Monday, May 02, 2011

Orange Peel & L-Gluthathione Soap Review

It's been a while since i get to do a facial soap review.

It's not because i have the perfect skin already (mind you, i think that's almost impossible! except if i will also be one of the "produkto ng siyensya", which do not appeal to me.) but because it takes some time before i really get to see what is the real effect of the soap that i am using for. It usually takes 2-3 months...with all the before & after photo that i take... before i do a review of it.

The company contacted me after reading  my post about the Shulammite Carrot Soap that i posted before. Yes, they are from the same company. I have to say that this is one product that took a while in seeing the results, but i am quite happy with it nonetheless!

Let's get to know the product first...

I'm sure you have already seen this in Watsons when you go over the soap section. I have to say that the packaging doesn't really have an appeal for it looks just like one of the ordinary soaps out there... adding the fact that it's a bit expensive compare to ordinary soaps out there, you most probably have just passed this by.

But let me tell you that you ought to at least give it a moment's thought because this soap packs a wallop! LOL! Give it enough time & you'll be able to see the difference. It doesn't promise instant effect but there will definitely be a difference from before & after.

Feel free to read the description... I guess you know what the benefits of oranges are,right?

I won't go in to details about Glutathione because i think it deserves a separate post all by itself. To make it short it's one heck of an anti-oxidant in combating those free radicals. It's a super anti-oxidant & detoxifier.

If you take Vitamin E in neutralizing those free radicals that destroys the cell, Gluta works even better because it is on the prime spot, which is inside so it destroys free radicals way better than Vit E. It helps keep the cells strong & healthy.

Now don't go asking me about Met & all sorts of -tathione there is available in the market. I'm not an expert. I only read these information on catalogs & researches. hehehe

Ingredients list...

This is how it looks like...

First thing that i love about this is the scent. It has this yummy orange scent. It's not the artificially sweet scent but a real orange scent! It almost makes me wanna reach out for a glass of pure orange juice because of it smells delicious! Those who love the scent of orange, i'm sure you'll be sniffing this every now & then. Using this is a pleasure too because the scent relaxes you as you continue massaging it on your skin.

I hate products that has that artificially sweet scent (as what i call it) like in facial creams but i do appreciate natural scents & this one has my seal of approval! hahahaha!

Going on...
As what i said before, you can maximize any soaps by cutting it in small pieces. The good thing about this soap is that it doesn't melt that easily. I have gone through tons of soap bars that melts like ice when you leave it in a wet soap dish ,luckily, this one is not like that. In fact this one last for a long time! I have used it not just on my face but on my body as well.

As what i said, it took a long time for me to finish the whole bar. I think i was able to use it for 2-3 months... cutting it in pieces definitely made it last longer! I took a before & after picture of using it with just one bar.

I'm sure you'll notice the change in the skin condition. Pardon the lighting because i took the Before picture in a better lighting. Anyway, my main concern is to show you the difference of my acne condition. You'll see that  the top part of my cheek on the Before picture has a group of annoying zits. In the After picture you'll see that it's gone & it didn't really leave a bad pigmentation/dark spot compare if i'm just going to use an ordinary soap.

I guess you can see the difference between the 2. As far as i know, the whole time i was using this i didn't experience any major break out, if there is it would just be really small, not quite alarming unlike before. I know that there is a big zit on the After picture. I actually took the After picture 3 days after i ran out of it & i used Cyleina Organic Tomato Soap. I told you before that not all organic soaps are a sure thing!

Thanks to Cyleina, i have a new zit after 2-3 months of being nearly zit-free. @_@ *rolls eyes*
Anyway, it's my fault because i got excited after seeing that it's already available in Watsons. Why haven't i learned my lesson that i shouldn't just pick up any stray soaps that i see on the shelves & stick to ones that works for me! LOL!

As for whitening, i'm not really sure since it's summer & i don't wear sunblock as often as i should. Knowing that i tan easily, i won't be able to tell if i did whiten during the time that i was using this. Sorry, ladies, i wasn't able to take notice of it.

I'm not using any skin care the whole time i'm using this... except for an occasional sunblock. I'll be sharing with you my favorite facial sunblock after a couple of days. But then that's it! So whatever difference there is on the before & after picture, it's really just because of this soap. Anywa, i never did like putting anything on my face because it makes my skin feel suffocated!

I also forgot to add about one good thing while using this is that i notice when i had pimples, it usually results in blemishes & dark spots. But not with this, it will just heal the pimple without leaving any dark spots! Amazing! It reminded me of my favorite Neutrogena bar that was phased out.

I'm not sure if this is available in drugstores or groceries but i only see this in Watsons. It's always there! Just pay extra careful once you already see an orange bar, i know it can be quite easy to miss with all of the orange colored packages that you see when you walk on the soap section. But do try to take notice of the L-Gluthatione,ok?

It is sold for Php 145 (i think)... I'm not sure if it's 143 or 149 though, but 1 thing i'm certain is that this is somewhere in that price range. It might be a bit expensive at first but since it last a long time plus it really works then this is definitely well worth the price!

Let's summarize...
  • locally available
  • smells wonderful!
  • doesn't melt very easily (2-3 months for just a bar?how's that?!haha)
  • it really works
  • takes a while before you see the result
  • lessens pigmentation
  • may not be internationally available
  • may be expensive at first but you'll see that it's actually cheap in the long run
  • packaging makes it easy to miss

Will i buy it again?
I like this product! I have repurchased it & will most likely be purchasing it again & again! I highly recommend this! I'm glad that the company contacted me to try this because i would never really buy this one for again the packaging doesn't stand out on me. You can't judge the book by its cover,right? This one is definitely true about this product!

If you are looking for a soap that can target those dark spots made by acne or some sunspots than please give this a try. Who knows if this is THE ONE? LOL! I will not really call it as my THE ONE but it did make it on my "products to buy again & again & again" list so this is really good!

Have you tried any glutathione soaps?
Did it work for you?

Hope y'all have a great day,ladies!
Jaa ne~!


Pammy said...

Jem, it helped improve your skin condition! I hope you don't get immune to it though. Glad you found a soap that works great for you. :)

Askmewhats said...

wow! it worked ha! Same with Pammy, I hate it when products get immuned after several usage! I hope it works for you forever!

Anonymous said...

wow this looks really good!! i need a scar fading product so badly >.< glad it worked so well for u :) x


Thiamere Brea said...

oo nga e
i'm glad that there is a big difference talaga..
hope ko din e tuloy tuloy na ang effect

Thiamere Brea said...

i hope so too
*crosses fingers*

Thiamere Brea said...

i hope you gave this a shot,sweetie!
it worked for me, i hope it also does for you

carm said...

wer can i buy this soap??

Thiamere Brea said...

at watsons or at hortaleza,sweetie

Wisdom_array said...

Glad you found a soap that helped and improved you skin condition.
I hope it also works for me.

Wisdom_array said...

Glad you found a soap that helped and improved you skin condition.
I hope it also works for me.

Thiamere Brea said...

I also hope that it will,hun!

ReikaAmakura said...

I'll give this a try. But I hope it won't whiten my face much. I think I need to have my face tanned just to balance out the color of my neck, body and face x_x

Karla Jane said...

is it the orange peel that cleared your face or the neutrogena facial bar???i dnt knw what to buy,ehh...

Thiamere Brea said...

sweetie,i've replied to your comments before & also your email
have you've checked them?
i said that neutrogena was discontinued already so i don't have a choice but to look for an alternative & i found the best soap out there (for me) which is the orange peel soap.

in all fairness to neutrogena, it was able to stop my acne but not clear my blemishes while orange-peel soap did both

ueoj said...

Do you use this only on the face? Are you still using Kojie-san? thanks! :)

Thiamere Brea said...

i am using this one
i used kojie-san way back when i still had acne & this soap was the one that worked on my acne NOT kojie-san

Unauno08 said...

Hi, I am very happy to find your blog site, for you defenitely giving us a good review (enjoy reading it). I had a hard time looking for this soap but fortunately I found one and I'm currently using it. My sister and I has a similar case of scar and blemishes, so I will try and see how it goes. Thank you for sharing, really like your blog

Sparkle_cute11 said...

ano maganda cream ang gamitin after u use the soap

Thiamere Brea said...

im just using collagen by watsons for moisture.

Ashes Awake said...

ok lang po ba na ma expose ka sa sun after using this like my work sa field po kasi ako palage thanks or else any sunblock na effective ive been using orange soap since monday hope it works for me thanks..

Thiamere Brea said...

it's better to not be exposed to the sun that much,sweetie.
not only when using any skin lightening products.
if u really cant help it, invest in a sunblock na mataas ang spf that has uva/uvb protection too.
im currently loving loreal's uv perfect:

so far so doesn't cause any pimples plus it doesn't make me sweat din unlike other sunblocks

Ayacalliope said...

Hi! I just used this soap, I have fair and smooth skin with only occassional pimples not severe ones.. I was only curious about this soap and im only after its whitening effect. So far it impresses me, coz even though i have no acnes i can tell its whitening effect because i have been to the beach and my skin darkened so I decided to exfoliate my skin using this soap. I think its working... :)

richel said...

hi!til now ginagamit mo pa din ung soap na this really working?

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i still use it up to now

Mr. Acne Boy said...

i have a acne now....and i'm willing to use this soap....but i'm worrying because i just went to facial treatment this last few it okay if i use this soap??.......what will be the effect if i use this in my first time???....

Thiamere Brea said...

have u used a simple antibacterial soap?
im not an expert but i just think that if u are under medication & u used something that might have a different effect than what u wanted to achieve.
i used this alone kasi e.i dont know how it will affect your skin kasi im sure your skin will still be different than mine.
use it at your own discretion.

Mr. Acne Boy said...

yes ung sulfur soap....nung una effective sya...pero after 1 week bumalik ulit pimples ko......ung pimples ko kasi nagkaka-nana....sabi nga ng cousin ko prang daw nilapnos ung pisngi ko.....pero tingin ko now nagheaheal na sya pero may mga natubo padin n mga nana.....

Thiamere Brea said...

how about yung simpleng safeguard lang?
what are you using on your skin?
better yet, add me up on fb then tell me about it

Ji-Ron Habla said...

sure ba u sa safeguard? wala akong ginagamit na kahit ano e...un lng pong erythromycyn cream.....

Thiamere Brea said...

kasi safeguard is just an antibacterial soap e.
kasi underneath the pimple would be accumulated dirt e.that's the reason why some people even use hydrogen peroxide to clean out the pus

viny said...

Up to now ito pa rin po ba yung gamit niyo? kamusta naman po? i bought the soap already kasi po ang ganda ng result sa review niyo. but im hesitant to use it kasi baka masyadong matapang. i have pimples but not that severe. karamihan po ay nasa noo and pag dumarating po yung period ko dun talaga naglalabasan yung mga malalaking pimples mga 3-5 zits. sa cheeks ko naman. i might try it tonight :) sana magwork din for me :)

Femme Talk said...

It has been a week now since I started using this soap. What I have noticed is that it does not sting like the kojic acid soap I tried. I use this on my body. No adverse reaction yet (I hope it won't). I have a very sensitive skin and I only use Dove White since time immemorial, but with Orange Peel I feel clean and fresh. I noticed my skin has lightened too and i'm glad since this is one reason why I am using the soap. I use Dove White after rinsing off the Orange Peel and Dove lotion for moisturizer. I will try to use the Orange Peel on my face when I am brave enough he he he. In the meantime I will continue with Dove for my face. I was just curious.... what do you use as sunblock for the face? I believe you use the Collagen from Watson's as moisturizer? Thank you :)

Gladys Dela Cruz said...

hi where can i buy a orange peel

yoko said...

im from malaysia..where i can get this soap ? can u email me?


anonymous said...

hi im 16..pwede na po ba ako gumamit neto for acne?

carmel said...

Your review has helped me alot. After reading this, i immediately went to Watsons and bought one! haha. I have a lot of dark spots on my face kasi and i was amazed at how good this soap is!! i actually used this for 2 mos and then switched to another soap but pimples were growing everywhere :( so now im loyal to this soap na. thanks to youuu! :)

im back to blogging and i will review this soon. hehe

rhea said...

do you think this would work for oily skin? since you ahve oily-combination skin...

Rai said...

I tried it, i believed it.

- Spr rai ;)

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