Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Victorian Classic Papier Poudre

As i watched one of my favorite Youtube guru, Lisa Eldridge, when she interviewed Madeleine Marsh, i the papier poudre sitting on Madeleine's collection, it just reminded me of the review about it that i haven't posted yet. I already made a bit of research before about history of cosmetics before i fell in love with make-up.

I love reading historical romance books all those duke & marquis, knights & warriors ready to fight & woo their lady love! *eyes twinkling from all the romantic notion* -> *_*

I got so intrigued with all of those settings so i made researches about how do these ladies actually don their garments way way back. I think Victorian Era is one of the most fascinating era for women because it is when women are really supposed to act like women...what with all those corsets, petticoats, hoopskirts, numerous layers of underclothes & heavy dresses a Victorian lady is an epitome femininity.

Given my fascination to Victorian clothing, i would still not trade how we dress now to before. I would still prefer the casual dresses that we don compare to before. Anyway, why am i talking about Victorian dresses when i'm supposed to talk about this facial blotter?!.... goes to show to "talkative" i really am,huh?hehehe

Going back, I think Papier Poudre actually started somewhere in the early 20th century. As what the name says, it's just powdered paper to take the shine off. These days we already have oil films & other facial blotters.

But i like the simplicity of this paper powder on which it's just a booklet that you could slip on your purse or even wallet (like how i store mine!), tear the paper, press it on your face. It's good on the go. It's smaller than an oil film so it could easily fit anywhere!

No need to go to the trouble of struggling picking one film if the sticky tape doesn't work anymore...haha! I always have trouble with that...Sticky tape on my oil film is not sticky enough to pick one film after another which always ends up me pulling more films that i intend to use.

This booklet contains 60 "pages" as what i fondly call it. You just tear the paper then press it on your face to take away the shine. Et Voila! You would already have powder on that specific spot. It's very easy to use but i would just have to say that this contains talc. For those who are allergic to it or are not comfortable applying talc then this is not for you.

Papier Poudre has been around for a long time & it will still be around for a long time! This is a classic & a lot of ladies love this. I always keep this in handy together with my oil film. I use the oil film first to take away the excess oil then proceed with this to apply a bit of powder on my face - this is when i am on a hurry & i don't have my make-up kit with me. It always saves me a lot of trouble!

I think i bought this at Trinoma for less than Php100. I can't exactly remember but what i do know is that this is well worth for it's price! This wouldn't be a classic & a cult-favorite if it didn't "survive" all through up until early days,ne?

I think the original papier poudre is from Lehcaresor. I haven't seen it here in the Philippines though...or maybe i just wasn't looking hard enough? But then i'm satisfied with this so it's enough for me.

Have you tried Papier Poudre?

Hope that you are enjoying your day,ladies!
Jaa ne~


Shopcoholic said...

I wanna try this sis! thanks for the review. Ngayon gamit ko powdered sheet from Gatsby.

Isabel said...

ZZZ! At first I thought you were doing a book review! lol

BabyJap,RN said...

hi thia! :)

my mom's a fan of victorian classic papier poudre as well, i remember she told me once that those sell for less than 10 bucks when she first tried the product, way back 1970s-1980s i think.

DeBi said...

I have such vague memories of this. But I know I have come across this...ages ago? a friend of mine i guess...(since no one in my family loves makeup) but i havent seen one kaya i thought it is all gone. will definitely look for this... :)

Jbreezybaby said...

i used this stuff before!!! hahaha HI thiaaaa I miss you! Hope everything is going well with ya! :))

Jenggay said...

wow this is such an interesting product, thanks for the review :)

Askmewhats said...

I used this way back nung "trying hard" maging mature pa ako! hahaha so that was around College first year and so far, I like the non powdered ones better, like Gatsby! Pero instant poudre din naman! so keri !:)

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