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Friday, April 17, 2009

Random things about me...

Actually i did a post of this first on my myspace...then i put it on my yahoo 360 & on my wordpress...
Then i read Vonnie's ill put mine too.. XD

ill put the 10 here:

1. I like to surf the net.
2. I was born October 16,year of 1984.
3. So that makes me a Libra.
4. I love watching movies.
5. I love my students above all else.
6. My bed has been my bed since I was a baby, I really took pains in airing it out & taking good care of it.
7. Music makes my life go round.
8. I think the scariest movie for me is JU-ON (THE GRUDGE).
9. I love hamsters.
10. Well,I also love all animals..animal lover,yeah!

If you wanna know more...
just visit my Yahoo! 360....

but then i have to warn you...its a long list!


Crystal said...

aww, you're a teacher too? i teach too :P

~tHiAmErE~ said...

these random posts do help in knowing each & every blogger...


Ahleessa said...

Wow you had your bed since you were a baby! That's amazing. I think I already changed bed three times... lol~

~tHiAmErE~ said...

yeah...though i think its more of when i was a
its just that i can't sleep if im not on my bed...

so i had to take good care of it..


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