Saturday, May 21, 2011

hair must-have: Pure Beauty Camellia Seed Oil Hair Care Treament Range

I have tried a lot of hair care ranges & i haven't found a lot that works for me. In fact, i only have a handful of products that had worked for me. I have tried a lot of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks/spas/oil, etc. & lots of others too but to no avail.

I am already beginning to get desperate because i can't seem to find something that works for me yet can be bought easily. I used to love The Face Shop's Changpo Shampoo & Conditioner but since my house is far from the main malls it's hard for me to buy it if i run out of it... plus the fact that it's not very budget-friendly had me continuing the search for another favorite.

In my desperate search i came across the Shiseido line. I had read lots of raves about the Shiseido Tsubaki but i am a bit hesitant about buying an expensive shampoo that might not work for me at all. Not all expensive products are fool-proof indication that it would work for you, i have had a couple of expensive products that didn't work for me but cost me a ridiculous amount of money. That made me wary about spending money on expensive products especially if it's not available here in the Philippines.

I saw this hair care line at Watsons before & i got mighty curious about it since it says on the Watsons price label  "Tsubaki". It's budget friendly so i decided to try the shampoo & conditioner first... then the hair mask... then the hair care oil.

As what i said, i tried the shampoo & conditioner first.. it worked for me instantly! I felt my hair softer & smoother the first time that i tried it. I thought that it might stop working after a couple of use so i didn't buy the other products yet but it stayed consistent. I love touching my hair every now & then so i decided to buy the hair mask... then a week after i decided to try the hair oil & now i have to say that this line is definitely worth blogging! They still have the Hair Treatment Essence Water, i haven't bought it yet though but i will definitely be buying it.

What exactly is Camellia Oil?
Tea seed oil (also known as tea oil or camellia oil) is an edible, pale amber-green fixed oil with a sweet, herbal aroma. It is cold-pressed mainly from the seeds of Camellia oleifera but also from Camellia sinensis orCamellia japonica. (excerpt taken from wikipedia)
Camellia Oil or what is called Tsubaki in Japan has been used not only for hair care but even for culinary. There has been lots of benefits from camellia oil which actually includes prevention of progression of skin cancers based on a japanese study. It is an excellent moisturizer, it moisturizes but it's not too oily.

It is said that Japanese Geishas soak their wooden combs in camellia oil so once they comb their hair they would be able to coat their hair strands with it.

I can enumerate lots of benefits based on my research but i fear that i'll bore you to death with all of those so let's just get to the read deal,ok?

Let's start with the shampoo & conditioner first.

Descriptions of both products...just click it to enlarge.

This works instantly!
You'll feel the result after use. You might not see the difference immediately yet but you will definitely feel it. Hair is a lot more softer & manageable! I can't believe i am actually using the word manageable to describe my hair now because i have always had a frizzy & hard to tame hair but this one is able to reign in my hair & tame it!

Then the hair mask...

Again, just click it to enlarge it.

I'm not that fond of this one though. It does work but it gave me a bad case of dandruff. boo!
But it really moisturizes the hair! My family went swimming last Tuesday & i was in the pool the whole day. Chlorinated water is definitely not hair friendly,right? I applied the hair oil every now & then so moisturize my hair but it wasn't enough for it wasn't as soft as it was before but it's still smooth though. I used this instead of the conditioner twice & my hair felt like it was reborn afterward!

Then this is the star of the lot for me!

I freakin' love this product!
This will really tame your frizzies! It will moisturize those hair shafts that you feel had died on you because of too much styling & heat exposure. If you are not sure about buying all of the range then it's ok but don't ever miss this one! This is the bomb!

I said that the shampoo & conditioner worked for me... i was satisfied but i didn't know what hair satisfaction really means until i used this! It transformed my great hair to perfectly marvelous & amazingly wonderful for just an overnight! If you click the pic, you'll see the instruction at the bottom that says you can use this in 3 ways. As a pre-shampoo treatment, after shampoo treatment & for styling as well.

I decided to just leave it on my hair overnight since i have been doing that for a long time now with olive oil just to keep my frizzy hair manageable (but to no avail!) so i thought that since this is a treatment oil then this would probably be even better than olive oil. And it is!

I am so in love with my hair now! I use it as pre-shampoo treatment & also as an after-shampoo treatment. Even though this is oil, it is not oily. It is very light & it would be absorbed by your hair after an hour or two leaving you with a baby-soft hair!

I will be buying lots of this as back ups in case this is limited.

I can't live without this!
This serum saved my dying hair!

Now i understand the hype about the Tsubaki line from Shiseido. If ever this would be phased out in the Philippine market, i would gladly spend hundreds of peso for Shiseido Tsubaki. But i don't see my wallet getting into trouble any moment from now since this line is locally available in Watsons.

Y'all know that i have curly/wavy hair. Ordinarily, I wake up in the morning with nice curls but stiff & lifeless hair. With the Camellia Oil, i now wake up with bouncy curls that feels so smooth & silky!

Yep, i just woke in the picture but i love my hair! This is the ultimate bed hair that i've always wanted... makes me feel sexy (though i'm hardly one!hahaha!)! Naturally curly without using any curling iron. Anyway, i hate how some girls would have that stiff looking curls which feels like they spent an hour on each curl.

I figured that this is the time to post this one up while the promotion for this is still ongoing especially to those that has the SM Advantage Card. If you purchase any one of this it would entitle you to a 100 points for your advantage card! Plus the mask & hair care oil are on sale!

I bought all of this using my own money & i am quite satisfied with this. I just hope that this is a permanent line though. This is definitely worth your money,ladies! especially the hair oil!

Here are the prices that i paid for each product: (i got them on a sale price)

  • Shampoo is priced at 199 for a 500ml pump bottle
  • Conditioner is priced at 199 for a 500ml pump bottle
  • Hair Mask is priced at 149 for a 200g tube
  • Hair Care Oil is priced at 183 (i think) for a 60 ml bottle.

They have the Essence Water too but i am already satisfied with my hair now so i'm not in a hurry to try it yet but i will definitely purchase it. It might seem a bit expensive at first but since you are going to get a 200ml product that could last you for a month or two (or maybe even 3 especially if you have short hair) this is definitely cheap in the long run.

Let's summarize...

  • locally available
  • true to its claims
  • you get your money's worth
  • packaging is awesome ( i love pump bottles!)


  • the hair mask gave me a bad case of dandruff
But this is something that i can easily solve. I deep clean using an anti-dandruff shampoo so it's not a big deal for me. I can live with it as long as i can have that sexy hair that i've always wanted!

Though for now i stopped using it since i am still in the process of deep cleaning ( i do deep cleaning for a whole week). Whenever i deep clean, i use an anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner for the whole duration to make sure that no residue is left so that my regular hair products would work. But i already consider this line as staple!

Try to take advantage of the promo that they are having,ok?

Have you tried a tsubaki shampoo?
If not, then i recommend that you do.
Once you try it, you will never go back!

Hope you all will have a great weekend,hunnies!

Jaa ne~!


Crystal said...

wow i'm glad that this is a good product! i might try this after my 1 liter bottle of conditioner runs out. i'm getting pretty close though haha

Hollie said...

I saw this line at Watsons but was hesitant to try it since I haven't read any reviews on it... I'm definitely picking this up on my next visit to Watsons. I seldom use conditioners that's why my hair feels really dry. Awesome review!

Karla Michelle said...

I have been seeing this on the aisles @Watsons but I was a bit of hesitant to try.. but now you've tested it, I can't wait to see the results on me too!

thanks for sharing! :)

Francesca said...

this is a great review! Enter my Dior giveaway?


MariaKristela said...

I always see these in Watsons and I am really curious about the line. Hmmmm... Maybe I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

bought this one yesterday! excited to try it out myself :D

Marge said...

i use this, too, specially the hair mask. yep, i love this, no dandruff on me though.
hehehe i specially like the bonus 400 points from sm advantage after getting this within the promo period ;-)

kimbwy said...

I was able to use this, and sadly, the conditioner didn't condition my hair....

Thiamere Brea said...

awww... too bad
how about the oil?
i think that's the best of the bunch!

kimbwy said...

Well, I haven't tried the oil yet. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

Thiamere Brea said...

im sure you'll like because i have read lots if raves about it too!

passi learning said...

whaaaaa.....its a buy 1 take 1 promo on watson at sm north edsa ( hair oil) i didn't buy coz wanna check the reviews on this product...haha definitely will back for this :0

Thiamere Brea said...

get the oil if you're hesitant about the whole line. im sure you'll like it!
it's a great leave on!

Deelight said...

ive been using the oil for a couple of months now and i'm not really sure if its good or not. sure it does moisturize right after i apply it, but my hair tends to be all the more frizzy after about 1 or 2 hours :/

Ailene Pangamal said...

I tried the shampoo and the conditioner and it was really good the first time of application. My hair softens instantly and i just love it! I would like to try the mask and oil and see what happens next but everytime I'm about to buy they're not available. Easily out of stock. Isn't it a good sign of consumers choice? :D

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