Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pawprint Nails

I was browsing Youtube before for some nail arts a couple of weeks ago & i came across Mayparis' channel & i saw her doing a pawprint inspired nails. She even have a zebra print nails too!!...& i just did a zebra nails weeks ago!She said that it can be good for short nails...& since i chipped my nails last week so i just had to cut them...

I am gonna go on a vacation (as if i had not been telling you over & & i would still want my nails to look at its best even if its short. Then i remembered the pawprint nails & decided that i would want to try that.

So that's what i did & here it is: (the pic look dark..just click it to see it in a larger image)I tried to take a picture of both of my hands & i asked my mom to, but it came out blurry...& we had to even do it 3x..but it's still the same...guess her hands are

This is very far from being 'clean'. I guess if you look at it from afar it would look pretty...but up close...not exactly...I did not use toothpick in doing the design, but i just used an artist brush..the small one.

Although my left hand look a lot better than my right one..(im right handed) i am able to draw the design better using my dominant hand rather than the other..but pleased with how it came..i might say that it looks cute...

She also has a blogsite on which you'll be able to see some of her nails up close...visit her here

ill be back after a couple of days...hope y'all have a nice day & a great weekend!


Sarah said...

Oh my GOSH this is soooooooo cute!!!!! I wish I had the patience and a steady enough hand to do this!!! Looks so cute, love it :)

Anonymous said...

cute! i can't do circles and dots hehe. I'm an idiot XD

donnarence said...

i love it!! well done thiamere.. :D

Ida said...

i agree super super cute! are you a dog lover ba? :) i love my pet dogs! :)

Chrissy said...

Good job, Thiamere! Nice. :D I can't wait for my Art Deco nail art pens to arrive from Makeup Masala. :D

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ sarah, gia & donna rence
thanks..but i dont have steady hands either..hehe

@ ida
yes,i am...
i love my pet..i have a choco labrador as my!

im sure you're soon as you have them make some nail arts!

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