Thursday, November 05, 2009

Benefits of using a clay mask

Im sure as a beauty maven we have all heard of the benefits of clay masks. Whether you have a normal, dry, combination, or oil-slick (like me!) type of skin you would still benefit from clay mask. How is it so?
  • It absorbs oil from the skin - when it dries up you get to see the oils that are being absorbed from your pores. You can actually see that it does work! I'll show it to you later on. ^_~
  • Dirt & toxins are drawn out from the skin as it dries up - Clay has been used as purifying agent way back ancient times. It's used to cleanse the body & also for spiritual healing.
  • Minerals from the clay is absorbed by the skin as it dries up - think of it as an exchange. You get the health benefits from the clay & the clay get the oils & dirt from your skin. Sounds good,right?
  • It neutralizes the skin - Have you had a facial cream that works great but after a while it seems like it went boycott on you & doesn't work anymore?Chances are your skin has accumulate some product/dirt build-up therefore blocking the cream. While exfoliating can also work, it's a lot easier to slap on clay to absorb anything that is blocking your pores. Plus it feels refreshing. Just think of it as like a scotch tape/lint remover that you can use to remove lint on your dress. After the mask you'll feel like a painter that has a clean & white canvas to start with.

Don't go buying clay just yet. It would be nice to know first what type of clay suits you. There are a couple of clay mask that you can use base on your skin type. Let's identify them one by one:
  • Rose clay/Pink clay - can be used by all skin type as it exfoliates & cleanse your skin while improving the circulation. It is tinted with iron oxide that can give a subtle glow on the face. We know how a pink/purple face primer works,right?
  • Chinese clay/White Kaolin clay - is best for dry & sensitive type. It's gentle enough to clean the skin without drawing too much oil from it & you can benefit from the hydrating properties of it. It is basically a kaolinite & is mostly used in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • French clay/Green clay - is suited for oily/acne-prone skin. It draws out oil & toxins from the skin. It's consist of montmorillonite that is used for it's highly absorptive purpose in absorbing cholesterol, uric acid, heavy metal, hazardous chemicals & the like.
  • Yellow Kaolin clay - can be used by those who got dry & sensitive skin too. It's almost the same with the white clay.
Now don't get me wrong by thinking that im a pro, i just read a lot so I just shared what i know. While you might be confused with all of this color, you can just judge it by the color, the darker a clay is, the more it will absorb oil. So suffice to say that if you have a dry skin go for the lightest clay mask. There are a lot of clay mask out there that suits your needs, it's up to you to pick what suits.

Supposed to be this is my post about the Julep masque, but i feel like it's better to make an 'introduction' about clay masks before i do my review on it so that you would have an idea what kind of mask it is. Which means to say that my next facial mask post will be about the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.

Hope you learn something from this post. Again, im no expert. Im more of a!

Have a great day!

Jaa ne~!

Again, a heartfelt thanks to everybody who prayed for my brother. He is doing well now as can be expected & is giving us headaches because of his stubbornness, but we still love him. Seems like a week ago he was in the ICU not being able to move freely because of tubes that are connected to him. Now he is jumping up & about & laughing already. Thank God!

Here is a pic of him with our dog, Charlie.

Jericho & Charlie

My brother always tend to bother our dog whenever he is sleeping so this is a pic of a sleepy Charlie with my exuberant brother.

Thank you so much for being a part of my lil brother's life!


donnarence said...

this post is very help...i wanted to buy a mask and gusto ko clay.. white clay looks interesting.. good to hear your bro is ok na.. :D godbless to you and your family

AskMeWhats said...

I haven't tried any clay masks! I am too lazy!!! eeeeeeekkk :) Your brother and Charlie looks too cute :)

Golden said...

Your li'l bro is so cute and adorable. I'm glad to know that he's back to his old self.

Wow, thanks for the info sis. I really learn something from you. "the darker a clay is, the more it will absorb oil.". I just incorporated facial masks into my routine recently. Haven't tried any clay mask yet though. I had bad experience with iwhite peel-off mask. Damn! That mask hurts like hell if you peel it off your skin. I am now steering away from peel-off masks since then, I am just using wash-off masks instead. How about this clay mask sis? Is it a peel-off or wash-off? I guess I'll just wait for your next post. ;)

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

thanks so much thia! I am also eyeing the queen helen julep mask because its really cheap here, just about 350 pesos for the big one with the 30% more. It's around P500 up in online stores eh.

I've also heard of that black clay mask but I forgot the brand, but so far I've heard good reviews!


Blovet Beauty said...

omg.. ur brother looks so so sweet and that picture is precious sweetie! really glad he's jumping ard & all better!!!

Pammy said...

Thanks for this very helpful post, dear. And I'm glad your back to blog world. :) Charlie looks so lazy and sleepy and your bro is adorable. :P

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I heard good things about clay mask but I've never tried them. lol. Maybe I should give it a try someday... I keep saying it but it hasn't happened for years now! hahahaha. I'm glad you posted this up, It's great information for everyone to know! I wonder if there's body clay mask. I'm sure there is right? lol. Getting rid of toxins seems like a good idea =]

Your brother seems healthy now =] I'm glad he's all better! We knew he was going to get through it. The dog seems very exhausted and bored. hahaha. The poor sleepy dog must really want it's sleep and not to be disturb. hmmmz, maybe you can do one something about dogs? Like bathing for it or anything really. It'll be interesting =]

vanilla said...

i actually just bought dead sea clay !!loll
what a coincidence !
ur dog looks very lazy !lol

Fifi said...

What a helpful post! I've never heard of Rose clay before. I want to try it!

I'm glad your brother is all fine now, he looks blissful! And your dog is too cute :D

Bernadette Villanueva said...

Thanks for this post Thia, and I can tell that you really read a lot! I love you for that! Muah*

Pls. let me know where I can get the darkest clay (I'm an oil mine!, any brands? Buzz me pls.!

PS: Good to see your brother happy and well again =) Cute sleepy dog, I can pinch them both! Argh!

Crystal said...

i'm glad your bro is ok na. haha, i didn't know there were many different types of clay! haha sige na nga i'll use mine tonight :P

Anastacia said...

Such sweet picture of your brother! Doggie looks pretty tired! hahaha~

I love the final skin effect after any masks even packs, but too lazy to do that :(

krissy ♥ said...

this is a very informative post, thank you :) and your brother is adorable, i'm glad he's ok :)

itsMimee said...

thank you for this post ! it helped me to buy face mask for me today :)
and so cuute pic. and the blog template (maybe you changed this a bit longer ago, but i must write it's cuteee ! xD)

gio said...

This post is so helpful. I used a clay mask once and it worked really well. I should start using it again :)

Your brother is cute and I'm glad he's ok.

Sarah said...

Ohhh I loveeeee Clay masks- they make your skin feel so clean and soft afterwards- there is nothing like them :)
And sooooo glad your bro is feeling better- he is just adorable in that photo!!!!!

noone said...

I swear by my green clay masks! Everytime I use it I can see little dots of where my oily pores are, so it's gotta be working! Glad to hear your brother is doing better :)

sssdawna said...

i never knew what the different clay types were, very helpful! what's your favorite mask for your skin type?

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