Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's inside my cosmetic kit?

I made an entry before about the cheap cosmetic bag (although i think its really just a bag) that i found...click HERE to know more. & I actually bring it as much as i can...that is, if i am bringing a big bag... but nevertheless this is my ultimate "carry all my cosmetics" bag. I packed everything that i can on this tiny bag from hygiene care to makeups, i tried to put everything because i hate going somewhere & missing any of the stuff that i used whether it be used to clean my face or just for touch ups. So, this is what is inside my 'kikay' (a filipino slang word for sassy) kit (kikay kit is what mostly, we, filipinas call our cosmetic kit) :
What's included? I'll list it for you:

1 - Vitress Hair Polish
2 - Charmee feminine wipes
3 - Hello Kitty wet wipes
4 - mineral powder bag
5 - CG Eyeslicks
6 - Eye makeup brushes case
7 - a pack of bobby pins
8 - a pack of cotton pads
9 - Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover
10 - cold cream
11 - Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer
12 - Clean & Clear Moisturizer
13 - Nivea Lip Care - Strawberry
14 - Ellana Lip Color - Infatuation
15 - Lancome Juicy Tubes - Fraise
16 - 2 way mirror (its a must!)
17 - Cosmetic Sponge
18 - Clean & Clear Oil Film (yes, its pink!)
19 - Clean & Clear Deep Action Refreshing Cleanser
20 - Fashion 21 Eyebrow Duo
21 - Lancome Sensational Eye Palette (warm)
22 - kabuki brush bag
23 - Fanny Serrano Lash Curler
24 - In2it Long Wearing LipLiner
25 - CG Lash Blast (Waterproof)
*wipes forehead* whew!

That's a long list,huh? It's just that since i have an extra oily face & i perspire a lot...(seriously!) so i have to make sure i bring the necessaries with me so that i can reapply whenever i want to.

Inside number 4 - mineral powder bag, i have mostly sample jars of foundation.
Since i don't use that much foundation, i don't see the need of bringing the big foundation case with me & if i do this i have lots of varieties to choose from.

It's not only foundation, i also have some mineral eye pigments & a blush on it.I made an entry of me using sample jars of foundation when travelling... you can take a look of that HERE...

Here's what's included on it:I'll not enumerate them one by one, but they are Everyday Minerals, Joppa Minerals & Ellana Minerals.

Then number 6 - eye makeup brushes case, i included just 3 brushes.A fluffy eyeshadow brush, a pencil brush, an angled brush & NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I put it in an earphone case that i found lying somewhere in my room...good thing i didn't throw it away for it still has some purpose to do..lol
I have to bring the white pencil because often times my eyes look tired. I put a dot of white near my tearduct area to give me that "up & awake" look.

For my kabuki brush, there's nothing special about it.I brought it at Nuyu Mineral Cosmetics for like $8 & its in a coin purse bag (which i think is a pretty good idea). Since the bag is a bit big i included a disposable sponge too if ever there would be times that i would need it...

I have to include a pack of bobby pins & hair polish because i like styling my hair (who doesn't?!) XD

Ok, that's too many, but i can most certainly pack it inside my kit....
Don't believe me?....Ok, here's how it looks like:
This is the bottom of my kit, i have to put the eye makeup brushes at the bottom of it. Ooopppsss, i forgot something...see that purple tin at the left pocket? That's my Stila Solid Perfume. I have to have something handy & this is just perfect.

Then after i have arranged everything on the bottom, i can pack everything again...
& there it is..everything is right inside where i need them...

Since this bag got lots of pocket on it...I mean all sides have pockets, so i can put stuff inside them. Look at the front:
I put the Bi-Facil in the front pocket so to avoid any spillage if ever...

So, there it is! Maybe you're asking, 'will this fit inside a bag?'....Actually, yes! Since i always bring big bags with me, i can put it right inside without any fuss at all. And what i like about this kit is that its standing upright so everything is in tip top shape. I can just take it out of my bag & put it in a table all neat & tidy!...

How about you,what's in your cosmetic, carry-all kit?

Ok,so that's it... Up until now i haven't had a card reader yet..I brought one yesterday but it didnt fit the XD card of my cam, so i have to buy another one...bummer...i cant return it because i tried cutting the ends of it to see if i can do something about it, but to no avail..(lol!) So for this one, i just have to 'borrow' (more likely i just took it.hehe) my mom's fone just so that i can do a blog entry...

Sucks not being able to update my blog regularly because of cam prob... =_="

Hope you'll all have a nice week ahead!

Anyways, Last night i painted my nails & took a pic of it:
Zebra prints,anyone?
I wanted to give it a bit of flair so i just decided to use purple as my base & white as the stripes....


Ahleessa said...

Wow the nail art looks great!!! :)

You sure carry a lot in your bag. All I carry is pressed powder, retractable brush, and whatever lip product I'm using for that day... hehe~

~tHiAmErE~ said...

I was watching a program yesterday & i saw a zebra & i just decided to do a zebra-inspired nails..lol!

yeah...my friends were even teasing me that if ever i would be mugged, first thing that i do is actually shout to return my cosmetic kit instead of my wallet...lol!


CZEL (Vanity's Child) said...

whew! wonderful post! i also carry lots of cosmetics even i don't really need them for that day, well, i'm just "making sure" i will not forget something. And I think i also need to look for a kikay bag like that. ;)

Askmewhats said...

WOW! *jaws dropped* you carry so much on your bag!!!!! WOW!!! hahaha I can't get over it!

Girl girl girl! love the zebra print! So pretty!!!!

Vonnie said...

that's a lot of kikai kit to carry around :P
I only carry lip balm + lip gloss around...

Cris said...

Lol about the earphone case...
I <3 your stuff :). And now I finally know what kikay means, yay ^_^!
My card reader is by Integral & it has four different slots that apparently fit over 20 different card types...If it's available where you live, you might want to check it out, it's really good :).
P.S. <3 your nails ;).

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i understand the 'making sure' part oh-so-well..
hehehe..that's why i carry a lot..i hate missing out on something that i need to use if ever. the bag is just so cooperative in doing so.. XD

half of my bag is for the sole purpose of this kit..lol... XD
thanks..although its not as pretty as yours...i dont even think i can do something like your art... XP

yes,it is...thats why my bag is always big & heavy..this is the culprit.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

hehe...will play a role in my make up addiction..lol

I was able to get a card reader..finally..it also got lots of slot on them so i think im ready to get back where i left off...


Crystal said...

wow that's A LOT of stuff! so much more compared to my kikay kit, which i also did a post on. btw, the nail are so pretty! you're so talented. i wish i could do that.

~tHiAmErE~ said...


it takes a lot space... XD

but im nowhere compared to nikki...
she's my idol!

Anonymous said...

nice bag =) that's a lot of makeup you have!

~tHiAmErE~ said...


thanks..im pretty partial to that bag...
i love it!

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