Thursday, May 05, 2011

rants & ramblings: great food or good ambiance? I'll go for FOOD!

I have not dined in a restaurant that made me think that i am the best cook ever because the food tastes so bad. I expect that if i go in a restaurant i will have a nice experience with good food & good ambiance, especially the food. I eat out to satisfy my appetite. I'm sure it's the same with you, right?

When i'm hungry i eat anything that's served on me without any complaints.. especially if it's a home cooked! But if i go to a restaurant that charges a pretty penny i will definitely expect the best... food & ambiance. I will not settle for anything less.

Well, it goes to show that there are restaurants out there that just focuses on one. If it's not the food, it's the ambiance.. well, i'll always choose the food compare to ambiance but this time it was the other way around.

My brother just graduated from his Engineering course last week & we just had to celebrate. The ceremony ended somewhat late so we were in a hurry to go to a restaurant & eat for we are quite ravenous after the long graduation rites. I just remembered the Makansutra at Manila Ocean Park & suggested it to my mom. Since she hasn't dined there so she readily agreed. Minutes after we are already on our way.

It's been a while since i went to the MOP & i didn't know that it's not Makansutra anymore but it was changed to Makan Makan. It's still an Asian Food Village anyways so i thought that there won't be any big change. I was a bit surprised when i stepped in & it has this 'fine dining' ambiance on it already. As far as i remember before it has this crowded yet homey feel but then i guess that it would still be the same.

You'll get to see how your food is prepared so it's good. You're sure that they do take care of how the way they prepare it. The staff was very accommodating. It took us a long time deciding what food to choose but they patiently explained what each dish is consist of & how it would taste like. After spending for like 15 minutes looking at the menu, we were finally able to pick out our orders.

Well, the good experience ends there... prepare for the lambasting after this sentence...hehehe

My brothers ordered Chocolate Dinosaur which i think is just so ordinary.

The choco powder that you can see sitting on top tastes just like what i can easily buy at the grocery. Yes, ladies & gents, MILO lang ata! (i think it's just MILO!).... soooooooooooo disappointed! To think it's Php 95 already! I could just buy a pack that's priced for less than 50 & make myself more than 3 glasses of this by myself!

Then Caesar Salad to start the meal...

Nothing spectacular... salad dressing is not just so-so. Just so...
It's not even half of what authentic Caesar Salad dressing tastes like! I'm sooooooooooo disappointed!

My brother loves spicy foods so he asked the waiter what would be the most deliciously spicy dish they offer & he suggested Sambal Squid.

I think this is the only 'success' dish that i can consider. It has this barbecue taste on your first chew which then becomes spicy as you continue chewing. The only downside is that the squid is kinda rubbery already. I think it wasn't overcooked. I guess the squid was just cooked a tad bit longer than necessary that's why it became rubbery, but still, it's the taste that matters.

Then their Yang Chow Fried Rice...

We ordered the one that would be good for 4-5 persons but we were shocked..yes, shocked, not just surprised when we were given a small bowl that i feel like could only be eaten by one hungry lady. See the serving spoon? It's not a big serving spoon mind you, so you can just imagine how minuscule their serving was.

I feel like only those who are on a diet & are anorexic would be able to share this small serving plate for 5 servings! Unbelievable!
There's no special taste to it too.
tsk! tsk! tsk!

I ordered the Chopseuy Vegetable Mixed Meat.

At least i don't have anything bad to say about this. It tastes ok, not the best chopseuy that I've eaten but it's still pretty decent. But again, their serving size is really not good for those who are really hungry.

Mum ordered Carbonara...

This is the worst of the worst!
I have never eaten a carbonara that taste like it was made of mayonnaise! The taste is too rich! It's ok if there are a lot of bacon to 'kill' the richness of the sauce but once you finish all of the meat on it, the aftertaste that the sauce will leave you with a very yucky taste.

I'm not a pro on Italian dish but mine is a lot better than this!

Dad ordered Adobo (which is like a combo meal because it has rice already), i wasn't able to take a picture because he ate it straight away right after the waiter put it on our table.

With all the minuscule serving that they have, we ordered 2 more servings of individual rice to satisfy our appetite. Actually, our appetite had already decreased because we were disappointed with their food.

As for the price, it's not that expensive. Actually it's just like any other restaurant out there, but i would just suggest that you try out other restaurants with the same price range that might have a bigger serving size. By the way, i found a copy of their menu at You can check it HERE if you're interested.

I would highly recommend Luk Foo if you are looking for a resto that can satisfy your big appetite plus it won't break your bank either because it is really worth what you paid for.

I think the only 2 good things about this place is that it offers different asian dishes in one place plus the ambiance & service is great. That's where it ends.

We all agreed that we would never go back to this place again & would not recommend it either. The service might be good but the food is not! As what i said before, i'd rather go to an old looking place that doesn't have a lot to offer when it comes to its ambiance but the food will knock you over by it's awesome-ness rather than go to a resto that only offers great ambiance but will not even satisfy your stomach.

I may be biased saying that i will never go back because of this experience but there are a lot more restos that i haven't tried yet. I wouldn't spend my time going back to a "questionable" resto where there are a lot more waiting to be tried.

If you want to have the best experience of great service by the waiters & waitresses, good place to relax & unwind then please drop by, but if you are after a scrumptious meal to end or start the day or satisfy your appetite, go elsewhere! LOL!

I think this is one of my ranting post after a long time! I just never thought that i would actually make a rant about resto!

How about you, what will you choose?
Great food with just a mediocre ambiance or great ambiance but mediocre food?
I already made my choice, obviously!

Hope you all have a great day,ladies!
Jaa ne~!


-AnGiEpInK- said...

Makan Makan?..Lol..Once you translate it become Eat Eat..Malaysian word..

Aya said...

Aww too bad :/ If the food were "nicer" then this would've been a totally cool resto :]

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