Tuesday, May 31, 2011

thoughts about smokey eye make-up for semi-monolids

Before you scroll downward, just a little reminder that this post will be full of my pictures. For lack of model, i don't have a choice but to just put my pictures as an example. This is a bit embarrassing for me, putting in all of these pictures, but i would just like to make a point & this is the only way to explain my point. This is not a tutorial, by the way.

Most people think that only those that got deep-set eyes can rock a smokey look. Those that got monolids/semi-monolids would have a hard time pulling it off because they do not have "eye sockets". Let me tell you, hunnies, that that is not true, in fact if you will be able to apply it the right way, it could make your eyes look bigger even though you have hooded lids.

I don't have deep set eyes but i do smokey look every once in a while. You can even see in this pic below how narrow my eyelid is, so there's no ample space to do much blending but that doesn't stop me from doing smokey look. Uh oh, i need to wax my upper lip already.. *note to self*..hehe... by the way, that small white thing on my lid is glue..haha.

Bright smokey eye make-up gives off a very fun & flirty look, while dark smokey eye make-up can give that chic & strong (depending on the colors that you choose) look. Lots of women shy away from it thinking that it won't suit them. Personally, i think every one can pull off a smokey look.

I have done a couple of dark smokey eye make-up & it gives me a different look each time. It could make my eyes smaller, if i go for an elongated look. It could make my eyes look bigger if i go for a rounded smokey look. It could give me a fierce look if i use a really dark look like donning in a gothic look.

Whenever i tell the ladies that they can do the smokey eye make-up, they always have that doubtful look. It's like they only think that only actresses & models can do those & not ordinary women.

I went over my past eyelook posts to browse what are the looks that i've done before.

This made my eyes look small because the concentration of the color is at the outer part of my eye. As far as i remember, when i did my liner, i also elongated it hence the effect. This looks is better suited for those that got deep set eyes & would want to don the ultimate cat-eyed look.

Gothic look is really fierce & can make you look like you are angry at the whole world, but you know what's awesome about donning in a gothic eye make-up? It sort of gives you that "don't mess with me" type of outlook & would even make you feel confident.. provided that you have an awesome primer underneath,ok? hehehe

Going without primer in this look would be disastrous for if you have a dark make-up it would be very obvious once it creases. But believe me, girls, this look is awesome when you wore it.

Now i think, the sultry soft smokey eye make-up is one of the most coveted eye make-up look. If the gothic look gives you that "i am awesome" type of attitude this one exudes an alluring & feminine aura that's why most of us relates a very smokey look to sexiness.

Kim Kardashian exudes that sexy sultry look whenever she dons her smokey eye & nude lip look,ne? If you feel like you need an extra boost with your confidence by your eye make-up, soft smokey eye make-up is your best bet!

Now, let's talk about  bright eye make-up!
You don't have to be tied with the usual neutral/earth colors. There would be some time in your life when you would have to taker a step forward & leave it for a while. You would discover a whole new world out there once you start filling your make-up kit with colorful shadows.

I love bright eye make-up! It is very fun, girly, playful & flirty. It adds sunshine when you are feeling down. Now, i know a couple of ladies who do not like bright eye make-up thinking that it won't suit them. I think some colors won't suit a specific tone but once you found the colors that suit you. You won't go wrong.

I did this make-up look when i joined a contest. It was an arabic make-up contest. It was really fun having this bright look, i almost regret taking it off for it cheered me up.

Last thing that i want to add is to justify what i said before that if you do your smokey look, it could emphasize your eyes even though their small.

See how different it looks like with the smokey look?
As what i said in my past post that you have to bring the colors upward not at the outer part so that it would 'lift' your eyes. I'll do a tutorial for the first picture that i posted later on.

I haven't touched my make-up kit for a long time already! Aside from my go-to stuff which would just have the basics, i've neglected the rest of my make-up. Actually, i don't put make-up when i go out anymore, unlike before. I only put moisturizer (that got hyalauronic acid), dr feelgood as a primer (to somehow close up my pores so dirt won't enter it), lipbalm/lipstick, groom my brows & that's it!

That's why a couple of people are surprised whenever they see me (especially those who know that i am a beauty blogger) for they are expecting that i would always have smokey eyes or vampy lips. So, if you are expecting to see me with full make-up on just because i'm a beauty blogger, pardon me for ruining your expectation but i prefer to keep my face bare for all people to see my flaws. hehe

I learned it the hard way that piling on make-up is not good. As what i said, i still have the scars & marks to prove it.

But that doesn't mean i stopped doing smokey eye make-up or even going for a full made-up look. I'm just waiting for the perfect time when i could go all out.

So, ladies, don't shy away from doing smokey eye make-up. As what the "kocho-oneesan" in the anime Saiunkoku Monogatari once said,
"Make-up is a woman's battle armor. When you're heading into a battle make sure you wear it. If you do, you'll never cry. If you cry, your make-up will fall apart. No matter how light the make-up is, the result would be disgraceful. So regardless how difficult things are, you will not cry."
I love this quote!

Hope that you will try to don smokey eye make-up every once in a while,ok?

Hope you are having a great day/evening!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nail Polish haul again?!

I started my week with the OPI Glam Slam set, i will end my week with a few more polishes that i have gotten the past couple of days.

One of the polishes that i have been lemming for is the Orly Space Cadet from the Cosmic FX Collection that was released fall of last year. This is art in a bottle!

It has that mauve-y plum-ish, olive-ish base with millions of golden micro glitters that gives off a different color every time light is reflected. This is not just a duo-chrome. This is a multi-chrome!

The only issue that i have is that it dries slowwwwwwwwwww. I have tried putting this on my nails before i start my 30minute class. Class done, still not dry... I applied a top coat, Seche Vite (which we know that dries lightning-fast).. waited for 10 minutes but it's still not touch-dry. I had redone it a couple of times because it irks me seeing that my supposed-to-be perfect application still resulted to dents even with the trusted Seche Vite... definitely not happy! I feel like i have used up 20% of it already. (-__-")

I love how it looks on my nails though, i can't help staring at it! This is definitely eye catching! I sure wish that this is not a limited edition. *sigh*

I bought it from Sis Pearl, you can check out some of the Orly polishes that she is selling HERE.

Moving on, I decided to drop by Elianto to see if they still have some polishes. They only have a handful of shade selection though so i don't have much choice on the matter. I just decided to get the ones that i do not have plus some nail art stickers.

left to right: Strengthener, Blue Splash, Dark Sea Green & Light Salmon

The free standing store in SM North Edsa is the only one left (based on the SA that i talked with) & they are almost bare with very few products left (i'll try my best to remember it), which are a couple shades of polishes like what i bought + the lime green & yellow polish shades, some nail art stickers, nail trimmers, eyebrow pencils, hand creams, 2 empty eyeshadow palettes, a couple of cosmetic tools like eyeshadow applicators (big & small), lash curlers & a couple of bath sponges,i think.

They only have very few choices but if you want to buy anything that are still left (based on this list) then make sure you head on over there asap. They relocated their stall from the 2nd floor to the ground floor already.

Moving on,  I remember testing out the Jelly Pop Top Coat from Etude House before & it left a good impression on me because it dries quite fast. I am planning to make a comparison of it with Seche Vite. I hope that it would be a good alternative because i'm panicking already over the thought that i won't be able to find Seche Vite easily when i run out of it.

I didn't bother to make a review of Seche Vite anymore because it feels like it has been blogged about by almost everybody. But if you want me to make a full review of it, i can. Just let me know,aight'?

This mascara has become one of my favorite mascara already so i buy this every time i drop by EH.

Popped by The Face Shop & i was awed by this polish. Just look at how pretty it looks!

I thought of actually buying their Hologram Polish but for some reason it just makes me think that it's almost like the ones from Bobbie but the only difference is the price tag. The one from TFS is sold at Php 298 each. I am already happy with this one, by the way, the shade of this is BK901.

I still hate how TFS uses letters & numbers.
What if you pop by their store intending to buy a shade or two but with this twisted sense of shade naming, makes it impossible for you to remember what you're going to buy?! That had happened to me hundreds of times already! I went to the store impulsively thinking of buying back ups for some polishes that i like but ends up with that blank-look all because i don't know the shade & gets confused because they have almost the same shade of each polish, only a tad darker/lighter. So i don't have a choice but to just get out empty-handed.

I just can't imagine myself saying "Do you have the ABCD1234 shade?"

But with this certain shade, it's not hard to pinpoint because this is the only one that has obvious holographic glitters. That's why i'm not sure as to what finish this certain shade is. If this is holographic polish or just holographic glitters... but i think i'll go for holo glitters.

Last but not the least would be these...

I have been seeing the shade Gray's Anatomy of Wet N Wild being mentioned every now & then but i don't know how it looks like until i picked this bottle up at the Wet N Wild counter. I have to say, it looks pretty awesome! A duo chrome!

Then another, i remember seeing this certain shade of 24K polish (a local brand) that is so unique. It doesn't have a shade name but what's unique is that this is a flaky polish! It looks green on the bottle but once you "tilt" it, it will have this gorgeous bluish shade!

You can take a look at these polishes on this separate picture below....

Swatches will follow later on. For now, i'm enjoying Space Cadet.. & also Rally Pretty Pink. By the way, this is how my weekend nails look like...

It's a free hand design.
Don't worry, ladies, i haven't forgotten how to make nail art tutorials. I'll make it up to you one of these days by making a post about the different types of flower designs that you could do on your nails, including how to make these flowers. Also the other requests that i have been getting from a couple of you,guys. I'll start first with tutorials, then reviews.

Well, that about sums it all~!

By the way, Tony Moly fans would be happy to know that it is already available here in the Philippines. I saw their stall in SM North Edsa Department Store. The SA told me that it is already their 2nd branch, their flagship store is in SM Novaliches! On the other hand, Kryolan has opened one of its shop in SM North Edsa The Block. Kryolan fans, feel free to visit the branch. The SAs are very friendly!

I'll end this post with a funny picture of Charlie!

Every time i see this it makes me laugh! This is him getting all cozy & sleepy surrounded by tons of pillows!

Hope that your weekend is a happy one!
Jaa ne~!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nivea Pure & Natural Product Line

I had received some packages a couple of weeks from Nivea & had been testing them ever since i got them. I'll be making a review on them after a couple more weeks of trying but for now, i'll go first with their Pure & Natural Line.

NIVEA Pure & Natural products use gentle and pure ingredients that respect your skin’s nature so you don’t have to worry about sensitivity problems and irritations that are known to be associated with some artificial and chemical ingredients.
The range is suitable for all skin types even to extra sensitive skin.
What does it do?
NIVEA Pure & Natural products are inspired by nature, but they also draw on our 100 years of skin care expertise and commitment to the highest quality standards.
This means the NIVEA Pure & Natural range offers a pleasant and affordable way of looking after yourself naturally and doing your bit for the environment, while enjoying the highly effective care you’ve come to expect from NIVEA.
It's good that NIVEA has this line. I am actually loving this line, especially the deodorant. Why?

It doesn't have aluminum salts!
I have a very sensitive underarm.
A lot of girls swear that aluminum salts make their underarm lighter but in my case it's the opposite. It makes my underarm itchy & red. It darkens my armpit & doesn't even control body odors. What the fudge?!

I used to use pure aluminum salt before when i was a teenager but with all the hype of using deodorant & body sprays i was lured into using those chemical-laden deodorant. While it does a wonderful job of controlling body odors, it makes my underarms dark. Eeekkkk!!! I can't believe i'm telling you that i had dark underarms. But take note, the word is HAD for now my underarm is waaaayyyyy lighter than before. Not that you'll see me showing my underarm off for everyone to see. LOL!

But this line saved my underarm from further embarrassment! It also doesn't have parabens, how cool is that?!

If you are like me & is allergic to aluminum salt, try this one for this might be the one that you are looking for. I'm not recommending this because i got the product for free but because it works for me.

Next is the Pure & Natural Wipes...

It's good that this is biodegradable.

I think this is the only biodegradable wipes that is available in the market. This is perfect for baby use because it doesn't have parabens, alcohol & perfume-free.

Personally, i don't see any difference about the other wipes out there, aside from it being biodegradable. Even if it is bio-degradable, it doesn't mean that it will decompose as soon as you throw it. It will still take some time before it decomposes too.

It is perfume-free but it doesn't mean that it is scent-less,ok? For some reason i don't like how it smell. It's hard to describe it but i just find it a bit unappealing. But i appreciate that it is almost chemical-free that makes it perfect for those that have sensitive skin specially for babies.

I said that i like this line especially the deodorant.

Do check this line out in the supermarket. It is already available.

Hope you are enjoying your evening,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

product sent as a part of their press release. I did not receive any monetary consideration for this post. Opinions shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Celeteque Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 Review

I have said before that i stopped using anything on my face because i'm afraid of breaking out. I only wash my face every now & then & try not to put anything on my face. If you are going to ask me what is the status of my skin right now, i am acne-free already but not blemish-free. 

I have lots of blemishes, sun spots, skin discoloration & worst of all, scars because of my acne. But i am still not using any heavy products to address those problems for i am still concerned that it might start my acne again.

The time when i purchased this, i feel my face becoming dry but oily. Can you imagine that?
It's dehydrated yet oily. Since i still don't want to push my luck by using any face products that has numerous benefits but might make me break out so i decided to go back to using a water-based moisturizer, which is Celeteque. That was the time when i was using Eskinol + Dalacin C to address my acne, but sadly it didn't work for me. :(

I debated if i would be buying the original water-based moisturizer or this with the SPF 15. Since it has become really hot i decided to of course opt for the one with the sun protection. By the way, you can check out my review of the classic Celeteque Moisturizer HERE if you are interested.

I'm not sure if this is still water-based though. Maybe it still is but what's important for me is that it is non-comedogenic & hypoallergenic.

Ingredients list...

I like how the expiration date is clearly seen on the tube so you would know when to ditched this.

It is in white fluid form that is easily absorbed by the skin.

I don't have much to say about this product since again, this doesn't have any claims aside from the hydration & sun protection. It didn't break me out which is good. I will not say that it is fragrance-free though because there is a scent.. it's more of a lotion scent but is not that bad & overwhelming so it's ok with me.

It does a good job in moisturizing the skin. It is quite light & non-greasy which is good especially for those who hate having that slick, heavy feeling that traditional face creams/sunblocks give you.

The sun protection that it provides is not that high though so it's just ok for home use but not enough when you go outdoors. It offers broad spectrum protection UVA/UVB protection so again, it might be enough for home protection. If you are planning for heavy sun exposure just make sure that you go for a higher SPF protection that also has broad spectrum protection.

I can't remember the exact price but as far as i remember it is sold for less than Php 150 so it's not that heavy on the budget.

I'm quite satisfied with this.

  • locally available
  • cheap
  • light & non-greasy
  • hypoallergenic
  • non-comedogenic
  • easily absorbed by the skin
  • expiration date is at the back of the tube so you know when to throw it
  • SPF is not enough
  • might not be available internationally
Will i buy it again?
Most probably i will but since i have a lot of sun protection products to try so i won't yet. But i like how light this feels, seriously! This didn't make me perspire unlike other products so this is a keeper.

I still prefer the classic water-based moisturizer compare to this one but then this is perfect for an everyday use if you are just indoors. Compare to using a moisturizer & a separate sun protection product then this is still preferable for me. 

I hope that this monday will be good for you,honeys!
Jaa ne~!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Haul:OPI Glam Slam

I went out last Saturday with Anonymouse to meet one of our best buddy when we were still in college in Market! Market!. It was such a great day since it has been like 6 years since i last saw her. I swear she looks like how she was when we were in college even though she already have 2 kids! OMG! I sure wish i could be like her...LOL!

Anyway, Sis Thriszha of Fab Ur Nails had asked me beforehand if i am interested in owning the OPI Glam Slam since i had said before on our FB Group that i'm dying to have it. I readily said 'yes' & that the honor would be mine. hahaha! The package arrived last Saturday so when i went home it was already waiting to be opened & by awed upon.

And awe is what i felt when i opened it! Thanks for the freebies, Moja! mwah! Ang dami! (It's a lot!)
Feels like it was christmas for me.hehehe
Love the glass nail file & everything!

This set made my heart skipped a bit when i saw how gorgeous they look... especially the Rally Pretty Pink!

I immediately swatched the Rally Pretty Pink & fell in love!

It looks uh-may-zing!
It's not really pink per se, but it's more of a purply, mauve-y base with gorgeous golden shimmer. It almost has that foil effect! This is just with 2 coats.

Together with the Red Shatter... excuse with the messy application though & also the quality of the pic. I took it just a few minutes ago.

I was a bit skeptical about this combination at first. I mean, it's red & shiny mauve so i thought it won't be good. It looks nice, but it's not heart stopping-ly good. The red shatter is a jelly. I was a bit surprised with it. I thought it would be a bit creamy like the other cracking polishes that i've tried.

I guess this is why the crack effect of this is way better than others out there. Shatter is the perfect word for it really has that shatter look than just mere crack.

You definitely have to apply a top coat if you use the shatter because it dries matte.

I also bought something from Lush in High Street last Saturday. I am actually not a fan of Lush (i like their Lemony Flutter though) but my quest for products that has cooling sensation lead me to it.

I feel nauseous everytime i drop by Lush because of the overwhelming scent inside. I can't last for more than 10 minutes on the store. I just asked the SA if they have a soap that has a cooling sensation she recommended the Ice Blue & the Demon in the Dark. The Ice Blue soap with it as minty & Demon in the Dark with peppermint on. But when i checked the description on the site it says that the ice soap is the peppermint one & the demon is the mint one...oh well, i'm not particular as long as it will provide me with a cooling sensation.

I like Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap because of it's cooling sensation so i just picked the Ice Blue Soap. I tried smelling it on the store but the overwhelming scent of the store masked the scent of this soap. When i went home & tried it i was so disappointed with the scent. It has that overwhelming powdery scent that grandmas love to use. I feel like this soap is the culprit to why the Lush Store smells so strong!

I will not make a review on it anymore but will just give my initial thoughts. I tried using it today & was doubly disappointed because it doesn't even have that cooling sensation. The scent lasted on my skin for hours. It could be good if you are a fan of the scent but since i'm not so i'm ditching this one.

To think this is so expensive!
I find prices in Lush to be expensive i guess that's why i'm not a fan. It's like a hit or miss. The soaps that i have tried have been the wrong ones so far. This one & the rose soap too (which i wasn't able to blog because that was the time that i reformatted my pc & lost all my pictures).I guess i ought to make a research first if i am planning to drop by Lush so i won't make the mistake of wasting my money on a bar that i won't just be using because it failed my expectations.

I will still use it for i don't want to waste it but i will definitely not be buying it anymore.

Even though i was terribly disappointed in my Lush purchase, the OPI set made up for it. I am so happy with my new toys that i think my week will even be lucky all because of my recent acquisition.hehehe

I really hope that this week will be lucky for i will be needing luck on Friday!

Hope y'all have a great start for your week,sweeties!
Jaa ne~!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

hair must-have: Pure Beauty Camellia Seed Oil Hair Care Treament Range

I have tried a lot of hair care ranges & i haven't found a lot that works for me. In fact, i only have a handful of products that had worked for me. I have tried a lot of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks/spas/oil, etc. & lots of others too but to no avail.

I am already beginning to get desperate because i can't seem to find something that works for me yet can be bought easily. I used to love The Face Shop's Changpo Shampoo & Conditioner but since my house is far from the main malls it's hard for me to buy it if i run out of it... plus the fact that it's not very budget-friendly had me continuing the search for another favorite.

In my desperate search i came across the Shiseido line. I had read lots of raves about the Shiseido Tsubaki but i am a bit hesitant about buying an expensive shampoo that might not work for me at all. Not all expensive products are fool-proof indication that it would work for you, i have had a couple of expensive products that didn't work for me but cost me a ridiculous amount of money. That made me wary about spending money on expensive products especially if it's not available here in the Philippines.

I saw this hair care line at Watsons before & i got mighty curious about it since it says on the Watsons price label  "Tsubaki". It's budget friendly so i decided to try the shampoo & conditioner first... then the hair mask... then the hair care oil.

As what i said, i tried the shampoo & conditioner first.. it worked for me instantly! I felt my hair softer & smoother the first time that i tried it. I thought that it might stop working after a couple of use so i didn't buy the other products yet but it stayed consistent. I love touching my hair every now & then so i decided to buy the hair mask... then a week after i decided to try the hair oil & now i have to say that this line is definitely worth blogging! They still have the Hair Treatment Essence Water, i haven't bought it yet though but i will definitely be buying it.

What exactly is Camellia Oil?
Tea seed oil (also known as tea oil or camellia oil) is an edible, pale amber-green fixed oil with a sweet, herbal aroma. It is cold-pressed mainly from the seeds of Camellia oleifera but also from Camellia sinensis orCamellia japonica. (excerpt taken from wikipedia)
Camellia Oil or what is called Tsubaki in Japan has been used not only for hair care but even for culinary. There has been lots of benefits from camellia oil which actually includes prevention of progression of skin cancers based on a japanese study. It is an excellent moisturizer, it moisturizes but it's not too oily.

It is said that Japanese Geishas soak their wooden combs in camellia oil so once they comb their hair they would be able to coat their hair strands with it.

I can enumerate lots of benefits based on my research but i fear that i'll bore you to death with all of those so let's just get to the read deal,ok?

Let's start with the shampoo & conditioner first.

Descriptions of both products...just click it to enlarge.

This works instantly!
You'll feel the result after use. You might not see the difference immediately yet but you will definitely feel it. Hair is a lot more softer & manageable! I can't believe i am actually using the word manageable to describe my hair now because i have always had a frizzy & hard to tame hair but this one is able to reign in my hair & tame it!

Then the hair mask...

Again, just click it to enlarge it.

I'm not that fond of this one though. It does work but it gave me a bad case of dandruff. boo!
But it really moisturizes the hair! My family went swimming last Tuesday & i was in the pool the whole day. Chlorinated water is definitely not hair friendly,right? I applied the hair oil every now & then so moisturize my hair but it wasn't enough for it wasn't as soft as it was before but it's still smooth though. I used this instead of the conditioner twice & my hair felt like it was reborn afterward!

Then this is the star of the lot for me!

I freakin' love this product!
This will really tame your frizzies! It will moisturize those hair shafts that you feel had died on you because of too much styling & heat exposure. If you are not sure about buying all of the range then it's ok but don't ever miss this one! This is the bomb!

I said that the shampoo & conditioner worked for me... i was satisfied but i didn't know what hair satisfaction really means until i used this! It transformed my great hair to perfectly marvelous & amazingly wonderful for just an overnight! If you click the pic, you'll see the instruction at the bottom that says you can use this in 3 ways. As a pre-shampoo treatment, after shampoo treatment & for styling as well.

I decided to just leave it on my hair overnight since i have been doing that for a long time now with olive oil just to keep my frizzy hair manageable (but to no avail!) so i thought that since this is a treatment oil then this would probably be even better than olive oil. And it is!

I am so in love with my hair now! I use it as pre-shampoo treatment & also as an after-shampoo treatment. Even though this is oil, it is not oily. It is very light & it would be absorbed by your hair after an hour or two leaving you with a baby-soft hair!

I will be buying lots of this as back ups in case this is limited.

I can't live without this!
This serum saved my dying hair!

Now i understand the hype about the Tsubaki line from Shiseido. If ever this would be phased out in the Philippine market, i would gladly spend hundreds of peso for Shiseido Tsubaki. But i don't see my wallet getting into trouble any moment from now since this line is locally available in Watsons.

Y'all know that i have curly/wavy hair. Ordinarily, I wake up in the morning with nice curls but stiff & lifeless hair. With the Camellia Oil, i now wake up with bouncy curls that feels so smooth & silky!

Yep, i just woke in the picture but i love my hair! This is the ultimate bed hair that i've always wanted... makes me feel sexy (though i'm hardly one!hahaha!)! Naturally curly without using any curling iron. Anyway, i hate how some girls would have that stiff looking curls which feels like they spent an hour on each curl.

I figured that this is the time to post this one up while the promotion for this is still ongoing especially to those that has the SM Advantage Card. If you purchase any one of this it would entitle you to a 100 points for your advantage card! Plus the mask & hair care oil are on sale!

I bought all of this using my own money & i am quite satisfied with this. I just hope that this is a permanent line though. This is definitely worth your money,ladies! especially the hair oil!

Here are the prices that i paid for each product: (i got them on a sale price)

  • Shampoo is priced at 199 for a 500ml pump bottle
  • Conditioner is priced at 199 for a 500ml pump bottle
  • Hair Mask is priced at 149 for a 200g tube
  • Hair Care Oil is priced at 183 (i think) for a 60 ml bottle.

They have the Essence Water too but i am already satisfied with my hair now so i'm not in a hurry to try it yet but i will definitely purchase it. It might seem a bit expensive at first but since you are going to get a 200ml product that could last you for a month or two (or maybe even 3 especially if you have short hair) this is definitely cheap in the long run.

Let's summarize...

  • locally available
  • true to its claims
  • you get your money's worth
  • packaging is awesome ( i love pump bottles!)


  • the hair mask gave me a bad case of dandruff
But this is something that i can easily solve. I deep clean using an anti-dandruff shampoo so it's not a big deal for me. I can live with it as long as i can have that sexy hair that i've always wanted!

Though for now i stopped using it since i am still in the process of deep cleaning ( i do deep cleaning for a whole week). Whenever i deep clean, i use an anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner for the whole duration to make sure that no residue is left so that my regular hair products would work. But i already consider this line as staple!

Try to take advantage of the promo that they are having,ok?

Have you tried a tsubaki shampoo?
If not, then i recommend that you do.
Once you try it, you will never go back!

Hope you all will have a great weekend,hunnies!

Jaa ne~!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

rants & ramblings: removing unwanted body hair

i had this up the last time but since blogger did a maintenance that time it went back as a draft... so this is just a repost.

I'm sure that you all have their very own way of removing unwanted body hairs. Nah, this post won't be about my experience when it comes to hair removing. I think it would take a series of post just to share my experiences, i would just like to ask you all some questions...

Some like the painless way which is to shave... others opt for tweezing or threading... while some others who have a higher pain tolerance go for waxing... if you have lot of money to burn then just completely get rid of it by laser treatment. I have tried the first 4, haven't tried laser treatment though but i will try it one of these days.

I am very curious about Epilators. I remember watching lots of videos on youtube how it works & what to expect. It might be expensive at first but i guess in the long run it will save you more money so it will be a good investment. I have had waxing sessions before though it's not that expensive but if we will talk about the accumulated amount then it would tantamount to a small fortune already... not counting those countless DIY waxing kits & strips, razors & depilatory creams (which was just a waste of money!) too.

Which makes me think... why is it that i never put epilators on my priority list ever since i first heard of it?!
Stupid me! I could have saved my hard earned money if i did before...
Anyway, now it's already on my priority list.

I just wanna ask, how do you remove unwanted body hair?
Do you go to a salon or do you just do it by yourself?

Have you tried an epilator?
Hope you all have a great day/evening!

Jaa ne~!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spotted: San san's Soleil Nail Collection

Another spotted products that i just think should not be missed. I passed by HBC the other day & i saw some striking yellow cosmetic packagings that literally screams summer. It's their current collection which they call as Soleil, which would be the French word for Sun.

I have tried their pressed powder before (regular line) & it was ok. I tried it during my pre-make-up days so i didn't know what's the good & bad about face products but as far as i know it didn't give me any breakouts. I'll try & take a closer look at this brand again the next time i drop by.

Going back, I am totally digging these adorable babies! The bottle is really so cute! That tall yellow cap is quite an attention grabber... but so are the colors,right?

Anyway, they only have 3 polishes in their collection which are the:

Right to Left: Moss Green, Canary Glow and Tangerine Burst

Ingredients list....

I'm happy to report that they are free from the big 3 toxic nail polish ingredients!

I just swatched it on a nail wheel though... I am trying to get rid of a nasty nail stain & i try not to apply polishes if i can help it to minimize it. So sorry if it looks very limited.. but i love this collection! I applied two thick coats just to make up for the small brush that it has.By the way, these are jelly finishes (except for the orange).

Canary Glow...

This is a very lovely yellow orange-ish kind of color. It reminds me of those sweet luscious ripe mangoes that are so juicy it melts in your mouth.

Moss Green...

This color reminds me of one of polishes from The Face Shop from the Lovely Me:Ex Collection which is the GR502 (Gosh, i hate the shade name of TFS polishes! so hard to remember!). They look the same on the bottle but quite different when swatched. I think this is the least pigmented amongst the three for even with the same thick coats that i did with the other two, it's not enough to totally cover the base. But it is still quite a lovely color!

Tangerine Burst...

My favorite!
I haven't seen a bright yet hot orange color like this. This is the most pigmented of all for you can just go with one thick coat. I love how deep this color really look. I haven't tried this for stamping but i will not be surprised if i can use this for stamping since this is pretty pigmented. I can't really think of a thing that i can compare this with for i think it looks quite unique.

It really reminded me of an art project that i did before when i was still in elementary where we have to melt our crayons then splash it on a paper to have that abstract look. The red-orange crayon, when melted, reminded me of this & how fun it was for me to do that art & make my very own abstract work. My mom had to buy me lots of crayons because i would go melt all of my crayons away!

2 things that somehow makes me go "meh!" on this would be the brush, it is too narrow! It's so hard to get a good amount to cover your nails.

The other one is that when it is drying it gives off this weird semi-matte streaky look. It's a bit hard to explain but it's like there is just a streak or 2 of it being matte-ish while the rest is glossy. Anyway, you can easily remedy it by using atop coat. It's no big deal though. It doesn't take so long to dry either.

But with the price i pay for which is Php 30 (less than a dollar) for a 9ml bottle, i'm quite happy with the product itself!

If you are looking for a bright & funky color for your nails this summer season, make sure you check this one out,ok?

It's been a while but this is how my nails look like last weekend. Looks lame here but it's better in real because it's glittery. I used Del Sol's Ruby Slipper as my base, added yellow (not Canary Glow for i made this first before i went to HBC) on the sides & those star decals that glitters every time the light hits it.

What's your color this summer?

Hope y'all are having a great day/evening!

Jaa ne~!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WFTO Asia Invites you!

Let's take a bit of a break from the beauty blogging to share something with you. I received this invitation a few days ago but since my dashboard is acting weird, i wasn't able to post this.

I was so intrigued with the 100% guilt-free shopper that they are promoting. I was just thinking a few days ago that i have been spending so much & i do feel guilty with those things that i bought impulsively. Now WFTO is giving us a chance to change our shopping experience because every peso that you will be spending in this trade fair can make a change.

World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO Asia) would like to invite 

you to the WORLD FAIR TRADE DAY: 100% GUILT FREE SHOPPER campaign 

launch on May 14, 2011 6 pm at Shangri La Plaza Grand Atrium, 

Mandaluyong City.

The 100% GUILT FREE SHOPPER campaign aims to inform the consumers that
they have the power to eradicate poverty, stop child and forced
labor, advocate for gender equality, support sustainability and
capacity building, safeguard the environment, promote equality in
trade, and open opportunities for health and education with a single,
conscientious purchase.

Many celebrities like Emma Watson, Sir Paul Mc Cartney and Annie
Lennox have been active supporters of Fair Trade. As part of the 100%
Guilt Free Shopper campaign, WFTO Asia will be introducing 12
personalities who’ll be the Ambassadors of Fair Trade here in the
Philippines. They are the following:

a. Jim Paredes (Musician, EDSA People Power Icon)
b. Patty Laurel (Model, Host, Preschool teacher)
c. Sanya Smith and Queenie Smith (Model and Singer)
d. Alyanna Martinez (Fashion Stylist)
e. Rosanna Aranaz (Fashion Blogger, Littlemissdressup.com)
f. Joaquin Valdes (Filmmaker)
g. Lawrence Antaran (Graphic Artist & Illustrator)
h. Yeb Sano and Desiree Llanos Dee (Commissioner and Advocate from the
Climate Change Commission)
i. Fran Tobias (DJ, RX 93.1)
j. Cathy Untalan (Miss Earth Foundation Exec Director, Beauty Queen)
k. Rick Manzano (Blogger, ProjectManila.com)
l. Jeremy Callegher & Shun Sasaki (Fair Trade volunteers from
France and Japan)

The campaign targets 1,000,000 switchers in Asia by the end of the
year. 1,000,000 people who realized that thoughtless buying isn’t
enough. 1,000,000 people who believes that they can use the power of
their purchase to change the lives of millions of disadvantaged
communities all over the world.

73 Countries. 5 Regions. 1 World united to BEAT POVERTY, BEAT CLIMATE

I might be dropping by since i don't have anything special planned this weekend.

Hope you all have a great day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Spotted: Caress Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

First of all, i want to greet all the mothers out there a "Happy Mother's Day"!. I think being a mom is one of the ultimate satisfaction a women can achieve. Raising a kid is no easy thing & a hearty salute to all moms out there who is doing a great job on raising their own family.

"Happy Parent's Day" to my Korean readers!
I know that they are celebrating this day to honor & praise not just mothers but also fathers as well. I think it's actually pretty nice because they just celebrate Children's Day last May 5, same with Japan for they also have Kodomo no Hi the same day.

I hope that today you would be able to have a good celebration together with not just your mothers/parents but with the whole family as well.

Moving on, another spotted item that i think is actually pretty nifty would be the Caress Glow in the Dark Nail Polish. I have 2 Glow in the Dark (GTD) polishes but i don't use it. Actually i got for the satisfaction of owning something unique like GTD polishes rather than for usage purpose..hehe

I'm actually quite happy to know that our local polishes have a wide array of choices already! Remember the Holographic polishes from Bobbie, which i really love! I actually had it on the other day (Mudslide) & i can't help but notice a few ladies glancing on my nails.

Anyway, here is the said item...

 As for the ingredients...

I don't think that these are the only things in this bottle... come on, Caress!
I am wary of buying something that has a very limited list of ingredients knowing very well that it could have a lot more stuff inside...

These are the 2 GTD polishes that i own. I am actually digging the bottle of the right most polish just because of the cap...hehe

Back to Caress, Tt does glow in the dark but my camera can't take a freakin' GTD shots...
I'm sorry for this pic...

I know it looks lame but that's the best my camera came up with...I did swatch it on my nails but since my camera can't even take a decent photo of the bottle, how much more my nails.

Suffice to say, this polish had actually exceeded my expectation. It looks better in real than this lame picture, just take my word on it. Anyway, it's pretty cheap, a bottle only cost me Php 34.95 (less than a dollar). If you are looking for a funky polish to go bar hopping but doesn't wanna spend too much then this would definitely be a nice item to own.

Have you tried any GTD polishes?

Have a great Mother's/Parent's Day Celebration,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

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