Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Spotted: Kit Kat Mint Chocolate~

Nestle Philippines is bringing in new Kit Kat flavors in the market & boy! am i glad~

I have been fascinated with all the different flavors of Kit Kat in Japan. It makes me wish that somehow it would also be available here in our country as well. When i spotted this at the grocery yesterday i thought that this would most probably be a chance for new flavored Kit Kats to be available!

They also have an orange flavored one but since i don't like the combination of choco & orange so i didn't buy it.

I like that when you break the fingers it will have this mild minty scent that will trickle your nostril!

It doesn't have a strong minty flavor so even if you don't like mint chocolates you'll still be able to appreciate this. It just served to enhance that choco goodness that Kit Kat is known for. The melt-in-your-mouth chocolate that Kit Kat is known for is still there & is no way altered by the mint so it's a delight in the palate!

I bought this at the SM Hypermarket for Php 109 (i think) per pack. One pack contains 9 bars of 2 finger wafers.

Makes me think too if they are planning to have a pinoy version just like how kit kat have their very own japanese version. I'm not sure if i i'll like that... Can you imagine a "guinataan" flavored Kit Kat?! LOL!

I'm just thinking way way ahead...sorry! Don't mind the babbling of an over excited Japanese Kit Kat fan.. XD

If you like Kit Kats then make sure you try this one,ok?

Have a great day,ladies!
Jaa ne~!


Unknown said...

honestly I don't like mint flavored chocolates but I love the regular kitkats :D


xoladiihoneyxo said...

I've tried a few and love them! I haven't tried the minty chocolate, although they are different versions here in the US... not by Kit Kats though. Its like the filling is minty and the outside is dark chocolate or chocolate, which I do enjoy so I don't mind the minty chocolates ;]

DeBi said...

super love choco mint!!!

Hollie said...

I love mint chocolates, in fact I even love mint chocolate flavored ice creams...hehe

I hope this will be available here in Cebu soon. I'll be looking out for this in the groceries. Thanks for sharing.

Ehmjay Bornales said...

oh my, where can i find one sis?! HHA
i want some!! :)

katatonik said...

You should try the green tea and strawberry ones owo they're absolute love! D: I feel bad that the kit kat here doesn't have the wholesome tastiness that the Japanese ones do!!!

Catmare said...

so, did the mint kitkat have a cooling sensation? haha just kidding. I just realized how much we both like cooling beauty products. lol

I saw a different flavors of KitKats in Japan, and they had flavors like wasabi and soy sauce. I didn't try them, I just can't imagine soy sauce and chocolate. lol.

Sassypearlie said...

Hi Sissy! Yummy! Look i'm now a blogger too :D it's my 1st day haha!

noone said...

these are the things I cannot WAIT to go to asia and buy a crap load to try!! yummmmm :D

and lol yeah Lindsay is like a hole in a wall! or rust on your car, no matter how much you cover it up it's still there!

HappySheep said...

This.Is.Just.Awesome. Thanks for blogging about this. My doctor told me to stay away from chocolate but this will make me disobey him. I loved green tea KitKat from Japan. I hope they bring in more varieties!

Helen Blas said...

I get excited whenever there are new flavors of KitKat made available locally. I like mint, too! :D I tried Caramel Flan KitKat too (from Japan) and it was super yummy. You have to try that one! :)

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