Sunday, May 01, 2011

Summer Saver:Dr. Bronner's Hemp Peppermint Pure Castille Soap

Last week...Wednesday, i think, was said to be one of the hottest days for this year on which the temperature soared to 36 degree C. I think it can even get hotter than that for the next couple of days/weeks because it's just the start of summer & is not yet in full swing.

I felt like being broiled alive yesterday but i was saved by Dr. Bronner's All-One Hemp Peppermint Pure Castille Soap! *pants for breath* The name of this product is quite long...I just call it castille soap for short.

I've had this for a long time but I am only able to use this only now because it's perfect for summer. I mainly bought this because i read from reviews that this provides a cool sensation when used as a bath soap. Since i am a sucker for anything that provides cooling sensation , i won't pass up the opportunity on trying it!

That's why i was so bummed out when i missed out on MAC's VV collection for i wasn't able to grab the cooling powder but i'm ecstatic that they put it on the permanent line already! I can't wait until i can get my grubby hands on it! hahaha!

Going back.... castille soap was used way way way long ago. It is made up of oil... mainly it uses olive oil but other vegetable oils can be used as well. I;m pretty sure you are familiar with all the good things about olive oil so i'll just be skipping about it.

For those who doesn't like the scent of peppermint it might turn you off of it. It has a strong peppermint scent... as strong as the cooling sensation that it would provide once you lathered it up on your skin. You can put a few drops of it on your sponge then just squeeze it again & again to lather it or you can just apply it directly on your skin then lather it for the really cool sensation.

On really hot days, i would just lather it straight on my skin. It cools me instantly to the point where even if you are using hot water you would still feel the coldness! I LLLLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE IT!

I know that some ladies even use Dr. Bronner's as a brush cleaner.
I don't. It's just that somehow the first time i used it it feels like it has this mild oil residue that it leaves behind. I guess i just got used to using it over & over that i don't feel it anymore but i won't ever forget it. Knowing that a tiny oil when apply to my face can cause a break out so i'm just extra careful in anything that might put oil on my face even if it's indirectly.

Anyway, summer is not yet in full swing here in the Philippines,ladies but the temp had already spiked up until 36 deg... Cool off with this!

You can buy it at Healthy Options available in different sizes.
The smallest one is Php 375, the size same as mine which would be the medium one is Php435 & the biggest one which i think is like a whole gallon is Php 1005... i'm not 100% sure of the price but that's what i can remember from my visit to Healthy Options yesterday.

You can just buy the small one if you are still unsure. I know it could somehow be expensive at first but then you'll just be using a few drops every time you take a bath so i think it's still economical. A few drops goes a long way because this really lathers!

What's good about Castille soap is that it's an all around soap. It has existed way back & has been used for almost anything whether it be a bath soap, dish washing soap, cleaners soap, mane it & this soap will do it for you so you don't need to worry about any waste even if you won't be able to use this a bath soap!

Have you ever tried using it?


Pammy said...

I've never tried using this variant as a bath soap but thanks to your post, I will try that later. It's freaking hot! :P

donnarence said...

it was super hot last week!!! i cut my hair tuloy... will try to drop at heathy options to look for this.. :D

Aicha said...

Ahh, cooling effect. I need that whenever I step out of the house/apartment/place of work and into the sun. I really get headaches whenever I feel too hot.

I'm glad you have something to cool you off :)

Catmare said...

thanks for sharing this! I love products that has cooling sensation as well. :)

notjustminerals said...

I have the Almond variant (I love the smell of almonds) but I use it as a brush cleaner. Recently though I just used a diluted amount to fill up my hand soap dispenser as I ran out. I guess it's only the peppermint one that has a cooling effect?

Anonymous said...

Now that I've read about it I will look for it....Thanks for the info....I am fond of shower gels and soaps....adventurous in trying new products too.

Pop Champagne said...

never tried using this, man it's so hot there, it's still freezing here as in I have to put on a jacket when I go out... I can't wait till I go to asia in a few weeks, after reading your blog posts forever I have a list of things to buy :D hehe

Herryponitng said...

Always like paper mint soap.

Thiamere Brea said...

perfect for hot days,ne?

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