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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~hanging out with anonymouse & ranting~

As im sure most of you, who frequently visits my blog, know the 'anonymous' commenter on my cbox. She, who shifted from being anonymous to anonymouse, have shown support on my blog from the moment that she knew i started blogging.

Though she leaves 'criticisms' (i'll get you for this, girl! there will be payback time...hehe), but i know that deep in her heart she just looks forward to more meaningful post that she, as a reader, & most of you really wanted to read.She is actually my college buddy & we've been together ever since the first day of school until we started the first leg of job hunting, that i remember our professors before used to call us as twins since we are stuck with each

Now, i present you my dear friend.... Lea Dynah Hanopol aka Anonymouse!

We have been in touch with each other as much as we can & try to meet but due to conflicting schedules we are not able to do so. But last friday, since it was Korean Holiday & we teach koreans, we were able to arrange a meeting at SM Mall of Asia.. She was slim the (during college years) & i can't freakin' believe that she is still slim up to now...whereas in my case, i doubled in weight! gaaahhhh!!! (-__-")

And since i feel like sharing my college pics before, i'll give you a peak of my scrapbook.
*thinking of the payback time*

I made it into a collage & added some decorations to make it cuter. These are some of my most cherished memories during college years & my closest friends back then...


Yep, that's me in the middle. This was taken as part of our graduation pictures...
I have been big even is still now... & had lost hope of ever losing weight..hehe..

Now, back to what i was rambling about. We just spent the time talking, talking & more talking...aside from eating, walking, taking pictures & playing at the arcade. It was sweltering hot that i fear that by the time that i meet with her i would already look a mess & smell awful...which i think i did, thanks to our climate (-__-")

First stop, i told her that im famished so we went to Tokyo Cafe to talk and eat at the same time...

Now you all know that i don't usually post food pics, but for the sake of fun, i decided to take a pic of what we ate.

Now let me tell you, it took a long time before the food finally arrived. To think that it wasn't lunch time or even dinner time. I was disappointed with how slow they serve the food that time, but since we were catching up on old times, so at least we were distracted from the fact that we waited forever for our food to arrive.

Finally, after 48 years, our food arrived. I can't exactly remember the names of the food though...

1. Fried Seafood Salad with Japanese dressing
2. Corn Soup
3. Hot Royal Milk Tea
4. Mango Jelly
5. Chicken Hamburger

I ordered the foods at the bottom & she got the foods at top

The salad is ok..i will not exactly say that it's excellent. The fried seafood are too oily though..but the dressing is pretty nice.

I should have just ordered the same with what she ordered because it tastes good.

Then, after spending an hour chatting along & filling our stomach, we decided to walk off & head on straight to the breakwater to take a pic of the sunset.

Though i wasn't able to do justice on this pic because it was a lot better with the sun looking like a big ball of fire beneath the dusky sky...

It was nice because it was windy & not so hot anymore. We even saw some guys putting what-looks-like firecrackers, which i assumed would be for a fireworks show later on in the evening.

We just decided to head on over to Timezone to pass the time & play some arcade games. We haven't actually played any arcade games when we were in college so we tried to experience it together.

It was pretty fun though, being able to play together with her.

Then as for our last activity, we decided to try the photo booth...

on which i feel like i was cheated Php160 since i was not satisfied with it...but hell, it was a nice souvenir as is..

Then it was time to go home... It was pretty nice being able to hang out with a friend that i haven't seen for a while.

Now, on the side note. I did not buy any beauty-related stuff. I was eye-ing the Marionnaud brushes over at Watsons & was thinking of buying all of them since they are so cheap, but i decided to just wait for my payday. It will also give me some time to think about whether i really need to buy it ot not..but most likely i won't be buying it already..haha!
I had a great time hanging out with a gf that i know that there will be a catch later on...& i was right indeed!

On to the ranting part

I think i was scammed at facebook because i 'bought' a mickey player. I paid for it & i did not receive it, which i was supposed to last may 20 but i wasn't able to...i am waiting for it since he said that he would be having the next batch of players available this may 28....but he already deleted his facebook i think there's a high chance that i won't be getting my money back or ever hearing from him again because i was trying to call his phone & he is not answering...


I sure wish that tomorrow..or maybe even later, he would trip on the floor with broken glasses on it. Then when he tries standing up, he will hit his head on the sharp corner of a table where he'll sustain deep wounds. then afterwards he'll go to sleep & have a nightmare where there would be giant mickey players running after him threatening to crush him.

I won't post his name, though i still have his information. I think this is already enough for him. I believe that he will get what he sow. And since he planted rotten seeds, he'll get rotten little monsters roaming around his room for the time being...

I'm such a scary little bitch,aren't i?

Anyway, i'll still try to give him the benefit of the doubt..He promised May 28 & there are still a few days until the deadline so i think there's still a chance that i would still receive it (though highly likely). I'll let you know if i was able to receive it...

So, there you go. A little lesson for everybody. Not because you have done a lot of online shopping means that you won't be duped by any seller. After all there's a first time to everything,ne? For those who are thinking of buying a mickey player & wanted to make sure that the seller that i encountered is not the same with your seller, then feel free to ping me to ask for the details if this seller & i'll GLADLY give you the details to make sure that you won't be duped.

That's my adventure for the past few days...
How about you?

Hope y'all have a great evening!
Jaa ne~!


maki said...

oh..the memories :)

Pammy said...

You look so cute together on the pic from photo booth. :P

And I'm so sad to hear that someone scammed you. I hope he trips too. Karma's just around the corner, my dear. :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

You shouldn't buy things on facebook, it's not safe to buy things on there =T I hope you get your stuff!

Lovely photos, seems like you had fun with the reunion =]

Aiyoh said...

the pics tells that you had a great time with your friend, na miss ko tuloy my long lost gf hehe, asan na kaya yun? you two are so lucky because despite of the busy life you both have, you were still given a chance to enjoy each others company..I'm happy for you sis=)
and annonymouse is pretty pala*wink*

Sad to know that you were scammed sis, ganun talaga minsan,charge it to experience nalang, kakarmahin din yun ...

Swtest2Lips said...

Be careful with buying items on facebook. Hope you receive it soon. You guys look so adorable! Yay for long lasting friendships!

locke said...

Hi Thia~ nice pics! it's really fun to hang out with gfs =)yeah hope you receive the item as he look great =) stay beautiful~ xoxo

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Seems you girls spent a lot of fun together!

Ida said...

it's so cool that anonymouse turned out to be an old friend! :) looks like a fun day. sorry about the facebook transaction though, i hope the seller delivers.

donnarence said...

old friends can bring a lot of joy to one's life talaga.. grabe nakakatkot na nga ang fb with all these shops na hindi mo sure kung true or not.. grabe because of your post hindi ako maniniwala n any of them.. tsk tsk

Cris said...

Oh, I know about sunsets...So hard to photograph, the picture never seems quite as glorious as what you're seeing...
But yours is beautiful :).

I hope the situation with your player ends well somehow, so sorry to learn of this happening to you :(. Good luck :).


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