Friday, November 27, 2009

love package from JBreezybaby

Went to the post office yesterday to pick up a package. It's from JBreezybaby, she sent me a love package.

I never really did expect anything from her. I was surprised when she just left me a message the other day asking if i have received the package. What a nice surprise!

I feel so loved! love smileys

Look at how cute she wrapped it! Best of all is the love note...see the cute little hearts on them!
Love the little stickers too ^_^

These are what's inside
Another gift wrapped stuff! What could it be?
*opens the package*
  • 2 pairs of earrings - will def wear this!
  • hand sanitizer
  • 2 pigment - Golden Olive & Violet
  • The Body Shop Roseflower Blush in pink
I so love the pigments!! so pretty!

They are really shimmery. Sorry if i wasn't able to catch the shimmer because im here in my room. I guess light is not as good compare when i take pics outside...

I'll use the blush the next time so that you'll be able see how pretty it looks.

I love everything...especially the love note.

I really feel so loved especially after reading your note. You're just so sweet
happy smileys

Hope y'all have a great black friday...
Anyway, i think most of you who are in America will be going shopping,right?

Jaa ne~!

Im very tempted to buy from sigma since their mini kit is only $39....

But then i know that i have all the necessary brush that i can use...but then a girl can' t have too many brushes,right?


Camille Santos said...

aw sweet ni jo hehe.short comment muna gotta run thia!!take care have a nce wwekend

AskMeWhats said...

awww you deserve the sweetness coz you are very sweet :) Take care and enjoy!

Eve said...

omgggg I love the eyeshadowss

Jbreezybaby said...

yaaaay finally! I'm glad you got them thia! I hope you like them. Those are MAC pigments btw. You're a sweet person and i wish I couldve gotten you more stuff! Have a great day!

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