trying to come up with this look with how blurry my inspiration pic is...but the most fun part is watching all the Spice Girls videos & singing together with it!.. & the whole time i am doing this post i am in Whit's page because i missed listening to their song...

Yes! i do love Spice Girls before...& i still know all of their hits by heart... So i was also sad when they broke up...

Anyway, as what i said, i watched all of their videos & i decided to go for Emma Bunton's look on the video of "Let Love Lead the Way"...(it's that obvious,huh?..hehe).
So i watched the video like 5x just to get the idea of her look, her eyes, her face...the highlighting, etc...same with her hair...

I don't have green tube top...much more a silk one...XD

I think everybody's makeup is really nicely done (as always)...i was thinking first of trying out Mel C or Mel B's look because both are amazing...purple & silver.... but then since I like Baby Spice before so i just decided to stick to her makeup...but now i look up to Victoria.

So, i had to post a pic so that i would have something to look at...(yes,i got it from can even see at what time i put it on pause.. XD)

This is her whole look:
This is her eye makeup:

Then here is my attempt in creating it...
Looks like i got too liberal in the greens...but hey...i enjoyed doing this! XD
Most of the time, cameras dont pick up the color so i made sure that it would pick up the color...

Much as i would like to be like Emma, i just can'
trying to be a model too..but failed... XD

Products used:1. CS 88 palette light green sheen
2. CS 88 palette bright green sheen
3. CS 88 palette dark brown matte
4. Everyday Minerals pressed powder - olive fair
5. Everyday Minerals flat top brush
6. Lancome Concealer
7. Everyday Minerals long handled kabuki
8. Lancome Le Crayon Kohl
9. Everyday Minerals Finishing Powder - Start to Finish (there's an orange patch there because i got some error in numbering it so i tried to "erase" it...i did a poor job)
10. Fanny Serrano Gel Liner
11. Fashion 21 Eyebrow Duo
12. Ellana Blush - Bliss
13. Elianto Eyeshadow in Gold brown
14. Aido Eye Putti
15. Nyx Concealer in Jar - Beige
16. Careline Eyeshadow Powder - moss green (im not sure about the shade because i transferred it in another jar)
17. set of eyeshadow brushes
18. Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
19. Nyx Megashine Lip Gloss - Nude
20. Kinepin False Eyelashes
21. Ecotools Blush brush
22. Urban Decay Primer Potion

After realizing that i forgot some stuff, i have to take a pic again...

23. Fanny Serrano Curl Lash
24. Nyx Long Lash Mascara

Lesson learned:
Nude lips really do compliment dramatic eyes...i know for a fact that its a rule, but doing it is a different thing compare to just knowing & experiencing it...

Now who says, plus-size women can't have fun?I had a blast doing this!

Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

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