Saturday, November 28, 2009

eyelook: golden brown

I can't use other skin care products that much, so i'll probably be doing some eyelook to keep my blog alive for the time being.

Nope, im not exactly on hiatus...i just can't find things to blog because i've been waiting & waiting for my packages to arrive...
i still have 7 more & im wondering where the heck they are!
sign smileys

I sure do hope that Eki's package is not lost
rolleye smileys
it's been 3 months now...
aim smileys

Anyways, as what i said, i'll be doing a couple of tutorials for the time being up until my acne had cleared....i feel like i'll be waiting forever for that happy smileys

This is my 4th eyelook for this month. Since it's been awhile since i also get to post my i decided to go all out & do a full make-up sporting this eyelook.

After my neutral look, i decided to do another one. Please excuse the brows. I haven't had time to trim it.

The inner corner is more of a golden yellow then for the outer area, it is a dark brown.

Blending is always the key element in achieving a nice smokey look.

I used the LA Colors metallic palette in Wildflowers & the Lancome palette...
You don't need to buy these palette just to do the look of course, you just need to find a color that looks almost the same.

  • As usual, line the 4 colors, with the lightest color on the inner eye area & the darkest on the outer area.
  • Blend the 2 colors closest to each other, just making sure that they are well blended so that there are no harsh lines.
  • Don't forget to bring the colors on the lower eye area so that it won't look bare...highlight the brow area.
  • You can further deepen the look by darkening the outer area following the arrow...or just following your crease.
As for lining the eyes... since im practicing to do an ulzzang look, so i just decided to line it the 'doll-eye' way....thick in the middle

There ya go...i think this is perfect for daytime look.

It's been a while since i get to put on make-up... my mum & bf kept on chiding me every now & then that it's the cause of my acne...*sigh*

But then, no one can stop my love for cosmetics!

There ya go!
Tell me if you decided to try this look for yourself,k?

ILook silly here...but i think i love this pic~!
Sorry though because i didn't put any concealer at all...

-Joppa Minerals base in Medium #2 Soft
-Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara - volume
-MAC Zoom Lash Mascara - length
-10 pc Blush Palette
-MAC Viva Glam II

Hope y'all have a nice weekend!

Jaa ne~!

Friday, November 27, 2009

love package from JBreezybaby

Went to the post office yesterday to pick up a package. It's from JBreezybaby, she sent me a love package.

I never really did expect anything from her. I was surprised when she just left me a message the other day asking if i have received the package. What a nice surprise!

I feel so loved! love smileys

Look at how cute she wrapped it! Best of all is the love note...see the cute little hearts on them!
Love the little stickers too ^_^

These are what's inside
Another gift wrapped stuff! What could it be?
*opens the package*
  • 2 pairs of earrings - will def wear this!
  • hand sanitizer
  • 2 pigment - Golden Olive & Violet
  • The Body Shop Roseflower Blush in pink
I so love the pigments!! so pretty!

They are really shimmery. Sorry if i wasn't able to catch the shimmer because im here in my room. I guess light is not as good compare when i take pics outside...

I'll use the blush the next time so that you'll be able see how pretty it looks.

I love everything...especially the love note.

I really feel so loved especially after reading your note. You're just so sweet
happy smileys

Hope y'all have a great black friday...
Anyway, i think most of you who are in America will be going shopping,right?

Jaa ne~!

Im very tempted to buy from sigma since their mini kit is only $39....

But then i know that i have all the necessary brush that i can use...but then a girl can' t have too many brushes,right?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

~vote on my poll~

I'll be taking a bit of your time to vote on my poll on the left sidebar. I want to know what you think about me making the pictures bigger.

One more thing, im thinking of putting music on my blog...but don't worry it won't be pop songs...i'll just be putting some nature sounds.

something like maybe birds chirping...or running waters...

what do you think?

~giveaway winner~ & a big post full of thanks!

you'll see lots of "thanks" on this post hence the title is 'a big of post of thanks'

First of all, i want to greet the people who celebrate Thanksgiving a "Happy Turkey day!"

Since it's thanksgiving, i want to thank each & everyone for supporting my blog. Again, i never thought that 239 ladies would actually be interested to read my views & thoughts. It's such an overwhelming thought & it left me humbled to know that you respected & accepted me with open hearts.

Thank you so much! *sniff* T_T

That sounds like a speech from a beauty contest winner. But then i feel like a winner already. What with all you lovely & warm ladies...YOU deserve a big hug! animal smileys

Thank you so much for all who entered in my giveaway! I did not expect an overwhelming response. I got 53 lovely ladies who shared their opinions.

It gives me great pleasure to know that you took the time to really read my reviews & other posts. I did this giveaway because i want to know what my readers like about my blog or what you expect. Much as i want to be able to make everyone a winner i can't....If my bf won the lottery, i definitely would though! hahaha

Again, my heartfelt thanks to each & everyone.
confused smileys

I am proud of my reviews because i really do try my best. I try to provide as much information as i can & even if you don't appreciate it (which again, im happy that you do), that is one thing that i will definitely fight for.

I'll work on some of the things that you suggested & will try to improve more on areas that i needed improving.

It's not an easy task to choose the winner for i think everyone's answer are great. But i just knew that her answer is the one that i will be picking as soon as i read it. She is an active blogger & real friendly. She reads & comments not just on my blog but also on pretty sure you'll agree with me on this note..

This is the winner's answer:
First off, I like your writing style. Your english is so good. You sound so cheerful in your posts. I'm not trying to be racist here or something but I'm just telling the truth. I think it is your writing style that attracts us readers to your blog.

Second, I love that you post facts on your blog (ex. the clay mask post, where you said that the darker the mask is, the more it is effective in sucking the oil out of the skin). I really learn a lot from your blog. I also found out through your blog that we can use aspirin as mask.

Third, this blog is so honest and detailed. I love how you post the before and after pics of your face, just to prove to us how effective the product is. I believe you did it on your Kojie San and Nivea eye cream reviews.

Fourth, you are a sweet and friendly blogger. I love that you're not a snob blogger.

Fifth, I love how you put smileys in this blog. ^_~

Sixth, I love how you share us your beauty tips. I remember you posted an entry on what we should do to avoid from staining our lips with our lipstick or lip gloss.

Seventh, I don't really get tired of reading your posts. They are all interesting, so girly, and so true!
Lastly, I'm not trying to hurt you dearie but I hope you post clearer pictures of your FOTDs and EOTDs.

Sorry, I just want you to improve your blog. I think it will be better if you show us a clearer photo of your beautiful eyes and face whenever you post FOTDs or EOTDs. A closeup of your eye photo will be better too whenever you show us some eye tutorial.

That's it. I love you dearie. I hope to see more beautiful and helpful posts from you.
Lots of love, ______

(I left it blank, although she put her name...i'll say who the winner is at the end)

Thank you so much,hun! I love your answer!

I know that one of my blog's weakness is the quality of pic, love the fact that you pointed it out. I really appreciate the effort that you took to tell me in public what i need to work on. In fact, i love ladies who are not afraid to voice out their opinions but at the same time still do it in a subtle manner.

A big thank YOU for joining my giveaway, if you did not win don't be sad there will be lots more giveaways/contest to come.

If you wanna know the winner, click HERE to be directed to her blog.
For the winner, don't forget to drop me a message on my email,k?

Thanks again....& until my next giveaway,ladies!

Enjoy the holiday,hunnies!

Jaa ne~!

i'd kill just to be able to go shopping on Black Friday
just keep me posted on the stuff that you bought,k?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

last day for my giveaway

For those who haven't join my giveaway yet, today is the last day. Thank you for those who have already entered. It means a lot to me. It will help me in improving my blog.

I will pick out the winner tomorrow

i will follow my country's time,ok?

click HERE if you haven't made your entry yet.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Nails: basic retro polka dots

It's weekend again & of course it's time for my nails to glam up!

I love dots. If you have been reading my nail art posts you'll get to see that almost all of my tuts have dots on them. So same with what i did today.

Time to let the pictures do the talking...

As usual, you can choose your own set of colors. But these are what i used:
  • Blue
  • White
  • Nude
  • Hairpin or dotting tool
How to:
  • Start with clean nails that has been coated with a base. Apply your base color, i choose a nude color so you'll see the contrast. Let dry
  • Dip the hairpin on the chosen base color for the dot.
  • Press it randomly on the nail. You have to make sure that you press it hard so that the dots will be big.
  • Let it dry.

  • After it's dry then its time to make the smaller dot. Dip the hairpin again the other color, i have white with me.
  • Then lightly touch the blue dots with the white tip. don't press it hard. You just want a little dot inside the blue to give it a flair.
  • Let it dry
Then apply a clear polish & a top coat!

You need to have a steady hand when you put the white color because you want it to be at the center, but you can also have fun & just overlap the 2 of them!

You can also just use 2 colors. The base color can also be the one that will be used to top the 1st dot.

You can also go crazy retro by using pinks & yellows!

I will do some more variations of this design but for now this basic 2 tone polka dots can get us started!

You might be wondering if i have steady hands...well, not exactly. Im right-handed, so i can do my left nails better than the other. See this pic?

I can't get the white dots be smaller because i tend to press it hard since my hands are a bit shaky...Thy don't look a like at all!

But then, i still think that both are pretty!
There ya go...a simple & quick nail tut.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

eyelook: glazed butterscotch

As what i said before bf doesn't want me to wear make-up. He is one of those guys who believe that simplicity is beauty...& when he said simple, it really is simple!

But then what's great about him is that even if he doesn't like me putting make-up on, he would still say that i look pretty...awww!

Ok, nuff mushiness...actually my introduction would be "this is what i mostly wear when i DO put make-up on a date with bf"...there! But i still prefer brights...i know that when i mature, i have to stick with the neutral colors. That's why i am trying to satisfy myself with brights.

I opt for neutral colors since he prefers me being 'simple' every time we are together my Lancome Color Design Sensational Effect palette is always on my cosmetic kit. That's what this eyelook would be's about one of my trusty ol' palette.

These are the colors...has a nice mixture of matte & shimmery shadows.

I always prime the lid area using UDPP & i apply a little chapstick or shadesticks as a sticky base so the colors would adhere to it.

  • I place the lightest color on my lid area...Vue
  • Then put Model on top of it. I use a blending brush already because i don't want harsh lines. If i want a soft wash of color i use this brush, if i want a more pronounced & vibrant color i pat the shadow with an eyeshadow brush (my personal preference)
  • Apply the darkest color (Couture) to darken the crease area. I just lightly darken it. I swirl my brush around it so to blend. Darkening it would further deepen the eyes.
  • At this point i applied the highlighter-Daylight. I don't want a harsh line between my eyeshadow & the highlighter so this is not the last step.
  • Then i continue blending it out until im satisfied with it.I mostly do blending as my last step.
  • Don't forget to bring the colors down. I just line my eyes. Not flicking/winging it out since i want a rounder eye.
  • Curl my lashes, apply mascara & that's it!
Looks like how beginner does her make-up,huh?
But then this one is the fastest eye make-up that i have done. It took me just 5 minutes to do it!

It's mainly because i use blending brush most of the time. In my case, putting colors using the blending brush cuts the time in half, though it may not be as vibrant as to when i use an eyeshadow brush, but it gets the job done. Anyhow, this is just what i do.

Did you know that lining your eyes in a different way can achieve different effects? I'll be talking about it sometime. I just want to post this ahead of time before i do that.

Why glazed butterscotch?
It just reminded me of this one butterscotch that i tasted. It's pure heaven! I can't remember where i bought it though but i can't forget the taste. & this color just reminded me of that yummy treat.

Hope y'all have a nice weekend ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Giveaway is about to end this thursday.
For those who have still not joined, click the link on the sidebar to be directed on that post.

Nother thing...I might not be leaving comments on your posts but believe me when i say that i do read most of your blogs! it's just that i read them when im in class so i can't leave comments. Don't be annoyed if i sometimes don't comment on your posts,k?

Friday, November 20, 2009

i need some help...+ small haul


Yesterday, "Kuya" Air 21 arrived to deliver a package. It's what i bought from one of my favorite E-bay seller~duchessac. She sells cosmetics & dresses. Most are used but it's ok with me because i get to test imported products for a fraction of the price.

After all im frugal & will not willingly let go of my hard-earned money for something that i'm not sure will even work on pretty sure you will agree with me on that score,right?

I admit that i am always on the lookout for blogsales since i get to buy stuff cheaper & since we all are beauty bloggers we know how to take care of our cosmetics,right? plus the fact that there are also good brands out there that we don't to spend a lot of money on...although im guilty of splurging out too...(-__-") but not that much!

Anyways, i bought
  • MAC Quick Frost pigment
  • Benefit Dr. Feelgood
  • & she included a freebie! yay for that! a pair of hoop earrings
This is my first MAC pigment. I believe that when it comes to pigments there's not much difference at all from high-end brands to cheap ones. I have NYX Ultra Pearl Mania & they are pigmented too! I have tried Careline Loose Eyeshadow & i also love them!

Going back, it's a part of the LE Rushmetal Collection last July 2007


Anyhow, the container is huge! I know for a fact that i won't be able to finish this. This is how it looked like

See how full the container is?

Then this is a swatch of it
It's not exactly a white shimmer oppose to what you can see on the container, but it's a light cream that's very sheer & shimmery. It almost has no pigmentation at all! Too bad that you can't see the green shimmers which makes it so pretty!

It's a great highlighter & also as an all-over color. It will be great to use on your decolletage if you are going on a night out.

As for me, i think i'll be mostly mixing this on a primer to have a shimmery base. Since i have the 88 matte & satin, this would definitely put the much needed shimmer on my colors if i would choose to make a shimmery look!

As for the Benefit Dr Feelgood, i'll keep it first because i'll doing a review on it sometime. it will take weeks though.

I am still waiting for another package, i already bought one of the local Obagi that i heard so much about. I hope it will really help me in my acne. i actually can't wait to try it. Now, im deep cleaning my face so that when i use it it would sink right in my skin.

Now, i have a little question for you,ladies...
Some of you might have tried using a sealant already. What eyeliner/make-up sealant have you tried? I just bought Shelaq a couple of days ago & i actually don't know what to expect. Now don't go into the "Stupid girl! buying things you don't know about..." hehehe...I have an idea how it does work, but i think i just don't see beauty bloggers blogging about it that's why it got me so curious.

Another one...i'm planning to get a parfum for my bf this christmas. I just don't know what..I don't want to drag him in the mall just to go sniff at testers because if we do he would already have an idea what i would give which would just kill the surprise. Any suggestions for me,ladies?

Im thinking of either Paco Rabanne Pour Homme or Burberry... (-__-")

I know for a fact that he loves the one that i gave him before...the Andy Warhol, but i can't find it here in the Philippines...ekkk!
Help me!

Will update you on the local obagi after i have really tested it out.

Have a great day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

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