Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whit's Spice Girl Look Contest

another makeup entry...
this time for Whit's Spice Girl's Contest

I had fun with this one, not just because of trying to come up with this look with how blurry my inspiration pic is...but the most fun part is watching all the Spice Girls videos & singing together with it!.. & the whole time i am doing this post i am in Whit's page because i missed listening to their song...

Yes! i do love Spice Girls before...& i still know all of their hits by heart... So i was also sad when they broke up...

Anyway, as what i said, i watched all of their videos & i decided to go for Emma Bunton's look on the video of "Let Love Lead the Way"...(it's that obvious,huh?..hehe).
So i watched the video like 5x just to get the idea of her look, her eyes, her face...the highlighting, etc...same with her hair...

I don't have green tube top...much more a silk one...XD

I think everybody's makeup is really nicely done (as always)...i was thinking first of trying out Mel C or Mel B's look because both are amazing...purple & silver.... but then since I like Baby Spice before so i just decided to stick to her makeup...but now i look up to Victoria.

So, i had to post a pic so that i would have something to look at...(yes,i got it from can even see at what time i put it on pause.. XD)

This is her whole look:
This is her eye makeup:

Then here is my attempt in creating it...
Looks like i got too liberal in the greens...but hey...i enjoyed doing this! XD
Most of the time, cameras dont pick up the color so i made sure that it would pick up the color...

Much as i would like to be like Emma, i just can'
trying to be a model too..but failed... XD

Products used:1. CS 88 palette light green sheen
2. CS 88 palette bright green sheen
3. CS 88 palette dark brown matte
4. Everyday Minerals pressed powder - olive fair
5. Everyday Minerals flat top brush
6. Lancome Concealer
7. Everyday Minerals long handled kabuki
8. Lancome Le Crayon Kohl
9. Everyday Minerals Finishing Powder - Start to Finish (there's an orange patch there because i got some error in numbering it so i tried to "erase" it...i did a poor job)
10. Fanny Serrano Gel Liner
11. Fashion 21 Eyebrow Duo
12. Ellana Blush - Bliss
13. Elianto Eyeshadow in Gold brown
14. Aido Eye Putti
15. Nyx Concealer in Jar - Beige
16. Careline Eyeshadow Powder - moss green (im not sure about the shade because i transferred it in another jar)
17. set of eyeshadow brushes
18. Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
19. Nyx Megashine Lip Gloss - Nude
20. Kinepin False Eyelashes
21. Ecotools Blush brush
22. Urban Decay Primer Potion

After realizing that i forgot some stuff, i have to take a pic again...

23. Fanny Serrano Curl Lash
24. Nyx Long Lash Mascara

Lesson learned:
Nude lips really do compliment dramatic eyes...i know for a fact that its a rule, but doing it is a different thing compare to just knowing & experiencing it...

Now who says, plus-size women can't have fun?I had a blast doing this!


donnarence said...

great job thiamere!! goodluck on whit's contest.. btw, is the nyx mascara good??

Askmewhats said...

wow baby spice!!! :) You rock the look! :) goodluck sa contest!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ donna rence
yup,it is!
it makes my lashes long...seems like im wearing falsies..
fiber mascara really works great!
if you are going to order from Toma, make sure you also grab it.


@ nikki
you're really such a sweetie

although im not after if i win or not anymore... XD

Ahleessa said...

The look came out great! :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...


Catmare said...

that's awesome! I especially love your wavy hair! Do you have a natural wavy hair or did you curl that or something? It looks really nice =)

Sarah said...

Wow this is just STUNNING!!!! I love it! THe green looks amazing on you : )

Crystal said...

good job dear! i have to join contests some time too :P

Vonnie said...

oh wow...*speechless* looks amazing!!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have a natural wavy hair...i tried straightening it before but it just doesn't will last only for weeks...not even i decided not to waste money, time & effort on it since its very "makulit" XD

aww...thank you..
that's so're too kind

@crystal should...
as what i said not after the prices anymore..but the learning from now i decided to put some 'lessons learned' from every look that i did

thanks sweetie!
it's been a while...
i missed seeing your posts...
hope everything's ok

Cris said...

Good luck :D!
And thanks sooo much for that contest link ^_^ - red white and green, I'm definitely gonna do this ;D!

Ida said...

the green looks gorgeous on your eyes, it really does! :) and yeah, the nude lip really does go well with that eye makeup. good luck with the contest! :)

tiff said...

You look gorgeous in greens! Your waves are beautiful too :).

~tHiAmErE~ said...

will be waiting for your post!

thank you... ^_^
i just had to invent that since my inspiration pic is blurry..

much thanks,sweetie!

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