Saturday, November 21, 2009

eyelook: glazed butterscotch

As what i said before bf doesn't want me to wear make-up. He is one of those guys who believe that simplicity is beauty...& when he said simple, it really is simple!

But then what's great about him is that even if he doesn't like me putting make-up on, he would still say that i look pretty...awww!

Ok, nuff mushiness...actually my introduction would be "this is what i mostly wear when i DO put make-up on a date with bf"...there! But i still prefer brights...i know that when i mature, i have to stick with the neutral colors. That's why i am trying to satisfy myself with brights.

I opt for neutral colors since he prefers me being 'simple' every time we are together my Lancome Color Design Sensational Effect palette is always on my cosmetic kit. That's what this eyelook would be's about one of my trusty ol' palette.

These are the colors...has a nice mixture of matte & shimmery shadows.

I always prime the lid area using UDPP & i apply a little chapstick or shadesticks as a sticky base so the colors would adhere to it.

  • I place the lightest color on my lid area...Vue
  • Then put Model on top of it. I use a blending brush already because i don't want harsh lines. If i want a soft wash of color i use this brush, if i want a more pronounced & vibrant color i pat the shadow with an eyeshadow brush (my personal preference)
  • Apply the darkest color (Couture) to darken the crease area. I just lightly darken it. I swirl my brush around it so to blend. Darkening it would further deepen the eyes.
  • At this point i applied the highlighter-Daylight. I don't want a harsh line between my eyeshadow & the highlighter so this is not the last step.
  • Then i continue blending it out until im satisfied with it.I mostly do blending as my last step.
  • Don't forget to bring the colors down. I just line my eyes. Not flicking/winging it out since i want a rounder eye.
  • Curl my lashes, apply mascara & that's it!
Looks like how beginner does her make-up,huh?
But then this one is the fastest eye make-up that i have done. It took me just 5 minutes to do it!

It's mainly because i use blending brush most of the time. In my case, putting colors using the blending brush cuts the time in half, though it may not be as vibrant as to when i use an eyeshadow brush, but it gets the job done. Anyhow, this is just what i do.

Did you know that lining your eyes in a different way can achieve different effects? I'll be talking about it sometime. I just want to post this ahead of time before i do that.

Why glazed butterscotch?
It just reminded me of this one butterscotch that i tasted. It's pure heaven! I can't remember where i bought it though but i can't forget the taste. & this color just reminded me of that yummy treat.

Hope y'all have a nice weekend ladies!
Jaa ne~!

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♥ Nehs ♥ said...

that quad looks pretty!!! i love all the colors in it. pretty eye makeup u did, very wearble.

Ahleessa said...

I think I'm like your boyfriend because I prefer simple looks too... hehe~ Then again maybe I'm old since you said old people wear neutral colors... lol~ :P

I'm not too sure what I'm going to get Tobey for Christmas. What about you?

Golden said...

Hubby was like your bf. He also didn't want me to wear makeup but against his wishes, I still wore them and never really listened to him. Eventually, he got used to it and doesn't mind my makeup anymore. I love neutral shadows too, be it shimmery or matte. I can't seem to pull off bright colors though. By the way, I like how you applied the neutral shadows on your eyes. It's so wearable. Aww, I haven't tasted butterscotch in my life. :(

xoladiihoneyxo said...

hehe. I do this look and I use Lancome too! hahahaha. I have all the colors you have except mine is in duo from Lancome. It's been awhile but it still works great! the pigment power is awesome, in my opinion.. or maybe it's just because my mom is a good at picking these things awhile ago. LOL. and I just kind of.... "borrowed" and have it in my make-up bag. LOL!!! my hunnie doesn't want me to wear make-up either, "simple" in what you say is what he wants from me cuz that's how we first met and I never wore make-up until now. LOL; if it's not a special occasion, I wouldn't wear one aspect of make-up at all just because I'm such a lazy person but when I do... he knows I'm upset! lol. well, he better know by now. I think when I'm upset, I look really dull so I try to hide my sadness/anger?

Jbreezybaby said...

me likey!!! I love that color, thats what I often go for when I feel like putting makeup when I go out hehe.

I wish I know how I can change the lining of my eyes. I'm still not good at putting liquid liner, mas sanay ako sa pencil.

Ikaw naman, bakit ka tatamaan eh ur those people that I know trully read my blog! haha ikaw talaga... i mean its true tho. But oh well... Pasko naman eh ok lang haha.

aaahhh... i hope u get the package still! tagal narin nun eh! :/ sana di nawala... and i make sure u dont have to pay for it too and i put something less than $10 I believe. balita ko kasi ang daming nakawan ng mga package sa pinas.. kainis ung mga tao minsan! hehe.. take care hun!

Dee said...

Hehehe, big sucker for neutral eye looks right here! I love how it gives your eyes such depth while staying simple at the same time!

twinsouls888 said...

very nice tutorial girl ^_^. And like your BF I love neutral colors too. The Lancome E/S palette look so cute and they look pretty pigmented too ^_^

DinaXYYan said...

love neutral look!

Eve said...

Nice! I love butterscotches. They taste delicious.

Toothfairy said...

hahahha! Boyfriend says that too, he actually only likes me to wear mascara. Nothing else... well that is what I usually wear, but sometimes I like a bit more, eyeliner and all, and he does tell me I look pretty as well :P haha


herroyalbleakness said...

Oooh Thia... my bf shares the same sentiment with yours. and he doesnt even want me wearing my nails longer than what is normal.

anyway, im learning eye makeup these days and i recently bought myself a blending brush. Is that an elf blending brush you're using, too? i use that, too.

what do you use to prime your lids?

Anastacia said...

I like the quality of EOTDs! Very clear and nice! And of course, I like the look, because it so wearable and step by step tutorial is really useful!!
Lovely look!

Anonymous said...

interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

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