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Monday, April 06, 2009

my cheap eye make up brushes

I know that to apply good makeup you need the right tools...same with create a masterpiece you ought to use quality brushes. One that doesn't shed, one that isn't too stiff & one that would last long (at least up until you've finished your work..XD). I did paint before so i know that quality brushes are definitely a i guess same with putting makeups.

But that doesn't mean i'll fork a lot of money on brushes..(i guess i will in the future but since im out of job, so that's out of the question) for the meantime, i use brushes that i brought & use for eye makeup application.

Lilly Girl asked about cheap brushes & with me, being a penny-pinching individual, said that ill just make a blog entry about it. (hiya,girl! thanks for reading my blog!)

These are the brushes that i used for eye makeup application:

shoot! it looks blurry..i wonder why? it when i labeled it... =_="....i think the next set of pictures will be a pain to look at considering that i wrote an explanation on them... *crosses fingers*

Anyways, i numbered the brushes so that you would be able to distinguish them. The brand of this brush is Life & Companion & what's great about it is that each brush cost from Php 37-44 (less than a dollar) just the brushes from numbers 1-5. Number 5 is a Kinepin brush (though i think its still the same with Life & Companion. The last brush (6) , the eyeshadow brush is from Watsons. It costs at around Php 65 (approx $1.50).

I use this every now & then...(i don't have an extensive brush collection). No, actually i use this every time i apply makeup. I prefer this over my Lancome brushes! (im serious!).

For the explanation of the brushes, i did a little on the next pic. Ill just provide a few on the others that i did not mention (the angled brush & the eyeshadow brush). The black angled brush is what i use to define my brows. I don't use liner pencils in defining my brows but i actually prefer using powder. An eyeshadow powder that is a shade or two lighter than the color of my brows. I love that brush!

For the eyeshadow brush, i prefer this one in packing colors all because it holds it better & i have less fallout compare to the others...considering that lately i prefer using pigments...

For the crease brush, although its not like the MAC 219 (i think) that got a fine tip, but it does the job in defining the crease. I can't use it for smudging lines though.. I prefer to use a sponge tip applicator in smudging lines.

Then i did a swatch of the gel liner just so to have an idea of the small angled brush (the number 4 on the above picture compare to the angled brush on top picture (number 5).

Sorry if it looks blurry... -_-"

For those who lived here in Manila, you can find it in Landmark. I brought mine in Ever Grand Central - Monumento, since im near there. The Watsons brush can be brought at Watsons store. I actually did a previous post on this before.

For the whole time that i was using this, i haven't seen them shed yet...especially the blending brush since most blending brush does...even the ELF blending brush sheds..every now & then!

Im pretty sure there are lots more brushes out there that are really good..but for now, im satisfied with what i have & i got my money's worth on even proved to be better than what i expected for such cheap brushes....

for concealer brush, i actually just use a real artist brush that i have with me...i wasn't able to use it before but i figured that if its good for acrylic & oil painting then a simple concealer application is nothing....& im actually right! The only downside is that the tip is square...but i can live with that. I brought it a local bookstore, the brand is Hans, its number 6, its a sable brush with gold bristles & it costs at around Php 79.50 (approx $1.80)


Cris said...

Great brushes there :). Cheers on finding them :D!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i love those brushes..

Askmewhats said...

wow on the inexpensive brushes that works :) I'll go for cheap brushes that works ANYTIME of the day!

Jenn said...

Nice find. I always wondered if I could regular artist brushes for my make-up.

I put up a post with swatches of the Sephora palette. =)

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

i also have the L&C brushes. for the price, i really can't complain!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i definitely agree. its hard to find cheap but good brush these days

i have a couple of artist brushes, but since i prefer to use stiff bristles so i can't use some of them, but its possible. i have fine tipped artist brushes that works great for lining...but since i already used it, i cant use it anymore. the next time i dropped by a craft store ill see if i can find any

yay for that! i just pay a fraction of the price that i paid for my other brushes but i still prefer these.

tinedangganda said...

wow, you are just like me... ha ha, i don't have MAC brushes as we all know it's so expensivo here in our country right, I try to find the best brush that can fit in my budget... cheers to you.. find some more then tell where you got them!! hahahaha

~tHiAmErE~ said...


parehas pala tyo..
MAC brushes are really freakin expensive!

sarahangelica said...

thanks for the info. :)

Anonymous said...

where can i buy these brushes?

~tHiAmErE~ said...


sadly, i don't think this is available in the philippines anymore. i have been looking high & low for the angled brush but i can't find it anymore


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