Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Haul:OPI Glam Slam

I went out last Saturday with Anonymouse to meet one of our best buddy when we were still in college in Market! Market!. It was such a great day since it has been like 6 years since i last saw her. I swear she looks like how she was when we were in college even though she already have 2 kids! OMG! I sure wish i could be like her...LOL!

Anyway, Sis Thriszha of Fab Ur Nails had asked me beforehand if i am interested in owning the OPI Glam Slam since i had said before on our FB Group that i'm dying to have it. I readily said 'yes' & that the honor would be mine. hahaha! The package arrived last Saturday so when i went home it was already waiting to be opened & by awed upon.

And awe is what i felt when i opened it! Thanks for the freebies, Moja! mwah! Ang dami! (It's a lot!)
Feels like it was christmas for me.hehehe
Love the glass nail file & everything!

This set made my heart skipped a bit when i saw how gorgeous they look... especially the Rally Pretty Pink!

I immediately swatched the Rally Pretty Pink & fell in love!

It looks uh-may-zing!
It's not really pink per se, but it's more of a purply, mauve-y base with gorgeous golden shimmer. It almost has that foil effect! This is just with 2 coats.

Together with the Red Shatter... excuse with the messy application though & also the quality of the pic. I took it just a few minutes ago.

I was a bit skeptical about this combination at first. I mean, it's red & shiny mauve so i thought it won't be good. It looks nice, but it's not heart stopping-ly good. The red shatter is a jelly. I was a bit surprised with it. I thought it would be a bit creamy like the other cracking polishes that i've tried.

I guess this is why the crack effect of this is way better than others out there. Shatter is the perfect word for it really has that shatter look than just mere crack.

You definitely have to apply a top coat if you use the shatter because it dries matte.

I also bought something from Lush in High Street last Saturday. I am actually not a fan of Lush (i like their Lemony Flutter though) but my quest for products that has cooling sensation lead me to it.

I feel nauseous everytime i drop by Lush because of the overwhelming scent inside. I can't last for more than 10 minutes on the store. I just asked the SA if they have a soap that has a cooling sensation she recommended the Ice Blue & the Demon in the Dark. The Ice Blue soap with it as minty & Demon in the Dark with peppermint on. But when i checked the description on the site it says that the ice soap is the peppermint one & the demon is the mint one...oh well, i'm not particular as long as it will provide me with a cooling sensation.

I like Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap because of it's cooling sensation so i just picked the Ice Blue Soap. I tried smelling it on the store but the overwhelming scent of the store masked the scent of this soap. When i went home & tried it i was so disappointed with the scent. It has that overwhelming powdery scent that grandmas love to use. I feel like this soap is the culprit to why the Lush Store smells so strong!

I will not make a review on it anymore but will just give my initial thoughts. I tried using it today & was doubly disappointed because it doesn't even have that cooling sensation. The scent lasted on my skin for hours. It could be good if you are a fan of the scent but since i'm not so i'm ditching this one.

To think this is so expensive!
I find prices in Lush to be expensive i guess that's why i'm not a fan. It's like a hit or miss. The soaps that i have tried have been the wrong ones so far. This one & the rose soap too (which i wasn't able to blog because that was the time that i reformatted my pc & lost all my pictures).I guess i ought to make a research first if i am planning to drop by Lush so i won't make the mistake of wasting my money on a bar that i won't just be using because it failed my expectations.

I will still use it for i don't want to waste it but i will definitely not be buying it anymore.

Even though i was terribly disappointed in my Lush purchase, the OPI set made up for it. I am so happy with my new toys that i think my week will even be lucky all because of my recent acquisition.hehehe

I really hope that this week will be lucky for i will be needing luck on Friday!

Hope y'all have a great start for your week,sweeties!
Jaa ne~!


makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

ooohhlala! I love the colors of the nail polishes! sis, can you suggest a brand for a gray and muddy brown nail polish and where could i but it?:)

Keesh said...

Oh wow the Rally Pretty Pink is amazing <33 I'm sure the red crackle would look amazing if it had a black matte base!

Askmewhats said...

Same as you, I can't get myself to go in Lush store, I'm getting headaches na parang "buntis" hahahah :) Thanks for sharing your hauls, ganda ng polish!

Michelle said...

WANT. the nail polish!!!

Elsa said...

Ayan na!!!! wow ang daming freebies din, happy for you girl!!!

Hmmmm!!!! Ganda nung polish pero i do not like it with shatter (lol, that's my personal opinion ha) but it's still gorgeous on your lovely nails.

Hope to meet you soon sis!!!

Catmare said...

Rally pretty pink is super gorgeous!

Oh I don't like the smell at Lush too. Too bad the soap isn't what you wanted.

Kim's Vanity said...

i NEED your nails! THey are gorgeous! If I had nails that long and beautiful, I'd be painting them all day. LOVE the crackle polish too ... gotta get some for myself!!!!

ThRiSzHa said...

ur welcome moja..when i asked my aunt to look for a red shatter duo ikaw kagad naisip ko... hahahah!!! xoxo!! aja!!

Hotdancer said...

Hey, where can I order these?!?! Thanks!

Thiamere Brea said...

i bought this from a friend e
try checking ebay

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