Tuesday, November 17, 2009

eyelook: gradient purple

Another series for my gradient eyelook...

Oh, you might ask why i use 'eyelook' as the tag..It's just that i want to be different. Most use "EOTD", i just want to have my own. Anyways, it's not like i always do eye make-ups. I only do it when i feel like it. I only do simple make-up when i go out. So, don't be confused when you see 'eyelook' on my labels,ok?

Plus, for the most posts on my eyelook, i just focus on the eye area. It's because i mostly experiment on color combination after my work is done. I don't want to apply any face make-up at night as much as possible.

So, this time, it would be purple. I think most girls favor purple. This is the look that we are going for:

The pop of blue compliments the look just so to brighten it up instead of the usual black.

For those who are familiar with how i do my gradient look, it's just the same. I used my 88 matte & satin palette. I numbered the colors that i used.

As for the inner corner of my eye, i used NYX White Pearl. Just use any shimmery/satin eyeshadow so to open up your eyes.

dupe alert: for those who have access to Careline Loose Eyeshadow (a Philippine brand), i think it can be a good dupe for NYX White Pearl. I have it before, but i can't find it now. I'll confirm it once i have seen/bought Careline eyeshadow again,ok? But based on what i remember, it is!

Now, on to the tutorial:
  • Line the colors like so (refer to the colors that i used on the palette.
  • Blend numbers 1& 2...then 3 & 4
  • When the 2 are well blended out, then you can now blend the 2 colors together. I'll be saying in advance why i have to do it this way. I do them separately because i want the colors to be well blended together. I don't want to see any streak of un-blended colors.
  • For those who have a wide crease, feel free to darken it by applying a darker shadow at the area that i pointed out on the pic above. I just don't darken my crease because i have a small eye. If i do so, it just closed my eyes all the more.
  • Don't forget to bring the colors down the lower lash line.

Fix your brows. Highlight the brow area using your favorite highlighter. Line your upper lash line using your favorite liner. I only have a black liner, but since i want a pop of color, i just made my own liner. Finish it all off by curling your lashes & applying mascara.

I just used petroleum jelly & a blue-green shimmer shadow. I apply the petroleum jelly first on my lash line, you can use chapstick. It will just serve as a sticky base so that the shadow would stick. Then apply the color on the area where you apply the chapstick. Press it a bit hard just so that the colors won't fall.

It's not advisable to do this if you have a monolid. You don't want the shadow liner to stick on your lids. Now, if you have an eye sealant, then that's a different story. For those that have deep set eyes, then feel free to make your very own liner. It would save you a lot of bucks & the possibility is endless!

Let's do a little dance for that! whoopee!
<(^_^<) - shake it to the right!
<( ^_^ )> - jump up
(>^_^)> - now bring it to the left!

wooh! we all wanted to save money,right?
*looks at the clock*
Oh! it's already 1:26Am...time to sleep & not dance
*clears throat*
sorry about that..blame it on the sugar rush & was listening to pop songs..

Anyway, this is how it would look like afterward

The numbers of my eyelook is getting bigger little by little..lol! As what you notice, im not much into doing eye make-up. But i'll try to make some because that's what some suggested.

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Have a nice day,girls!

Jaa ne~!

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+ S T A R + said...

simple and easy to follow steps!

you are good in blending colors, unlike me! haha!

re: dancing
oh-uh! i was almost at the verge of shaking my ass to the left and to the right!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

It seem like you added pink eyeliner at the bottom, did you? I don't recall seeing it in the blog post. lol. purple and blue! Yippe!!! hmmmz, you should try using neutral colors and then just for the heck of it... use green or purple eyeliner. haha.

My-My said...

Your the best with gradient effects. you're a natural with smokey effects, whether it is light or dark. :D

Camille Santos said...

gusto ko din ng gradient...though di ko sure what gradient means ahaha..parang grapes na may cream filling.=D

Unknown said...

its is soo pretty and the steps are so easy to follow. petroleum jelly or chapstick on the lid? hmmm i must try this. It sounds neat ^_^

AskMeWhats said...

ganda sis! i love this! looks fab on you!

Fifi said...

Your blending skill is awesome! I am sometimes too lazy to blend all the colors out. And lol at the dancing steps! I basically live on sugar these days so that happens to me too... A LOT! Hahaha xD

Sarah said...

Ohh sooooo prettyyyy!! You are so good at blending!!!!! The purple and blue looks so gorgeous together too :)
Aww thanks for your sweet comments, you are such a sweet heart!!! I want to go see 2010 too!!!

BTW, your parcel is in the mail!!!!!! let me know when you get it so I know it reached you safe and sound :)

Ida said...

i like that you used a different word instead of eotd :D that is a cool gradient look, and i like how the colors you used to line your eyes. gosh, i dunno how i missed your giveaway. i'm joining now...

Blovet Beauty said...

i really like the purples on u! very sexy and pretty :) Btw, did u use any eye base ??

gio said...

This look is gorgeous! I love that pop of blue and it goes so well with purple. The blending is amazing too!

Golden said...

I love the look! You surely inspired me today how I should apply my e/s next time. And thanks for letting us know how to make our own 'eyeliners'.

BTW, the shots are way much much better than before. I can now see the effect of the eyeshadows on your eyes. Way to go girl! Love the dancing smileys too. Cool and cute!

PS, I think you were referring to Careline's vanilla/mestiza loose eyeshadow.

Pammy said...

Pretty as always. I love how creative you are in coming up with ideas for looks. I miss you too. :)

Toothfairy said...


you beauty queen, I've tagged you in my latest post!


If it comes in pink said...

Oh, I like that, too bad I don't wear that much makeup:P

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

i just love CS palettes!! their e/s are bright and pretty. very nice eye makeup look u did sis.

Miss Shopcoholic said...

very nice EOTD tut! ang galing ng technique mo in applying e/s.. what brushes did you use?

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